Jim bob-joe is caught. BY ALEX

We were on a secret mission to catch a deadly criminal name Jim bob-joe. We were spying on him in very big bins. Two of us fit in just one bin. It was going well until my partner farted in the bin “God help me” I said. A while later he sneezed on me it was disgusting in there. Suddenly we saw Jim bob-joe run out of a jewellery store with bags of jewellery. A month later they caught him. The police put him in a reinforced prison because he had broken out of prison ten times . He was never seen again.

Recycling Day

Today is recycling day. I can’t wait! My mom hated recycling day because she hates recycling. My mom said she’s not going. Hannah, my big sister had loads of trash. I guess Hannah is going to bring me. I have loads of trash in my bin. We took mom’s trash as well.                                               “Don’t take my trash!” shouted mom.                                                                We ignored mom and took her trash and went to the beach. Ray put the trash in the bins. After we put our litter in the bin, Ray had a party for a few hours for the people who attended recycling day. Mom looked very jealous when we came home……


Running down the road I saw  six recycling bins they looked like creatures it was weird. I went home and I went to bed and the recycling bins were actually creatures! And they came to my house that night and they messed up my room! And I woke up  my room was a mess! I found out it was the recycling bin. I went to them and talked to them                                              ” are you six recycling bins creatures”?                                                              ” Yes”.                                                                                                                      ” Why did you mess my room”?                                                                       ” Because we wanted too”.

And I went home to clean my room and it was late so I went to sleep the creatures came back!


Light Blue Box

It was Sunday morning I was in my bedroom colouring in my colouring book. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door but no one was there. I was half way up stairs and the door knock again, I opened the door but no one was there. Walking to my room I heard a knock on the door I opened the door and I saw a light blue box. Scarily I put my hand in to the box and I felt something moving and it was fluffy. When I open the box I scrammed and said ” AAAhhhhh it’s a little husky, WOW!”, I was really happy.


Kadee Thomas

Hi my name is Kadee Thomas. I am the worlds greatest inventor.
I am after ordering a mystery box it is very exciting I can’t wait for it to come . Now let’s start my day.
Monday. Of to get myself some parts for my new invention need a lightbulb . check .need some metal parts .check . New screwdriver .still need to get ok now let’s get back to my shop.
Tuesday. loads of costemers in my shop yay! !! Now need to finish the rest of my envention .
Wednesday. Finally the mystery box has arived.I put my hands in the box and I felt ……..1,000,010 euro


The Box

It was my birthday!! I invited loads of people to my house. When It was time to party, everyone gave me and my brother gifts. Even my mum and dad. The were wrapped in paper in a box. I picked up something in the box and I felt paper. I said: I will give you something big. What?! Come outside. I got outside. What the…? It was a big teddy bear! It was amazing! They put it down and I could climb on it. I got to the top. I was so high. I could see my friends house from here. This is a good gift. Thanks mum and dad.





My name is Tony Stark, I am an inventor. I ordered a diamond from my friend. The C.I.A will deliver the package. I need the diamond for a weapon that shoots multiple lasers at once. Suddenly I heard ” Tony Stark the C.I.A are here for you” Jarvis said. I ran up to the door I took the box. They brought it in and put it down. Carefully I put my hands in the box and felt a big diamond and once again it became a war machine and I became richer as always. Good bye everyone.

The Mystery of the Wizard

One day I wanted to see what`s in the basement. Ding Dong, my friend was coming to my house to come with me. I went to the basement and I saw a big swirly portal, I went in and I was teleported somewhere. “Ha Ha Ha” I heard a weird laugh. I went to the mysterious castle and saw a wizard. We ran and ran, I saw a box I put my hand in the box and I felt a wand! I was amazed. I ran to the wizard but then, my friend was not ready we went to the wizard after a while and…


Hidden in the Toy Box

I was at home one summer’s afternoon. I went over to my toy box to get one of my favourite toys out to play with when I heard this scratching noise. I put my hand in the box and I felt for my favourite toy. Suddenly! I felt something run across my hand. I pulled my hand out of the box really quick with an awful fright. My dad said don’t be a coward Jack and put your hand in again and get your toy. It was probably a tiny little money spider that ran across your hand.


The Cool Future

I was walking down the street and I saw a box. There was a
hole in the box. I put my hand in the box and I felt a person’s hand. And then the person grabbed me in. As the hand pulled me in the small hole got bigger and bigger for me to fit in. Then after a few seconds I kicked the box open and I saw flying cars and buses. And the guy who pulled me in said welcome to the future. I said to him how did I get here, he said that the box was a time machine…


The Happy Secret

It was a rainy day and me and my cousins Jack and Lee were stuck inside Granny’s house. We didn’t know what to do for the day. So we decided to go exploring in the dark spare room upstairs . The room was full of dirty old furniture & boxes.

Jack and Lee were jumping all over the beds but all all I wanted to do was see what was in the boxes. So I put my hand in the box and I found lots of old toys that were belonged to my mammy when she was a little girl.

Sarah Lee

A Big Surprise

It was my birthday on Saturday and I had a party in a Apache Pizza. All my friends came and they gave me lots of presents. We made our own pizza and we danced to the music on the duke box. When we got home my Grandad came to visit me. He was carrying a big box with a red bow on it. I put my hand in the box and felt something move. I opened the lid and there was a little white puppy inside and it licked me all over my face. It was the best present I got that day.


What Was in the Box?

Sunday was a shocking day. I was at my friends house for a party and we played a game called “What was in the box?” I was picked to go first, so I put my hand in the box and felt something soft and a little squishy. Then it nipped me!!!

I screamed “Ouch” and when I pulled my hand out and looked inside, I saw a puppy! It was so cute with blue eyes and soft brown fur. My friend was delighted with her surprise gift. She named him nipper.

We all played with him for the rest of the party.



It was my birthday and I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to see what my family got me. I had a party with all my friends and ripped open all my presents. It was a great day but I couldn’t wait until everyone went home so I could get my best present off my family. Here it is I thought. My brother handed it to me it was a plain cardboard box. I was looking at it thinking oh its just a cardboard box! Then my brother said close your eyes and put your hand in. Here I go I put my hand in the box and I felt some glass I lifted it out and there it was a big green lizard. I named him Bobbilyjim.



I woke up late that bright sunny morning as it was the beginning of the Summer holidays. Changing my clothes I remembered my friend was on holiday and she said she would send me post. Running down the stairs I went to the kitchen. My mam got breakfast and I checked the time sure enough it was time for the postman to arrive. The bell rang and I ran to the door outside on the doorstep there was a box I put my hand in the box and I felt something hard. I pulled it out of the box it was a notebook.



Going down the street I saw my friends and we were talking for ages they said
” do you want to go to my house”?
” okay”.
On are way we saw a box I put my hand in the box and felt something furry.We opened the box it was a puppy we were shocked. After we told are mams and they asked is the dog okay we said yes so we brought the dog back, we went to the vet the vet said
” one of you has to take care of this dog”.
I brought the dog home me and my friends played with him we called him spike, we brought him for walks.


The Gun

I went to my cramped garage and noticed a large box on the stairs. Curiously I put my hand in the box and felt something smooth, so I pulled it out. It was a shiny gun! I shot it at a cactus and it shrank. I put the gun back. My friend was at the door so I went out. After a while I came in only to hear zombies were taking over the world starting from our town! I heard a groan at the door so hastily I ran to the garage to get the shrink-Ray gun. I shrank the zombies. Years later I sold the gun.