Yellow Man by Clinton

It was night time and I was going to eat an orange. My mum told me to go to be. I put on my pyjamas and went to bed. Something woke me up at the night. It was thunder. Something was glowing outside. I had to go outside. It was kind of far away. There was a river. I swam to the other side. I got there. It was a yellow man, just frozen.

It became silent.

It spoke.
‘Hello, who are you?’

‘my name is Clinton.’
‘Come let me show you something.’
I was flying. It swooped to the sky. It was a house glowing. He showed me his house. …to be continued…

The Court by Leah

One day my dad didn’t pay the electricity bill.We had to go to the court.When we got there everybody was talking and it was really loud.
`Silence in the court!`
`Mam, why is she wearing an orange outfit?`
`I don’t know!`
When court was finished it was thunder and lightning outside.It was a good thing that we brought an umbrella.When we got home our garden was flooded. I swam. My mam, brother and dad walked on the wall. Running up the stairs to change into my pyjamas, I was wondering how all that bad stuff happened to us. it was Friday the thirteenth.

Only Trying to have a Good Holiday by Josh

I was on my summer holidays in Orlando Florida, when suddenly the sky went black and orange. Next there was silence. Then a huge load CRASH, BANG it was thunder and lightning. People were running to get shelter and some really stupid people were sheltering under trees, good luck to them I thought!!! We were having a really good holiday but a tornado decided to show up and ruin it. We were running for cover and all around us people, animals and buildings were getting picked up by the tornado. Then suddenly I was picked up and flung straight into a river. I swam back to shore and looked, all around me were huge hungry crocodiles and they were heading straight for me…

100 W/C Week 18 Prompt

This week you have five words that must be included in your piece. They can be in any order but they all must be there. Please show the words by making them bold or using a different colour so that your readers can see them. They are:

Silence   Orange    Thunder    Pyjamas    Swam

100 w/c by Evan

Walking along a small beach that I had never been on before, I came across a large staircase leading to the sky. I thought it would be fun to go up the mysterious stairs. Cautiously I went up the stairs and after one and a half hours my feet were killing me because it was so hard. When I got up, I saw a large hallway so I swiftly went down the hallway and noticed some prison cells so I carefully looked inside them, and there was lots of bones. I heard a click and suddenly a dirty, smelly cage fell on top of me. After a while I saw a lion who gobbled me up. “Get up” my mam yelled it must been been a dream I thought, and thank goodness it was.

Stairway to the Sky by Ryan

If I had a stairway to the sky it would be so I could visit heaven. I would like to walk on clouds and see all my family who have died. I would like to see Jesus and all the saints. I would ask Jesus some questions like why do people die and what happens to them when they get to heaven. If I saw heaven and it was a nice place I would go back to visit Jesus again, and I would be able to tell all my family and friends about it and then would not be afraid.

The New World by Sean

I was at the beach and popped out of nowhere came stairs. I started to walk up the stairs. At the top of the stairs there was two big doors, they started to open up. And then I went in, and there was loads of ghosts. I thought it was heaven. And at the back of heaven was two big chairs I think it was God and Jesus. Jesus spoke to me and said “how did you end up in heaven?” I said “there was stairs on the ground and I walked up them.” And he said “it was the stair openers bringing dead people to heaven and they must have forgot to close the stairs…”

They Mysterious Wonderland by Wonder

Nellianna was on her way to the beach with her friends, Kelly, Hanna, Greeja and Deja. When Nellianna got to the beach, she saw a staircase with thorns and briar. Nellianna stepped on the stairs. She kept on going up and up until she saw a cloud with a beautiful castle.
“Is this heaven?” thought Nelli.
While she was walking, a beautiful woman, a man, a little boy and a little girl came to her.
“My name is Pamela. This is my husband Pod. These are my 2 kids Joseph and Josephine. I’m the queen of this magical kingdom.” said Pamela
Nellianna might be missing forever……..

Stairway to the Sky for Pains in the Butt!! by Amy

This is a stairway for boys, NOT girls!! Because in my opinion boys are big pains in the butts!!

When they annoy you, you bring them to the stairway and send them up, especially little brothers.

This can happen at any time. When they go up everything they need is there. Video games, sweets, pizza, fizzy drinks, Xbox 360, PlayStation, foozeball tables etc….

Adult boys aka men can go up to. This is so the women and girls of the home to have peace & quiet and spend quality time together.

I love sending my dad and little brother up the stairway to the sky for pains in the butt!!!

Stairway to Heaven by Qasim

It was a beautiful day, I was thinking about going somewhere for holidays. I went to the the seaside and I saw a big stairway. It would take to long to climb up so then I packed some food. I went back there after three hours and I was ready. “It’s so beautiful” I said to myself. After some time I was nearly at the top, I saw angels singing they looked at me and smiled. “Who are you?” questioned the Angel. ” I’m Visiting the clouds” I said.” Very well” said the Angel. I made it to the top and I saw a big paradise in heaven. Qasim

100 w/c by Molly

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was off school for the Summer holidays. Earlier that week my mam had planned for us to take a trip to the beach. As we laid out the picnic I noticed a strange stairway up to the clouds. As I finished up the last of my food I asked my mam if I could go and play. Cleaning up the scraps she nodded and said yes. Running towards the mysterious stairway I saw a girl about my age at the top. She was glowing like an angel. She beckoned for me to follow her …..

My Special Place by Alex

I was coming back from a hike and I decided to walk by the beach. I saw something in the distance. It was a stair case in the middle of no where. Quickly I ran over to see it better. It was beautiful and it was made of gold. I started running up the stairs they went on for ages. I finely got to the top, it was beautiful, there was animals every where nobody around to harm them. I wanted to live there. I told everyone but they did not believe me at all. So that is my special place.

Heaven by Leah

One morning I went on a walk.I went through the park through the lane beside the Garda station.Suddenly I saw a staircase.I walked up it and it went up to the clouds it seemed to go on forever and ever.It looked like a stairway to heaven,there were a lot of beautiful flowers and shrubs going up the staircase.I decided to keep climbing the stairs but it was so long I gave up after an hour because there was no end in sight.I counted the steps and in all I had climbed three hundred and fifty steps,I was very tired after that.

A Village by Clinton

I was at home. Someone rang the door. I went to get it but my mum got there first. It was a delivery. I wondered what it was.
’What is in there mum? It is some green and blue beans? I hope it ‘s not the the beans from last time!’
‘These are other ones.’
We planted them in the garden. The next day it was so big .It was so big I could see it was higher than the clouds. There were some leaves for us to jump on. They were like trampolines. We got to the top. We saw a gate. it was open. It was amazing! It was a village…

Stairway by Great

One sunny morning I was walking down the beach. The beach was a peaceful place. Walking down the beach I saw a glowing stone. I reluctantly pressed it and suddenly a stairway appeared. Then another appeared, then another one and so on. The stairway reached high into the sky. I took a step on the very first one. Curiously, I continued to the very top of the staircase. Then a door appeared. Rainbows, green hills, flowers and lakes magically appeared. Floating clouds were passing by. One stopped and I hopped on. The cloud and I set off…

The Beautiful Stairs by Emily

″ Mam I need you”!
” what”?
” Can I go to the beach”?
” Yes ”
” bye ”
Walking down the beach. I saw something so I went to it, it was beautiful stairs I went up the stairs. I finally got to the top of the stairs. I was up in the sky it was so cool up in the clouds. Going back down the stairs and went home to tell my Mam all about it. And she didn’t believe it so I had to show her and she couldn’t believe it. We went back down the stairs and told all of my friends and we brought them to the stairs and had lots of fun.

The Scary Stairway by Jack

One day myself and my brother were playing in an old ruined house. We decided to go up the stairs to see what was up there. We silently climbed the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs my brother dared me to enter a room on my own. I was just about to open the door when I heard a loud bang that scared the life out of me. The two of us looked at each other and went running down the stairs and didn’t look back until we left the house. We walked home without saying a word to each other.

The Secret Stairs – by Daniel

One day my friend Stephen and I were out exploring. We loved to find new things and places. We walked and walked. Suddenly Stephen screamed ‘look at that’.
All I could see was a bright staircase going up and up.
Stephen said ‘let’s see where it leads to.’
We climbed and climbed it felt like we were climbing forever. We were above the clouds. Then we saw big golden gates. The stairs had brought us all the way to heaven.
We decided to keep these stairs a secret. Now we can visit heaven whenever we want. It’s cool.

Deserted Island by Josh

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH I screamed while robbing a parachute off some fat dude and jumping off a flaming plane and landing on a deserted island. I landed beside a staircase but it wasn’t any old stairs, well it was, it was about a billion years old. There was a hard bit walking up the stairs, I wish I never had the McMór from McDonalds!! I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were millions of people. The whole land was made of candy and everybody was on Segways. Then I saw a war going on between aliens, candy men and humans.
‘’Wake up’′ roared my teacher, ‘’it’s a maths test!!‘’

Magical Forest by Sarah Lee

Once upon a time my granny used to read me a bedtime story and I loved hearing it and it helped me go asleep. It was about a fairy castle deep in a dark forrest. All the fairies would fly in the sky and visit the castle when the rainbows came out on a sunny day . The fairies would get the teeth from all the boys and girls from under their pillows and sprinkle fairy dust along the path. I hope I will go and see the fairies because it is a magical and sparkly kingdom where dreams come true

A trip to Fairyland by Sophie

“Come back here!‘’ I shouted at lily.
‘’Oh hi! I didn’t see you there.
My name is Emma and I’m a fairy. Sorry for shouting I was trying to catch my little rascal of a rabbit. She went into the woods. she will come back though.‘’
Turning to the camera Emma continued to talk.
’’Now today I will be telling you about fairyland. let’s start my day. First I’ll brush my hair and put it into French plaits and brush my teeth. Get dressed in my pink dress and wash my fairy face and my hands with my lovely flower sponge. then I need to go to queen Kate and get more pixie-dust because I need to visit a lot of children tonight and collect their teeth. I have to get out of fairyland to go to the children’s houses .
Bye now, I have to go! There will stories to tell though!

Heaven by Liam

One day I was walking in the forest and I saw the most fantastic thing in my life.
” WOW!” I shouted to myself.
Green, blue, orange, red it was amazing. Walking up the staircase my legs started trembling.
“AW!” , I said, ’’this goes on for ages”. Whoosh! my head went through a cloud. Finally I was past the clouds and the view was amazing. Shaking I started walking around then I saw something strange it looked like someone.
“Hello there”, I heard a voice as a ghost came floating towards me.
“hello” “I said ’’where am I?”
The ghost said, ‘’you don’t know where you are? Heaven.
“It’s beautiful’′ I said.

The Candy Sweet Land by Oliwia

It was Monday I was walking home from school. Suddenly long beautiful stairs popped onto the path.
“Hello, my dear girl!” quietly said the black crow with white legs and a white beak, I was frightened.
“Who is that?!” I asked scaredly .

It’s me the black, white crow! and I’m down here!
OOhhh here you are! Can I come up the stairs crow?
Yes you can dear!
Thank you!
I went up the white beautiful stairs with flowers on it. Quickly I ran to the top and I saw a candy, sweet land. The trees were made………

The adventures of Bonnie and Caroline episode 3 by Najat

Before we launched into space the black puppy quickly came into the rocket cut the ropes and we were free. The alien bins were angry ,but one of the bins pressed a button and they all were launched into space . Suddenly Bonnie saw something dropping from the sky.It was white beans , the beans landed on the grass .Caroline took a very close look at the beans “Boom !” . A whole white staircase shot out of the beans and lead into the sky.The side of the staircase had lovely flowers.The puppy ran up the stairs and saw a beautiful …….

Killer Bins by Sean

I was walking down to the beach and I was going to put some rubbish in the recycling bin. By accident I put my rubbish in the clothes bin. Then something started coughing, I started looking around, then something grabbed my shoulder. It was the clothes bin with arms. It said to me ” you nearly killed me” and I said “how?” He replied “you put your rubbish in the wrong bin”. I said ” sorry”. But he didn’t forgive me and he said ” you nearly killed me, I will kill you” then he started chasing me around and then he caught me….

Bad Bins by Katie

The bad bins are a group of bin that are bad and mean,they were walking down the town and a man went up to them and said there’s a new bin in town,they looked everywhere for him and they found him and they asked him does he want to join them in the group he said……..NO they said okay like they did not care but they were so mad,in the night they bin napped him and they asked him does he want to join them he said..NO but he said he will teach them to be nice again.By Katie

Beach Bins by Leah

One day I walked down to the beach with my friends.And we saw these bin and they had colours on them,There was red,grey,green,white,brown and blue.But the blue one different to the others.The rest had two holes but the blue had a weird looking hole.The red one was bottles and the grey was cans,The green,white and brown were glass bottles.And the problem with the blue was that it was paper.
“This beach safety sign is hurting my back!”
“We’ll deal with it”
“Ye! Deal with it”
“Are know you are but what am I”

The Recyclers by Daniel

Every day on my way to school I passed by the beach front. One summers day on my way home I noticed 6 sparking green recycling bins. As I walked by I thought I heard a hiccup coming from one of them, I thought to myself it was strange as there was no one else around. Later that night I still couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier so I snuck back down to the beach. To my amazement I could see the bins moving about and talking to each other. The next day I still couldn’t believe what I had seen. Was it a dream?

Clean Day Out by Sophie

Hi my name is Milly and my whole family have a clean out day .The point in clean out day is we take the bottle’s to the bottle bank. Me and my brother love lean out day because of all are hard work we get ice cream and we love that .Now we are going to the bottlebank .Now said mum listen up i’m giving dad the clear bottle’s .I’m giving Milly and Adam the green ones and I will have the brown one. And if we do a good job we will get ice cream.. We did a great job and off to morellies. Yay

Paper and Plastic by Sarah Lee

It was a fabulous sunny day and me and my friends decided to go down to the beach for a swim. But when we got there we got very upset. We found lots of rubbish floating around in the water. There were a few bins at the top of the beach to separate the paper or plastic .

But there was something living in them bins, we could hear the noise. Three giant rats jumped out and gave us the fright of our lives. We rang pest control. People need to keep their beaches clean and tidy. No dirt or rubbish.