The Strange Tree – by Kyle

We were on our holidays and as we were walking around a park we noticed that one part of it was full of all different types of trees. We did not know what they were so we asked someone. They told us that the trees were fruit trees and the local bakery planted them and every morning they would pick fruit of each tree to put in their cakes and pies. We decided to go to the bakery and see what they had. They had hundreds of cakes and they all looked tasty. I got a big chocolate one with pineapple and cream.

The Weird Seeds by Sophie

One summer’s day the children were walking to school. It was last day of school. The children were going to do gardening. Quickly they went outside . When they got to the garden the children each got a packet of seeds.Maya got a really weird looking seed.It said on it. Grows in one week. Quickly Maya openends the packet of seeds and plants the seeds. Maya got a watering can and poured water on the seeds.The next year Maya went back to the school garden and she saw her tree and there was a really weird seed on the tree.

The Tree by Caoimhe

One day, there was a little girl called Lucy. She went to see her granddad because he had Cancer. He was the oldest person in the town. He had stayed alive through the 1916 Easter Rising, World War I and World War II. He is super kind, nice and funny. He used to be a cook. Every night Lucy goes to her granddad ‘s house for dinner. They love cooking together. In his garden he had the oldest tree. It is 4765 years old. On the tree is a magic nuts. Her granddad makes his dish with the nut. He is the best cook.

The Hedgehog on the Tree – by Whitney

Danny and Tom were on they’re holidays to Malaysia. One day they saw a tree with lots of acorns on it. Danny touched it and moved. Then a hedgehog came out of it. ‘Sorry if I woke you up’. Said Danny. ‘Hi’. Said the hedgehog. ‘Hello’ Said Danny. Danny had never seen a hedgehog on a tree before. So what are you doing on that tree.

Said Danny. No one really likes me. said the hedgehog. So the next morning Danny got lots of friends for the hedgehog. Danny and Tom were very very happy for the hedgehog they’re friend.

The Evil Lychee by Hasher

One mysterious day on a magical island a man got lost in the sea and came across an island. He saw the most magnificent tree that stood out from the rest. It had lots of differant types of fruits but one fruit caught his eye it was a yellow lychee. He went to get a closer look , He tried to grab the lychee from the tree but failed terribly instead the lychee fell on his head and he fell into a deep sleep.The man woke up a few hours later and saw the lychee had disappeared. He was very disappointed. He looked around him and noticed an angry lychee on a throne with a coconut army around him. The man was confused. He noticed a red button that said “take over the world” on it. The man saw the lychee going to press the button until a banana with a red cape who came from another magical tree in the island pushed him away. Banana man was so close to stopping the lychee but the lychee was too fast and pressed the button anyway. As soon as the lychee pressed the button.The man woke up it was a dream.

100 w/c – Myles

My animal is called Slato. He has an electrcic force-field around him. He lives in the Fire Desert. He smells like raw bacon and tastes, if you dared taste him, like cooked bacon.  He is quite ugly but if he gets to know you he’s cute. If you try to attack him, you won’t know what happened to you!

He can walk on land and on water. He can breathe fire and he eats fire. He also eats leaves and drinks fire water. He mostly attacks the bushes to train in case of an attack on him.

100 w/c – Nicol

There is a Waterhart who is eight years old. He lives in a pink lake. He looks like a million watermelon seeds joined altogether. He is totally black. He likes brocolli, pineapple and Nutella.  He hates milk, cheese and sushi. He loves his teddy dinosaur. The teddy’s name is Choco. His favourite colour is green.  He has a big swishy tail. He likes yellow flowers. Every day he goes swimming in the pink lake.  Once he found a shell with eight pearls in it.  He has a pet dog whose name is Susilelot. He has a best friend called Natalia.

Casper The Flying Bear by Cillian

One day Casper the bear fell down a hole. But it was not just any type of hole. It was a portal. He found himself at a lake that was pink.. He also found he had turned into a flying bear and could shoot out rainbows to fly on!

While he sipped the pink water of the lake he discovered that it was made of pink lemonade. He also saw a lioness who was running around the lake. Casper decided to shoot out a rainbow and he picked up the lioness. They had fun and flew about all day!

Magicial Monchichi by Sophie

One day Magical Monchichi was in the Night Zoo. There was news of a baby in a basket on the river.  Monchici knew he had to find the baby.  He scaled the cage fence and jumped to the grass and searche alongside the river for the child. Suddenly there was a cry, he followed the noise to a small basket with a shining light coming out from it.  Such a beautiful baby he knew he must take care of her.  Her eyes sparkled in the night. Monchichi felt like he’d known her forever.  He took her home and taught her to care for other little children as she got older.

100 w/c Caoimhe

Running to the pink lake is Unicore. Her tail wags faster and faster.  All you can see is a big pink flash. Everyone would say she’s the fastest animal.  All she can feel is the breeze gently touching her skin. She is as fast as lightning. When she’s coming past you can hear her neigh and when eveyone hears that they’re know she is coming.  She’s as colourful as a rainbow. Her eyes are as blue as the sky, her tail and mane are as white as can be.  When she goes past they boys act as manly as can be.

Will’s Special Dog – Whitney

A boy called Will had a dog called Silas. But Silas was
mostly hated by other people. Silas is purple and grey
with no tail and one ear. But the secret is that Silas is
magical, he has the power to teleport and the power of imagination. One day Will and Silas were walking and Silas tripped and fell into acid pink lake.
‘No!’, screamed Will.
Will quickly grabbed Silas but did not get burnt. Will ran fast to the pet hospital. Will used his own imagination to try to heal Silas and he did. Will didn’t only get his pet back he got his best friend back.

The Lioness of Fire Desert – by Ula

Once me and my friend Max were in a desert to explore.We heard a story about two lionesses,and if they touch a human they will turn into a fire statue.They would have 24 hours to find the Master of the desert,and the Master would turn the fire statue back to them self. If they don’t make it in 24 hours they get crushed to small flames of fire! The Master is a fluffy white polar bear. One day the lioness and lions quit destroying people. When me and Max saw the lioness and lions we started to hide.”We have changed now,” said a lioness kindly. We became good friends.

The Nightzoo – by Noemi

On Friday because it was sunny me and my family went to the Night Zoo. I saw loads of animals. That were loads of colours. Suddenly my mam spotted a pink camel. I was shocked I never saw a pink camel. Although there was a pink lake so the camel can hide in the pink lake . After the Night Zoo was closing we went to a desert. When we came to the desert another pink camel was there. It smelled like poop. It looked like a unicorn, it felt like my teachers hair, I licked it and it tasted like an oreo! And it looked like my friend. ”We went home we saw enough animals for today” I said.

Nightzoo Keeper Book – by Nico

One time in Cork Ireland there was a wild magical animal that could do serious damage, like put a spell on you. Let’s just say it can kill you or make you really old and that’s what the spells can do.Oh and to mention the animal it’s a Magical jaguar or a cat that made its self big because of its spell.And then a random night zookeper came on and came there with Sam the spying giraffe and then another came and found the magical jaguar and then the jaguar put a spell on them that made them get trapped.And then they were never seen again but Sam the spying giraffe got to escape.

Heatwave’s Life – Matthew

Once upon a time in the Nightzoo, it got a bit wierd,

‘Yay!’ shouted the animals.

“You will do a great job!”, happily said Heatwave to the new Nightzoo keeper. Heatwave is a dangerous animal in the nightzoo, but somtimes it can be friendly. Heatwave is made out fire, shaped like fire and fights like fire, he smells like black smoke. Heatwave got lost in the fire desert. When he got lost the Nightzoo keeper tried helping him, by trying to find his mum and dad and giving him powers.

The powers that he got were, he could freeze time and while time was frozen he could fly. He killed monsters with his really hot fire. To this day Heatwave and the Nightzoo keeper are still trying to find his parents.

Magical Lion – by Luke

There once was a magical lion that had wings,and had long teeth.He was really good at swimming and smelled like fish. He lived with four other lions in a cave beside a pink lake.He loved to eat plants and meat.He was the oldest of the pack so he was the leader. His wings were useful because he lived on a mountain and when the baby lions fell off it he spread his wings and flew down and saved them. He was the king, he was a great parent and most of all he was happy.

100 w/c – Lena

Introducing my magical animal. The animal comes from the pink lake . It is a pink tiger . It is pink so that it can hide in the pink lake. It is very soft. It is a young tiger. He can talk. He can’t fly. Her mam is a red tiger and her dad is a white tiger. She has a sister and no brother. Her mam works as a nurse in the animal hospital. Her dad works as a doctor in the animal hospital. She is younger than her sister. Her name is Bubble gum . And her favourite colour is pink.

Fire Desert – by Kyle

Once upon a time in a desert far away,a unicorn put a magic spell upon all the animals making them all become friends. She was not around that often but when they needed her she was there. One day a group of humans decided to pitch up a tent right in the middle of the desert. They lit a fire and it spread. Which ment the animals were in danger.Two animals in particular were in big trouble, a lion and a camel. They had a circle of fire around them.They tried to get out but nothing worked. Luckily they could make a sound which would let the unicorn know they needed her. And before they knew it she was there not only saving there lives but saving the desert.

New Book – Jody

One day myself and Sarah were listening to our teacher telling us a story, The Lioness of The Fire Desert. I imagined that I teleported to this weird place, when I walked into this nice, beautiful place there was a wonderful pandacorn, it was baby pink with a rainbow horn, now this is my favourite animal. There was a Lake that was purple, I was in a dream come true. Altough it was a dream my friend Sarah was in it. I said to the pandacorn “hide”, we surprised Sarah. Suddenly I heard my teacher’s voice, “Stop day dreaming Jody”.

Fi – Monk – by James

Two days ago a fire monkey called Fi-Monk, was walking along and guess what?! He saw an evil monster. It was a tight match but Fi-Monk’s hand was broken. While he was walking through the fire desert, to the vet, he saw a lioness that helped him get there. After the operation, they went to the ice-cream shop. Sadly they ran into the evil monster again. This time it was intense, the lioness and Fi-Monk used their heat breath on it, then the evil monster used his shadow ball and the powers collided. BANG!!! Everybody was hurt in the area. That’s all I heard, I wonder who won though?

The Awesome Night Zookeeper Book – by Hollie

Right now I’m reading a book I’m reading the night to keep a book of course I got this book yesterday and I’m almost done I’m such a quick reader I thought but soon as I got this I just started to read and read and read. My mum was wondering if I have a problem with this book she thinks I read it too much yesterday my mum asked me if I wanted McDonald’s I said no I’m busy reading. I said to my mum can I get more he said yes and I was so happy.

The Dragon on the Lake – Haylie

The pink lake is a magical place, with so many different colours and magical creatures. However I’d like to tell you about one particular magical creature, Wally the dragon. He is small and red with purple spikes all down his back. He’s the only one of his kind. He’s a very small creature, but his job is gigantic. His job is to carry people from one world to the next. Wally is a very greedy dragon and you must pay him the toll, if you do not have it you are forced to wander the earth, unable to live in it.

The Watermelon by Hasher

One sunny hot day a man called Bob Two was eating fruit.  It was not an old green water melon it was a blue watermelon. It could speak English, it could walk, and most importantly it could read Night Zookeeper books. The watermelon sprinted through a hot desert called the Fire Desert. It was running because it was as hot as fire. Suddenly a monster appeared in front of the watermelon. It had two big eyes and since the melon looked juicy the monster tried to eat it.

“I will eat you!” said the monster. But the melon was too fast. The melon hid behind a patch of sand, but the monster ate him and that wass the end of the watermelon.

An Animal That Speaks Irish – by Hannah

One day I was walking in the woods. I saw an animal it was pink with spots on it’s back and it’s tail was white with purple strips. It started talking but I could not understand a word it was saying. After awhile I found out what language it was speaking…………… ‘Irish’. Well that was bad news for me because I don’t listen in class when we’re getting taught Irish. It went over to a tree and hugged it. Suddenly the tree turned pink. Then it went to hug me,I hope his hugs don’t make me turn PINK.

Mysterious Hospital by Frank

Once upon a time there was a mysterious animal hospital in the night zoo , and the reason why it was mysterious was because every night there was a noise coming from the staff room. Nobody knew what the noise was. One night there was a brave Lioness from the Fire Desert. She started approaching the staff room, when she went inside she saw a little bat, which changed into a big noise monster. The lioness had to run away through the dark hospital so that the monster didn’t catch her. Finally she found an exit door and escaped to safety.

Random Book in the Middle of the Road by Dylan S

One morning I woke up and went outside to play. When I got outside I found a book on the road called ‘The Lioness of Fire Desert’. I went back inside and started reading it. There was a boy in it called Will and a lioness. The front of the book looked so creative. I’ll describe it to you…Will holding a torch, shining it at the lion and it looks like they are on another Galaxy, or in Space somewhere. When I got half way through the book, the lion started to eat some enemies. That’s when I knew that this was my kind of book! I spent the rest the day reading it and finished it just before bedtime!

The Crazy Chameleon by Dylan B

One special day Will, the magic man with a magic pencil drew  The Crazy Chameleon who could blend in with anything. That’s what made him special. He was the master of hide and seek. Although he was the best at hide and seek he got bored all the time no one could find him .One day suddenly out of nowhere someone actually found him and he got caught, but he had fun.

Bam! bam! and bam! He was caught there, there and there and found people there, there and there . Guess who found him all the time the Lioness Of The Fire Desert.

The Crystal Flamingo – Denyzy

One sunny day the crystal flamingos were bathing in the pink lake. Suddenly dark clouds started to take over the whole island. The crystal flamingos were scared they didn’t know what to do. Suddenly the queen of the crystal flamingos awoke! Calmly the queen said “do not worry you shall be okay as the darkness shall not delay”.

Crash! Boom! one of the trees came crashing down from the Whispering Woods. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEE!! “one crystal flamingo shouted. ”Wait a minute… is that Nulth!?” Silver said .

In a grave voice Nulth said ” you flamingos are dumber than you look. ” “Hey you!? we flamingos aren’t dumb!” shouted Silver.
“Robots get them, I won’t let them waste my time! ” gravely said Nulth. With anger Silver kicked the pink water at the robots. The robots were broken!? Some flamingos got sent to the animal hospital while some got sent to the Fire Desert but Silver was a hero.

A Pandacorn Beside The Pink Lake

‘Hello,’ came a voice from a distance.

As I walked closer and closer very cheerful voices became clearer.

‘Do I know you?’ cried the voice again.

By the way it smelled delicious, just like cupcakes and doughnuts.)

I walked closer and I saw a thing that looked like a unicorn , coloured like a panda. Soon I could see a pink lake that had elephants with wings drinking from it.  I wish this was a dream because there were flaming lionesses beside me!

‘Run!’ the voice called once again.

So I ran as fast as my legs could carry me!

Do you know what the voice was? Hint: It was something that I had seen.

100 w/c – Bobby

One day down by the pink lake I stumbled across my best friend, you can’t see him nobody can only me. His name is Elliott and he is a blue dragon. Elliott lives in Roaring Fire Land with lots of other dragons. We go everywhere together. I visited the animal hospital with him one day and met all his friends. There was Melanie the unicorn and Pete the flying meerkat. We had our lunch with the flying fairies. The Chief of the hospital is Captain Thunderbird and he gave me a sticker to come back whenever I wanted to with Elliott.