The Bike by Oliwia

While Tim was coming home from school he noticed a peculiar yellow bike near his house. Tim being poor decided to take the bike home. Immediately after coming home he showed the bike to his parents. When his parents got a closer look at the bike they realised it was made of gold. Shortly after their remarkable discovery the doorbell rang. Tim peaked out of the window and saw a creepy man dressed in all black standing directly in front of the door. He told his parents and they figured it had something to do with the bike so they waited for the man to walk off and got in their car drove off to a remote place and strapped the bike to a pole.

It by Oliwia

It needed to get to the shop as quickly as possible. But where was the shop he didn’t recognize this area so It figured he’d have to ask someone. He ran over to a man walking down the streets. “Which way to the shops?” It panted. The man pointed to a large building and smiled. “Thank you,” It added and started running in that direction. Soon enough he got to the shops but his time was nearly up. He ran around frantically trying to find some laundry detergent. When he finally found some he rushed to the checkout stand and paid for the detergent then proceeded to go to an alley behind the shop and ingested the whole bottle.

The Art Competition by Oliwia

Sara really wanted a violin but she didn’t have enough money to buy one. So when the opportunity came to make lots of money quickly she took it. She entered an art competition. If she came first place she would win 200 euro and if she came 2nd she would win 100 euro. Sara took this competition very seriously and she put a lot of effort in her drawing. In the end she drew a purple elephant. When the results finally came in she found out that she had won 2nd place!!! She was very happy and she had enough money to buy the violin she so desperately wanted.

The Dinner Party by Oliwia

Lauren was hosting a dinner party at her house. Lauren’s boss and co- workers were supposed to come over so she had to make a good impression. Lauren’s boss was a very stubborn man and it was very hard to please him. At first everything went well until It came to the actual dinner, Lauren passed around bread, that was already buttered, to everyone and her boss looked her in the eye and said’ “I don’t like butter” and she responded with’ “I’m so sorry I thought you liked butter”. “No”, he said, “I like Marmite”. And Lauren thought to herself what even is Marmite?

Red by Oliwia

“Ahh Jack you’re finally awake.”

I look up and find a tall red women standing over me with a smile on her face.

“I’m Selena your nurse”, she said.

I look around the room and realise everything around me is red, I sit up in panic but Selena sits me down.

“I see you’ve realised that red is the only colour you’re capable of seeing,” she said apologetically.

I stumble against words but finally say ,”but how?”

“Well it’s a long story,” she began, “but long story short you were involved in a terrible accident that took away your ability to see every colour but red.”

The Breakthrough by Olivia

Scientists at Oxford made scientific breakthroughs after performing surgery on giraffes to give them vocal chords so they could speak. They also painted each one a different colour as its pride month. We sent Cady (our reporter) down to interview the giraffes.

Cady- So its a real plesure and honor meeting you all . Now I’ll ask you some questions and try to answer them as best as you can. So what do think of global warming, the orange one spoke first and said, ”I dunno”. The green one spoke next, “Ya me niether”, it said. But after all giraffes are giraffes and they don’t understand human things so all of that was very pointless.

The Thief by Oliwia

Molly was sitting in the detention room with Mrs White her teacher.

Suddenly Mrs White left the room and told her to not move until she came back. But as soon as she left, Molly noticed an envelope with money in it and she quickly grabbed it without thinking and hid it in her bag. When Mrs White came back she looked at her desk and said “Molly where is the money?”

“It was on your desk,” snapped Molly.

”I know it was there,” said Mrs White. “But where did it go?” she shouted. Mrs White was sure Molly took it and asked to look through her bag, she pulled out the envelope and said, “You’re in big trouble now Molly.”

100 W/C by Oliwia

“Gareth,” I could hear Bill saying my name. I suddenly felt a slight nudge on my left shoulder I turned to look at Bill and saw his unimpressed face. “Come on,” he said, “get out the truck and help me unload these boxes”. I got out of the truck and started helping Bill with the boxes, we were nearly done when I noticed a large box near the end of the truck, I waited for Bill to come back so he could help me, we tried to pick up the box but it was heavier than I expected. I got kind of annoyed and peered in to see what was inside, and what I saw was terrifying and intriguing at the same time.

How to Become a Statue by Oliwa

How to become a statue.

Continue reading if you want to find out how to turn into a statue.

You will need: Yourself, a sunny day and a place to stand.

1.Make sure it’s sunny outside

2.Find a place to stand, (preferably somewhere remote).

3.Make a forty degree angle with your right arm.

4.Stare directly at the sun, (if your eyes start to burn you’re doing it correctly).

5.Keep this position for ninety six hours straight.

6.Enjoy being a statue.

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100 w/c by Bartosz

Once upon a time there was a rich Chinese man, he had limitless amount of money, he had anything you can imagine mansions, sports cars and private jets that would deafen you with their speed. But he didn’t have one thing that he desired, a statue.  He had a plan, his brother was a sculptor so he told his brother he can have anything in the world if he made an accurate statue. It took him 7 months to make it, it was made from strong silver. His brother was over the moon with him. His brother decided he wanted hug.

100 w/c by Oliwia

It was an ordinary work day for Mike, like every other, you see Mike’s a pilot. At first glance it might sound interesting but if you’ve been flying people back and forth for 15 years it’s gonna get boring. Until 10 pm that night, he was flying to Italy from England, nothing new for him but right as the plane was about to set off flying into the night sky it just stopped. Mike tried to steer it or do something when it just wouldn’t take off at first neither he nor his partner knew what to do. They later found out that the engine had failed and the flight got delayed.

The Alley by Darragh

Jack was eating his breakfast. He got up and headed for the door. He grabbed his bike. Suddenly he heard someone call his name. He looked behind him. He saw a man in a trench coat he walked closer as the man beckoned him to an alley. When he got into the alley, before he knew it he was on the ground. He asked the man what’s his name he said it’s yellow. He warned him that he was being tracked. Jack was desperate and said he needed help. Yellow grab Jack’s coat and greedily stuffed his money in his coat and said “it was me who was tracking you”!…

100 w/c by Oliwia

Cassidy got a pretty yellow bicycle for her 9th birthday. Next day she called her friend Alana so they can go biking together. Alana had an old wretched bike and when she saw Cassidy’s she became even more desperate for a new one but she knew her parents would never buy her one, so she greedily snatched Cassidy’s Bike and rode off. Cassidy was left speechless but then yelled ,’ALANA I’M WARNINGYOU IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME BACK MY BIKE ILL TELL YOUR PARENT AND YOU’LL BE GROUNDED FOREVER’ ,but Alana kept going and Cassidy started crying .

100 w/c by Oliwia

It was a dark Saturday evening me and my friends were at the amusement park. It was fun until we went on ferris wheel. We were just about to get the top but then everything stopped and all the lights went out and we were left dangling in one of the cabins we were all in shock next thing you know everyone’s screaming at the top of their lungs and all of the employees trying to calm everyone down. A few seconds later everything went back to normal, it was just a small malfunction but nevertheless it was still terrifying.

100 w/c by Oliwia

Once a very careless tourist went to the Shaolin Temple and knocked one of the statues down causing it to shatter beyond repair, and all that was left of it was a handkerchief. But this was no ordinary handkerchief was what the Chinese government found out. It was a hankerchief made from an exotic material that was worth billions of dollars, so the Chinese decided to sell it. When Washington found out about this he wanted it framed in his bedroom, but little did he know Franklin also wanted it. They decided that the most rational thing to do was to start a war (very tragic). Lots of people died including Franklin and Washington.

Mam’s Birthday by Cillian

It was my mam’s birthday yesterday and my mam my dad and I had decided to go to a restaurant called The Giraffe. When we arrived the waiter greeted us and brought us to our table. The waiter brought us the menus and we chose what we wanted. I said I wanted a ham pizza my mam said she wanted spicy wings and my dad said he wanted a large burger with a special sauce made out of brown sauce and a type of African salt. When the waiter brought out the food dads eyes sparkled with joy because the burger looked so juicy and greasy and the melted cheese was running down the side of the burger. Over all the food was delicious. We all had a great day.

The Wedding by Niamh

It was Wednesday. I was so excited because it was my auntie’s wedding day. When my family and I got to the church the wedding had started 15 minutes ago. My auntie was wearing a pink puffy dress with flowers on it. All the bridesmaids were wearing purple dresses. After the church we went to the party we got a great surprise when we went in there was a huge candy cart. We all got to help ourselves to the candy. Later that night we got cake. The colour of the cake was blue. The party finished at 3:35 in the morning.

Black ’47 by Mia

Delph woke up and remembered, she remembered it all. Ma and Da passing away, getting evicted and now living in the streets. She would plead for food like an urchin. Once a young lady in drapes ran cautiously away . Her baby in a portable cradle. Exasperated with herself ,Delph got up and began walking. After walking for hours she was hungry so she stole a loaf of bread and a preserved tart from a market stall. A nearby guard began chasing her . Heart in her throat Delph ran . She sprinted until finding an abandoned building: Somewhere to be sheltered and safe. The candy bar sign illuminated like a hello. She had never been so happy.

The Strange Child by Holly

One day my friends and I went on a walk. As we were walking we came across a mysterious,ancient and odd looking hotel. Three of my friends suggested that we enter this odd place. While my other friend and I thought that we shouldn’t. After arguing for minutes we finally decided to go inside. Nervously we wandered around the place, then all of a sudden we saw an urchin hiding behind a candy bar stand. I felt so utterly sorry for her so I let her stay in my house until my family and I find her a good home.

The New House By Aaron

Me and my family went to buy a house we bought a big mansion.When we got to the house we picked our rooms I picked the biggest room near the stairs when I went to see the stairs and I realised that our house might have been a shop. I went to tell the rest of my family but no one cared so I just went to my room and played with my sister. We went to the back yard and played football I won my sister 7 – 5 we went back in and had dinner. After we went to our room.

Birthday Surprise by Jessica H

Today is going to be the best day ever. Its my birthday I’m so excited for my birthday presents. I was so excited I even invited my worst enemy for no reason, I guess I felt kind and excited. When my enemy came over she brought a gift over. I went into the kitchen and opened it it was empty. What a surprise I knew she wasn’t going to get me something. Why did I even invite her. After all my friends came we played different games and had cake. Today was a great day even though I didn’t get as many presents as I wanted.

100 w/c by Brian

One day I was in my house, and I was playing with my brother and sister. We were in my room and my sister fell onto my guitar, and I tried to play it but it was completely out of tune. I asked my Dad to see if he could do anything with it but he couldn’t. I was a little upset but not really. When we were done trying to fix my guitar we kept playing, but we went outside to play football. About an hour later we had to come in for our dinner. We had chicken and chips, it was nice. It was an okay day.

The TV Show by Darragh

Jim was walking around bored to death. There’s nothing to do he said. He was watching tv and heard that there was going to be a compation a tv show. He decided to enter it. He went to his friend’s house and told his friend. They went to the headquarters of the TV they wanted to do a dance. They were up next they danced till they collapsed. They walked out and waited till they got a reply. The next day they turned on the tv and they were not on it was the two other dancers they seemed to be on tv.

The Right to Exist – by Haylie

One day mother nature gave the power to all Durian fruit to live. The Durian fruit had a great idea to rule the world and end hunger and end plastic. But there was one little problem; mankind. The fruit told mankind their plan. Mankind hated their plan and that started a war. All of the Durian fruit went back to their tree and made up a plan. They got in secretly and shot everything they saw that moved and they won the war. A few Durian fruits died but there was no mankind alive so they picked up all the plastic and grew lots of trees and flowers.

100 w/c – Frank

Once upon a time there was a Dragon called Jimmy. Once when Jimmy was flying through the woods a spiky plant got stuck onto him. He did not realize. So when he sat down for a rest the plant opened and in the plant there was a baby Dragon!

Jimmy came up with a name for the baby, and the name was Joe . Joe said ‘hi,’ in a adult voice and Jimmy decided to teach Joe how to do things.

Years and years past and Joe left the family and Jimmy said ”I am never going to that woods again.”

The Tall Tree – Matthew

Long, long ago there was once a tall tree. It was 12000 years old, noone really knew how it still stayed up. The tree was so tall it was over the clouds! There was a gigantic ladder all the way up, and a little branch to the side. There was a family of six birds, living on the branch. Later when all the birds were sleeping, the mom of the birds went to get food. She climbed up took a nut, she slipped off the tree and was in the air. The worse part was she couldn’t fly, aventually she landed on a big and fluffy cloud. She really liked the cloud, it even tasted like candy floss! She hopped from cloud to cloud to tell her family to come and live on the clouds. After that they were the happiest family ever.

The Spiderlings, A Spider and A Butterfly – by Denyzy

Once upon a time there were animals called spiderlings they lived in very spiky – looking cherries. Always they would stay their loved ones in their spiky habitats. But one spider wasn’t a spiderling it was a loving – looking spider. Her cheeks were pink as a heart and her scarf was puffed like a cuddly pillow heart. Always she would be sad she wanted to live with her speacial someone in her own spike habitat. One day she decided to make her own wings since spiderlings, had wings and she really wanted wings, so she had her chin up and flied she was flying!. Suddenly her leaf ripped and she fell down on the tall grass she couldn’t see a thing until she saw a hopeless butterfly one of his wings were damaged. Looking at it she’s never seen anything like it a real butterfly with very big blue eyes and big fluttery wings. She fixed his wings with her web , the butterfly thanked her , the butterfly started to be friends with the spider they played. But one day they were turning old and they were turning blind, they made a baby of their own.

What is it? – by James

One day me and my friends where strolling around in “Ardgillan”, but then we saw, well I don’t know what it was, it looked like a hedgehog and a ball mixed together. But it was stuck on a stick and we couldn’t reach it!!! We were so curious we all stood on each others shoulder, my friend was able to grap it, but he has bad grip so you know where I’m going with this. Drop! Clatter! Smash! it broke apart. We were frozen in shock by what we saw, it was a a hedgehog with wings! We were knocked out for hours

100 w/c – Lena

One day , me and my parents went to China . When we got there , we were really hungry . We went to a restaurant . We tried lots of new food . One of them was a fruit called lychee . It was very sweet .I really liked it . While we were walking home I saw a tree .It was a lychee tree . Me and my dad went to the tree and picked some of the fruit . We brought it with us . The next day it was time to go home . When we got home I saw my sister and gave her some lychee she really liked it . I really joyed my holiday and I hope that we can go back again .