Oven Explosion by Tadgh

Thomas was nervously walking through Galway city on a dark grey and stormy night. He was heading to Seán’s house for dinner. Seán was making bacon and cabbage in his brand new round super oven. The oven was the size of his kitchen table, the oven could also reach up to 300°C hotter than most ovens. Bang it was Thomas at the door as soon as Seán opened the door another bang it was his new oven, it had exploded. The whole apartment building was on fire. That was the end of the end of the new round super oven.

The Woods by Matthew

One night my friend and I were having a sleepover. We watched the movie Goosebumps, after a while we got bored so I said “let’s play hide and go seek” my friend said “no”. So I asked him “what do you wanna do?” he said “let’s go to the woods” “ok” said I. So of we went to the woods there was loads of cricket noise. We were very scared. We saw a peculiar tree. We walked up to the tree, and there was ivy hands we screamed are way home. Then I woke up in shock it was all a dream and I went back to bed.

100 w/c by Katie

One mild spring’s afternoon Lily had music class and she had to bring her guitar. Lily loved going to music class there was a new teacher teaching her today his name was Mr. Hanks.

She went into the room and Mr. Hanks was standing there he was really tall and he was wearing a mustard shirt. He had an extraordinary guitar it was shiny with flames. He shouted at us to move to make space so we shoved over.

We started our lesson and he just kept on shouting we thought he was horrible. We started by warming up but we heard a big clash from outside you would never believed what happened next.

Pondo by Aaron

I arrived at the Denny Hotel in the USA but this time I brought my pet Hamster Pondo. This is Pondo’s first time outside of Ireland. Our room number is 3467, the Hotel was Massive. I didn’t know what to do first so I wrote all the activities on pieces of paper and let Pondo decide. It was almost like a little yellow tennis ball on the floor. He stumbled around and I was getting excited and started breathing heavily. At last he rolled on the waterfall, that meant The Uso Waterfall. We ran downstairs, got in a taxi and went exploring. The waterfall was beautiful and Pondo had a great time. Tomorrow we will do something else.

What Would Happen If The Ice Caps Completely Melted by Kayleigh

I think if the ice caps melted it would be one of the worst things to ever happen. Lots of animals such as fish, polar bears and penguins would be endangered. It wouldn’t be bad for just animals. It can be bad for us to. Our cities could be flooded and houses could be damaged. Very damaged. Not only sea animals but land animals too such as monkeys could be endangered. Don’t forget insects. Almost all insects. 9% of the ice caps melt every 10 years. If the temperature on earth continues to rise at its current rate the Arctic will have no ice by 2040. So do your part and help the Earth.

100 w/c by Tadhg

“Wow! I have never seen the river bed so dry”exclaimed Jack. It was July in Cork. They were sitting down on a bench looking at the river bed of the River Lee. The river runs through the centre of Cork City. The sound of cars, people and birds was all they could hear, no sound of running water at all. The river was as dry as it had ever been. News reporters from all over Ireland where there reporting. Jack and Josh were chatting and eating their lunch. Suddenly a pigeon came and stole Josh’s sandwich. That was the end of that sandwich.

Mission Gone Wrong by Ben

Today was a very important day in history. The ‘Hypnotic 101’ is about to explore the moon. The people on the rocket were. Stacy, Roger, Harry, Mohamed, Leo and Nora. They were really exited to go to the moon.” When it just wouldn’t take off we were very worried.” warned the Captain. People made mini spaceships and gave them to people for free. Everyone was talking about it directly and on social media. The spaceship was set, flames were rising from the bottom getting ready to power up. But then something unfortunate happened, it was fake. Everyone was furious. Later on, NASA apologized after what had happened.

The Haunted Trip by Eden

Yesterday, we were on a school tour to a museum that had all parts of history in it. A while after we got there I was tying my shoes and without me, the rest of the class left me not realising I was still there. The room was quite large. It had a domed roof with paintings hung on the walls. In the middle of the room there was a statue of a woman who had real clothes on her. I heard a door creak so I thought it was my friend Tim but it wasn’t so I ran to find the rest of my class.

Two Tiny Men and The Giant Bee by Amy

It was a regular day and then all of a sudden a giant bee fell from the sky and then to tiny men came out to investigate it. And one said

‘Wait here i’ll get some honey and sugar for it.’

‘Okay’ said the other one.

So then he tiny man came back with stick and a bucket full of honey and sugar. And they put honey and sugar on the stick and put it in the bees mouth.

My Memories of School by Jessica M

In school we always learn about the world’s history and play games to represent fun things that happened then. One time we searched for gold coins that were represented with buttons. We also learned about the viola so we learned how to write some music notes. My favourite one was when we pretended we were lost in ancient history and we had to wear clothes for the year we where lost in. I pretended I was lost in the year 1905, the clothes I wore were very funny and flowy. My least favourite one was when we had to eat the food people ate in all different countries in all different years.

The Archeologist by Ashley

Being an archeologist is a very cool job, you get to find gold, skeletons and other cool fossils.

I remember hearing of a man who was an archeologist who searched for gold but never found any, but never gave up, he kept digging and digging and then one day when his work colleagues told him to give up and search somewhere else, he found an ancient skeleton with the famous, lost viola! The skeleton was said to be born in 1314 B.C.

The man was awarded on this amazing discovery and even made a documentary about it.

Marks, Get Set, Go by Ashley

I have been doing athletics for six years, I love it, especially the competitions. I remember that cross-country race where it was very tense and I was so nervous, it was the final and I really wanted to place.

I remember one of the organisers shouting “Marks, Set, Go!” and we were off. It was a 2000 metres race, so I had to set a pace. I overtook three girls and now I was in fourth place so that’s when I knew I should run….FAST!

I overtook the girl who was third, but she was right behind me, I started to sprint and finished. I had placed!

How Ashley Became Famous by Jessica M

Bang! Ashley was really scared but knew she had to go into the cave and save her sisters Laila and Isabel, because a monster had captured them. As Ashley sneakily creeped into the cave she tripped over a rock and made a loud noise. The monster had heard it and started growling that’s when she knew she should run, grab her sister and run back home. As they were running out of the cave Laila and Isabel had told Ashley it was a prank. Ashley didn’t believe them until lots of people started running after them and showed her a video they took of it. Ashley allowed them to make a film out of it but only so she could be famous.

A Morning Walk by Jessica M

One day Amy and Ava were going on a morning walk with their dog, down to beautiful lake. When they got there they were amazed by the view and how clear the lake water was. After a while of looking around their dog had fallen into the water to find that it was quite deep. They had to jump into the lake to get the dog. They had seen when they were looking around that there was a beautiful waterfall at the end of the lake. When had managed to catch up with the dog they were a bit late and had just fallen down the waterfall! When they got to the end they wanted to do it again the next day they went on a walk but they wanted to leave the dog behind.

The Best Walk by Ashley

I used to go on walks maybe 2 or 3 times every week, but ever since Covid-19 has started, I go on walks every day.

Yesterday I went on an amazing walk with my dog, where I went was like a beautiful forest surrounded by mountains, it also had a very nice waterfall with a lake. It sounded so calm and quiet, especially with the waterfall.

I threw the ball for my dog and it ended up in the lake, my dog dived right in and caught the ball.

When I looked at my watch I realised it was time to go, but I didn’t want to leave. I would definitely be coming here tomorrow.

A Day in Each Other’s Shoes by Jessica M

One day two friends called Amy and Ava were in the zoo arguing as always. After they finished that they decided that they would spend a day in each other’s shoes. Amy had a very poor background while Ava was quite rich. As they were doing what the other usually does Ava found out that Amy stores her clothes in a box that sits under a brown chair. Amy discovered the Ava has a sky view roof and she is very good at art as she has a picture of a realistic leaf hanging over another picture of a racoon. At the end of the day the girls agreed that whenever they argue they would spend a day in each other’s shoes so they understand each others point of view.

The Screams by Ashley

I was in the forest with my friends, we had to stay close, we didn’t want to lose anybody.

The deafening screams echoed through the cold night, the sound was worse than when you scrape a blackboard. One of my friends had told us that coming here in the middle of the night was a bad idea, we ignored her though. It was cold and dark with only two torches to help us see in front of us.

We heard the screams again, except this time louder so we knew we were close. That’s when something ran past us, we had found it.

The Night Before Halloween by Jessica M

One dark, stormy night two girls were getting ready for Halloween. They were so excited to go trick or treating. Before they went to bed they heard a noise coming from outside so they went out to see what it was. Directly in front of the door was a note with a clue trial. The girls decided to do it, the first clue led them to a dark cave. When they arrived at the cave there was a clown staring at them. The girls let out a scream. The deafening scream echoed through the cold night and the girls ran…

Homeless by Cian

My life is empty,
I live nowhere and everywhere,
I beg and beg,
I get donations,
I’m hungry,
I’m thirsty,
I’m scared as I hear the deafening screams echoed through the cold night.
I’m innocent and guilty,
You see me sometimes,
On T.V or in person,
I need your help,
I need everyone’s help,
To stay alive,
To stay alive and have hope,
Have hope for a better future,
Or a normal future,
You know who I am,
I am poor,
I am unfortunate,
I am homeless.