Fluffys’s Worst But Best Day Ever – James

This is a sad story about a tiny yellow chick who lost his family on a trip. One day a little chick called Fluffy and his family were going on a trip to the river. He stopped to look at the sun, because it was so shiny. His family had no idea he was even gone!!!!!!! When he stopped to look he saw they were gone. Then he started looking for them, for around twelve hours, sadly he gave up, as he sat by the thin tree he mumbled, “This is hopeless.” But when he went to close his eyes he heard his mother shouting his name so he leaped up and in no time he was back home!

100 w/c – Benito

One day, me and my brother were playing football in the Garden. Suddenly my brother kicked the football and he knocked down a cup and it fell of the table, smashing. My brother said “What going to do!”. I said “I don’t know”. After a while my brother came up with an idea, how about we glue the cup back together. So for the next 10-20 mins, we glued the cup back together. It was very, very, very, very, very hard. After I went on Youtube on the laptop. After a while the laptop died “No!” I said. So for the rest of that day I was so bored.

The War by Lena

One day my parents decided that we should go to Dublin city .When we got there we so lots of soldiers .We were wondering why are they there .My dad asked a man why are the soldiers here. The answered he said ” A war is starting”! In the begging of the war me and my family were really scared. But my parents said to me and my sister ” Don’t worry we will go home soon but first we have to get to our car”. Me and my sister were really happy that we didn’t have to stay in Dublin. Once we got home my aunty and uncle that lived in Dublin City came to our house.

1st Day in Third Class – Caitlinn

It was a cold Autumn day and me and my crazy friend Caoimhe were starting in our new school. I got my new black pencil case and all my shiny new books but I was still using the same blue bag I had last year. I was wearing my new blue tracksuit and I was kinda nervous but excited. I can’t wait to find out who my new teacher is! Me and my friend walked into school. In the beginning I was really scared and I started to cry heavily when the school bell rang loudly and everybody started to go inside. I got to know my teacher really well and by the end of the day when my mam came to collect me I felt a lot better and I really started to enjoy school.

My Holiday – Whitney

It was my birthday and we went to Australia.  Our holiday house was big and lovely.  We were only staying in Australia fora a week and on the second day we went out for dinner. There was lots of different types of food, there was pizza,spaghetti and other stuff.  Before we went in the view was beautiful and big and we could hear the music from outside.  As soon as we left the building we were so tired, when we got back I just fell to the ground and slept. The next day was my birthday, I was turning 9.  I got three dolls, tow pairs of shoes and an iPhone 5x. The best birthday ever!

The Ghost of Christmas Past – by Caitlin

It was a cold Christmas eve and I remembered that I didn’t get a present for my Mam. ~I made a last minute dash into the city centre. It is a very big place where anything can happen. I knew what I needed so I hurried to the antique store to get it. I noticed something bright in the corner of my eye. I looked at the bright light and dropped the glass tea set that I had bought for my Mam. The bright lights were shaped like people. The more I looked the more people I could see. They did not look at me but they walked by without noticing I was there. It felt like a dream I was stuck in but was so real. My mam never got her tea set that year.

The Dog Who Played Football – by Cillian

One day there was a dog who wanted to play football but didn’t know how to play. So he decided to learn and went to the library to read a book on ‘How to Play Football.’ In the library he got the book and sat down at a table. He was wearing glasses because he couldn’t see the book without them.  after he read the book he went to the park to see his dog friends. His friends were having a match and he asked to play.  He scored a hat trick and his team won!

Jungle – 100 w/c Sophie

Once upon a time there were four kids who went on a trip to the jungle. There was a hunter there too, he was mean and wanted to kill the animals! The children were on a mission to stop him. One night whilst the hunter was sleeping in the forest they tied him to a tree with a long rope. When he woke he was shocked and surrounded by the animals he had been trying to kill. He begged for forgiveness so the animals nibbled the ropes & set him free. The hunter was afraid, so what lies ahead of him. The children had won.

100 w/c – Jessica M

‘Yeah! We are going to the waterpark.’  Milly cannot wait to go. Milly is going with mother and father. ‘Do you have everything packed?’ said her mam and dad.

‘Yes mam and dad’ said Milly.

They went in the car and drove to the waterpark. When Milly got there they made an announcement and it said that the water just kept gushing out onto the ground! Someone had brought a sharp toy onto the water slide.  Milly slipped and broke her led and had to go to hospital for five days!

100 w/c – Charlie

Splash! The blue whale just washed up on the shore.  It was stuck. Everybody was watching.  It was all voer the news.  Someboyd called the fire department. The firemen tried to push the whale off the shore but it was stuck.  Nobody could move it.  The plice arrived and they could not move it.  I did not know who could move it. The fire men used a hose to spray it, the water kept gushing out of the hose. Finally, it started to swim away, it splahsed all of us! It was free at last.

100 w/c – Darragh

It was the year 1866. It was a cold winter morning. Everyone was asleep. When Tim woke he smelt cake. He ran down stairs. He ran to the kitchen where he saw a pot, he took a tiny look. But the water just kept gushing out. Then he saw a cake. He ran back to bed and fell asleep. When he woke up he ran down stairs to have breakfast then everyone shouted happy birthday. Tim was so surprised about everything. Then they all went to the zoo. Tim was so full with glee. When they came home they had birthday cake.

100 w/c – Caoilte

I was in my garden watering the flowers. Then I decided to put ants in my dads pants. I put ants in his pants so I could hose him down. When my dad was getting changed, in his room he got so angry that he hit the wall and burst the water pipe. We tried to put a teatowel over it, but it just kept on gushing. Eventually we called a plumber. When the pipe was fixed, we just noticed the whole house was flooded. Angrily and loudly dad told me to clean up. Sadly and grumpily I went to get a bucket…

100 w/c – Aaron

My family and I went on holidays to Florida.
We arived into the resort and we saw lots of squirrels and at the gate the workers said welcome have a good stay.We went into reception to get our room card.We went up to the room and got into our swimming togs and then got into the swimming pool. There was a slide in the pool and a ship. In the other pool there was a bucket that came down and the water kept gushing out. Then after the pool I played football with my family and my dad hurt his knee playing! The resort was brillant.

100 w/c – Abby

One day me and my friends were playing in Funtasia water park in Paris. The water was so clean with a water slide water ship and a water mushroom. The first thing we went on was the big blue twirly whirly water slide with a black and white blow up panda , it was a two seater. Also we went on a unicorn one on the red swirly whirly. We decided we could go on the lazy river , it was so relaxing. When we got to the bottom the water just kept gushing out . When my friend tried to get out she fell and we could’nt stop laughing !

100 w/c – Mia B

It was very hot outside and I wanted to wear my denim shorts but they were in the laundry and VERY dirty.
Mam says she would wash them later but I wanted them NOW! So I decided to wash them myself!
I put them in the washing machine and put in 18 liquitabs as they were SO dirty. I pressed on and waited…

After about 10 mins the washing machine made a funny noise and suds started leaking out of the bottom! Ohh NO!!! I put a towel on the floor but the water kept gushing out! Mam was going to KILL me!

100 w/c – Lorcan

On one mild Saturday morning at 9:00 me and dad went out to hose the garden down. But my sister kept crying out loud. So my mam came out with us. When we turned the hose on, this happened. Gush! the water kept on gushing out gush! gush! gush! gush! The reason was because it had five holes. So I ran to the hose but was blasted back. After 3 Hours of trying to turn it off we managed to. We had Captain America slushie and burger. We had it at Captian America bar.

100 w/c – Lily

Me and my family are going to Funtasia Waterpark. Quickly driving to the waterpark, me and my brother were playing I spy in the car. We got there so fast, it was like a minute even though it was actually 30 minutes. I went on all the slides, but one of the slides was so fast….. the water kept on gushing out of the slides. On all of the other slides the water was really slow coming out of the slide. We had a great time at Funtasia Waterpark, but it was time to go home. We got home and went straight to bed.

100 w/c – Julia G

Once Claire and Tom were bored in their cushy little home. When their mum said “Kids,
it’s your birthday, don’t try to look for the presents because I put it were you’ll never find it”.
Claire looked at her brother with a inquisitive smile and said ” we will see about that” and started looking . When Tom pushed a little box there was a hole in the wall .Claire was still looking and found a huge cube, she just took it . Then she saw the hole and jumped in, Tom went after her . They saw amazing things and found their toys .When they wanted to come back Tom wanted a crystal so he ripped one and the water came out . The water just kept gushing out when Claire put her huge cube to stop it .It was an amazing day .

100 w/c – Julia

It was 3/8/3015.
Phoebe was in the garden.
She was having a dinner of steak, mash and peas.
she picked up a spoonful of peas and brought it to her mouth.
Suddenly, she gave a loud burp and one of the peas shot into her nose.
She waited a second, then she put her head back and began to cough. The pea flew out of her nose like a bullet, and up into the sky. She looked up and noticed that the pea had punctured a hole in a passing cloud. Water was pouring all over her steak!
She threw up another pea, in the hope that it might block the hole, but the water just kept on gushing.
She went indoors for a minute, and came back out with an umbrella! Then she sat down and finished her dinner.

100 w/c – Mikolaj

Crash boom crack, went the television when Bart and Bruno turned it on. They both chucked popcorn at it , they were bothreally angry .
A few minutes later mom came running in to see what was going on, mom asked
“what’s happening here , why are you hiding under the sofa?”
“Because the t.v. exploded and we got frightened “.
In a flash like lightning Bruno ran to the toilet , but poor Bruno ran in as the pipes unattached so the water gushed at him, he tried to block it but the water kept on gushing . Bruno got damp so he had to change clothes, and he couldn’t watch the t.v.either!

100 w/c – James

One day I was going camping in the forest with my family. Suddenly I saw a button on a tree. And as  I was about to press it, the ground below me fell so I fell down it inside . I saw an empty room and I thought that it could not go  that wrong in so I went inside. As soon as I went in water came out. I did not know what was going on but the water just kept gushing out . So I went to the next door and there was the way outside again.

100 w/c – Adam

One day I was up stairs playing on my Xbox because it was raining really hard. After a few minutes it stopped raining. My dad said we had to go clean his the car, because it had bird poo on the windows. I came out to help my dad because my mam was not feeling well. She had to stay at home. I was using a wet cloth to wipe off the bird poo. Then I used the hose to wash the car. When I tried to turn the hose off I couldn’t do it because the water just kept on gushing out.

100 w/c – Jakub

On monday night I went to Dublin 3Arena stadium to see WWE. In Roman Reigns VS Braun Strawman, Reigns speared Braun through a long metal water pipe beside a  pyro/firework station and all the water just kept gushing out. “Oh my god, Braun just exploded!” said Michael Cole the commentator. The next match was: Shane McMahon VS Triple H and Stephanie McMahon special guest referee, everyone laughed their heads off, because Stephanie let her husband Triple H win instead of her brother Shane McMahon. The last match was Bayley VS Alexa Bliss for the womens’ championship. That was one crazy WWE event in history.

100 w/c – Jack

Our match is starting in half an hour. Suddenly the match started but Jake was 5 minutes late. Soon as Jake came on the pitch. BANG! “Oh my god his nose is gushing bleeding, the blood just kept on gushing out of his nose. He then came off injured. He had a big drink and at the same his friend Ryan told him a joke. Then the water came out of his nose, how funny it was. The water just kept gushing out. Suddenly the match was 8-8.  Jake came on BANG! Jake scored. It was a great win.

100 w/c – Hayden

One day in school I was feeling a little bit down. It was Monday and I had such a good weekend and now it was back to school.  Jakub noticed that I wasn’t in the best of mood so he came over to me. At the time I was having my lunch. He  told me the funniest joke ever, I was actually laughing so much that the tears were falling down my face. I stopped took a drink of water, then he told me another joke and I laughed so much that the water just kept gushing out.

100 w/c – Ellen

It was a Tuesday evening and we were all sitting down for dinner in the kitchen and my mam said “what’s that noise”. We all said” what noise?” and mam said “it sounds like water”. Mam had just run the bath for me before we had our dinner. The bath was leaking and it was coming out through the lights in the kitchen ceiling, we ran to get the pots to put under the lights to catch the water. The water just kept gushing out from the lights. I didn’t have the bath that evening we spent the time mopping up all the puddles that were on the kitchen floor. My granddad called to help us and said that we needed  a hammer to make a hole in the ceiling bigger for the water to come through. Later that week we had to get the ceiling replaced and all the lights fixed.

100 w/c – Daniel

One day, me and my best friend Lee were doing some painting. When our teacher Ms.Brennock told me and Lee to go wash our hands. After Lee had finished he left the tap on for me.  I went up to wash my hands, when I was finished, the water kept on gushing out. So we got lots of people to try and help but it did not work. But on the bright side we did get to go home before the 11 o clock break so me and Lee went over to my house to have a sleepover.

100 w/c – Caitlyn

‘Caitlyn have you put out your washing?’….. Mam shouted up the stairs. ‘No but I will bring it down now,’ I said.
After Mam sorted out the washing piles she put all the uniforms into the machine and put in the powder. She turned on the machine and then the whole family headed out for the day. We went to the zoo. When we came home dad opened the door of the washing machine and the water just kept gushing out all over the floor.
‘Oh! No!’, cried mam, ‘the Machine is broken and the girls will have no uniforms for school.’
‘Yippeee!’ I shouted!!!!!!

100 w/c – Zach

There was a boy called John. He invited his friends to go on camp with him. Their names were Joy , Jim, Jeff. Four days later, all of his friends came. It was a three hour drive. After they set up their tents they laid out their sleeping bags and rollmats . Then they went on a 4K walk. After they came back, they ate dinner and told a camp story. Joy went first he said : ‘Once there was a boy called….’ Jack continued :…’in the flash of lightning I saw the killer bear’…
‘THE END’: finished Joy.
The next day they all went home.