The Lioness of Fire Desert – by Ula

Once me and my friend Max were in a desert to explore.We heard a story about two lionesses,and if they touch a human they will turn into a fire statue.They would have 24 hours to find the Master of the desert,and the Master would turn the fire statue back to them self. If they don’t make it in 24 hours they get crushed to small flames of fire! The Master is a fluffy white polar bear. One day the lioness and lions quit destroying people. When me and Max saw the lioness and lions we started to hide.”We have changed now,” said a lioness kindly. We became good friends.

100 w/c – Ula

A long time ago a girl called Lily went to a park called Grandmar park.She went with her Best Friend Forever, Ola. Walking along, Ola spotted two wooden legs stuck to a thin tree with bright green coloured leaves growing from the it. The girls mouths were wide open. The girls took a picture of the thin tree. That is one funny looking tree they giggled with laughter.

”It is getting late, ” said Lily ,”maybe we should go home now”.

”You are right,”said Ola.

The the girls went home. Going home they talked and talked,CHAT CHAT CHAT they said!

100 w/c – Ula

One day a girl called Emily and her mom and dad went to a park to have a picnic,before they left the checked if they had all there yummy and tasty food for the picnic. Driving to the park Emily and her parents played ‘I spy with my little eye’. When they got there they looked for the perfect spot for the picnic. Setting up the picnic Emily spot a tea cup stuck in the ground. Trying to pull out the cup she fell on her bum! Running to her mom and dad she shouted to them,”can I please take a picture of the tea cup”?

‘Yes!’ they said, and she ran to take a picture of the tea cup stuck in the ground. Then she tried to pull out the tea cup and luck came, she did!

String People by Ula

One day a girl called Lia and her mom, Leena, went to a wood. As they walked around they suddenly stopped……They saw a bunch of people made out of string. Every one was in a weird move. Lia and Leena each took a picture of the bunch of people made out of string. Two days later Lia went to school and drew a picture of the string people. The picture almost looked like the real thing! As the week faded Lia and her friend Lora had a playdate. The girls and Leena went to the wood and saw the string people again!

100 w/c – Ula

One day a girl called Cara, and her mom went to a SUPER busy town.She asked her mom could she have money to get ice-cream. Her mom said yes, and she gave her money. Cara said thank you. She went off to get her ice-cream. Guess what happened,HER COIN FELL DOWN THE DRAINPIPE! She went to get another coin but it came down the drainpipe again! She went the last time to get a coin and at last it worked this time! She got a yummy chocolate ice-cream. She loved her ice-cream!

100 w/c – Ula

Hi my name is Red Hen,and my friend Snake is being weird lately. You see, he has been making and saying weird noises,like,”clock”or”,cakoo”or ”malook”and all weird noises. Yesterday he cycled over to my house before lunch and said,”Oh Red Hen,plunk plunk plunk I nunk think loo I…..”

I stopped him right there,”Ok,maybe……please write what you wanted to say on the page,….it would really help,”I said,with a cute face.

”ok roke”he said,and started to write. When I read what he wanted to say in shock,”I could tell,”I said, and gave him a yummy sweet, and it made him all better! He said I was a great friend!

100 w/c Ula

Hi my name is Ava.Today I am going to my best friends Mia’s house!I cant wait!When I was going and coming back from Mia’s house,I saw the strangest sight ever!A statue of a hand with a FACE on it!Seeing the statue I remembered when I was about two years old I used to draw a face on my hands with a black marker!Then I called Mia and we just talked and talked on our phones,about what a great day we had.And I told her all about me when I was younger!

100 w/c Ula

One day I decided to bring my monkey Merit to school, but that did not go out well.It was break time and we had to stay inside because it was soggy, slippy and wet outside.  While my teacher went to get her lunch and I was not looking at what Merit was doing. Jumping to the desk no one saw Merit push the computer off the table.The teacher came in the classroom and saw the computer was broken! Merit had to go to work to get money so Merit could buy a new computer! Everyone was shocked and I never ever brought Merit to school ever again!

100 w/c Ula

One day me and my friend were having a sleepover we were watching tv and we fell asleep. When we woke up we were in the jungle.  Looking around we tried to escape but we couldn’t find the way out. We walked and walked, it was really, really hot we were sweating.  Our legs started to hurt from all that walking. We saw lots of animals like snakes, I know, gross!

Well we saw lots of good animals too, like birds and parrots.  Trying  to escape, the tiger was blocking our escape.

After that bit we woke up in fright.

100 w/c Ula

There once lived a family across the road who had a daughter called Emily.One day Emily woke up at 20 to 9 and she has to go to school at 9:00 so she tried to wake up her mum and it took 5 mins wake up Emily’s mum. It was 15 to 9. Emily’s mum hurried making her sandwich, meanwhile Emily tried to charge her phone because the battery was 2 present.So Emily quickly put her white bow in her hair and ran to school and after lunch Emily and her class went outside to be energetic.

100 w/c – Ula

One day a witch called Gemma wanted to go to a town so she could do some shopping,so she tried her best to look like a human. When she went to the town instead of a cat she took a dog with her. The bad thing was that the dog ran to fast and Gemma the witch fell over,and then all her makeup was all wrecked. At least no one noticed and she was very happy then she went to the shop to buy some clothes. After Gemma went home,her cat was at the door waiting for her then Gemma and her cat had a fashion show,with the clothes.

100 w/c – Ula

She is little, she has chubby cheeks, she is nearly 6 months, she is a part of my family, she is super cute! I love to play with her. I love to make her laugh, it’s so cute when she laughs, when she laughs her chin is a little high. Her skin is super soft. She can giggle. She can sit on her own but someone has to be near her. She can roll on her tummy. I love to kiss her lovely round face. She is starting to eat baby food and fruits. I love her to the moon and back! She is my……

Strange Day – Ula

One day me my mom and dad were going to the art gallery, and I saw a picture of a dog.The dog was wearing glasses and I thought who drew it? But the strange thing was the girl that drew it was right behind me! Her name was Ashley she said that the the dog was not a real dog. When I was going home I saw her going home too and the dog that she drew was a real dog! She said that the reason that she said it was not a real dog was because that if she would say it was be real no one would believe it was real! So now we are best friends!

100 w/c – Ula

One day in school me and my class were playing dodgeball and my enemy Mia through a ball right in my face. Then when I woke up there where crazy little children surrounding me. When I saw a twisted candy I ate it and got some purple strings in my hair. Then a professor called Mr.Crocodile laughed so loud it was so difficult to make him stop laughing. After I ate another twisted candy the purple strings in my hair where disappearing. When I actually woke up my best friends Emma and Louisa said are you ok? I said I am fine so I told them my amazing and strange dream.

(100 w/c – Ula) The Cat

Hi my name is Emma this is the story about my cat being lost. I was playing outside in my garden when the door opened, my cat came outside. I forgot the back door was open so my cat ran away. I tried to catch her but she ran away. I started crying. I told my parents what had happened. Then two days later l and my parents went for a walk and do you know what we found??? Micky!! l was so happy! We went home and l covered Micky with a nice fluffy warm blanket. I thought that I would keep saying so what lies ahead of me now.