An Ghrian (The Sun) by Tadhg

Astronaut Eamonn Pearse and James Clarke were lying on their bed in Sun Rocket 274. They were on a mission to figure out how the sun was made. NASA had sent them up to the sun, they were the first astronauts to reach the sun. They flew to the sun in less then a week, the heat was unbearable, so they had to figure out a solution. But suddenly there was a huge banging noise from behind the rocket. The sun had just exploded, Eamonn and James got on the radio to ask what they should do. It was too late.

Giant Iron by Tadhg

It was a dark and humid night in the city of Tashkent the captain of Uzbekistan. There was a sharp blustery wind blowing around the streets. Anne and Albert were on a trip around Asia and Uzbekistan was their next stop. All was well until they arrived in the centre of the city. A massive iron was falling for the sky and was heading for their tour bus. Everyone on the bus started screaming at the top of their voices, Anne and Albert stayed calm the knew what to do. Get the driver of the bus out of his seat and get behind the wheel and floor it.

Long Trip by Tadhg

Greg and David were heading of on an enormously long trip to Sardegna on their miniature pink but sturdy boat. They packed a load of delicious food so then they wouldn’t get hungry. As they set of on their long trek from Rosslare Harbour in Wexford they noticed they forgot something… FUEL!!!

David had to quickly jump and then sprint as fast as the wind to go grab the fuel. After 4 short minutes he arrived at the hotel they were staying in. He didn’t go through the revolving door because it was too slow he ran to the room grabbed the fuel and ran back again. He became so exhausted when he appeared into Greg’s sight, he collapsed and land head first on the rock hard concrete floor.

Tree Hugger by Tadhg

It was a cold dark Autumn afternoon in the Tree Forest of Edinburgh. Mr Edin and Mr Burgh were going on a short stroll through the forest. All the leaves were scattered across the forest floor. Squirrels gathered nuts and hedgehogs built their dens. When all of a sudden a mysterious man ran out from behind one tree and behind another. Mr Edin asked Mr Burgh “What is he doing?”

“I don’t know!”

Suddenly the mysterious man started hugging the trees as if they were teddy bears. He started running towards Mr Edin and Mr Burgh…

Gentle by Tadhg

The small gentle octopus was slowly swimming his way around the tank at the aquarium in Dingle. Hundreds and hundreds of fish swam past his long slimy tentacles. Suddenly a small angel fish started springing from the tank, when it landed from springing up and down he landed on the octopus’s face. BOOM! The angel fish landed on his face and that angered the octopus. He started throwing his tentacles around. He kept missing the fish he wanted to hit and started to hit the rest of the fish. But once the aquarium employee started to play the piano he stopped . The octopus loved the piano.

A&E by Tadhg

It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud to be seen. The sun was bright yellow. The taxi driver called James had a day off from work. He couldn’t believe how warm it was. It was 22 degrees celsius outside. James and his family were heading to the Yellow Waterfall. The family were extremely excited. James’s daughter Jane was skipping very quickly towards their browny-yellow Mercedes-Benz, as she skipped down the driveway she hit a enmormas rock . ‘BOOM’ she hit the rock, as she fell she hit the ground heavily. They couldn’t go to the waterfall, they went to A&E instead.

2030 by Tadhg

It was 2030. Everything had changed all the way of living was not to go to school as a child you had to go to college instead and skip primary and secondary school. You didn’t drive your car a computer did. All of the houses were made of bamboo and the roads were all made of mud. Anyone could drive. ‘It’s not like last year’ he thought. Jack was worrying that covid might have a resurgence like it did last year. Everything was closed down just like 2020 and 2021 when no one left their house it was horrible.

TV Ad by Tadhg

“You need to make an ad about Climate Change,” exclaimed the director. “Ok,” I responded. “ACTION!!”

“You need to do something, our earth is crumbling. Every time you turn on the fire or have a packet of crisps, the earth is polluted. The more food you waste the less there is for the poorer people. Ever time you throw a small piece of plastic on the ground one more fish dies. At this rate the sea will be 12 metres higher. Every piece of plastic ever created is still there. Do something while we still can.”

“CUT!” screamed the director.

Ice by Tadhg

I personally think that if we don’t stop Global Warming we will soon be under water. By 2030 places like Amsterdam could be under. The ice caps have already melted 2 inches, that doesn’t seem like much but that is actually is. Loads of wildlife live in places that have icebergs and ice caps. Animals like penguins, polar bears, walruses and seals. That means that they would come closer to cities and towns and interrupt our daily lives. It would cause all sorts of mayhem. The water level will rise by around 12 meters. It would be terrible.

Floods by Tadhg

It was a wet dark day in Ankara Turkey. I was watching the RTÉ News they were reporting on the horrifying floods in Ankara. Everywhere was full of water, and nobody could escape because of how the water on the streets was. The Fire Brigade were working hard to get everyone free. “But does it make any difference to me? Does it?”. “No it shouldn’t,” said my Dad. Next thing you know Dublin was flooded and you couldn’t even leave house the “whole Capital City of Ireland is Flooded!” screamed the RTÉ News Reporter. It was worse than the floods in Turkey.

Transport by Tadhg

It was warm but foggy day in Tehran, Iran. The Iranian Government were having a big meeting on the topic transport and pollution it makes in the big cities. They had been trying to stop pollution rates from going up.

The same type of meeting was happening on a warm sandy day Manama, Bahrain. Even though there was a tiny population in the country the pollution was quite big.

In the big island of Cuba there was a huge protest over pollution.

Kukong, China the problems with pollution were massive. Cars filled the roads and polluted the air.

Transport is useful to go places and meet people but it can cause problems and destroy the Earth.

Smoke by Tadhg

It was a dark and cloudy day in Jeddah. Some of the workers at the nuclear plant the were busy at a climate conference in the main reception area at the front of the building it was telling them about how bad the burning of fossil fuels is. All they had to do was look outside and they would see the effects that they were making. The smoke was so high you couldn’t see the end of it. It turned out that the smoke was not just from the power plant. It was a Fire! Luckily nobody was hurt.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a warm but dark cloudy day in Bangkok. All the Factories were all burning hot inside. The workers were busy making rubber. In Thailand that was the main industry at the time. It was just approaching lunchtime when a worker screamed “FIRE!”. The fire started to spread across the factories in the Industrial Estate. The workers were all extremely afraid. Everyone started to evacuate the factories. The Fire Brigade were called to the fire. The fire alarms were flashing bright red. The fire fighters were urgent to get everyone to safety. Luckily no one was hurt.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a mild windy day, Tom and Pat were going golfing in Howth Golf Club. They were teeing off at 1.50pm. They arrived at 1 o’clock. Tom got his golf bag out of his car. Pat took his out his golf bag too. “Can you smell a bit of a burning smell,” asked Pat. “No I can’t smell anything,”replied Tom. At 1.50 they teed off. The temperature started to soar. All of a sudden the alarm sounded to tell everyone to evacuate. Helicopters started to arrive at the scene. There was at least 5 fire trucks at the golf course.

100 w/c by Tadhg

“Welcome to Suva!” said Wally the scientist,“Here you will learn about the effects of Climate Change on Fiji,”. Rob said thanks to Wally and of they went to research the affects of Climate Change. They met Wally’s son Walter. Walter told them how overwhelmed he was about Climate Change and how hot it was getting and how little green space was left on the island and in the world. They went to study endangered species of Fiji like the Long-tailed fruit bat, the Fiji snake, Pacific sheat-tailed bat. Suddenly some rain started this was rare for this time of year said Wally. These are the effects of Climate Change and how it can effect the world.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a late dark winter’s night in Monterrey. Mr. Rodriguez was up painting a picture on the side of the Monterrey Airport. It was meant to make people happy once they arrive in Mexico after their journey. He had been working on it for weeks. The Mexican government had given him permission to paint it. He was just about to finish painting, when a giant pair of pink glasses fell from the sky. He was hit right in the forehead. He had been concussed. The ambulance came to help him, he was brought to ICU in Monterrey. He did not make it through.

100 w/c By Tadhg

BANG!!!! That was the thunder outside the large museum of fossils in Berlin. It was a horrible day outside. There had been a big storm forecast for the week before. The storm had been forecast for months. When it came it took the city by surprise. The scientists were inside the museum looking at the ancient ball of dinosaur bones. It had survived since the dinosaurs were wiped out years ago. The rain outside was getting louder, one of the scientists switched on the radio. It said there was a flood warning in Berlin. They were too late to escape the building.

100 w/c by Tadhg

I was sitting down at our kitchen table on my Dad’s laptop doing a F1 project. I was doing a page on records. I had done the more obvious like most wins, poles, starts, podiums, Championships, points and loads more there would be too much to name. I thought to myself so, what will I write on this page…That’s it I can write (type) a page on Irish drivers. Eddie Irvine was the first to come to mind. He was the only driver from the Island of Ireland to win a F1 race.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was roasting hot day in the Amazon Rainforest and Mike the mouse was running down the road looking for his wife Mary the mouse. She had disappeared with their children to find materials for their new house. Mike went towards the river. He had a big brainstorm. “Ehh they must be going towards the shop” said Mike’s brain. “Yes!” said Mike to himself. He started running. “Where is the shops?” it panted (Mike of course). He’s asked the Liam the leopard. It was a massive mistake by Mike. That unfortunately was the end for Mike but his family still made their new house.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a horrible winters day. Jake and Gilmour were trying to adorn the house for Christmas Day. They had to switch off the power for five minutes. So they could put up a new socket in the wall. The lights went out and when they turned back on the power. There was a flash of light, then, darkness filled the house. The power was gone… Jake was afraid because their phones needed to charge. They were afraid to leave the house because they did not think it was safe. About seven hours later the power came back.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a cold foggy day and Martin and Jack were going to go boating at the lake. Martin had packed mushroom soup for lunch. When they arrived at the lake they made some rules for their race. They decided that it was from the bottom of the lake to the top. It’s time to go racing shouted Jack. Jack was in the lead for most of the race but all of a sudden he dropped his oar. This was technically breaking rule 1 of 7 using your hand to get you to the end. Jack have Martin a wistful smile and save with his wrinkled hand. Jack wasn’t happy.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a terrible day in Tralee, Co. Kerry. There was a hurricane. Dad was driving home from work at Kerry Gold (Butter Factory). As he drove by a power cable it fell on to his car (Porsche). He was hit and the power went out. The family was scared stiff. Alex was screaming with fright. The house went cold suddenly, darkness enveloped the room, “Where is Dad?” yelled Morgan. He was in hospital in a coma. The car was destroyed. Morgan was horrified that the car was ruined. The cause of the accident was wet roads. Alex was glad Dad was ok. A horrible day for the family.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a typical old day for Mr. Tiger he got up to go to work at the Hunt The Deer Factory. He slammed the number 29 gate. Ms. Leopard saved him good bye. Mr. Tiger was listening to the radio in his GTR when the weather came on. The lady said there was a massive storm due to come that evening. After work, he phoned Ms. Leopard and told her to go to the shop and get loads of food for the family. When he got home it was too late Ms. Leopard was still at the shop and the gate was gone…

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a warm spring morning when Jack and Ella walked their dog down the main street of Dogtown. Their dog Leo had started to get tired about one hour into the walk. They had gone by the beach and loads of other landmarks in the town. Ella had to run into Dunnes to get some Brennan’s bread and some Avonmore milk. When she went in a cat appeared outside the shop. Jack was holding Leo when then cat bit Leo’s tongue. Then it let out a pitiful howl (the cat) as Jack shouted at him. Leo’s tongue was bleeding but he was ok.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a beautiful warm summers day in Animal Town just North of Maths Town. Mr Elephant and his wife Ms Zebra were going to the shop to buy some musical instruments for their band. As they got to the shop they noticed that someone had spray painted shutters in purple. Odd thought Mr Elephant. They wanted to buy a violin for Mr Lion. They bought the violin for €500. It turned out to work. They sold out for the next show the band were so happy. They even got a new member Mr and Ms Tiger.

100 w/c Tadhg

It was summer 2019. Eimhin’s family got an exchange student from Australia. His name was Joshua. He was from Melbourne. The family picked him up at Dublin Airport at 7am on a Sunday. When they got home they had breakfast a fry up (YUM). Joshua had never had a fry. The family were shocked by this. Eimhin’s Mam, Peggí asked Joshua did he want Marmalade (Yuck) on his toast. ‘No’ he said ‘I like Marmite.’ (Disgusting). The family were also shocked at this. They never had Marmite before. Peggí went and bought some in SuperValue. The family thought it was horible. But Joshua was happy.

100 w/c by Tadhg

It was a dull day in Dublin when Kim had her birthday party in her house. It was lashing rain. It was the type of day you never want a party. There were only 5 people at the party. There were a couple of balloons and some bunting around. One brown balloon that popped and made a frightening noise. Everybody jumped it was so loud that the neighbours heard it and rang the Guards once the Gardaí came they banged on the door. Mum’s father answered the door they were fined for being too loud and everyone at the party was kicked out.

The Missing Bike by Tadhg

Just days later Ms Maths was going out for a cycle around the town. When she crashed her bike and was injured and was taken to hospital by Mr French and Mr Spanish. The bike was taken away by the School Police. A while after they took it, it was stolen by Mr Geography and Ms History again! Then Ms Maths was told that it was stolen “Where have they taken it? ” she asked angrily. “I don’t know” replied Mr Art. Now she was very angry “But where did they go?” she shouted. “We will track them now!” he said. 


Sunny Day by Tadhg

It was a sunny day in Mathstown, the town of mathematics where every teacher wants to live. Ms Maths was cycling her yellow bike around the town when she saw that there was a sale on calculators. So Ms Maths went in to buy some. As she walked into the shop she met with Mr Irish. While they were talking Mr Geography and Ms History stole her bike. As they made their getaway they both spotted Mr Art the teacher police. So they tied the bike to the electricity pole and ran away. Ms Maths was glad to find her bike after she was told it had been robbed.