Stick Men – by Sophie

One day Suney, my sister, and I went camping in a big, green forest. We saw  stick men people, their hair was as long as two rulers . There were seven of them , they were very skiny. They were being weird . I didn’t undedstand what they were doing. My sister said that they were doing a dance but I said no they were doing yoga .

‘Ooyambagum!’ they then said. They were doing the yoga dance so quickly that they exploded.. Fire was everywhere. I did not know why they exploded and I never knew why .

100 w/c – Sophie

On Summer’s day we were going to where the make drainpipes. Quickly running to get in the car to go where they make drainpipes  I found a ball in the car. It was a colourful ball.

Finally we were there.  It was so amusing to see the drainpipes.  I brought my ball from the car. I bounced it up and down. It got stuck in the drainpipe. When the tour was over we were about to leave but my ball was still stuck in the drainpipe. We were nearly out the door when it came down the drainpipe and hit my dad in the head!

The Snake’s Curse – Sophie

One cloudy day a snake came past the wizard’s castle. The wizard was mean.  He saw the snake and cast a big spell on him. The snake turned into a person and the wizard said, ‘you have 24 hours to become a snake again, you will have to go and pass a test. You have to go to the dark, red bridge.  There will be a monster there. You must cycle across.  If you do before the clock turns 8, you will come back to your self.’

So off he went to the red, dark bridge on his bike. He knocked the monster over and got across before the clock turned 8. He was soon back to his normal self again.

The Huge War by Sophie

One awful day in 1998 there was a huge war. In the beginning of the war it wasn’t that bad. Until the worst day of all came to the war. It was a big fat man and he looked really soft but he was tougher than ever.  He bossed everyone in the war that challenged him. Until no one was left, except a brave young little girl who challenged the big fat man.  He laughed at her, but she had a plan and she pushed the fat man onto a treadmill and would not let him of until he was a skinny little man and no one was afraid of him any more.

100w/c – Sophie

One, rainy awful day we were going to school. Ahh said the teacher there’s a monkey in the class room. Quickly running in to the class room to to get the monkey out. Running to the principle,”There’s a monkey in our classroom”. Suddenly the monkey threw the computers on the floor. Running to the computer it was smashed. Although the teacher’s computer was broken she stayed very calm. The mysterious monkey just watched. Running and running after so long he fell down into a cage. Running to a phone to call the zoo,the zookeeper was looking for the monkey and took the monkey back to the zoo but nobody knew that the monkey took the teachers purse. Wake up Ms Brennock!

100 w/c – Sophie

One sunny hot day we were going to the zoo. Running into the car happily to go to the zoo. Driving and driving, after twenty minutes we were finally there.  I jumped out to see the zoo .  Quickly running inside to see the monkeys, giraffes and elephants and the scariest of all, the tiger.  We all decided to play hide and seek.  Shona was ‘on,’ we all all hid.  Ooh! There was a tiger blocking our escape to get away from Shona. Roaring , the tiger didn’t bite, although he was very scary. Finally we got away.Ooh! A slithery, slimy snake was there.

It was the scariest trip ever.

The Scariest Statue by Sophie

Once upon a time there was a dark woods. In the dark woods was a really scary statue. It just stood there looking at you.  The legend says that in the night it comes alive. We all decided that we were going to camp for the night, to see the statue come alive.  We all gathered wood for the fire.  We all heard funny noises. Then we saw the statue moving. It was really scary. Me and my friend Nicol were hugging each other.  We were really, really afraid. We ran and ran and ran back home.

Spooky Shoppers – Sophie

I went to New York city of a holiday trip with Mam. We went into town for some shopping and dinner and saw the strangest thing we had ever seen.  There were lots of  ghosts roaming the streets laughing and giggling like nobody could see them.  But we could see them like shadows in the dark.  They looked very happy and carried lots of bag like they had been shopping all day.

We knew they were ghosts because they were slightly see through.  Could they see us? Were they here on earth or had we arrived in heaven?

Wake up Sophie….

The Ghost – Sophie

When the door slammed I knew it wasn’t just my imagination! I’d felt something creepy around my bedroom for some time now. Nicol had come for a play-date, we were colouring pictures when suddenly my crayon started moving on its own on the page. Eeek! we both froze and coldness came upon us.
Omg what was that, we looked at each other with scared faces then ran downstairs to tell my Mam. Mam said ‘don’t be silly girls, ghosts are not real’. We had dinner feeling reassured. Then we went back upstairs to find the whole room was covered in Halloween pictures!! Spoooky !!

100 w/c – Sophie

It’s 3pm on a dark stormy Monday afternoon. I have just been called by Rte to cover a story on the flood damage in the park. The weather has been really crazy, lots of trees are down and flooding everywhere. It’s going to take some hard work & community spirit to get things fixed up again. But things look hopeful. Many people have gathered to help with the clean up. Great to see people still have such an amazing sense of humour even in a crisis! Looks like someone may have lost their welly boots in The Flood! Ha ha!

A Precious Treasure – Sophie

Back in March myself and my family took a trip into town for my birthday. I was getting a special treat. Mam brought me too a little shop on the corner of the street, with lots of sparkle in the window. I was really excited. We looked in lots of glass cabinets to find the perfect one, then something caught my eye. It was so pretty & fit perfectly on my finger. I loved it and couldn’t wait to show all my friends. I thanked mam & we went for dinner. I could not stop admiring my hand. Love, Loyalty and friendship.

The Purple Crocodile Meets the Professor – by Sophie

Somewhere dark in a muggy river Mr Crocodile was having his daily swim. He swam in circles showing off to all the other animals. “Look at me everyone I’m super cool!”he boasted. Suddenly he found himself in a spot of bother when his tail got twisted in a fallen tree trunk! His cries of joy turned to cries of sorrow & he went purple in the face. Lucky for him a professor arrived in a small boat & noticed he was having a difficult time. The professor, a little afraid, jumped on the branch & untwisted his tail then hurried away. Phew!

The Crystal Explosion – Sophie

Panic has set at the end of granny’s garden. What once was a light shining on the grass is now a sea of crystals. The little people didn’t know what it was and they were afraid. They rushed to the scene so they could investigate. To their surprise these crystals were very precious jewels, they cannot believe they will be rich. They rushed to clean up the glass so nobody got hurt. Then they took some crystals to the little village to share among the people. Everybody celebrated and were delighted with this precious find. Granny didn’t notice a thing!

100 w/c Spohie

Once upon a time there were four kids who went on a trip to the jungle. There was a hunter there too, he was mean and wanted to kill the animals!
The children were on a mission to stop him. One night whilst the hunter was sleeping in the forest they tied him to a tree with a long rope.
When he woke he was shocked and surrounded by the animals he had been trying to kill.
He begged for forgiveness so the animals nibbled the ropes & set him free. The hunter was afraid, so what lies ahead of him. The children had won.