100 w/c by Rose

‘There is no turning back now, I just need to get him to spread the jam onto the toast.’ I quickly left the house through the window and leaned a listening device on top of the windowsill. I went back into a bush where I could still peek and my ear buds in my ears securely so I can hear everything. My victim took out the Jam and… Marmite?! Ew gross! No one is going to eat that. I tried to watch but loads of insects were around me. I tried to stay as calm as I could, until I heard a grasshopper and that was it for me. I passed out.

”Hey Ella, I made your jam toast!’ Hope it makes up for yesterday!’

”Ok! Thanks Michael. And you’re fine, no worries! Did you make a jam toast for yourself?”

”No, I like Marmite.”

100 w/c by Rose

Adrienne and Aiden were walking along Adrienne’s grandmother’s garden. It was vast and full of varieties of flowers and butterflies. They wanted to go up to the gate which kept the garden separated from the misty forest. The two walked along until they spotted a small rose brooch among the flower petals. ”Incredible” Adrienne whispered, she held it in her hand. The moment she touched it, a cold whisp of air swarmed around the kids and then a girl formed from the air, she had one eye and the other was just her socket. She whispered in a raspy voice ….” That’s Mine.”

Crazy Girl by Rose

”Huh?!” Leah exclaimed confused, her friend Madeline told her, she and Leah cycled to school and when they went back to where Maddie parked her bike, it was standing upright, tagged to a tree. ”Yup! It’s the best way to leave your bike, isn’t it!” Maddie said proudly, Leah just blinked. Maddie was always a bit weird, but that’s why they’re friends. She took her bike down and Leah got on her bike. They both started cycling but then Maddie rode up in the grass to a nearby forest. ”Come on Leah, it’s this way!” Leah was very confused, she reluctantly left the road and followed the crazy girl.

The Sketches by Rose

I finished off the sketches for the war jet and showed it to the team, ”This is gonna be our war jet, it has room for 2 and has enough fuel to make to fly half the world in 5 hours.” I explained. It was going work, it had to. I wasn’t even a part of the team, my parents died and I was said to be a great asset to the team. The person who was going fly the plane was about to show any minute. ”What’s wrong, where is our pilot?!” Everyone looked at me. ”He is missing, and the countdown to the explosives are underway.” I was confused ”Ok, then where is the backup?” They looked at me again,

The plane just wouldn’t take off.

Mortals by Rose

”I need to have some fun!” I shouted desperately. Its so boring here, I want to do something. I grabbed my bicycle that I saw some mortals use in their realm. I cycled up to the top of The Volcano Of Madness, I calm down there. I looked up to creaking of a worn out yellow warning sign reading:

WARNING! Don’t Jump In!

”Huh? Who would jump in anyway?” I chuckled to myself. I peered in and I saw a… A gateway? I’m not sure but I caught a glimpse of a human. ”Oh, the human realm.” I smirked to myself. I looked back at the sign.

”Oh I’ve been warned before, this is gonna be fun!”

Hamadryad by Rose

Hamadryad, or Dryad is a tree spirit, or Tree Nymph and is a mythological being that lives in a particular tree which makes them a particular Nymph, Hamadryads are bonded to a certain tree and takes the form of a beautiful women, she is very kind and shy and is friends with the Goddess Artemis, how is caring to most Nymphs.”

”Wow Papa! She sounds great!” A young Ashton exclaimed. He was always happy when Papa told him stories of Dryad. He one day told Papa that he was going to find Drayad’s tree, to talk to her and help her with looking after the forest. ”You will get hurt son.” But after some begging, Papa gave in. Even as a kid, he journeyed to the deepest parts of the forest where Dryad’s tree was said to be. He met many creatures and they guided him in his journey to Dryad. Until one day he found her.

Golden Bracelet part 2 by Rose

”Ugh” Jasmin groaned as she woke up from the dense ground. All she remembered was the sleepover, the golden bracelet, and she also recalled the girl, she was the last thing she saw before she collapsed. She got up and looked around, it looked like the Underworld. Then for a brief second everything stopped. Jasmin was human, and the Underworld was adjusting to that. ”Thought I would be in heaven.” She joked to herself. As she was looking around Jasmin saw the same little girl she saw in her home. The girl started saying that Jasmin will stay in the Underworlds eternally, until she can see to it that Jasmin is in a position to ensure that she’ll not get targeted.

‘Targeted?!? Is she trying to help me…”

Odette by Rose

Odette was very busy, she needed to come up with a design for the clothes competition. There is literally no other way to make 1000 euros in 5 days for the medicine her grandfather needed urgently. She decided to make a rose themed dress, the amount of time it took for the dress to be created was absurd, but it had to be perfect. She left her work for the night and took a nap. But in this time a little girl ghost named Crimson saw the dress. ‘Remarkable…’ She phased into the dress and stayed in the dress until sunrise. Odette brought the dress over to the competition, unaware what might happen next.

Golden Bracelet by Rose

It was a sleepover at Jasmin’s house, and her friends, Jake and Jayden were invited, they were talking about their lives at school.

They then started to talk about a young girl who used to live at their street, her name was Kana and she died of a ‘cursed’ golden bracelet, they say that if you see a golden bracelet in your room or worse, on your wrist, it means Kana wants to kill you.

‘Do you want anything to drink?” Jasmin asked.

Both asked for juice, so Jasmin went downstairs.

While she was filling the cup with juice she noticed a gold bracelet on her wrist.

”Huh, I don’t remember putting it on..” She suddenly started to feel dizzy and right before she dropped to the ground, she saw a figure of a little girl giggling.

Berries by Rose

Zane was an archaeologist that was now tasked to find a rare species of frog, in a rainforest, which Zane intended to find. As he was walking, he grew tired and took shelter under a big willow tree, under it there was a bush of berries and looked appetizing, Zane couldn’t help but take a bite. He soon got up from his rest and kept searching. Suddenly he felt really ill, and could’ve collapsed. He looked around for anything that could save him and found two other bushes of berries, one of red berries and another of green berries. Zane realized that he only had enough time to go for one bush before he faints.

Time is running out…

100 w/c by Rose

”Get me out of here you idiots!!” Zoe yelled at two guards who worked for the mental hospital at castle rock road. Why was she here, just ’cause she loves blood doesn’t mean she’s insane! They hauled her into a cell with a bunch of other people with different problems, there was one dude rolling around the floor whispering ”Time is an illusion’.’ And one other guy splattering black and white saying, ”we are just puppets!’ In a mad hatter voice. I needed to escape. I was a very crafty woman and killed just a few guards and, I felt the Autumn leaves crunch beneath me feet. ‘They kept me there for 3 MONTHS!’ Zoe thought’

‘They’re gonna pay…’

Water Creeping Up by Rose

I woke up to a man calling. ”Wake up.” He looked strangely familiar. He interrupted my train of thoughts. ”Now, I have to prepare something for you, stay here.” My hands were tied up in chains, luckily he didn’t search me, I used my pocketknife and cut the chains. I ran up some stairs leading to the ceiling to a lock at the ceiling. It was that you put your finger in it and it had to perfectly fit. I realised the room was filling with water, upwards. I put my finger in to unlock a hatch that would lead out. The water was getting close…

If only it was a bit smaller…

100 w/c by Rose

‘My head hurt’ I thought, as I was regaining my thoughts. All I remember was my ‘mentor,’ that was responsible for my well-being, pushing me off of my training pod and falling down the sky. I felt a rough object poke my side, then a bright light looming over my head. I was a bit overwhelmed, so I buzzed to make them back off. But then I got hauled into their seemingly vacant van and got taken away by dwarf-like people. ‘Oh no! is this kidnapping?!’ I was uncertain if they were a dangerous species, but I still kept my guard up. I had many questions, why I’m here. Looks like they’re gonna wait.

Deep Blue Lake by Rose

”W-what is this place” I asked myself after a deep sleep. I found myself in a thick green grass field in front of a huge cherry blossom tree with beautiful reds, pinks and peaches. I slowly got up, still feeling tired and noticed my clothes changed into an ice silk soft blue nightdress, I slowly stood up and saw a mist dancing in front of a deep blue lake, it felt like it the aura around it was comforting and enchanting, with vines curling around it’s concrete walls. the plants around had a fluffy texture. On the side of the lake was a scooter kayak, I got on it mindless and sailed into the deep blue lake.

Don’t Worry by Rose

‘Get it together Lexi!’ Hana, Alexis’s bestie said to her as she prepared the supply of food and water, while Alexis was running around with a medical kit in her hand looking insane. She was a fighter in the army group and Hana helped the wounded soldiers. Alexis was told to check if the food and water supply, and Hana came. ”Sorry, I just feel like somethings wrong!!” Alexis said as she sat down, Hana followed, and said reassured her nothings wrong and left to her boss. Alexis looked around and saw a sign reading


Alexis was intrigued by this,

she shouldn’t…

But she had to see what was inside…

Ruthless War by Rose

I ran to the top of the watchtower and was preparing for war with the rival clan, The Asylum. ‘How could they think we stole the one thing that kept us at peace?’ Nevaeh, the leader of the Afodo Clan thought to herself. The Necklace Of Kaida was a dragon necklace that kept the two clans from a ruthless war. She gathered her crew and told them to ready the weapons and prepare an escape boat with a med-kit and a monthly supply of food. She set the cannon and looked through her telescope, she saw the leader of The Asylum looking right back at her with a smug grin.

Lost by Rose

Today was a Saturday afternoon and Rose, Sarah, Violin, Bhumika, Seleta and Tom went to a nearby green, lush, forest, they made a shortcut and called it The Creek. They walked and talked for a bit until it started to rain, everyone took out their umbrellas. ”Sarah come under the umbrella…” Rose trailed off, she flinched. ”Where is Sarah!!!!” Bhumika heard this, she looked for her sister, Violin. ”Violin is missing too!!!!!” The two girls were so worried tears were gonna fall. Soon, it began to storm, so they group took cover in a nearby bruised, prickled cave. ”Don’t worry, we’ll find them” Tom reassured

”I hope so…” Rose said, as the storm raged.

Tom’s Fall by Rose

Tom was just pulled out of his bed by his sister Gina at 5 am in the morning. ”Ginaaaaa” Tom whined. ”Come on sleepy pants, Dad wants you to pick and wash the diverse vegetables from the farm and deliver to the store.” So Tom got ready and did his task while Gina and and their mom, Lisa washed up. Gina was always jealous of Tom so she came up with a prank. When Tom packed up the vegetables and got his bike ready, he was riding when Gina came up and blindfolded Tom, leaving him gasping, shocked as he crashed into a hay stack.