Don’t Joke by Rose

I went upstairs to see my ‘imaginary friend’ since I couldn’t go outside. I don’t know my friend’s name so I call him ‘Big brother’ because he acted like my brother before he passed. I opened the bedroom door and I saw him playing with the round, bouncy balls.

“Big brother! What do you wanna do?” I excitedly asked. He looked up at me and smiled. He gestured over to me to sit down, so I did. He rolled up his sleeves and showed his hands. The left was grey and wrinkly compared to his right one. I immediately stood up. “What? They look like old cabbages, I’ll ask for help.” I said nervously. We both walked over to my big sisters room and I tugged on her sleeve.

“What is happening to big brother’s hand?” My sister looked at me confused. She told me I shouldn’t be joking about him and it was not nice to talk about the dead. Can’t she see him? Suddenly, thunder struck with a bang and Big brother got scared and let out a scream that got everyone’s attention. My sister finally looked like she saw him!

Boiling Water by Rose

The house was completely quiet except for the occasional coughs from my eldest twin son, Micah. I was making tea for him to help calm him down while his younger brother, Michael looks after him because he was severely ill and the doctors said there was little to do for him. As I was pouring the boiling water I heard a yell coming from Michael.

”Mama! Quick! It’s Micah!” He yelled in distress. I spilled some water on my arm from the sudden shock and the heat was unbearable, so I quickly wet a towel and put that on my arm while running to the small room.

I saw Micah coughing uncontrollably and his cheeks were turning red. He was coughing up a little blood and Michael was panicking. I rushed over to Micah, sitting him upright and patting his back while I sent Michael to call the doctor.

Bad Burn by Rose

”Ai, sweetie, go and iron some clothes for me please. I need to clean the kitchen.” My mom said as she was washing the dishes. I said yes and wet upstairs and passed my older sister, Nadia. She looked really worried and was walking back and forth really quickly. I decided to approach her.

”Hey Nada, everything alright?” I asked. She just looked at me and gave an awkward smile and said she’s fine.

I eventually started ironing the clothes when suddenly I heard a very loud scream. I got startled and burned my forearm, dropping the iron.

I hissed in pain and looked at my hand. It started bleeding a bit. I went outside to see what happened and was horrified to see the kitchen completely hurt and my sister really hurt on the floor.

I’m Hungry by Rose

I was walking to my dad’s office across town and it’s so cold, I shuddered underneath my scarf . My stomach started grumbling. I was hungry. I stopped at a nearby shop and bought a few snacks for me and my dad, but I saw someone in all black walk up stairs in the shop. I didn’t think much of it.

It wasn’t too busy so there were a lot of kids playing jump rope on the side walk or football on small patches of grass.

I arrived at the building my dad works in and opened the revolving door. I always liked these doors but also found them confusing. I walked up the flight of stairs and when I saw my dad he looked delighted to see me. He walked up to my and rubbed my pink cheeks, ”They’re so cold, I’ll get you a warm drink!” He said warmly. I thanked him and gave him the snacks.

When he left, I looked outside the window, the concrete roads were freshly paved and I drew my attention to a different building. I saw something very unsettling, I saw someone try and lit a fire.

Small Gift by Rose

”Come on Ana, we’re going soon” Angel called to her niece. Angel was gonna introduce Ana to one of her closest friends.

”Ok, Auntie! I’m putting my shoes on!” Yelled the cheery six year old.

After both getting ready, they started the walk towards town and on the walk Angel stopped by at a fruit store and bought some strawberries and bananas.

”What’re these for?” Asked Ana, confused.

”These are for a friend you’ll meet soon!” The aunt replied smiling.

The walk ended and they arrived at a forest outside town. They walked in and Ana noticed a peculiar tree and thought something was off about it.

”Auntie, does that tree look strange?” Ana curiously said as she ran up to the tree. Angel stood there wondering if Ana noticed the hands.

”Ana, this is my friend, Gaia!” Angel said introducing her friend.

Gaia waved and shook her head so leaves fell down. Angel whispered something to Ana and Ana nodded and took the fruits from before and handed them to Gaia.

”Here! A gift!”

The Noise by Rose

“I’m gonna be with Alia for a bit!” Maria yelled out to her colleagues.

Today there was gonna be a big event to showcase the newest endangered animal. The White Octopus, or Alia. Maria’s boss will give details about her to the public and she was given the important job to take care of Alia.

“Hey Alia, I got some food!” Maria said holding a bag of clams and sea stars. She swam quickly, springing up to the top of the tank, looking excited. Maria went up to the the top of the tank and when she took a closer look she realised that Alia had a cut near her head. It looked pretty deep and she wondered if her boss noticed. Then Maria heard a loud yell from another room.

“OW! Stupid Piano!” Someone yelled. Oh right, there was gonna be an opening with gentle piano music for the crowd.

After the yell, Alia flinched and began swimming rapidly across the tank.

“What happened? She never was that bothered by noise?”

Tea by Rose

It was freezing. My jacket, scarf and hat weren’t enough to keep me warm. All I saw was frost while heading to the cafe near my home, and when I finally arrived to the small building it was so warm, it almost felt a bit strange.

“Here is your tea, have a good day!” Said the kind woman while handing me the warm drink.

Once I payed her I went outside for a walk just to clear out my mind. But while I was walking, I felt a metal object crash onto my head.

“Ow! What-?” I said, a bit confused at the total suddenness.

I looked down and saw a small key that had landed on a small pile of leaves. I picked it up carefully and as soon as I did it started raining heavily.

Soft Feather by Rose

“I’m coming!” I yelled to my mom.

I was getting ready for an annual celebration and I was helping my sister tie up her hair.

We have this celebration every year with family and friends and it was getting everyone excited.

Me and my sister got ready and went downstairs where my parents were waiting. We hurried into my parents’ car and drove off.

When we arrived, It was a very tall building and there were a lot of people exiting taxis and talking loudly. I tried to avoid them to the best of my abilities. I don’t like interacting with people and I try to avoid conversations, unlike my younger sister who loved talking to others.

The noises forcefully crashed into me like a harsh waterfall. I told my mom I was going outside and she gave me permission. I left the room and exhaled heavily once I did. I sat down on one of the benches and watched the little fishes in the pond swim gracefully.

As I closed my eyes and sat there, I felt a feather land on my head. I took it off my head and looked at it closely. It was bright yellow and was soft. I looked up to find where it came from and I saw a kid my age with a feathered hat looking down at me smiling happy they caught my attention.

The Goggles by Rose

I put on the goggles, I was quite nervous. My great grandad would always experiment but this was far off what he would normally do. He wanted to try out the goggle that were supposedly meant to bring you to the future.

I’m not even sure if that’s possible! But he was invested in the project.

And I was pulled in it.

“Ok, now, just think about what year you want to go to, and you’ll be there!”

And so I did. I thought of the year, 2025.

Soon after, I saw a blinding light. I felt some pain but in a second I was transported to a house.

I looked around and saw an elderly woman staring at me in shock

“Goodness?! Where-, how-.?” She stuttered in shock.

I didn’t say anything, but left the house quickly, goggles still on. When I left I saw outside. There were many roads and metal machines with people inside, smoke everywhere. Children playing and people with dogs on rope.

“This is not like last year.” I thought I said in my head.

“What do you mean? It was exactly the same as last year.” Said a stranger.

“Ah, right, sorry.”

Climate Change by Rose

“Humans have evolved so much.”

Started the little girl. She was being filmed by a few climate change activists.

“But we are sometimes really careless and cause things that makes serious damage to us all.”

“I can’t change people’s mind, even though I wish they could think what I’m thinking, I can’t. But all I ask is just for you to at least listen. We all see the damage we caused. And if you can’t feel it, you felt it through the changing weather.”

“I’m only a kid and I feel the climate change. I’m doing what I can like picking up litter when I see it, I know it’s not enough, but still. I know some of you can do so much more.”


“Thank you, I hope filming me helped you guys!”

Travel by Rose

“Today’s topic is Transport!” Our teacher said to her students.

“This will be connected to another topic, the environment and pollution. Think about how some transportation is bad and if some should or shouldn’t be restricted, or ways it’s good or bad for our planet.”

This was a single person project, so I was by myself. Travelling for me is slightly difficult since I live an hour away and my parents work day and night shifts all the time. So I take the car. But sometimes I’ll walk when I can.

Then the subject of long distance travel came up. And it’s really useful! Lots of people I know have parents that work somewhere else or have family there too. It’s the same with me! My older brother is working somewhere else and my family is there with him too. Lucky…

So what should I write? I looked at the blank page.m

“Travelling is a different subject for everyone…”

Sheer White Ice by Rose

I was travelling through the ice with a companion. Her name was of something from a different language, but I was allowed to call her Mo.

This ice covered land was vast and dangerous. The sheer white ice everywhere was blinding, nearly the almost colour I could remember except for the occasional bursts of red from seal blood. Mo and I had been travelling for ages until she started coughing.

She coughed uncontrollably and soon I started to cough too. I looked up and tried to figure out what was the cause, and all I saw was smoke. So much smoke. It was hard to breathe in but Mo looked like she has not experienced it at all.

We had tried to find shelter until we saw a large building, with huge puffs of smoke coming from the top, after wandering around a bit more we found shelter from an abandoned factory.

Red Ice by Rose

We just came back from our latest task of exploring the coldest bits of our country and report back to the industry that me and my colleagues work for. We didn’t find anything all to interesting but we had found something that looked like a solid red fume in cased in a petite block of ice.

I had given it to my boss and he said he will get it inspected and when he returned he had told me it was something unknown but looked like a virus or deadly gas and he said he was afraid to let it out not knowing what it could do.

We locked it up and kept it safe until today, when something had got it out of its case and it is coursing through the vents of the building.

Everyone had to evacuate under my command so that I was able to completely destroy the contaminated buildings. I had my protection suit on and I was able to enter every room once to shut it down. But I needed to find a way to enter every room only once and shutting it down completely.

Calm by Rose

“Everyone, please move out of the area calmly.”

The fire was getting out of control, and I was trying to get the others to stay calm as well as myself. My suit wasn’t making it any easier as the heat was already unbearable, but I had to get everyone out so I could deal with the fire.

All I could hear was people screaming and animals moving all around in a panic, people trying to leave the scene or find loved ones. I was on my one dealing with the fire and someone else was trying to gather the animals.

I’ve been at the fire for hours, and only little progress has been made. We’ve called for more help but it has already been an hour. The fire was slowly spreading towards untouched trees, getting more and more reckless. And I was the only one there.

Everywhere by Rose

This heat was unbearable but I still had to work over this hot weather.

“Did you find anything yet?”

“Sorry, not yet but I’m close”

I was working as a scientist trying to discover new information about any living species or animals but recently that job has been postponed for at least a month.

There has been a report that fireworks or any sort of trap set a long time ago has been going off at random. It is a threat and I was locating any sort of cluster with explosives or traps.

I was overwhelmed with the heat, finding the traps and having to keep up with every new change and updating every file with information.


I’m able to see what is around our a city in,




“…I-I, huh? Fireworks?”

They were everywhere. Fireworks planted everywhere. Near houses and rivers, buildings and schools and near some of the only lush, green forests.

And I didn’t know when they would go off.

New Information by Rose

“U-umm, I really don’t know anything, sorry..”

I was being interviewed for finding these.. Sunglasses? They looked enormous and I was only called to inspect them.

“Can you take the camera and inspect them once more!”

“U-uh, sure?”

So I took the camera. Why did I do this, I actually don’t know.

I went up the ladder, careful with holding the camera. I looked through the glass and it made everything go squiggly and dark pink. Very unsettling, well for me at least. I had to get down or I’ll get sick.

“T-there. Happy?” I asked, wobbling a bit, trying to find balance.

“Do you have any idea how this came to us?”

And just then, the leader of our town projected behind the glasses.

“We have new gained information about the new found glasses”

The Fish by Rose

“Ugh.. Huh?” I mumbled to myself. I sat up and looked around, I didn’t recognise this place. I saw a lot of old pictures of a cheerful family and it seemed like I was in a bedroom. I tried to get up but stumbled a bit. Holding onto the wall, I stood up and tried to get out of the room.

I saw a lady walking up to the room with some tea, “Ah, you’re awake! H-here have some tea!” She politely offered. I took some and we went to the living room.

“How did I get here?” I asked?

“I saw you fainted on the field, probably from the polluted air.” She explained.

We went outside to see two kids wearing face masks, sitting beside what was supposed to be river.

“I have never seen the river bed so dry before.” The boy sadly said.

“We won’t be able to talk to the fish anymore!” Shouted the other boy.

Was the air that bad we had to wear face masks?

And the river bed, when did it get this desperate?

5 Years by Rose

5 years. I was in this room for 5 years. Why was I here, and how come no one came for me? All I remember was when someone came and hit me in the head. Then woke up In this room. I was given food and a bed but every day I tried to get out.

”Let me out! Why am I here?!”

But each day I grew more and more hopeless.

‘’Please! Let me out! Help!”

Until I just gave up.

I was finishing off my breakfast, until I heard a knock on the door.

I looked at it in disbelief

I ran over to the door, stumbling on the way. I was banging on the door harder than ever.

”Help! Is anyone there! I’ve been stuck here forever, please I-“

The door flew open and I fell to the ground, I looked up and saw an uneven ball of clay. It formed into an unnatural being and started running to me at full speed, barely giving me enough time to get up…

A Second by Rose

A rainy day. I looked out my window, watching the minuscule raindrops fall from the sky. It felt like looking at the rain could wash your troubles and worries. I rested my head against the side, letting my hands fall on the slightly sticky windowsill. My room was a mess, clothes everywhere and different drawings swinging on the wall. My worn calendar swung on the wall. It looked like I circled a date on it. I went over to look at it more closely.

“32 of December”

Huh. Must have been a mistake. I went back to watching the rain until I fell asleep.

I saw black. A pitch black void, well not completely dark. A really blinding white light. I walked up to it.

It made a sound, I couldn’t really describe it, but it sounded like evil or darkness seeping out of it, but it was so hypnotizing you couldn’t look away. But before I could touch it, it disappeared. It disappeared so suddenly I was left in the dark in a second.

My Sister by Rose

I stared down at the page in front of me. ‘So, what will I write on this page…’

As an angel, my job was to write a future for humans on Earth. I always liked having to give people futures, I just found it enjoyable.

But it did matter if they had been a good person, if not you would receive a punishment or bad luck.

And that rule is stopping me from telling this boy’s future.

The boy acted mean and pushed people away, but when returned home, he would cry and he would wish to disappear and how his friends didn’t deserve him. I didn’t know why he acted like this but I still felt pity for the boy and wanted to help him but didn’t know how.

So I called my sister,

someone who acted just the same as kids.

100 w/c by Rose

I was playing Chess with my friend Kiri after a rough day of school. It was a good game, until a stranger ran up to us. “Which way to the shops?” He panted, he was wearing sunglasses and a suit. Looked important. “It is down the road” I answered. Right after replying, he bolted down that direction. I was intrigued. I parted ways with Kiri and followed the man. He soon arrived at the shop and he busted through the door, and that’s when I saw it. Little bears with claws long and sharp as knives. Red, zigzag eyes and a look for chaos.

White Room by Rose

I opened my eyes groggily, ‘How long was I out?’ I looked around the room. It was all white, with one black intercom in the corner of the room. I was strapped onto a wooden chair. My mouth was, luckily, free to move around. The room didn’t seem to have any doors, or the door was well hidden. A female voice started speaking through the intercom.

”It’s a good thing you finally woken up! I was starting to wonder if we actually killed you!”

”Huh-?!” Who was that?! I’m so confused! then suddenly, I saw a flash of light, then, darkness.

I.. remember.. How I ended up here.

”Oh? I didn’t expect you to realize your situation so quickly! You’re pretty smart!”

A River by Rose

My boss, Mr. Rule told me to excavate the nearby forest on my island. It was going to be dangerous but I was trained well on how to protect myself. I took out my dagger to cut through the thick leaves and branches. It was tiring work but I soon collected some of the medicinal herbs like the Reishi Mushrooms, one of the things I was sent for. I looked for a specific type of bark next. Now, this took a good amount of time but I finally found it! I peeled it of carefully, this tree does looks wrinkled and sick but it’s actually healthy. I walked some more until a reached a river, with a canoe and both oars. I looked around with a wistful, bittersweet smile, this was such a beautiful part of the forest with the sunrise at dawn. I was about to turn back when my attention was diverted to a forceful roar.

100 w/c by Rose

I sprinted down the corner down my street, or it was my street. It was just dawn and there was a broken phone still playing the news from yesterday.

EveryonE LoCk yoUr windOwS AnD do0rS, sTaY ins1dE yOuR hoUseS! A DeAdLy anD ConTagiOuS virUs hAs br0kEn oUt, pleasE RemA1n Ca1M…”.

They were so late! I ran to my house, I needed 1 more ingredient to finally have the antidote. My mom works at the lab where the virus was found out and she made the antidote. But.. she didn’t make it. I was confronted by so many dead corpses. Some were rotting. I ran inside and the minute I came inside, darkness enveloped the room. I looked around and saw more corpses. And the were lying around the final ingredient.

100 w/c Rose

I lived in the most cheerful neighborhood anybody ever knew. I knew most of the people here and there was always a smell of baked goods in the air. Coloured flowers everywhere but my favourite time is when it’s night, I loved the night because there was no one outside, I was also able to relax outside the house without people talking to me.They are nice and all, but I like silence the most. I walked around the neighborhood and saw this house. Weird, this was never here before. I saw the number template.


100 w/c by Rose

” I actually can’t believe this! They really left me here didn’t they!” I thought as I pushed myself past the green leaves of the very thick woods. I was supposed to go camping with my parents but that obviously was their real intention. I noticed that it was getting dark and the little woodland creatures were starting to make noises. I soon found a clearing and made a small but strong teepee. I then needed to find a some food for myself, so I went a little deeper into the woods but making sure I knew the way back. I was picking some ripe looking berries when I heard a pitiful howl. I looked around and saw a little boy. With scratches and cuts and a hungry looking face.

100 w/c by Rose

Before I knew it, I was at the festival. I told him I didn’t wanna go but he went on with the ‘Once in a lifetime’ thing. I looked around, music was played and I saw one boy holding a violin. He looked anxious. I saw all the happy kids jumping around. I smiled as I walked up to the Elephant Statue.

I bowed down and gave my thanks for keeping me safe. We always worshipped the elephants for the strength, kindness, intelligence and the unique characteristics such as their ears and trunk. I went behind the crowd and walked up to the trees,

I then saw someone, I couldn’t identify the gender. I didn’t want to approach it either. It had a strange aura around it, dark purple almost. It had a painted mask on it’s face that gave off an unsettling vibe. She then turned to me.

100 w/c by Rose

‘There is no turning back now, I just need to get him to spread the jam onto the toast.’ I quickly left the house through the window and leaned a listening device on top of the windowsill. I went back into a bush where I could still peek and my ear buds in my ears securely so I can hear everything. My victim took out the Jam and… Marmite?! Ew gross! No one is going to eat that. I tried to watch but loads of insects were around me. I tried to stay as calm as I could, until I heard a grasshopper and that was it for me. I passed out.

”Hey Ella, I made your jam toast!’ Hope it makes up for yesterday!’

”Ok! Thanks Michael. And you’re fine, no worries! Did you make a jam toast for yourself?”

”No, I like Marmite.”

100 w/c by Rose

Adrienne and Aiden were walking along Adrienne’s grandmother’s garden. It was vast and full of varieties of flowers and butterflies. They wanted to go up to the gate which kept the garden separated from the misty forest. The two walked along until they spotted a small rose brooch among the flower petals. ”Incredible” Adrienne whispered, she held it in her hand. The moment she touched it, a cold whisp of air swarmed around the kids and then a girl formed from the air, she had one eye and the other was just her socket. She whispered in a raspy voice ….” That’s Mine.”

Crazy Girl by Rose

”Huh?!” Leah exclaimed confused, her friend Madeline told her, she and Leah cycled to school and when they went back to where Maddie parked her bike, it was standing upright, tagged to a tree. ”Yup! It’s the best way to leave your bike, isn’t it!” Maddie said proudly, Leah just blinked. Maddie was always a bit weird, but that’s why they’re friends. She took her bike down and Leah got on her bike. They both started cycling but then Maddie rode up in the grass to a nearby forest. ”Come on Leah, it’s this way!” Leah was very confused, she reluctantly left the road and followed the crazy girl.