Deep Blue Lake by Rose

”W-what is this place” I asked myself after a deep sleep. I found myself in a thick green grass field in front of a huge cherry blossom tree with beautiful reds, pinks and peaches. I slowly got up, still feeling tired and noticed my clothes changed into an ice silk soft blue nightdress, I slowly stood up and saw a mist dancing in front of a deep blue lake, it felt like it the aura around it was comforting and enchanting, with vines curling around it’s concrete walls. the plants around had a fluffy texture. On the side of the lake was a scooter kayak, I got on it mindless and sailed into the deep blue lake.

Don’t Worry by Rose

‘Get it together Lexi!’ Hana, Alexis’s bestie said to her as she prepared the supply of food and water, while Alexis was running around with a medical kit in her hand looking insane. She was a fighter in the army group and Hana helped the wounded soldiers. Alexis was told to check if the food and water supply, and Hana came. ”Sorry, I just feel like somethings wrong!!” Alexis said as she sat down, Hana followed, and said reassured her nothings wrong and left to her boss. Alexis looked around and saw a sign reading


Alexis was intrigued by this,

she shouldn’t…

But she had to see what was inside…

Ruthless War by Rose

I ran to the top of the watchtower and was preparing for war with the rival clan, The Asylum. ‘How could they think we stole the one thing that kept us at peace?’ Nevaeh, the leader of the Afodo Clan thought to herself. The Necklace Of Kaida was a dragon necklace that kept the two clans from a ruthless war. She gathered her crew and told them to ready the weapons and prepare an escape boat with a med-kit and a monthly supply of food. She set the cannon and looked through her telescope, she saw the leader of The Asylum looking right back at her with a smug grin.

Lost by Rose

Today was a Saturday afternoon and Rose, Sarah, Violin, Bhumika, Seleta and Tom went to a nearby green, lush, forest, they made a shortcut and called it The Creek. They walked and talked for a bit until it started to rain, everyone took out their umbrellas. ”Sarah come under the umbrella…” Rose trailed off, she flinched. ”Where is Sarah!!!!” Bhumika heard this, she looked for her sister, Violin. ”Violin is missing too!!!!!” The two girls were so worried tears were gonna fall. Soon, it began to storm, so they group took cover in a nearby bruised, prickled cave. ”Don’t worry, we’ll find them” Tom reassured

”I hope so…” Rose said, as the storm raged.

Tom’s Fall by Rose

Tom was just pulled out of his bed by his sister Gina at 5 am in the morning. ”Ginaaaaa” Tom whined. ”Come on sleepy pants, Dad wants you to pick and wash the diverse vegetables from the farm and deliver to the store.” So Tom got ready and did his task while Gina and and their mom, Lisa washed up. Gina was always jealous of Tom so she came up with a prank. When Tom packed up the vegetables and got his bike ready, he was riding when Gina came up and blindfolded Tom, leaving him gasping, shocked as he crashed into a hay stack.