Don’t Look Inside by Rorí

But I had to see what is inside…. Don’t even dare said mam. Ok I wasn’t going to anyway once she left. I made a tiny hole and had a look. I heard footsteps so I repaired it really quick and ran. She caught me at the door and said she was disappointed in me and for a punishment I had to find an endangered animal. I said ok no problem. I went outside and found a koala it was so cute. Mam said I have to keep it as pet, I said I can easily keep this as a pet.

The Battle for Spare Ships by Rorí

I watched them load the cannons as they shot the monstrosity of a building. “Another ship,” said one of the pirates. The Purples are here and it looks like they got new cannons and the new recruits do not look nice. One lad is about 12ft tall. “Oh no,” said the one who is always nervous, he was nervous when they were getting a new door handle. But we have John. John didn’t do his Leaving Cert for a reason. He wanted to be a pirate. Four hours later the ship has been destroyed but not John. John turned around and Bam! Bam! Bam! OUCH!!!!

Crazy Apple by Rorí

Ouch! there’s a spike in my apple. It turned purple and started to fly and talking in a deep voice. Join us or we will destroy you. I was scared I even think I went green in the face. I felt a prickly pinch behind me I flinched as I turned there’s dozens of them I fell on the road and got a big bruise on my leg I heard a violin it means I’m close to a church they can’t get In I was nervous I heard buzzing here I got the priest to pray and get them away.