100 w/c by Rorí

As I was in my kitchen cooking cabbage I heard a massive bang. I turned around nervously and saw grey missile the good thing is that it hasn’t exploded YET. I walked over to it and saw it had a round pointy top. On the side it said Sarmat missile. Now I was scared. I tried to pick it up but I heard a little voice saying missile destructing in 10 minutes. I picked it up and ran to the green. Which took me 7 minutes. I ran to a tree and climbed up into a tree. But it wasn’t far or high enough.

100 w/c by Rorí

As I was sitting in the sitting room I heard a knock on my door. I ran over to open it and when I did, I was surprised to see a cardboard box. I took it inside and opened it. It was all of my spice noodles. I opened a packet and I was immediately hit by the horrible smell of heat. I took the noodles and put them in a bowl full of hot water. 2 minutes later I saw that they were finished so I took a bite. The heat was unbearable, so I spat it out onto the floor.

100 w/c by Rorí

I was so happy at this point my life was revolving around this thing. It was pink concrete. It was layed down on my driveway today. But one thing I don’t like about it is that we have to jump over it so we don’t ruin it. As I was walking on my phone to my house I accidently stepped in the concrete and ruined it. So I panicked and told my mam and dad that I was going to the shop because I was hungry. Little did they know I was actually going to get more pink concrete.

100 w/c By Rorí

I was so happy at this point my life was revolving around this thing. It was pink concrete. It was layed down on my driveway today. But one thing I don’t like about it is that we have to jump over it so we don’t ruin it. As I was walking on my phone to my house I accidently stepped in the concrete and ruined it. So I panicked and told my mam and dad that I was going to the shop because I was hungry. Little did they know I was actually going to get more pink concrete.

100w/c by Rorí

As I played my new piano I heard a bang underneath the lid. I pulled it open and saw a white octopus springing up and down. I had to pick him up I was being as gentle as I could. I brought it to a pet shop and the person said. No way!! That is the rare white pipe octopus you could sell that for 123,456 million euros. I was so excited to sell the octopus until I realised that you can’t sell a animal without a licence. I was very sad so I decided to keep the octopus and named him Fred.

Snacks by Rose

I finished helping the towns people and went back home. I normally spend time helping the people in town, because our extraordinary family runs this town. Today someone needed help to get his guitar strings fixed. My siblings were out helping too.

I entered the large building. It was super colourful but my brother says the yellow looks like mustard. I went into the kitchen seeing my mama and her friend cooking while talking, we were having guests over mama said earlier.

I tried to quietly get snacks from her but my hand got slapped away from the plate. ”Hey! Those are for guests! Go find your siblings and tell them to get ready!”

I was trying do what mama asked but a horrible stench caught my attention. It was coming from the hallway in all me and my siblings rooms. I got there and but immediately got shoved by my sister

”What are you doing?!”

Horrible Rain by Rorí

The horrible rain was banging on my roof. It was distracting me while I was playing my new mustard guitar. I heard a dripping sound behind me as I turned around I was shocked to see that there was a leak. I panicked because I thought my house was going to flood. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a towel and shoved it into the hole. I fixed it I sat back down to play my guitar. Then I heard a knock I went to the door and saw it was my mam back from the shop she got me pizza.

The Key by Rorí

As I walked through the park I saw .a little key on fire in a frozen I thought. As I went over to it I saw that it had something attached to it. It looked like a little video player. I stamped on the key to put the fire out. Then I brought it home to play the video that was attached to the key.

When I got home I played the video. On the video I saw an astronaut. He said you need to evacuate Ireland there is a meteorite coming your way and if you are caught in the danger zone it will change you into a spider.

Interview Day by Rorí

When I woke up I pulled open my curtains. I expected it to be like any regular day. But I saw that the ground was heavily  covered in some yellow sticky goo. I wasn’t happy about it  because I had an interview today. When I got dressed I went to the front door and called a taxi.

When we got to the office I was very excited. I was applying for a waterfall carer. When I got there I saw that the office was closed. Just as I was about to leave the owner had opened it back up for my interview.

100 w/c Rorí

Badoom! badoom! As Josh walked through the abandoned farm he noticed that the hay was gone. It’s not like last year, he thought. Just as he was going to leave he heard an enormous bang coming from one of the shacks. He went to investigate it was a black horse with red eyes. Josh was so scared he passed out. When he woke up he was in some sort of dungeon with a bunch of hay. Suddenly a man appeared and said ‘listen to what I say or you will pay.’ Then he made a run for it with a large jilt to the side he was gone.

All Day by Rose

“What do you think will happen if the ice caps completely melted?” My Mom asked me, wanting to know what I would say.

And I thought about it for a while.

Earth would end up in a lot of chaos if you think about it.

Sea levels would rise, and the animals as well as us humans would have no land, as the land we stand on now would be flooded.

Animals that depend on the ice must find another place to live or perish, like the polar bears, walruses and reindeer.

Severe weather changes would happen like flooding, rainfalls and windstorms will become more harsh. Maybe hurricanes and tornadoes?

This would’ve taken a long time to say to my Mom.

But I thought this was important.

So I told her what I thought.

Lowry Smoke by Rorí

“Nathan are you done yet!”

“Almost I’m just doing the tower”

“Okay well your dinner is ready”

“Okay mam”

“Oh my god it is Lowry smoke”

“I’ve got to put this in my painting”

“Nathan hurry up”

“You are going to miss the final”

“Wexford and Donegal”

“Oh yes can’t wait for Wexford to win”

“I’m done yes”

“come one Wexford”

“And it’s live”

“Here is your dinner”

“Thank you very much mother”

“You are welcome buddy boy”

“Come one score”


“Yes we won mam we won yes”

“Ahhhhh we won let’s go call Trevor”

100 w/c by Rorí

“Evacuate the building right now!” shouted the man.

“This is urgent we got a code red!” Screamed the man even louder.

” Please sir let us stay me and my son can’t go out there we are too afraid” pleased the women.

“Ma’m I will have to ask you to leave the building”asked the man.

“Why”questioned the women.

“Because the plastic industry is coming and when they see you they will turn you to plastic”. Said the man.

“Okay but tell Nathan I said hi will you” said the women.

“How do you know Nathan”asked the man.

“That is something for another day”said the lady.

100 w/c by Rorí

Pssssssss. Weewwwwwww. BOOM! “Hey what are you doing?” said the police man.

“Nothing that concerns you!” answered the teenager in a cheeky tone.

“You just threw a firework into a bonfire!” Roared the police man.

“Yes we did so what are you gonna do about it.” replied the teenager.

“You are gonna be arrested for that.”

”No please anything else, I can’t be arrested.”

“Fine then it’s a €10,000 fine.”

“Wait look it’s turned into a wildfire.”

”Oh well now that it’s a wildfire you’re coming to jail.”

“ No please, I’m sorry” Pleaded the teenager.

Chick chick boom. The police man shot the teenager.

100 w/c by Rorí

“Hello this is news4you today we are talking to a scientist.” said the reporter. “Hello” replied the scientist.

“Hello there”. said the reporter.

“Okay so do you have anything to tell us” roared the reporter.

“yes I do I found a new type of green species it’s called the Spagheto”. “It can be cold and warm when it wants to be”. Out of nowhere a man appeared in the background. He said “hello Mr.overwhelmed. “Oh no” said Mr.Overwhelmed please don’t hurt me he pleaded. “I have come to make you an offer”. “What is it”, give me the Spagheto. “No” shouted the scientist.

100 w/c by Rorí


The crazy scientist shouted. I’ve created sun glasses for giants. “Nathan! Come here try these on”. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

“Ok! Papa”!

“They’re beautiful papa”!

“I know they are”.

“Can I wear them out papa”.

“Well no not really because it’s raining cats and dogs”.

“Wehhhhhhh” Nathan started crying.

Ok Ok shouted the scientist.

Out of nowhere tweety shouted “i thought i saw a pudgy cat i i”.

“Ok! settle down tweety” said the scientist.

“Oh there nice, fluffy pink glasses said Tweety”.

“I know”. “Papa made them”.

“ok time for bed now”. Said the scientist.

100 w/c by Rorí

”Ouch!” I shouted.

“I’ve being stung by a wasp as we walked through the river bed” I screamed.

“Here have a Powerade” said mam

Out of nowhere my dad said “ I’ve never seen the river bed so dry”. As we walked further and further we saw a dirtbird. We went to pet it but it was snatched by a snake. We got terrified so we ran to a city called nantown. We looked back and saw that it had turned into a terridactile. We ran for three minutes and then we lost it. We heard a whistling noise we looked up and saw oval shaped thing falling from the sky. It was a bomb.

100w/c by Rorí

Come on hurry up, the rocket is launching soon.

Ok I’m coming I roared from the bathroom I’m just going bathroom”.

Soon enough we were at the launching station. When we got into the rocket it took off. We were going to planet b8479388zhhx797252875727747399767 when we got there there was a big house, shops and a mysterious building. We went into the building there was a bone ball the size of a football. We kicked it and a man that looked like god came out of it and said. “You made a massive mistake”.

100 w/c by Rorí

“Get out of here!” Shouted the man as we ran away from Area51. We robbed an alien and called it Joe. It was so dark out we couldn’t see then all of a sudden a ,big flash of light, then darkness. I here was a mothership In front of us we were scared. All of a sudden carrots appeared so we ate all to get better eyesight. When we finished them we could see everything. When we got back to my house we went in and ate dinner he ate everything. So we were all starving and eventually happy died.

100 w/c by Rorí

Once upon a time, there was a wistful wrinkled little old fairy who lived on a mushroom. But one day a troll came and made a rule and they had to promise that they would go with the rule. So they did the rule will be there was no singing. That was easy so they did it easy peasy . But then there was ww77 between trolls and fairies the fairies won and took over troll land. The trolls couldn’t invade fairy land. And that they had to tidy up their city. In the end they went on a boat but the oar broke and now there stuck in the sea.

Robber by Rorí

I walked up the street when I saw a criminal run into a garden. I chased after him.

Number twenty nine looked like a old house but I ran in and caught him. I hand him to the police and he got arrested but then later on I was on the news. I was so happy I thought I was famous. The next day I went to number twenty nine and set up microphones and all that stuff. For interviews the person that owned the house came out and said, ‘thank you for saving me.’ She gave me a cash reward.

Big Wolf by Rorí

”OK Jerry you take the right. Tom you take the left. And I’ll take the middle.”

Padoom! Padoom!

”I hear it to the left c’mon hurry up”. As they ran they they saw some footprints that were the size of a human head. Now they were all scared they were very cautious about where they went. ”I see it” shouted Jerry. ”Where shouted tom”. ”Over to the right”. They ran and ran. Until they saw it. It was a massive wolf it was about 10 metres tall and 17 metres long. They shot it in the head as it let out a pitiful howl.

100 w/c by Rorí

STOMP,STOMP,STOMP,as the elephant went through the town. Everyone was clapping for him. The owner was very poorly dressed up in a yellow suit with a little violin on his side. When he made it out of the town everyone was sad so they created their own elephant,they got a horse and painted it purple. It wasn’t really the same but it made them happy. After a while the horse got tired and went to the stable. That night the horse counted elephants to help him sleep and had a dream that he was really a elephant.

100 w/c by Rorí

Aela walked down the long brown alley way. She thought it was so frightening. She was kicking her foot. But then all of a sudden she kicked something mysterious. She bolted down the tunnel until she saw daylight. When she got out it started raining. She put her hand up like she would do in school .All of a sudden the rain paused. Aela looked shocked, she thought it was a super power. But then she realized it was the can that she kicked

The Tree Monster Part II by Rorí

When Muhammud and I left the woods we saw my bike standing upright and locked against the tree monster’s cousin. With caution we approached to unlock the bike.  All of a sudden the tree monster jumped out.  “It’s time for my revenge boys”.  Muhammud and I looked at each other and ran. The tree monster followed us and after a while we thought we had lost him but then he appeared in front of us, “stay put so I can ring Mr. Marshmallow,” he said. We tried to persuade him to let us go with some burritos. He said no, so that meant we were stuck with him.

Tree Monster by Rorí

I walked through the dark woods with my friends. But all of a sudden one of my friends was gobbled up by a big green tree. We were absolutely terrified. Mathew, Muhammud and I ran deeper into the woods. But the
big spikey green tree caught Mathew. Muhammud and I ran so far we had to eat something. All of a sudden a cottage appeared in the distance. Muhammud and I felt something on our shoulders. We ran rapidly down the
forest trail. In shock we found our parents having dinner in the cottage with the moster, they were having burritos.

Crazy Women by Rorí

One day I went to the museum and saw loads of tigers. Then I saw a lady with webs on her head she was scary so I ran out. I went across the road I looked behind me she was following me!!! I was so scared. I panicked and I decided to fight or flee. I decided to fight. I hit her with a right hook. She fainted and died. I was so happy that she was gone! But then she came back alive and caught me. She took me to the lab and eventually killed me.

My Life by Rorí

I wake up and go downstairs to look for my elves, then I would have my breakfast and watch TGF BRO 😎 they are so funny. Then I would go outside and play football. Then I would go inside and watch my phone and watch sv2. Then I would go asleep for an hour. Then I would go back out to play football and go shop with my friend Muhammad we play a match against Liam , Arron , and David we always slot her them I would score like 12 goals and Muhammad would score like 7 then I would have my dinner.

Fake Pain by Rorí

He was very ill, well that’s what he said to his mam. But he really wanted to stay home and play Fortnite. When his mam left he started playing with James, he faked being sick so they could play Fortnite with Joey. They were very loud and the next door neighbour was very annoyed. When Joey’s mam got home he got back into his bed he put a thermometer in a cup of tea. Joey’s mam came in and saw his temperature. She was very worried but then she heard James screaming ‘Joey is gonna be busted and grounded for life!!!’

The Marshmallows went to the Blueberry’s House by Rorí

The white marshmallows went to the big castle made of leaves. They had gone for tea. They were dressed up in their best clothes. They were so exited to see the blueberry’s. The marshmallows brought their kids so they could play with the blueberry’s kids in the playground. They went to the playground to play hide and seek. All the leaves were blowing around and that scared the marshmallows so they got crafty and built a big gate so the leaves won’t get in. At seven in the morning they left to go back to their house. The marshmallows had fun.