Football by Rhys

One day we went out to play football as we got to the green we noticed a sign. The sign said ‘Football only Monday and Wednesday’. We kicked the football to each other as there was no-one to get in goal. The green where we play football is nice and big its got a lot of flowers around it. It’s even nicer when the sun is out, but we have to be careful of the hole at the other end of the green because it’s quiet deep. We need to be very careful we don’t fall in and hurt ourselves

Broken Bike by Rhys

There once was a guy on a yellow bike. He was cycling down the road. Suddenly he crashed into a tree, when he fell of the bike he got up and he had cuts all over his face. His poor bike was mangled and stuck in the tree. He was very upset as he had no bike and he had to go to the hospital because he had a sore arm and cuts. When he got out of hospital he was very happy and his mam got him a new bike, it was yellow just like his other one.

Fast Tigers by Rhys

‘Where are we?’ shouted Ben.

‘It looks like we are in tiger cages’ said Tom. The tigers were rose and blue. ‘What? When? How did we get here?’

‘Don’t look behind you’. ROAR.


‘Are they going to eat us’.

‘Maybe’ said Tom.

‘Should we run?’

‘Let’s go.’

‘Which way to the shops’? It panted.

‘The shops are just down the road.’

‘Okay I can hide there while the tigers look for me’.

‘Where are they hiding?’

‘I might buy some clothes while I’m in here. Where has Tom gone? Please say he didn’t get eaten?’

‘Nope, I am right behind you!’ said Tom.

The Purple Elephant by Rhys

Once upon time there was a little purple elephant and his name was Jim Bob he was a very nice elephant but one day out of nowhere he became very happy we don’t know why we all think he was a magical elephant he started to paint a violin but instead he painted a lion then everybody got scared because they all thought there was a lion coming for them but there wasn’t so all the People so they all got their swords and guns and went looking for the lion but as you expected they found nothing so they went home.

100 w/c by Rhys

One day I was at NASAto do the space trial we’re on the space ship but it just wouldn’t take off so then we were stuck in the rocket ship we were stuck in there for two years. Two years later the doors opened and then my life span was prolonged by two years to my luck the rocket was in the vicinity but the chances were futile the guards were insinuated in a way there was plants growing and flourishing. The guards are a bit of a nuisance and there was one erratic guard one guard has a imaginary friend

Rhys the Chef by Rhys

‘The vinegar is too sharp’, said the chef.

‘Look at that meal it looks delicious’, said the delivery man.

‘I sure would love some of that delicious food what is it?’ said the delivery man.

‘Well it is carbonara with vinegar on it an a portion of chicken tenders’, said the chef.

‘Hi I’m looking for the nicest meal in town. I would like to try your best food’, said the inspector.

‘Well that would have to be the carbonara with vinegar.’

‘And a portion of chicken tenders would be nice,’ said the inspector.

‘If you look around every body is eating it. The restaurant is all about different types of food and even from Egypt,’ said the chef.

100 w/c Rhys

Oh gosh where are we? it looks like were in the board game. I think it is called Jumanji.

Wait! What is that some kind of dinosaur? I think it’s a Braunchasourous. oh gosh it’s another one and look it’s a Raptor.

The light blinded him through the trees oh wait it’s a rescue mission. I shouted help please help so then they stopped. But it did not stop for him instead it stopped for someone else so he was left there for ten more years and then after the ten years they came back and rescued him.

100 w/c – Rhys

Oh my gosh my friends and I seem to be on the television, literally we’re tiny.

How did this happen? All I can remember is that we were at a crazy party and that a band was playing. It was the best night of my life. I think the band was called Burger Boys.

I think they were all family members and I think one of there names was Dylan, or something like that. Actually I can remember his name, his name was Jeff . He was wearing a gold shirt, raspberry trousers with a cerulean necklace and a silver ring.

100 w/c – Rhys

What happend.

Oh no! My man is going to beat me when I get home.

Where is my bike?

Oh no!

My bike got stuck in a tree.

How did that happen and why did this happen to me?

This is the worst day my life.

Then it struck me.

I would ask my grandmother if she would buy me a new bike.

I would really love a new bike and her house is right around the corner from where I live.

I should go and ask her nicely to get me a new bike.

I wonder where my bike went.

100 w/c – Rhys

One sunny and warm day me and my best friends Cale, Issac and Eric found an old house on Clonard Street. The house was broken down and boarded up. We thought it was haunted. We slowly creeped into the old house and there was a small, odd shaped shadow. The shadow went quickly behind the front door.

I wonder what was behind the door, I said.

Frightfully and carefully me and my friend Cale looked behind the old door. We saw a big, white and brown bird. Cale ran out of the house and ran all the way home.

100 w/c – Rhys

My name is Sam I’m 11 years old, I danced the night away at my cousin’s party to Kung Fu Fighter. Even though I was dancing very clumsyily, it was a great night. I couldn’t wait to get home and relax in a nice hot bath as my legs were aching. When I was finished in the bath I went to bed to try get some sleep.I think I over did the dancing as my legs were so sore. I eventually got to sleep. I woke up with no aches. I was very happy to see the organge sun rising.

100 w/c by Rhys

I can’t remember much

As I was so tired from a hard day in school what I do remember is doing my homework and eating my dinner I didn’t go out because I had no energy so I just chilled out on the sofa watching television and then I went to bed read a bit of my book Diary of a whimpy kid before I turned off the light and went to sleep I didn’t stay asleep long as I had a nightmare it was horrible I eventually went back asleep and slept till my mom called me for school this reminded me of a time when I had a nightmare in my granny’s house