Trips by Oliver

John grabbed the rope quickly before Embry fell. “Don’t let me fall,” Embry exclaimed. “I’m trying to hold on,” John shouted back. The police got there shortly and helped Embry up. She safely took us all to safe ground. “Mr. Bronnekan,” the police officer began, “You have earned a fine for taking children to a monument that is off-limits. Did you not read the warning signs? Wrong-way…turn around?” Mr. Bronnekan was speechless, “I…” The police took him away with a sad look on his face. We waited there speechless until our parents could come to pick us up.

School by Oliver

I woke up this morning in my lovely room.

I got out of my bed and went for breakfast, I had White Coco Pops.

When my mom told me I had to go to school I asked could I go on my bike.

We had said that we would meet in the yard before lights out so I got ready.

My mom said to take the bus. I said,“but it is so slow”.

‘No buts,’ she said and I was so furious.  Then I remedered that my uncle could take me to get ice cream instead of going.

Random Person by Oliver

Bart and I were in the skate park cycling around.

We were having so much fun when suddenly we saw a yellow bike that was cable-tied to a pole on the side of the walking path.

We went over to investigate, when out of nowhere a person said ‘don’t cut it because aliens put it there.’

We were so confused and asked the man was he high and he said ‘no why?’.

‘Because you said aliens put it there’, I answered.  He said, ‘ I meant to say I put it there when I was young.’

‘Oh ok, bye!’ I said.

John by Oliver

One day John’s mom ask him to go to the shop, when she was finished work the food had to be in the fridge.

He decided to play with his friends on his Xbox.

His favourite game was Terraria and he played it ever day.

He looked at the clock and noticed there were 30 minutes left so he ran outside and he saw person ‘which way to the shops?’ it panted.

The person slowly said,’that way’ so he ran and he saw his mom and asked her ’what are you doing here?’

Then the mom ran.

Magical Elephant by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a magical elephant and his name was Jerry and he loved pictures.

All his life he was painting and his favorite colour was purple.

He was the best at painting violins and he was so happy.

The next day he was walking home and saw a beautiful paint show.

He ran as fast as he could to get his money.

He realised he had only five euro.

He was crying all day until his mom gave him some money.

He went to the shop and saw so many purple paints from light to dark.

Marmite by Oliver

So last night  my friend and I had a fight about what’s the best thing to put on a sandwitch.

I said,’ mayo, pork and cucumber’ and my friend said,’ Nutella.’

My friend said,’ yes’, I said,’ no’ and he said, “I like marmite.”

Then I said,’ get out of here Frank!’  (Frank said he likes marmite). My friend and I were fighting all night until he tried my sandwich and then we fought about what bread is better.

We are still fighting till this day and I think breads with seeds are the best.

Not changing my mind.

Gamer by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a gamer who drank Cola and ate flaming red Cheetos.

His friends always got games before him but he always got better than them.

There was one game everybody was better at it then the gamer.

He played all day and night but he still could not win.

The next day he asked for help so people said, “if you help us, we will help you.”

He helped them out but the people did not help him.

He was crying all day and night.

The next day he hacked so people lost all their things.

Basketball by Oliver

Robert and his friends went to a basketball court.

It turned 12 o’clock and for a second the orange one spoke first and said please do not bounce me.

Robert was confused so he asked who said it and it was the basketball.

They did not know and played with the basketball.

The basketball did not say anything else.

The next day it turned 12 o’clock again and they heard STOP!

They still played on.

They played and played until they got bored.

The next day younger kids came and played basketball.

Rocket by Oliver


Dr Crazy’s rocket as failed and oil was all over the garage.

He is going to try again after he cleans up.

It was hard for him but he did it and said,’ next time I will do it out side.’

He went outside and launched the rocket, that was made from his dad’s old pocket watch and some scrap from the scrap yard.

It went up in to the air as far as it could go up but a second later it turned and Dr Crazy shouted,’ but where did it go?’

He started to go in the direction of the rocket.

How To Be Tall by Oliver


You will need:


*Space and Chin up bar or park with gym equipment


1. Firstly go outside or to your space without your shoes.

2. Secondly go to the chin up bar at home or at the gym equipment.

3. Thirdly put hands on bar stretch or swing for 1 and a half hours altogether.

4. Next go to a space with a protractor and stick your hand out 35 degrees and tilt your head back 90 degrees.

5. Take time to relax and the next day do it again but try more times on the bar.

Engineer by Oliver

‘Welcome engineer class, build something to impress me and you have two weeks to do it’, said the teacher.

One week later, Tom started the project.

Tom bought a red and black shiny bike.

Half a week later, he is relaxing.

The last day, and he is still relaxing.

‘So, what have you made Tom?’ said teacher.

‘I made a bike,’ said Tom.

‘Wow! you have one week to upgraded or else you are expelled’, said teacher.

He added an engine and rocket but then it just wouldn’t take off.

He tried and tried and nothing happened, so he got an F.

Race by Oliver

‘Have you heard about the race were you can win one million euro by racing down a really dangerous hill?’ said Danial.

When Ted heard how much you can win, he went to his workshop and modified his bicycle to a bike with rocket boost.

The race came up, he got ready and went half way he used his boost and saw a bright  yellow sign warning him but he was greedily desperate that he forgot about it.

He tried to slam on the brakes, he almost crashed but he lost control because the boost was cheating and he ran off crying.

Old Times by Oliver

“Hello Children today we are learning about history. Tell me something you know before cars were invented,” said Mrs Beth.

“They used horse or bikes to travel,” said Julia.

“That is right,” said Mrs Beth.

” I think they had handkerchief and if they did I bet it had a lot of germs, isn’t that right teacher” said  Tony.

“What’s a handkerchief?” said Julia.

“A handkerchief is a tissue but you can use more than once and no, that was after the cars were invented!” said Mrs Beth.

Ring Ring!

” It is time to go home,” said Mrs Beth.

Zoo by Oliver

Once apon a time there was a girl named Live.

Live was a zoo keeper and here best friend was a Giraffe.

One day when she was making food for her friend and she added brown salt .

When she put the food into the microwave it melted and it was greasy.

When the giraffe ate the food it went wild and turned into a penguin.

Live shouted”what happend, call a doctor he needs help.”

The penguin said” notting bad happend it was so good that I am in my normal form.”

“Thank you god”said Live.

Planet Earth by Oliver

Boom! Bang!

“Help, I am going down!” said a pilot.

One tiny planet was geting attacked by a colossal ship.

Swiftly one plane was almost destroyed by the ship but he crashed.

The planet was destroyed and they went to planet earth.

The aliens went to earth and started to blend in.

It did not work out so the FBI went after them.

One FBI agent had a cloning machine and the clone was a machine.

All of the aliens escaped and went to planet mars only one alien was left on earth.

It was almost a good ending.

Garry Lotter by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a boy named Garry.

Garry’s master sent him on a mission to go to a good looking buliding.

When he walked in it looked ugly and there was a goblin in the candy bar.

The goblin said” watch out for the ghost!”

The goblin stayd at the candy bar.

Garry went up the stairs and a ghost scared himbut the ghost was his friend.

Slowly, Garry found a BIKE!

Garryrode out of there like lighting and said over,over and over” I am riding shotgun underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone.”

Party by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lily and her family was rich.

She got an invitation to a super cool party.

She looked in her dresser and said “What shall I wear? O.m.g. empty. What a surprise!”

She went to a shop and picked a dress with diamonds.

When she went to the party everbody said”Wow! Fantastic, not.”

“Daddy you said the dress was perfect,” said Lily

“Well he was wrong, little princess!” said a random girl.

Lily left the party and cried in her bed and never went to another party.

Ladder by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a ladder that was clear, red and was alive.

He helped people but he never got something back.

One day he sank into a pavement and people gave him coins.

The next day people came with a hammer and damaged the pavement.

He was happy but then the person left the pavement on the legs.

He said” flip! Now he will use me.”

The person used him as a ladder but he always spilled the paint and then the next year he was just a ladder.

“The ladder is not clear red an more” he said.

Master Chef by Oliver

Once upon a time there was scientist and he was also a Chef.

People always mocked him and he always was shabby.

“Let’s make some chips but shall I add vinegar or salt? I know I’ll do both.” said the Chef.

When he put the vinegar on the chips, he shrunk himself down and added the salt.

He took a lick out of the chip and he got queasy and he said”This vinegar was too sharp.”

“Oh no the vivid light turned off.” said the Chef.

The light turned on and he looked at the time ,he was frantic.

Tik Tok Tik by Oliver


“Run!”said Sam.

The kids were running as fast as the wind but the monster was as fast as the light.

They stopped and turned around.


The monster ran into a wall.

“Yes, let’s check the thing that is comletely out of tune,” said Jam.

(Sam and Jam are twins).

There was three paths.

Sam said”Right is the right way.”

Jam said”Ok, right it is.”

Tik–tok–tik-tok-tik-taaak-tik tok tik, faster and faster as they got closer and closer.

“Mom! We’re playing a game,”said Sam and Jam.

“Sorry, dinner time!” said Mom.

Magic by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a world where there was no black or grey.

There was a person named Miss Fringe and she was a scientist on colours.

She was trying to make black and one day the lights flickered and the colours washed into the middle of the table.

BOOM she traveled into a world where there was only black and white.

“Why am I surrounded by eggs?”she said.

“Fudge this was a black and white world” she said.

Know she nows that black is not a good colour.

BOOM she is back in her world.

Army by Oliver

Long, long ago in a colourful universe a lot of people joined an army for peace and they never fought.

The army went to the gym every day to scare the enemy off.

One day the enemy started to go to the gym and the enemy won.

Suddenly they started to attack the enemy and they lost.

They coloured themsleves so that they could sneak in their base and it did not work out.

A fairy came and said” you said that you will not fight and you did win so I will turn you in to a real statue now.”

Dectective by Oliver


“Calm down.What happened?” the detective asked.

“My husband got shot and the murderer has disappeared!” she said.

” Buy how could she just disappear?”the Detecive said.

“I don’t know?”she said.

Now he had no idea were to start

“Let’s go to the house!” said the Decetive.

So he went to the house where the husband got murdered and his blood was raspberry and rudy red.

“Mmm. The husband’s blood is fresh so the murderer is not far, but he maybe got shot from far?” said the Decetive.

“Oh yeah she said that she saw him get shot so he was not shot from far.” said the Decetive.

School by Oliver

One day in School the miss Pink desided to teach how to make bubbles with science.

The kid were fired up when Miss Pink slowly started the oven.

Suddenly a child said ” what about the survey?” and miss Pink said” how many childern went to school on a bicycle?”

“Five miss,” said another child in a nice voice.

“Ok let’s do the rest later!” said Miss Pink.

One kid put cold water in the empty pot.

Bubble! bubble!

“Are you ready?” Miss Pink said and she and the others graded circle on a stick and it worked.

“Bye”said miss Pink.

War by Oliver

“Boom!”Bang!”Splat!” “Fall back!” “Grenade!”

“We give up, you won”.

“Flash Bang incoming!”

The light has blinded him and he was blinded forever.


“The our tanks are coming.”

One Hour later. They have won.

The man that got blinded was called Mike. It was hard at the beginning but he got through. He got a job as an artist and got married. When he had twomillon dollars and he used one millon on eye surgery. He used half a millon his sons’ collage now he has one third of his money. Then he won the lotto.

Present Seeker by Oliver

It was Chrismas eve there was a man called Mild Pol.

He went to his friend’s party.

The first thing they did was have some fun with the Fortnite game.

His friend and my parents were playing cards and my dad won the match.

The second thing he did was to eat the first meal and then he opened the cracker.

It was not the time to open the presents but Mild Pol opened his present and BOOM! random things started to shoot out like a bright blue eye, a blue decoration and holly with red berries!!

Since that day he never opened a present.

100 w/c Oliver

“Go Go Go!” said Jeff.

Ben was beathing heavily to the finish line but he would not give up.

His legs stared to give up but at the last centimeter he slowed down and someone zapped past him.

He came second place and said” Nnnooo!”

The person who won was named Greg.

The person who won was happy but exhausted.

“From now on you are my mortal enemy” said Ben.

Ben was going home when he saw Greg getting attacked and Ben said “ho no he is my enemy!”

The next thing Greg knews was that Ben saved him.

Mr. TV. by Oliver

“Hide from Mr TV,Steve” said Mango.

“Maybe we can hide in that foliage” said Steve.

“Oo! No there’s a thug in the foliage and he looks dishevelled” said Mango.

” Look there’s a shop” said Steve.

When they got into the shop they noticed that it was a tv store, but it was too late.

“I will trap you in a tv Ha! Ha! Ha!”said Mr TV, the villian.

” Ooo! chucks! We seem to be in the tv!”said Mango.

“It looks like the tv is reverberate“said Steve.

“It worked it worked!”said Mr TV.

“No no!”said Mango

Bob – by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a kid named Bob, and he was the sportiest kid in school.

The school where he goes, is one of the sportiest schools in the world.

Bob always cycles to school in a half an hour although Google Maps says it takes a hour.

He always wins first place in any bike race.

Once he lost his bike and made posters, but nobody helped him because he was a show off.

He still could not find his bike, and he sadly said “I wish I had friends to help”.

Gorilla Club – Oliver

Once upon a time there was a women named Tory and she was trying a role with her friend Sikowitz and the role was for pretty scary lady.

“You don’t sound too mad, you need to take more risks,” said Sikowitz.

“I do take risks. Like yesterday I went to the Gorilla Club”said Tory.

“Ok. What’s the Gorilla Club?”said Sikowitz.

“The Gorilla Club is pretty dangerous becauce you can die,” said Tory.

“How can you die?”said Sikowitz.

“There are games called Balls Of Pain, Running Gorilla and The Yellow Dodgbricks” said Tory.