The Weird Creature – by Nico

One day in Cork Ireland there was a poisonisesfruitthat can really kill you but you can make it into a medicene.AndIwas walking across the forest I found one of them but it’s strange because it’s supposed to be found in China.Later that day I picked it up it was shiny red pretty and precious.Afterwards I picked that one and went home and put it on the diamond blue table and opened it up.When it came to opening it it poked me a few times but then it got fine.And I opened it and there was nice white smooth fruit.

Nightzoo Keeper Book – by Nico

One time in Cork Ireland there was a wild magical animal that could do serious damage, like put a spell on you. Let’s just say it can kill you or make you really old and that’s what the spells can do.Oh and to mention the animal it’s a Magical jaguar or a cat that made its self big because of its spell.And then a random night zookeper came on and came there with Sam the spying giraffe and then another came and found the magical jaguar and then the jaguar put a spell on them that made them get trapped.And then they were never seen again but Sam the spying giraffe got to escape.

100 w/c Nico

One sunny day in Madrid Spain it was a really weird day and not even one person went out their houses.And then I got scared because when I went to knock on my friends door (2 mins later)he didn’t answer.Afterwards he shouted “GO BACK HOME RIGHT NOW THERE IS MURDER GOING ON IN THE POOL”.And that made me really scared and then I looked out the window I saw that the water was turning crimson and it was misty.And then I saw my friend getting buried into a coffin and then I saw a grave and that made me that got me frantically scared and when I ran straight home I never went outside.

The Giant Cup in my Garden – Nico

One very, very dark night in my garden there was a giant helicopter. They dropped a silver, white, old cup down.  It was way too heavy to lift, so my whole family tried lift it. It was as heavy as a sneaky elephant.  Later we brought it to a scientist. He said the cup belonged to a giant. But we already knew that. The scientist also said he couldn’t keep it because his lab was full of gadgets and he just couldn’t keep it. We kept it for a few days and then we brought it to a museum.

The Creepy Ninjas by Nico

One time in China there were ninja’s training with their sensei, called Adam. Every night they turned evil and robbed shops. They also rob more and more things. In the morning they act like nothing bad happend. Every single night everything the same thing happens over and over again. One time they went to a forest and found out that the not evil ninja’s came. They deafeated the bad ninjas, who were really robots. All the good ninjas went to their sensei because the ninjas looked the same as the other bad ninjas. Then they all ended up happyand great.

100 w/c – Nico

One time in Spain there was a very dangerous snake.It was red and had white spots on it.When people see it the just run as fast as they could.Before in the early 80’s it didn’t do a lot of harm now it can kill you.And they made a clock to not forget how the snake looks like.When people are cycling on the road they see the snake and run it over that’s the only way to kill them.Then when the people kill them they make it into the clock.

100 w/c – Nico

One time in New York there was a hand what was a super hero and it saved the world.First it was a weird creature and then it turned into a hand, but the creature was evil.It was very mean and then I threw a potion at him that turned him nice. But I realized he also turned into a hand.Then the next day walking along a saw him again wearing animal fur and he looked like a caveman. I went up to him and I said “I like your fur.” He replied ‘thank you.’So  I think he did get nice.

100 w/c Nico

One sunny day in Barcelona Spain there was a nice day with two people having fun in the house.And then they bought A tiger what actually was a very dangerous tiger.Then they forgot that the oven was still on and they were sleeping.And they forgot that the oven is still on and then they heard beeps and they tried to run out side but the tiger was blocking our escape.And then we ran up stairs jumped out the window and then the tiger was not there anymore and then they bought the new house and everyone then lived happily and great.

100 w/c – Nico

One time in LA America there was a kid called Jake and he was a very nice kid.He behaved well in school listened to the teachers and was always kind to his friends and when they fell he helps them.And one time for lunch he had a white battery energetic sandwich and who could possibly think to make that sandwich and then slowly he went home.Then he saw people that always bullies him so he ran A different way.Then when he got home he asked mom why did you make such a weird sandwich its not normal! you put battery’s in it I would never eat that and then mam said Ill never make that again.

100 w/c Nico

One time in America New York there was five people that were called Nathan Paul Sam Joe and also John and Nathan was the boss.One night they planed something at night it was about a robbing the jewellery store and then the next day in the morning they went to the jewellery then they didn’t get to rob it because the police were there. Then the next day they didn’tt get arrested they ran very fast and then the police didn’tt catch them and of all that money they said’ but where would we hide it all’. Now there trying again. This day there were no police so they robbed it then they became the five robbers of America and then they did worse and worse crimes.

100 w/c – Niko

It is a round shaped thing that you can play with it and do tricks.And play with a lot of people and it is used in matches and some people don’t play with it because they are not good. To be great you need to have lots of skill. And when you have lots of skill you will be great and also you will have lots of skill and get lots of goals then it’s pretty easy. And you will have even more skill then it will be simple for me and you and you can get more goals and more goals.

100 w/c – Nico

A long long time ago there were pepole that were very kind there was one kid he was the nicest and the kindest and he was very cute. Everyone loved him because of how cute he was. His dad was a profeser his name was Twisted Crocodile Purple. But his dad wass very difucult to find and it’s very strange that pepole didn’t see his dad. His mums name was Lily. And pepole didn’t see her either and that’s sad aswell. However he got a puppy, it is only a week old and he called it Cuttie Pie and he bought treats for her