My Holiday by Niamh

I was going on my holiday to Spain for two weeks. I had to pack my suitcase when I was finished I had to weigh it. It was 25kg it was heavier than I expected! I had to unpack and start again! It took me so long because I found it hard to decide what to bring. I finally finished after an hour. I weighed it again and it was 20kg. That is just right. I got a taxi and on my way to the airport there was a crash so I was delayed I nearly missed my flight.

Competition by Niamh

There was an art competition and I decided to enter it. It was a sculpting competition. I decided to make a giant. I got my idea from the BFG it was my favourite Roald Dahl book. It took me a week to sculpt and another week for it to dry. I didn’t paint it, so it was grey. I handed my sculpture to the people who are in charge of the competition. I had to wait two weeks to find out who won! The day came and I opened the envelope….. It said “well done, you won 1st place!” I was delighted.

The Airport by Niamh

I was so excited because I was going to Paris for a week. My flight was at 7:00am. I got a taxi to the airport at 4am. I went to The Garden Terrace for breakfast, I got poached eggs with toast, it was so tasty! After my breakfast I went to get some sweets for the plane. When I was getting them we got called for our flight. I sat in my seat and I was excited to go. But when we went to take off I got a fright when it just wouldn’t take off I started to panic.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was a very warm sunny day. I was going to get an ice-cream with my family. “Can I go on my bicycle?” my mam said ” yes!” I said ” thank you,” my mam said ” no problem.” I was warm and I was desperate to get my nice ice-cream! There was a great selection there were Cookies N’ Cream, Cookie Dough, Rocky Road and Banana and that’s just a few. I went for Banana it was bright yellow. My mam warned me that it was going to be sweet and it was still nice. When I got my ice-cream I greedily ate it all and didn’t share it.

The Dream by Niamh

It was Saturday night. My mam and dad were gone out for dinner so we were being minded. We had to go to bed early because church was at 10 o’clock the next day. I was tired and fell asleep straight away. I had a dream that my friend robbed something from Dealz. The shopkeeper caught her and she had to pay for it. She said sorry and the shopkeeper said it is ok but don’t do it again! If you do, I will ring the police next time. We walked away then everything stopped and I woke up.

France by Niamh

It was the Summer holidays, I was going to France. When we got there, we went to get some shopping. The next day we went to a museum. We were walking around and something caught my eye. I asked my mam could I go and have a look. My mam said “yes”. As I got closer I realised, it was a statue of two people. One of them was giving the other one a tissue. The statue looked ancient. My mam followed me and said ” that is from World War II. I said “ OMG”, I was amazed by how old it was.

The Zoo by Niamh

It was Saturday. It was a sunny day. I was going to the zoo. I left my house at 12:00 and got to the zoo 1:00pm. When I walked in the only thing I could see was a big giraffe! We were all hungry so e got chips when we got them they put way to much salt on them and they were all greasy, they were disgusting! We asked for our money back. We got ice-cream. I forgot all about mine and it melted! We went for a walk and I saw a brown thing so I walked up to it and it was poo on the path!

Zombie Apocalypse by Niamh

It was Saturday 1967. I was only 5 years old. It was 5:00am. I looked out of my window and all I could see was a crowd. I got dressed and went out to have a look at them. When I got closer they started to make a sound and to me they sounded like Zombies! I touched one and in a flash it was up chasing me. It was a Zombie! I did not know what to do because my whole family were still in asleep. To make the situation worse the Zombies were covered with moss.

Shopping by Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going shopping with my mam to the Pavilions. We went to Penneys and I got clothes for my holidays. After we went shopping we went to get McDonalds I got chips and a ham burger. My mam got chips and a ham burger too. We went home and I opened the door of my house and “hello” nobody answered my house was empty. What a surprise…so we rang my dad to see where he was. He went on a long walk with my little brother and my little sister. When they came home we did a fashion show.

The Park by Niamh

It was early in the morning. I was on a walk with my family. I was on the way to the shops and we saw someone with a ladder. After we went to the park. On the way I saw a bird that was dead with red thick blood all around it. When we got there my dad’s coins fell out of his pockets. On the way home my sister stepped on a pavement that wasn’t set and my sister was sinking. We all had to pull her out. We got home and we had a shower and got into our pyjamas!

The Beach by Niamh

It was a sunny day. I was down in Wexford for the Summer. I went to the beach with my family and friends for the day. After the beach we went to have dinner in a restaurant. I ordered chicken nuggets and chips. When my dinner came I tasted one of the chicken nuggets the vinegar was too sharp that I could not eat them. We told the person in charge and we got more chicken nuggets. We also got dessert free of charge because we complained! When we went home we got into our pyjamas and got into bed.

Music Class by Niamh

It was Friday. I was going to a music class at 6:00 until 7:30. I was learning how to play the guitar. When I know how to play the guitar I am going to perform at a big show. It was the day of the performance. I started to play and it was completely out of tune! My music teacher started shouting at me to tune my guitar. I tuned it and started again and it was much better the second time. After the show I got to get a reward in the shop. I got love heart chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

Tesco by Niamh

It was a Saturday. I was out with my friend. My mam asked me to go to Tesco to get eggs. My friend Charlotte Black was coming with me. We walked over to Tesco and went to have a look out for the new sweets called Fringe. I was delighted that they had them and I bought them. When we started to walk over to get the eggs the lights started flickering and we could not see a all. We got the eggs and paid. On the way home I slipped and fell and my coat was so mucky so I washed it.

Lanzarote by Niamh

It was Thursday my mam and dad were on holidays in Lanzarote. They went on a walk on the beach to enjoy the lovely sunny weather. When they were walking up the beach they could see hundreds of coloured statues in the distance. When they got near they walked over for a closer look. My mam touched one of the statues and it moved its hand. My mam ran away with the fright and the statue started to chase her. They got such a fright that they rang the police on the person that was running after them. He got in a lot of trouble with the police.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was a sunny day. So I asked could we go to an ice-cream place called Pappagallino. My mam and dad said yes. When we got there we had a look at the ice-cream and there was a lot of different flavours. There was raspberry, pistachio, butterscotch, lavender, ebony and watermelon. Eva got raspberry, Liam got butterscotch, Conor got ebony, I got watermelon, my mam got lavender and my dad got pistachio. Eva was the first to get hers and stood to the side. While we were waiting on ours Eva disappeared. We were looking for her all over and we could not find her, but how could she just disappear?

100 w/c by Niamh

It was a lovely sunny day. I was going to the park with my mam and dad on my bicycle. I had to put on my pink helmet. When we got to the park there was someone blowing bubbles. I ran over to pop the bubbles. After I popped the bubbles we went into the forest, there was alot of trees, beside one of he trees was a box and I asked my mam and dad could I open it. They said yes. It is empty and I was disappointed. When we were leaving the forest someone fired a gun and I was scared.

Stamullen by Niamh

It was Saturday. My brother was going out to his friends up in Stamullen . He was going up at 3 o’clock and he asked to be picked up at 7 o’clock. I went with my dad to drop my brother off. When we came back we played Monopoly cheat edition. We were having so much fun we did not notice the time, it was nearly 7 o’clock. I went with my dad to collect my brother, on the way up the road there was something coming towards us, it was shining so bright the light blinded him. There was a loud bang and we went off the road……

Christmas Party – Niamh

It was Saturday. I was going to a Christmas party with my family. The party started at 7:30pm and ended at 10:30pm. I got my face painted and it was so cool. I was going to get a grinch face and then I changed my mind. I got a blue face with an eye, a present, holly, lots of stars and a Christmas bauble painted over one of my eyes. My little sister got her face painted as well and she got the Grinch. My little brother got the same as my sister and they both looked brilliant. We all had great fun, it was such an amazing day!

100 w/c Niamh

It was the day of the late late toy show. I was going to watch it with my family. We got treats for watching it. My Mam and Dad had to put the Christmas tree up and we got to decorate it together. My little brother and sister were supposed to watch it but they were exhausted and fell asleep.It was just as well we were recording it! I stayed up until it was over at 12:30. It was an amazing show I really enjoyed it. The next day I got to watch it all again with my little brother and sister.

The Christmas Play by Niamh

It was Monday we were doing a Christmas play. Our parents were invited to come to the Christmas play. My mam was sick so she could not come. My mam was watching television and she was flicking through all the channels and on one of them she couldn’t believe it, we seemed to be on television doing our show! When the play was over we ordered dinner. After dinner we watched a movie. We had some drinks and sweets durning the movie. When the movie was over we went to bed. It was a great day. I love special times with my family.

Disney Land by Niamh

Last Summer was such an amazing summer because I went to Disneyland on holiday with my family. The weather was lovely when we were there. We went to the Disney park and went on lots of rides. One stuck in my memory the most it was called “leaf-bell”! It was a huge tree with a bike stuck on the trunk and one on every branch as well. It had the longest Q but I waited because it was the fastest ride on earth. It looked so scary but I really wanted a go. When I got on it was scary but I enjoyed it.

The Airport – by Niamh

It was Sunday. It was a lovely sunny day. We were going to the airport to collect my auntie and uncle they were coming over from London. When we got to the airport it was painted bright yellow. We saw a lot of planes landing. One of them had a gorilla painted on to it looked great. When we saw their plane landing I felt very excited. We all went for dinner together. We went to a place called “Bricks”. It takes us 20 mins to get there so we were running late for our booking. The restaurant was so pretty.

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the first Saturday of our Easter holidays. It was a lovely sunny day. I was going to an Easter egg hunt with my family. The hunt started at 12 o’clock sharp. We left our house at 11am to make sure we weren’t late. The hunt was taking place in a big old castle. We stayed with our family for the hunt and we managed to find 20 Easter eggs. Near the end we found a door, I wondered what was behind the door. We opened it …we founded another 32 eggs and one was a golden egg!

100 w/c – Niamh

It was the Summer holidays. I was going on holidays to Spain. When we arrived we went for dinner. After dinner we went for a walk to the beach. While we were there my little sister saw a crocodile made out of lego! There was a lego man sitting on his back and there was a lot of ladybugs on his back aswell. It was such an amazing piece. We got to meet the team of people who made it. It took seven people to make it. I asked “How many pieces of lego did they use and how long did it take”?

100 w/c – Niamh

It was a Saturday and a rainy day. I was having a lazy day. I needed to call my little brother in because it started to rain. When I came back in I needed to have a bath because the mud splashed up on me. When I got out of the bath my big brother was running down the stairs because there was a fighter on the television. After the fight there was a dancer on the television. She was amazing! When she finished dancing the next person that danced, danced very clumsily. The 1st person won the dance competition her name was Milly Orange.

Ice Cream by Niamh

It was Friday. I was going to get ice- cream for a treat with my family. We were going to a place called Pappagallino. When we got there it reminded me of a time when I was getting ice-cream on holidays. I picked out watermelon flavour ice-cream because it’s my favourite! Meanwhile the lady came back and said “ do you what any toppings?” I said “ yes please”! Could I have watermelon jellies, unicorn sprinkles and flakes please. After the ice-cream we went for a nice walk around the harbour. We saw lots of boats coming in with fish that they caught. Then we went home after such a great day

The Wedding – by Niamh

On Monday I was going on holidays for one week. When I got over there my friend sent me a text to invite me to his wedding on the following week. I told him I was on holiday and I would see if I could get a flight over in time for the wedding. I managed to get a flight for Friday so I Rang my friend to let him know the good news . When I arrived all the guests had masks on them! But there was three masks that caught my eye. It was a bull, a goat and a horse. They were the biggest scariest masks I ever saw !!