Bang by Nathan

Slurp Slurp ahhh ‘I can eat this cabbage soup all day’. I said to myself.

Knock Knock!!!

Knock Knock!!!

‘Go away!!’ I shouted. I went to turn the channel when all of a sudden.

BANG!!! the sound was from the roof I thought. BANG!!! It got louder.

BANG!!! I jump out of my seat.

‘Mr Gray, Mr Gray.’ I heard I ran nervously trying to open the cellar.

It was locked. I saw the intruder on the stairs.

He had a round black mask on with a gun in his hand.

I beg him to spar my life.


Cake Run by Nathan

I look up to see a mam* with her white baking robe. With a creek the door opened and I was placed inside. I was roasting, the heat was unbearable, so I tried to kick down the door.

It opened and I ran out. The dummy had left the door open. I took a look outside. AHHHH!!! I started to sprint down the town. A fluffy beast with very big teeth started to chase me. With no hope I jumped into some sort of drain. WOOF WOOF!!!

It can’t hit me I thought.


His Diary by Nathan

The rain was pelting down outside the prison walls.

I was scared thinking what the day will bring.I knew what was coming.

My last day!! The police came to bring my to family who were visiting

I said my goodbyes my mam wanted to hit me. Sadly after that the shoved me into my cell where I got to pick my last meal. I went with my favitoe food as a child pizza with ice-cream. I didn’t finish it I was too busy thinking about what hell looks like. Now I off to the to the chair where the first thing I see is a iron.

Chase by Nathan

‘Hey stop there.’

‘They caught use.’ shouted Beast.

The chase began Beast and his gang got the head start by making a four feet jump over a wall on to the concrete. Him and his gang kept on running pasting a pink food shop making them hungry. Bump!!

Beast had left himself speechless by tripping over a rock which made him bang his head against a wall.

‘Finally this city will be finish revolving around Beast.’ proudly said by the gard.’

‘What about the rest of hi gang? ‘asked the other gard

‘We will get them next.’

A Third by Nathan

Whoosh the wind was coming and sky dying as it gets later.

Greg and Tom did not want to get lost so they tried to travel back to their car.

Boom BoOM BOOM each one getting louder.

Tom joke saying it was big foot. Greg didn’t laugh but instead ran to the car screaming his head off Tom followed him tell him to come back.

Greg started the car and drove away leaving Tom.

Tom turned slowly to see a massive brown and hairy beast looking down on him. Tom gulped and ran.

The Run by Nathan

The wind was as fresh as a fish that you have just caught. The night horrible and frozen.

Just in the background you could see a gang shoving each other. Bang his body fell to the ground and started to leak. Gable hoped for him to be leaking mustard. Gabel ran for his life. OVER THERE!!!!!! The gang must have seen him and was not to happy. They started to chant at Gable. It sounded like a dog was playing a guitar.

Gable made an extraordinary jump of the wooden fence leaving the gang hopeless. Gable called 911 and the next day some of the gang members got arrested.

One Wish by Nathan

‘When are we going next? ’Ask Jone. ‘Down that hill by Jonestone street.’ Answer Bob.

Bob and Jone left for Jonestone street bring their bikes for extra speed. Beeb Beeb!!!! Ahhhhhhh turn, that was close Bob said as they just dodge the 2005 Honda Civic. Crash!!! Are you ok Jone, Jone speak to me Jone. Noooooooooo why you why!!!!!

Turn around boy She dead but I will give to a chance to get her back. When you crash in this field you lands on this key setting he among you to give you one wish.

Hmm hmm I will wish Jone to come back to life.

Beep! Beep! by Nathan


Beeb!! Beeb!!!!!

The taxi skidded around the road, dodging the cops.

All of the teenagers in their fat black puffer jackets were as excited as a kid in a candy shop.Suddenly, it looked like everything went in slow motion

Crash!! The small yellow taxi hit the grey sturdy lamp post.

The lamp post won.

The cops caught up to the driver.

Nee-naw! Nee-naw.

‘You are going to jail for a long time.’

His tears were falling like a waterfall.

’I don’t want to go to jail.’


Last Day by Nathan

10..9..8..7 the engine was reviving. The people look as

the first rocket was launching to Mars.

Only the richest people got to go as it cost up to 500,000 Euro to go. As for the poorest families got left to die.

But for the Seid family they didn’t give up.

You see John and Bob were the only people in their town after the last meteorite hit.

‘It’s not like last year’ he thought

Last year it was peaceful until King Fire hit the world with a nuke sending the world in havelock killing millions of people.

What Would You Do? by Nathan

‘What would you if you can do anything?’

‘If I could I would take all the rubbish out of the seas.’

‘That’s nothing dude I would stop climate change.’

’Be quiet Chanel you know that we can’t do that.’

‘I know but if everyone dose their bit then we might be able to Rorí.’ ‘What about you Fluffy?’


‘I get you Fluffy you make so much sense.’

‘Anyway where were we?’

Talking about climate change and how to stop it before 2030.’

‘And how do we do that?’

‘By doing your part.’

Ice Cap by Nathan

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

‘I think that the world would be doomed.’


‘First the polar bear will go extinct and the water will right.’

‘Yea and that’s all.’

‘Food you like food don’t you?’

‘I do’.

Well pigs, cows, chicken all of your favorite food will be gone because

farm land will be gone.’ ‘Islands will gone like us.’

‘ Damn I get it but has to be all.’

‘Nope.’ ‘What you favorite why to travel?’


‘You won’t be able to book one fairy because everyone will try to get one.’

The Big Day by Nathan

’Knock knock.’

‘Who’s there?’ Wayne said in a sick tone.

‘Oh Wayne you can’t be sick are you?’

‘No…. I’m fine.’

‘Your not going to your race’

‘But mam it’s my big day I’m going.’

‘Wayne Hughes you are not going to that bike race!!’ ‘Now get some rest.’



Some time later Wayne decided to sneak to his race.

As the window slowly opened Wayne took a leaf hopped and landed outside.

Wow! That was close now to go on my bike and go to that race.

Crash!!! Wayne’s bike hit a rock and he was never seen again.

Travelling by Nathan

‘Hello sir please can you tell me what year it is?’

‘2021, are you dumb?’

‘Thanks bye, thanks wow this year was so good.’

‘Who are you?’

’I work here.’

‘What your name then?’

’Im Joe I’m new here at the factory.’


‘That was close better go the future 3..2..1.Ahhh.’

’Hello sir what year is it.’

‘2030 sadly.’

‘Why is it so sad?’

‘All of my favourite animals are gone turtles, pandas and a lot more are gone.’ He paused for a bit, ‘All cause we didn’t listen to everyone trying to help.’

Industry Disaster by Nathan

‘Hello workers I regret to inform but this is urgent, you have to evacuate the building right now!’

’Where did that come from Paul?’ Question Sean.

’I think the speaker, but it doesn’t matter let’s get out of here before.’

’Before what?’

‘Before the ground get very red.’

So Sean and Paul ran for their lives.

But if he died it wouldn’t of mattered the tire industry have.

Had a lot of deaths in the last ten years.

’Sean tell my family that I love them.’

’No Paul you are making me afraid I’m to young to die.’

’Paul watch out,’

Seasonal Disasters by Nathan

“John Paul come quick.”


“John call 911!”

“No I got this Thomas”

“No John you can’t stop a reckless fire,” I’m calling 911.”

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“There a terrifying fire.”

“Sir calm down where is this happing?”

” In mayonnaise town.”

” What street sir?”

“55 lane.”

“Ok I will send to 5 firemen to your house.”

“John Paul where are you?”

“I’m over here killing the fire.”

“Come back here Paul.” Wait where is the fire?”

“It’s gone I told you I could do it.”

” Emm 911 can you cancelled the 5 firemen please.”

Little People by Nathan

‘Aw dear stop worrying about little people there not real.’

‘They are so! I saw them last night trying to eat the leftovers.’

‘Oh Timmy you must be hallucinating.’

‘I’m m not mam you got to believe me.’

‘Timmy if they were real I think your mammy would have found them.’

‘But mam they aren’t small they are tiny.’

‘Ahhhh Timmy get the cat they are real!’

‘Oh mam you’re acting like a fish out of water they can’t hurt you.’

‘You are right I’m big he’s small.’ For him I’m the king.

‘Hi I’m Rorí.’


100 w/c by Nathan

“Ouch!” Said Jack “this river is hot”

”Well back in my day I always swam in this river we called it The Great Florida.”

“Be quiet Nan”.

“Ok Jack but all I’m saying is that I have never seen the river bed so dry.”

“Yeah me too, tell me Nan why did we come here?”

“Because Jack I want to show you what global warming can do to the things that you Love. So tell me Jack would you like if your favourite lake just disappeared.

“No Nan.”

”Ok so stop littering and help the world.”

100 w/c by Nathan

Once there was notorious hunter called Pablo Java.

He is famous for killing every single ashbrid in the world.

The people were furious with him, so they decided to hire a group of trained ninjas to steal his prize possession. The bones of the last five ashbrids.

’Come here boys I got a plan – so we will jump on to the roof, then we will wait in till Pablo is gone out his room.’

‘Then what?’

‘I will jump down, lock pick his door and then, only then will we get the bones and escape.’

2800 by Nathan

The year is 2800 the world is a mess. People are hoping that they will make it to they end of the calendar year. Why you ask, because in the year 2801 Mike Hughes is going to send everyone to a different planet. People will no longer going be in a sticky situation. Everyone can get some new white clothes with the minuscule amount of money that they have. But will the world survive till then that is the question.

‘Devin!’ ‘

Yes mam.’

‘Are you still writing about the future.’

‘Yes Mam.’

‘Come down here now and do the washing.’

It by Nathan

Muaaaaaa!!! It is born. Boom lighting strut the ground.

Hello master what do you need.

I need you kill my worst foe, but first get me my favorite bar of chocolate .

What one is that sir.

You don’t know I coded you with all the knowledge in world and you don’t know what the best cholate bar is.

What is it sir.

ZIZ ZAG!!!!!!

Ok, which way is the shops? it panted.

Are you ok said the master you are leaking oil.

Boom flames engulfed the lab

Sir Sir where are you sir.

The Robber Part II

‘Wake up, you survived the bullet to the face but you sadly now have a 6 inch scar down your face’.

BAM!, BAM! ,BAM! The bullet sound got louder.

‘You are coming with me said the kidnapper’.


Suddenly Joe saw a flash of light, then, darkness.

‘Ugh!, where am I’ said Joe tiredly.’

‘have a guest oh wait I have the answer in the kidnapper’s van’.

‘How did I end up here’?

‘I hit you with a flash bomb, then wacked you with my baseball bat’.

Joe scanned the back of the van and luckily he saw the key for the van and he made his magic escape.

100 w/c by Nathan

There was a wistful King who ruled the land with his wrinkled right hand man the King could not stand so that why he need a right and man. ‘Joe’ ‘yes my king’ ‘help me stand up I have to oar my boat to the dragon then kill him’. I can’t do that I am afraid’. ‘Why not’ because are no dragons in land or no dragons in the world’. ‘Nonsense back in my day I killed dragons’. ‘My lord you know I am older than you’. ‘You are’. Yes. Ok never mined.’ ‘ Do you want a mushroom sent tea. Yes I do yes I do.

The Robber by Nathan

Here is Newtown we have a robber on the loose we think that he is also the killer of Johan Mike talking about Johan we found out his last words were ‘Friends are like chocolate cake I don’t have chocolate cake’. Rubbish Alex spoke angry. What was that!!!… suddenly Alex was confronted by a huge skinny man in a baggy black tracksuit. AAAAAAA Alex shouted Alex darted to his room and call 911 123 Newtown rode the a robber in he house!! calm down sir what does he/she look like I don’t know. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. Burraaaa another victim down.

Treasure House by Nathan

When Holly was walking to school her ex bff who betrayed her barged past her. She let out a laugh. Holly saw house 29. It had a ‘do not enter’ sign on it. It’s looked like a terrible wreckage. Holly dawdled in the house looking suspicious. The door shut behind her. Holly saw multiple doors and similar selection of doors. There was a vile smell and the smell made Holly famished. She picked a door but when she went in and a voice said ‘you won now retrieve your treasure’. The treasure looked realistic. She picked the treasure up and became rich. She has a new routine now every week she goes to get more treasure. Will she get caught?

The Woods by Nathan

It’s 1997 and a kid was left in the woods to die, but miraculously the wolves saved him/her from a brown bear. The wolves became his/her family. He/she looks like a wolf so much that you can’t tell if she/he is a girl/boy…

Present day. The building is full of scientists saying that they found undiscovered woods with a lost man so let’s go to it. Ok so they went. OVER THERE!!! Hit him with a dart. Nooooooo as it let out a pitiful how, then all of his family got caught. But luckily he got away but scientists didn’t give up.

100 w/c Nathan

Jack was at his friend’s Joe’s house. But Jack didn’t find it the same for some reason.

‘Joe your door is not the same’.

‘Yeah I painted the door purple like my violin’.

‘You play the violin?’

‘Yes I do, what’s you favourite song?’

‘Happy by Pharrel Williams.’


‘Thanks now lets go to my room’

‘Ok! what’s that on the wall Joe?’

‘That’s an elephant painting I got from the shop for 20 Euro, it’s very cool isn’t it?’

‘It is, I rate it 9/10 , I don’t like the background’.

‘Oh ok’.

‘It’s still very nice’.

‘Now lets play fifa.’

100 w/c by Nathan

Jack was sitting down to have toasted bread with marmite. Jill had toasted bread with jam.

‘Yum I love jam do you Jack?’

‘No,’ he said ‘I like marmite’.

‘OK you weirdo.’

‘THAT IS NOT WEIRD’!!!!!!!!!

‘Ok ok it’s just a bit weird.’


‘Fine it not weird at all’.

‘Jack have you seen ma?’.

‘No I have not.’

‘I’ll look upstairs’.

‘She’s not in the bathroom not in my room not in your room not in her room’.

‘Where is ma Jil?’

‘I don’t know she’s not in the siting room or kitchen.

‘Jack I see her in out the back’.

The Terror House by Nathan

It was Jack’s 11th birthday and he was going to The Terror House with Jill. He couldn’t wait because he had never gone there in his whole life. His mam explained to him that he was too young and it was t0o frightening for him. 30 minutes later, mam said “Jack you ready yet?”

”Yes, now lets go!”

Jack and his mam picked up Jill and brought them to The Terror House. ”Go children, play!” mam said. Jack was the first to go.

”Come on Jill,” he said with a  giggle. When they got inside Jack screamed. AHHHH!!!!!!

There was a clown with big brown eyes and a big red balloon.

”Jill,” said Jack,”I think we shouldn’t have gone in here.”

100 w/c by Nathan

Jack and Jill were trying to find Jill’s hat. You must be saying it’s just a hat. No, it was Jill’s favourite hat in the whole world. Her dad gave it to her 5 years a go. She will be very, very sad if she lost it and she did.

But were did it go she shouted?

Did you check the your room?

Yes I did.

The attic?


Your mam’s room?

No! I will check now.

Ah! ha! I found it, thanks Jack.

You’re welcome Jill.

So what do you want to now?

I don’t know …. I’ll see.

The Faulty Launch by Nathan

Today will go down in history lads, we will be going to planet Knowhere for the first time in history.

Jack, you’re the main man, you tell the crew what to do once you are in space.

Okay! Okay! now get into you seats.

Jack and the crew left to go to the rocket.

So, are you nervous Jack?

No, I’ve gone to other planets before.

Cool, it’s my first time.

They got on the ship and 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, o! Launch off. B..bu.bu..bu when it just wouldn’t take off it was hopeless.