100 w/c Nathan

It was a month since dad crashed the car and to save money he tried to repair it. He said the basement door is locked. I got the gist he did not want me there, but I had to see what was inside. I snuck upstairs and saw the door key. I snuck down stairs DAMN IT! It was jammed. I wiggled it open. Yes! it opened. As the door crept open I saw a big square ugly… No it was a box. I saw a note. It said ‘look out.’ I ran out and AAArgh! it was dad scaring me, again.

100 w/c Nathan

It is 1656 and king Jimmy the 3rd has started war with Jack, the boy the who has conquered all of Europe. All of Jimmy’s army are protecting him, they can see Jack’s army over the hill ready for war. Jimmy shot a canon ball at Jack’s army missing them.

They ran at Jimmy’s castle with no fear, killing all of Jimmy’s army. In fear Jimmy ran away trying not to get killed. Jack and his won the war… what can Jack not do?

100 w/c

I was on my way to Mrs Violin’s house but a bully from school pushed me into a big green prickly thorn bush. The bush threw me back out onto the bully’s face and my weight made him collapse. I could see a bruise on their face. I turned around to say thank you but it ran at me, I gasped. ‘You’re welcome,’ said the bush. I started to walk back to Mrs violin‘s house but the bush stopped me and said, ‘ you must say sorry’.


‘Ok you can go to Mrs Violin’s house!’

Haybale by Nathan

It was a normal day for Jack on his bike at 12pm. Nice and quiet and BAM! He fell face first into a big round hay bale. All he could think of what if a Farmer picked him up and kidnapped him. Jack gasped, what if his new bike got stolen. Jack heard some kids creeping towards him, they whispered a scared hello so Jack shouted ‘help me!’. The kids jumped back and ran dropping their box of pumpkins and watermelons. Two hours later the gardaaí found him and helped him out! Finally he was free from the hay bale trap.