The Balloon by Mya

As I walk to school I nervously take a sip of water because I have an important test today. When I’m about to walk into the school I trip over a grey balloon . It’s a cabbage shape balloon.

While I’m on the ground ‘BANG’ a round pebble hits my head. “OW!” I shout out as I rub my head. While I got up I try to grab the balloon but it’s gone.

I stroll into my class acting like nothing happened. Every day when I walk into school I make sure there’s no balloons in my way.

The Sun Landing by Mya

Becky was on her way to be the first human to land on the sun. She put on her special suit so she doesn’t burn. The rocket launched and Becky was very excited. When she got near the sun the heat was unbearable, so she put some not melting ice in her hands so she could cool down. She got closer and closer to the sun, she was hoping she will make it. She landed on the sun and got out of her rocket. When she got out she screeched and jumped up and down. After a few hours of being on the sun she safely made it home.

The Fire by Mya

While Nick is ironing he gets a message from his friend George. George says that Nick has to wake up early in the morning so Nick goes to sleep forgetting about the iron still being on. While he is sleeping he smells smoke. He think nothing about it and goes back to sleep. After a couple of minutes his face starts to get really warm, he opens his eyes and see a fire. He’s worrying about what to do, he quickly grabs a towel and puts is over the fire and plugs out the iron. He goes back to sleep while his heart is still rapidly beating.

Toby’s Totally Top Trip by Mya

There was a young boy named Toby. He was small, with pink hair and blue eyes. Toby was very hungry so he ran to the shop. As he jumped into the shop he fell onto the concrete. The shop had a revolving door, this is what made Toby fall over because he wasn’t expecting the door to hit him. He got up and went over to the deli to get food. He got a chicken fillet roll and ate it while walking home. On his way home he met his friend and they talked for a while. When he got home he finished his homework and then went to bed.

The Arms Around the Tree by Mya

I walk out my front door and close the door while I wander out it. As I’m strolling through a forest like I always do I see a tree with arms around it. I’m standing there in shock. I walk up to the tree still in shock and I touch the tree. Nothing happens. I touch the hand, a hole opens up underneath my feet. I fall down the hole at lightning speed. I land on a bed. I search around for a ladder or some sort of a thing to get out of here. I find a ladder and I climb up it. I don’t know what just happened.

Horrible Guitar by Mya

I bought a horrible old mustard guitar from an old man’s shop. I brought it home and started to play it. It sounded like seagulls choking on bread. I shoved it in my closet and didn’t take it out for the next 7 years. I took it out after the 7 years and as expected it was the same. It sounded the same, it looked the same. Nothing was different exept it had a lot of dust on it and a few cobwebs. I went outside and threw it in the bin hoping I will never have to see it again.

Key by Mya

I hurry out my out my door because I’m late and I’m about to lock the door. I drop my key and something little scammers along my feet and grabs my key. ‘What was that’ I think to myself.

After a few minutes of looking for my key I found it well. This isn’t my key it looks like my key but rusted. I pick it up and walk to my house.

My house is gone. I drop the key again. I bend over and look back up and my house is back. What just happened.

Late by Mya

“Oh no!” I’m in bed at home and I’m meant to meet my friend today at the yellow waterfall near the shopping center but I woke up too late. I jumped up from bed as fast as I could, got changed and leaped outside. I ran to a taxi and got in. I’m trying to catch it while on my way there. After a few minutes of driving I got there. I leaped out of the taxi while saying thank you to him. The waterfall was gone, it was just stone. Am I going crazy?

New Year’s Eve by Mya

Every year George goes to a party for New Years but this year when he went it was different. ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought. Everyone acted differently they were all calm, no kids running around, everyone was talking, at first George liked it but it got weird, there was no music. He decided to go outside to get some air, when he went back in kids were running around, there was music being blasted, people were dancing, ‘did I imagine everything, no I swear it wasn’t like this’ he thought to himself. To this day he still didn’t know what happened.

My Opinion About Climate Change by Mya

“What do you think about climate change?” Said the interviewer.

”I think that we should stop throwing rubbish on the ground,” Said a girl with two pink bows in her hair.

”Very good, what about you?” He asked me with a smile on his face.

”We should cut down less trees because trees give us oxygen.

”Yes that is very true,” He said to me.

“We shouldn’t litter and use less plastic because you can’t get rid of plastic. Yes you can burn it but it will let out bad fuels what we will breath in,”

”Oh my that was excellent!” He said with a surprised face.

If the Ice Caps Melt by Mya

If the ice caps melt the sea level will rise 12 meters and some countries or cities will get flooded and then the population of people will go down.

Also the animals on the ice will have no home.

Some animals will go to cities and they might attack people or people might hunt them down.

We are slowly stopping climate change so please if you have plastic don’t throw it on the ground recycle it and don’t litter.

If you keep littering then the ice will melt and the sea level will go higher and higher.

Transportation by Mya

I think that if you know how to ride a bike you should use it as much as you can for transport.

If your going to a shop in your town close to where you live you should walk or ride a bike.

A car lets out bad fuels so if there’s a traffic jam anyone walking by would inhale the fuels.

When you’re in a traffic jame maybe you could turn of your car.

If you ever drop some rubbish on the ground please pick it up and put it in a bin or your pocket until you get home.

The Bad Factory Worker by Mya

It’s time,” said the factory worker. “STOP!” Shouted Tommy. But it was too late. He burnt the plastic. There was a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney. Anyone walking by could smell it.

“Why would you do that?” Asked Tommy. Tommy was disappointed. “Why would it matter?” Said the factory worker. “It’s polluting our planet!” Said Tommy. He put out the fire and walked outside.

When he went outside he went pale. The smell of smoke was horrible. People were holding their shirt over their nose because it was that bad.

Tommy went home and never went near the factory again.

The Evacuation by Mya

Sirens went off, I went outside to see what was going on. there was a red flashing light but I dont know where it came from. The industry buildings were broken into pieces. I was afraid so were everyone else.

I went back inside and a Gaurd knocked on my door he said ” You are being evacuated come with me pls,” I came with him. I could tell it was urgent.

I got in the car with him and we drove far far away I never knew what happend to this day but I hope everyone is safe and well.

Halloween Night by Mya

It was Halloween night when the fire started. It happened because of the fireworks and the bonfires.

When I went trick or treating I saw a light so I went over to it. It was a bonfire in a field and nobody was there.

I went back to trick or treating and there was a a fire in the forrest ignited from fireworks.

It was terrifying to see the firemen putting out the fire. When I went back to the bonfire it was gone out but the grass where the bonfire was it was dried up and burnt.

Stop making bonfires it will kill the animals.

Stop Littering by Mya

It was the middle of Summer. “Oh no!” Said the scientist. The scientist was overwhelmed when he went outside.

The green grass is brown now. The Summer is hotter. The animals dying. There was a big pile of plastic bottles on the ground.

“I have to make a poster about stop littering!” Said the scientist.

He went back inside and made the poster. He put the poster outside then when back inside and got a bag and gloves.

He went to the plastic bottles and put them in the bag. He but the back in the recycling bin.

The scientist felt relieved after recycling.

Back on the Job by Mya

“I can’t believe I’m doing this for the 1000th time,” exaggerated Toby. Toby was cleaning the giant sunglasses.

”I hate doing this job,” whined Toby. Toby fell of the ladder.

“Owww,” screamed Toby. The other worker’s rushed over.”Are you ok,” asked the worker’s “Yeah yeah I’m fine I just fell of my ladder again,”.

”Ok everyone back to work,” said the boss. Everyone scrammed back to work. Toby got back up on his ladder. There was a mark what Toby couldn’t get off.

”Oh no it’s cracked I’m going to get fired,” said Toby. He covered the crack up and his boss never knew.

The Dry River by Mya

“AHH,” screamed George. “What happened?” asked Rachel. A rat crawled across George’s foot. He eventually calmed down. “I have never seen the river bed so dry” said Rachel. They continued walking. There were rats and dead fish everywhere. There was a horrible smell of rotting dead fish. George accidentally slipped on a dead fish. “Ow,” Said George. Rachel burst out laughing and then helped him up. When he got up he saw that there was a giant spider on him. “AHHHH I’m going home,” he screamed. “Ay wait for me,” said Rachel. They walked home and they agreed to never go back there again.

The New Virus by Mya

It was a Saturday night when I was watching the news. A tall blond girl showed up, she announced that there was a new virus.

She explained that the new virus takes away your skin until you have no skin left. She showed a zoomed in picture of the virus, it looked like loads of bones stuck together.

I let out a giant scream. My brother rushed in the room. I pointed to tv and he gasped.

He quickly grabbed me and put me in my room. Then he pulled up his sleeve, there was no skin left on his arm.

Mean Teacher by Mya

This happened when is was in 2nd class. We were meant to make and story. The teacher gave everybody a page and I got two pages. I thought to myself so what do I write on this page. I raised my hand and asked, ‘so, what will I right on this page?’ She said ,” I don’t care just use it.’

When I was done my story my teacher yelled at me and said, ” WHY DIDN’T YOU USE THE SECOND PAGE!” I explained to her saying ” you said you didn’t care what I used it for.” She said in an anger voice ,”Go back to your seat”.

Poor Keven by Mya

On Saturday Keven the talking horse moved to New York. When he got there he had no food. So he tried to find a shop. When he was walking he saw a 7 year old walking. He asked the girl ’Which way to the shops?’it panted. The girl scream and ran away from poor Keven. When ever Keven talk everyone would run away. Keven didn’t know what was so wrong with him. He went home and try to sleep on a normal bed but he was to used laying on a hay bale poor Keven was so upset he was laying on his bed all night awake.

Oh! No! I’m Dead by Mya

Charli was a weird girl who dies then come back to life but today was a different type of death. Charli had an enemy called Mia, Mia was a liar who would say that you hurt her even though you didn’t. So there was a party on a roof and Charli and Mia were going but little did Charli know she was going to die again. When they got there Mia start to push Charli. Charli didn’t care because she cant die. Mia pushed Charli of the roof Charli say …A flash of light then darkness… everyone started to scream but Charli didn’t come back to life.

Why School is Bad by Mya

Today Taylor was in school and its was 10 minutes before lunch. One of Taylor’s friend left their ruler at home so he asked the wrinkled teacher for one. The teacher got up put a wistful smile on her face. She hit him with a ruler. It was time for lunch and when my friend came out he was crying so Taylor walked with him to lunch. Taylor bought him a mushroom soup. When he went to take a spoon of soup and there was a giant bit of hair. 3 weeks later all of the teachers got sewed so now all of the students are happy.

Flood by Mya

In school a class we’re doing averages and multiples. The teacher was doing his normal slumber. He woke up from a loud announcement saying THERE’S A MASSIVE FLOOD …Suddenly, darkness enveloped the room… everyone went pale. The teacher shouted ‘CALM DOWN.’ One of his student said sarcastically ‘oh ye calm down there’s a massive flood but we should calm down’.

They were stuck in the classroom. When it was dawn and everyone was famished. They made a plan so everyone could get out. The plan was there were 3 similar doors and they knew one of them was safe. The teacher opened a door but it was the wrong one the students dawdled away from the door but they didn’t make it.

Giant Wolf by Mya

One morning a giant woke up as a wolf but he was the same size. He went down stairs and his family thought he was so cute especially his little sister. He went to school and everybody called him. He howled and the bully said to his friend’s awwwww as it let out a pitiful howl. He growled and bit them. He got expelled and started to cry. He dawdled home. He scratched at the door but no one answered. So he dawdled away and his neighbour Ally picked him up and and hugged him. He became happy. He lived his life with Ally and never changed back to a normal giant.

Weird by Mya

On a warm summer’s evening Mr Elephant went to sit down and paint. He looked at the canvas and there already was a drawing of a violin. He went to get Mr Happy and Mr Purple who always stayed in their house but they weren’t there. He went back home and everything was gone out of his house. He turned around and saw a note saying ‘I see you’. After he saw the note he got scared and locked himself in the bathroom. He went back out and saw everything back to normal. Mr Happy and Mr purple were back in their home but he knew he wasn’t dreaming.

100 w/c by Mya

On Monday Marionette came down for her breakfast and she wanted toast with Marmite on it. Her mam put Nutella on it but ‘no’ she said ‘I like Marmite.’ Marionette’s mam was mad and shouted ‘go to your room.’  So Marionette went to her room crying. She sneaked out of her window and ran to the playground. She didn’t bring anything with her so she went to Alya her friend’s house. Her friend let her in and she stayed in Alya’s house for the night. On Wednesday she went home and apologised to her mam. Then they got chocolate milk.

The Tree Monster by Mya

One summer’s night Emily went into a forest with her friends. Her friends got too scared so Emily went by herself. She started to walk in then she heard the bushes moving even though it wasn’t windy. She walked on then she tripped over a twig. She looked up and saw a tree that looked like a monster. ‘AHHHHHH!’ screamed Emily, she ran back but she kept tripping over twigs. She made it back to her friends. Her friends didn’t believe her so she walked home terrified. Her mam wasn’t at home so she went to her granny’s house and that happened to granny as well.

Willy Wonka by Mya

One day in the chocolate factory, Willy Wonka in his red jacket thought he could eat all the chocolate. So he started to eat the chocolate. He went to the bathroom but after he felt really ill. He came out and started eating more chocolate. He vomited on the chocolate and fainted. The Oompallompas helped him up. They all went to the doctors. Willy Wonka saw his father who he hasn’t seen in 10 years. They hugged and Willy Wonka woke up. He started crying loudly. He went down stairs and got a glass of water he felt a lot better.

The Crazy World by Mya

One Monday morning a kid named Jimmy was walking trough the woods. He fell over a stick and rolled down a big hill he was rolling so fast. He got up and saw a big white crafty castle with loads of glitter. He looked back and saw that he was leaving the woods. He went into the castle and saw a tiny goblin with a huge fairy he thought it was a dream. The fairy was very kind she gave Jimmy a chocolate it tasted like heaven. Jimmy started to get dizzy and feel sick he fainted and woke up in his bedroom on his bed……..