Stranded by Mia

Balbriggan was a ghost town. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. I looked to Mia . We were so confused. It wasn’t a bank holiday and it wasn’t a Sunday. We walked around town for about an hour. To our dismay there wasn’t a soul around. We went back to Mia’s, nobody was home. Same for my house. We turned around and there was a letter on the ground. We opened it. “Mia Casey and Mia Bethel. Along with everyone else you have been drafted for world war 3.” Wish us luck.

WiFi Be Like By Mia

In my Nan’s today I pulled my phone out of my pocket, the reflection smiling back at me. I pressed the ‘on’ button and after what seemed like an eternity the 3 logo flashed on and then I realised. I had no data left. So I logged on the the WiFi but it was SO slow I swear you’d be able to make a roast dinner by the time it loaded one page. I went to investigate and found that the plug was hanging out of the wall. I plugged it all the way – in problem solved, like HONESTLY my Nan is such a boomer.

Bikes Being STOLEN by Mia

On Tuesday the 12th a bike was found up a tree . It is unknown who or what put it there. All that is known is that all over the country, bikes are being stolen and tied to trees. This is believed to be some sort of nasty joke or cunning prank.

Leaving bikes unattended is not recommended as this could lead to a multitude of problems.

‘ Young Jim was distraught when his new yellow bike was stolen,’ Mrs. Thompson says.

If you see this heinous act happening please do not hesitate to report it. Thank you.

Monster in my Room by Mia

When I woke up this morning there was a monster in my bedroom. ‘Come on get up,’ it said, seemingly out of breath.”Come on which way to the shops?” it panted. I looked at it again. It was a tall hairy thing , with big long claws and black and purple hair. It paused to take a few deep breaths and looked around. ” COME ON” it roared . “We don’t have all day you know. We need to get food for later.” “Alright, alright I’m coming” I groaned sleepily. I rubbed my eyes and then I noticed. There was no monster. It was just my sister in my room, scowling angrily at me.

Elephant in the Orchestra by Mia

Today was the day I had been waiting for forever. Today I was going to play a solo. As I prepared to enter the pit. I picked up the violin and walked towards the pit when I noticed it. The big purple elephant and it was not happy. It had a hostile look on it’s face. I ran as fast as I could. It chased after me smashing several expensive painted ceramic pots. In a blind panic I threw my violin at it. Shattering the violin. It’s then that it dawned on me. It was right behind me.

100 w/c by Mia

Ben was dancing in a field of neon green bunnies, gliding around on roller blades. One opened its mouth and let out a piercing wail. Ben‘s alarm clock! ‘Alright, alright I’m awake’ he grumbled. He looked at the clock. 8:20! Ben didn’t recall forgetting to set it. ‘Mam. Mam!’ he yelled in distress. No answer. She must have left for work. So Ben got dressed, washed and ready in 10 minutes. He opened the fridge to grab his lunch. There was a note attached reading: Enjoy your lunch. It’s tuna sandwiches, I know you like those. Love Mam. ‘No’ he said ‘I like Marmite’. Nevertheless he set off when he realised. There was no school.

The Perfect Day by Mia

Dear Diary.

Today was the best day ever. I woke up at half past nine today. For breakfast I had cornflakes, toast with Nutella and a big glass of orange juice. I got my dishes and turned on the laptop. I watched Peppa Pig. She got a new red dress. After that I pulled on an outfit and went out to my friends. We got ice-cream. My favourite flavour is coffee-vanilla. The girls and I had a sleepover. We played chess and telephone. It was such a great day.



The Crayon Kids by Mia

Alfie woke up in a strange room. He got out of bed and went downstairs to investigate. He was in a room of strange Object-People. There was a lid, a bottle and a box of crayons. The orange one spoke first. “Whatever are you then?” he asked. “I’m Alfie”, replied Alfie. “Well we are crayon kids, that’s Kid-Lid and that’s Bottle-friend” said the Crayons in unison. Alfie and his new friends were having breakfast together: a vast plate of bacon. When Alfie heard a strange noise. That was when he woke up. It was all a dream.

The Accident of Halloween by Mia

Evan loved Halloween. When he was little, he always dressed up as his favourite superhero and went trick or treating. However now he was way too old. So he made plans with his friends, Alana and Jared. ‘Where is Michael, Zoey and Connor?’ asked Jared. ‘At some party’ answered Alana. She was wearing her black dance outfit with cat ears and Jared was wearing a black hoodie. They went to the park and were just hanging out when it happened in a blur. Evan got hit with a fire work. ‘His finger is blown off!’ yelled Jared to Alana. ‘But where did it go?’ she shouted. They called an ambulance and Evan was fine except for his missing finger.

100 w/c by Mia

Dear, Topaz National Park.

I am writing to say, that I do not appreciate that you made a statue of me. I get that the statue may intrigue people, but I don’t like people mocking my misfortune.

Maybe it is an irrational fear, but I do not like being tall and always feel like I am limitlessly being mocked. So I really would appreciate if you got rid of the giant, silver statue of me. If you do not get rid of it , I will get my lawyer involved.

Many thanks, Mr. Gabriel-Jones.

The Court Date – by Mia

One day Mr. Ezra was going to go to work. He was wearing a smart suit. He tried and tried to start the car, but it was a futile quest. When it just wouldn’t start, he looked around. A small crowd had gathered. However, Mrs. Petunia was standing in the shadows, holding a pliers. She had cut the wires in the engine.

One week later, the court was on. ‘Why did you do it?’ asked the judge.

‘I did it because I felt like it’, replied Mrs. Petunia. The judge reiterated that she owed Mr. Ezra $10,0000. Mr. Ezra felt vindicated. He had forgiven her though, because he was in the minority of people who were indoctrinated.

100 w/c by Mia

‘Happy birthday!’ exclaimed Mam. Her, my brother and my cousin all woke me up.

At last, my birthday was here. ‘Well what are you waiting for?’ asked Mam excitedly. ‘Open your presents’, I looked towards the foot of the bed and there was a little pile of gifts. I opened each one. I got a Polariod camera, a Broadway album and a new outfit. Sadly, I didn’t get what I wanted most. My brother noticed I was slightly disappointed and began to smirk. ‘Logan,’ Mam warned him. We went downstairs and there it was a beautiful, yellow, vintage bicycle . I spent the rest of the day greedily eating cake.

100 w/c by Mia

‘Elise!’ Called Mom. Elise roused from her comfortable soft bed. ‘What?’ she called. ‘Come on we are going to the American Revolution Museum’ . ‘Finally,’ said Elise. She had been looking forward to this for weeks. For breakfast, she had muesli and orange juice. On the subway ride there she listened to the Hamilton musical soundtrack. Around an hour later she arrived. She saw a statue of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. She went in and she saw her idol Lin Manuel Miranda, giving a speech. She was so happy she fainted. When she woke up she was back on the subway. It was the perfect day.

100 w/c by Mia

Aliens were going to invade. So N.A.S.A had to end Operation Soar and revert to establishing a new mission to explore Jupiter. Ruefully, I entered the spaceship . Enraged that this was the mission. Well I would be seeing as I was the only female on board . These men were SO annoying! Though I had to seeing as ‘I was the only one with a degree in astrophysics’ . The spaceship was adequate. After a short flight of about 6 weeks. We finally arrived! As we exited the ship we saw aliens! Running, we went back to the ship.

100 w/c by Mia

I woke up I wearily decided I would have a latte so I opened the coffee machine it was empty. What a surprise. So I resisted the urge to go back to bed and went to the shop. I bought coffee beans in a glass jar as plastic is a threat to the environment. On the way home I spotted a jagged stone . It was shining and clear . Diamonds! So I ran home , got a shovel and dug up the rock. I wrapped it carefully in a cloth and took it to a precious jewel store. I could could vaguely hear an electric guitar solo but I was too excited. They said it was a diamond. I got lots of money.

The Oscars by Mia

On Sunday I woke up and watched a documentary about sinking ships. At 8 PM I was going to the Oscars. Since I am the only resident of the house the landlord only had to examine to see if the bowl was clean and then handed it to me. I wore a red suit to the Oscars. On the way I slipped on the pavement. When I arrived I spent a dollar coin on popcorn and a drink . The cup had a ladder on it. At the show Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sung Shallow. A girl behind me moaned tragically about my hair.

100 w/c by Mia

I woke up. I was so tiny, and it wasn’t as if I was undernourished. I knew I was in for a rough day, so I pulled on my shabby t-shirt and did my make-up. The day was normal, but I couldn’t help wondering if it was just a vivid dream. I even went the day without mocking my brother. All was well until dinner where there was, condiments on the table. I sniffed a bottle. The vinegar was too sharp. It made me queasy. Then I fell in. I banged on the bottle frantically. Thank God I got out…

Valentine’s Day by Mia

‘Can anybody tell me how to spell hectare, absentee or reluctant ?’ Asked Mrs. Hopkins. Ellie and everyone else were too excited ; the Valentine’s concert was on in 5 minutes. They all wandered around the hall wondering where to sit.’Move dummy’ said Ariana . The crafty bully always knew how to annoy Ellie. She decided to ignore her. The Rock Club started a cover of Queen’s Hammer to Fall. They were completely out of tune. After the concert the classes went home. ‘Hey Ellie . ‘ said Jacob. ‘Will you be my Valentine? ‘ . ‘Sure ‘ Ellie replied. Feeling triumphant but like a coward. Ariana was green with envy.

The First Day Of School by Mia

Michaela was apphrensive about her first day of school. Her eyes flickered behind her fringe. She went through the black door and into the bustling classroom . The room smelt of eggs and unwashed bibs. ‘ Okay ‘ said Ms. Helga ‘We will run on the astro’ . They went out on the pitch and ran . ‘Hi ‘ said a boy , wearing a Marvel hat. ‘Oh hi’ said Michaela ‘I’m Jake’ said the boy. They were friends for a while . Suddenly Jake started hanging out with a girl called Jane. She was in the other class . Michaela felt isolated. But she had other friends.

The Explosion by Mia

Layla was fed up with work. All she wanted to do was work with amphibans or remodel the terracotta army, it was a vision in her head . Not to impersonate Miley Cyrus for incoherent strangers! She was not even paid ample, as she was promised. Unfortunately she could not tell anyone what troubled her. She was upset as she went onstage but still performed amazingly, despite the fact that the microphone emitted a squeaking noise. She was tired and she knew that she should conserve her energy but her heart was not quiet there. Layla decided to take a vacation to Houston and Arizona. Who knows what amphbians she will see over there.

The Land of Colour by Mia

Ruby was worried about her sister, Lavender.She had been gone for a few days but how could she just disappear? Suddenly as if in answer Lavender appeared. ‘Lav I was so worried’ said Ruby .’I know Rubes but come with me ‘She said. They flew into the air. Soon they were in a crazy whirlwind of colour.It was CandyLand . There were candy in shades of ebony,coal ,butterscotch and pistachio.’ Here try some Rubes’ So she did. A burst of fruit hit her ,it was lemon ,lime , grape and raspberry. All her favourites . The girls never left Candyland

100 w/c by Mia

Bang! The starter’s pistol fired . It was time for the bicycle race. Lana mounted her pink bike and went. She cycled and suddenly after the turbulent ride she saw the finish line. As she went over the line bubbles flew up. The huddled crowd cheered.

‘You didn’t deserve to win you deserve to be thrown into the trench ‘ Lana’s cantankerous sister, Sara, ranted maliciously. It made Lana squirm and feel empty. She knew it was ridiculous , but the thought that her sister was right stalked her. Then Lana realised that her sister was jealous and was just dispersing her anger.

100 w/c by Mia

One day Simon got up and went for a walk. He thought that the roadworks were complete and went that way. Suddenly he fell into a pipe hole .

‘Oh No ‘, he said fraught with sadness .

His clothes were soiled. Simon was there a while. He wished he’d never presumed the roadworks were done. He found out that he was being rescued!

‘Gosh’ he said .

As he was freed he was blinded by the light of the sun. Three days later he eloquently gave a candid speech. After he went home he was exhausted also he had missed his dog called Romeo and goldfish Kylie!

The Pilgrimage by Mia

“Shall I enlighten you on Christianity?”asked Kylie as we walked on our pilgrimage to the Lourdes worshipping center.

“No thanks,” I replied, “I don’t know why we are coming here ‘cos I’m an aethiest.” I said .’s only

because mam has to pay homage to Jesus,” Kylie replied.

Then I tripped . “That was an embarrising faux pas!” she said ,straightening her magnificent gold dress, as she lived in splendour.

As we got there I saw a mural of an eye, a box and an ornament it was lovely.

100 w/c Mia

One day Zoey went to Bronx Zoo. So she drove there, bought a ticket and went in. As she paid she fumbled with the ticket machine. She saw a circus tent. She sat and watched the show. There was a trapeze artist, she was amazing, Zoey had to stifle her gasps. There was a lion. During the interval Zoey watched as it took a large leap and then…It attacked!! Zoey watched as it pounced and bit the young girl sitting in front of her. Zoey grabbed the girl away and ran. Then there was a roar the lion was tranquelised. Zoey tried to leave but she was exhausted.

The Play by Mia

Ms Brennock’s and Ms Bradford’s classes did a play. Emmanuel was the Camel , Zach was the voiceover, Emma was the Innkeeper’s wife . She wore a cloak the green of plant foliage . Mia was Mary, she wore a cerulean blue dress. They did lots of rehersals . Finally the big day came. On the day Emmanuel’s hair was a bit dishevelled. The school hall was perfect for the play as everyones voices seemed to reverberate. A big camera was pointed intensly at the children, it seemed they were on the television. Suddenly the door opened it was some thugs! Everybody froze.

100 w/c Mia

Once upon a time Adi was her name. ‘YO Adi! ‘ Shouted Emily and Ashley from her class.

‘Do you wanna come down Beech Woods with us?’ Said Ashley.

‘Okay’ replied Adi.

They had their lunch and went to the woods. Adi thought the woods was creepy but wouldn’t admit it to the girls. They walked for about an hour and suddenly they were in the middle of a clearing . They came across a yellow doll’s house. Yellow was Adi’s favourite colour. Suddenly they decided to turn around there was a bike stuck in the tree…

Oh! No! by Mia

The ferocious, angry, yellow gorilla was running through the city. As he destroyed a skyscraper he picked up a pretty young girl.’AHHHH!’ she screamed,  trying to escape. He dropped her and ran away crushing cars in his wake . A plane flew by and then it got eaten by the the gorilla called Emanuel.Emanuel ran around the remains of the city.There was rubble absolutely EVERYWHERE.’Daniel , dinner time!’ called Mam . Suddenly Emanuel was flat on his back in a pile of Lego bricks. The room was a huge mess . Daniel was so not looking foward to cleaning up.

100 w/c – Mia

I’m in the Castle . I found it by walking down the prom. I came across this castle. I knocked on the door. I was desperate, for I had gone hungry for four days and was sick of it and I felt faint . A woman answered the door, she was dressed all in black, she brought me to a room and brought me some porridge. As she left she locked the door. The truth dawned on me, I was trapped. I was locked but the door was old and rickety and opened with one hit. I went upstairs and found a door I wondered what was behind the door so I ventured forth..

100 w/c – Mia

I’m grounded but let me explain .

At the time I was REALLY into Fortnite. So when Skull Trooper came back into the item shop I needed it.

I asked my Mam if iI could get it and she said maybe later . But I was still so excited . I went onto the computer I saw the screen saver was a Lego man covered in ladybirds. I logged into Fortnite and went into the item shop but my friend Carragh joined my party. I said I’d come out later. I secretly got Skull Trooper on Mam’s credit card. Boy was she mad . I got grounded for 2 weeks and never went out with Carragh.