100 w/c – Matthew

A long time ago, when a clock was not invented yet. It was well before God and Jesus. This is The Stone Age. Where people went to eat bears,snakes,elks and much more, people keep on saying that it’s a cycle, the same thing happens everyday. It’s not like the Playstation needs an update. Eventually, my annoying little brother squeals “Mom, the bear ate the food” and actually he was meant to take care of the food, so they put me as the person who looks after the food. My face turned as red as a tomato. I was never as sad in my little stone age life.

The Lucky Snake Attack – Matthew

In the beginning of 1567 once lived two very special people. They were hte king and queen,they loved going outside to do adventures and much more.
Suddenly the king and queen went outside for an adventure, surprisingly they saw a snake, the king said “Stay back its a Rattle snake.” “If the Rattle snake shakes its rattle, run”. The queen didn’t hear a thing, so when the rattle snake rattled its rattle the king ran, the queen stayed there. Luckily, A man jumped in front of the snake and calmed it down.

100 w/c – Matthew

One Sunny sunday, once lived a monkey called Wes.
He also had an online friend called Stan.
They used to always play on their computers. They used to play games like Roblox, Minecraft and much more.
Eventually, they both got hacked, they were as sad as a baby who didn’t eat in week. They told everyone who could help, but none of them could. Sitting down on the couch Wes realised, that Stan lives all the way in New Zealand. Wes flung his computer off his dirty desk. And they never ever saw each other.

100 w/c- Matthew

One lovely night in England, there was a lovely lady called Ava. Going to bed at 10 PM she saw a mouse, but she didn’t really care. She woke up the next morning. Her mammy was downstairs making her a sandwich, out of white bread, cheese, and ham.  Ava got dressed and then she went downstairs. It was already 10:15. Eventually she hurried to school, because she was really late. At the top of the lane she saw her school. Sitting down her teacher said, “Why are you so late Ava? You’re supposed to come here at 10 o’clock!,not half past 10! Go to the principal’s office! NOW!”

And at that moment she knew she was in big trouble. Sitting down the principal started talking straight away,she did not really care what she was saying.  Staring at the batteries the principal started to shout as loud as a lion. She finally got out of the room.  Ava started to think in her head. I never knew that the principal was that energetic.

100 w/c – Matthew

A long time ago, in Madrid, there was a little girl called Mari. She was a really nice and polite girl. It was her birthday on March the 13th, and it was 2 days before her birthday.
Mari and her mam went shopping, for some milk and bread, well that’s what her mam said. She actually bought a fairy birthday cake and a game on her PS4. While her dad came home early from work and while they were out shopping he went to a different store, and he bought her a tricycle. Mari always wanted a tricycle. dad went in his car and texted her mam “but where would we hide it all?”. Then they all came home, and 2 days later they gave the birthday presents to Mari, and Mari called it the best birthday of her life.

100 w/c – Matthew

One rainy evening, there was a happy couple, and their names were Shayne and Allesia. They were always happy, until Shayne got a hamster to himself. Allesia always wanted a hamster, but Shayne will never give the hamster to Allesia. Which kinda made Allesia sad, and then she started to remember the moment when her mam died. When her mam used to be mean to her. And then that caused into a break-up. Then Allesia booked a flight to England, were her dad lives. The plane crashed and she died. While Shayne jumped of the roof of his house and died, the area around his house was filled, babies crying, people getting shocked, it was horrible. Then a man was taking a photo to show to the police, and Shaynes soul went up to the camera.

100 w/c – Matthew

It was Friday the 13th when we saw a man in this river. It has been said that a guy in a hockey mask and a machete has cut his neck off and he threw him in to the river. The person in the river was a farmer in Dublin. He was forty-six years old and he had a wife and two kids named Lilly and Lee. The person with the hockey mask, his name was Jason, he slammed the poor farmer off the tree, slit his neck and threw him into the river.

100 w/c – Matthew

I mostly play on it. I have night zookeeper on it. My dad gave it to me, and its bigger than an tablet and smaller than a TV. We have it in school and we’re allowed to play on it when our work is finished. You need three things so you can use this, a monitor, keyboard and a mouse and you can use headphones or earphones. There are a lot of words and numbers on the keyboard and 2 buttons on the mouse and one thing that you scroll you can put disks in this, and the thing can be different brands and keyboard.

100 w/c – Matthew

A long time ago in Paris there was a really famous museum. It was called the Louvre. It was a lovely place. They had a lot dinosaurs bones. One day a robber came inside and stole the dinosaurs bones. It was 3AM at that time. He stole the bones and replaced them with dog bones. They were funny looking. And the dogs were wearing glasses. The robber ran out. Suddenly he went into his van. But before he did ,he met the police. So the police arrested the robber for 2 years and got the bones back and put every single one in the right place. And that is why you should not try to steal something.

Gambling – by Matthew

A long time ago in San Francisco two people called Professor Max and Daniel were both at the casino. They were about to start playing poker with two other people so they stared the game. The lights went purple. They didn’t see anything. Max got the money and ran. He ran out of the casino, Daniel and the other two guys were running after him. Dan twisted his leg and fell. It was a mystery for Dan and the other two how did it happen? Dan got back up got his pet crocodile and start to look after him. It was difficult. But they found him and got the money back.

100 w/c Matthew

One sunny day Jake went over to Brittney’s house, and they started watching the news, and then this is what they heard, “A whole group of pirates are searching for Jake Fodgey and Brittney Holland as they sneaked into their base.”

“Wow! we never sneaked into their base we better move on” said Brittney, “So what lies ahead of us”? said Brittney.

“I don’t know, we better move somewhere safe” said Jake.

“Where? like the jungle island”? said Brittney

“No not the jungle, but we are going to the island.”

So they went to the island on an airplane, and no one ever found them.