Fearlesss by Luke

I have never seen anything frightening before.  I think that is bad so everyone tries scaring me. One day I kicked a rock across a lake and it flew all the way across , hit someone and they yelled at me, so I ran. Then I saw a balloon in the distance and then it disappeared. Then I got scared. Out came my friend with a balloon and I asked him where did he get it from and he said he got it from a brown bike. That was when I realised that this was an attempt to frighten me.

The Stolen Phone by Luke

This morning my sister walked into my room. I told her to go away. Then she said I took her phone. I said I didn’t take it. “But then where did it go?” she shouted at me. She thought I took her phone and hid it. Then she told our mam I took her phone and I had to tell her where it is. Then our little brother came in and said dad took it to his office because she is always on it. Then I went back upstairs and thanked him for helping me out there, then he told me he hid it.

The New Bike by Luke

I was desperate for a new bicycle. My mam and dad said my bike is fine. Then my brother got a yellow bike for his birthday. I felt so annoyed that he got one and I didn’t. So I warned him to not ride his bike. He didn’t believe me and said that I was mean. My mam told him to let me have a go. My brother said no greedily. Then my mam went and banned him from the Playstation for two weeks and said that I could play the Playstation by myself. Then for my birthday I will get a bike.

The Roman Tree by Luke

The Roman empire sent a man to go and invade Ireland and check the country for any threats to the Roman army. One day he came across a village. He went into the village to get some supplies then someone noticed he was from Rome so they chased him out of the town into the forest. He ran deep into the forest but then he stopped because he came across a hut. He knocked on the door. A celtic witch came out and chased him on her broom. She ended up catching him and turned him into a tree forever.

Spider Queen by Luke

One night Batman was chasing Joker throughout Gotham, when he finally caught him a random person appeared. They looked absurd and dangerous. “I am Spider Queen the most dangerous person in Gotham,” she said. Then she escaped and took Joker with her. “What do you want with me?” Asked Joker. “I want you to blow up Wayne Industries for me,” she answered. “Ok I wanted to blow it up anyway,” Joker answered. Before they blew it up. Batman caught them both but then Spider Queen webbed him! Superman then swooped down and freed batman and sent them to Arkham Asylum in Gotham.

No Memory by Luke

Knock knock went the door. I was going to my friends house. “Hi jack,” Liam said. “Come on up to my room I finally got my Xbox moved up here.’ So we played the Xbox for a while, we built a giant house in Minecraft. Then we went downstairs for some food. Then I got dizzy and passed out. When I woke up the first thing I said was where am I and why am I in a weird thing because I didn’t remember putting it on then Liam told me I passed out and I went to the hospital.

Poison Immune by Luke

I’m going on a walk to get some hot chocolate. “Can I have a hot chocolate with marshmallows please,” he asked. “Yeah here you go,” said the waiter. “Thank you,” I said. I started to walk home with my hot chocolate. When I got home I felt Ill. “Doctor he felt really ill I checked he had no temperature,” my mam said worryingly. The next day we went the hospital. When we got there the doctor said that I had lots of arsenic in my body but then the doctor said I was immune to poison so I’m safe.

The Next Generation by Luke

“Welcome to the future, but with my ‘next gen tech’ it will be the past!” exclaimed Samuel White.

” This is the doodler, it takes you back in time,” he said.

“With the doodler you can go back to when people lived in castles and leaves battlefields with heads!” he yelled.

“The way to turn it on is very crafty, you start rolling this knob and push this button and voila it is done!” he said to the crowd.

“You know what? I am going to be a cave man, bye!” he yelled out to the world.

Boom! The whole world was destroyed, it wasn’t ready for time travel.

Lego Man Beach by Luke

Hi I am Dan,” said Dan.

“I am a legoman” said Dan.

“I eat cats and dogs for fun sometimes” said Dan to his friend.

“Why do you eat cats and dogs?” Asked his friend.

“I eat them because my owner makes me!” Dan replied.

Dan and his friend went to the lego beach they saw tons of cool stuff. Like Batman and Iron man sunbathing. Captain America and Spiderman using caps shield as a frisbee, if only it was a bit smaller though it would work better. My friend and I went to play football with Thor, Shark man, Scarecrow dude and Superman. It was lots of fun.

The Planet by Luke

The astronauts have been training for weeks to go to the planet.

“I am delighted we are going now,” said the captain when they were getting on to the ship.

“So am I,” said the medical officer.

“We are here,” said the pilot.

Yay!” said everyone. They saw huge bees, they hastily ran past them into the station. When they got in it was pitch black.

“I think I should go and turn back on the lights,” said the engineer. The lights were on. There were people knocked out! The astronauts realised that the bees did it so they woke them up and escaped hastily.

Scooter Chaos by Luke

Today is the day I can finally go to Fluffy Park to the hover scooter contests. I met my friends at the entrance. When I went in my friend Red said there is concrete spikes coming up from the ground. Then I got in and there were no other competitors!! Me and my friends danced because I won by default. Now I am going home with my trophy, then bang! My class bully is here to take my trophy in his robot suit! I pushed a button on my scooter to transform into a mech and told him to go home, so he did.

Dinosaur Crazy by Luke

“Welcome to dinosaur island. Here you will see dinosaurs. If they escape Dino Hunter Liam will catch them, have fun and you are the first people here,” said the intercom.

“Hello I am Ryan,” said the park employee. ‘Nnnnnnnnnn’ went the sirens. ”The dinosaurs have escaped, I repeat the dinosaurs escaped, this is not a drill!” said the intercom.

I ran for my life. The employee said, ‘I can’t go into the dinosaur cage.’ But I had to see what was inside plus there were no dinosaurs in it. ‘Roar’, there was an invisible velociraptor pack and I was locked in with them…

The Cannon Men by Luke

They were aiming the cannon at the monstrosity of a viking longboat, it was like it was from the future, because it was. They shot cannon ball after cannon ball but it did nothing. Then there was a pop in the room “You’re coming to the year 6060 with me” said sentinel 1259. Then there was another pop “No they’re not sentinel” said a person from where the pop was. “Oh no Lucas laser-lion” said the sentinel. “Yeah I am” replied Lucas then he shot the sentinel. “OK now shoot this E.M.B out of your cannon at the ship,” said Lucas. The ship blew-up.

Supa Sonic by Luke

Sonic was darting through Green Hills. “I will catch you, you prickly menace” yelled Eggman “No you won’t egg head” said Sonic before he ran home ” Tails I am back ” said Sonic Beep beep beep the house was eerie. ” Tails come out you’re annoying me” said Sonic ran around the house ” ow! ” said Sonic he had a bruised leg. Tails’s invisible violin tv was in front of him “That is what was doing the beeping” said sonic bshhhip it turned on ” Sonic please come and help Eggman kidnapped me ” said the tv. Boom Sonic ran into Eggman’s base and grabbed tails and left. Sonic had walked for a week.

Horrorish Bale by Luke

o Bob left the house to deliver the food he grew. On his way to the last house he got distracted by a giant hay bale then he crashed into it! Now he was stuck head first in a hay bale trying to call for help but not heard so he tried to jump up and down. Then the hay bale started to roll. It rolled all the way to the house he bopped into the house and then the owner opened the door and gasped. “Bob are you ok ?” she asked he didn’t answer because he suffocated to death.