Magical Lion – by Luke

There once was a magical lion that had wings,and had long teeth.He was really good at swimming and smelled like fish. He lived with four other lions in a cave beside a pink lake.He loved to eat plants and meat.He was the oldest of the pack so he was the leader. His wings were useful because he lived on a mountain and when the baby lions fell off it he spread his wings and flew down and saved them. He was the king, he was a great parent and most of all he was happy.

A Grave Encounter – by Luke

Out on a walk with my friend, it was very misty and foggy.  As we walked we heard a weird noise, it sounded like a dog crying. I shouted out, but nothing answered. We came across a crimson gate that went into a grave yard. We went in to see where the noise was coming from. As I walked along , my friend was a little behind me, I jumped out from behind a grave and screamed! He frantically jumped and then ran out of the grave yard. I start laughing. When I was walking home I saw him and we laughed together.

100 w/c – Luke

Three boys found an empty building and decided to go in. The boys made their way up the stairs, they got to the fifth floor but then they heard noises. One of the boys said he saw someone and although they ran quickly they were not making enough progress. The noise was getting closer and closer, they just wanted to get out. Then they heard the voices  and they were scared. They ran down to the bottom floor and got grabbed by the security guards. The noises and sounds they heard was the security guards looking for them. The security guards threw them out and told them never to come back. The boys were happy it was over!

The Good Rabbit – Luke

There was a little rabbit crossing a field when he saw a shiny egg, it started to crack and a yellow tiny chick came out of the egg. He thought to himself the yellow chick was very thin and needed food but the rabbit knew he had to find its mother. They walked around for ages but could not find the mother , he felt hopeless . Just then, he heard cries from a duck. She told him she lost an egg. The rabbit showed her the yellow chick and she knew it was her baby. She thanked the rabbit and went back to the pond. Everybody was happy.

A Day In the Park – Luke

I was walking along with my dog in the park, when suddenly I noticed there was a giant cup in the middle of the park. I could stand in it, but I did not know how it got there. All of a sudden there was a loud crying sound. I followed the sound and met a big friendly giant. He was upset because he lost his cup and wanted to go home.  I showed him were his tea cup was. He said it was a magic cup. He said when he drinks from it he can go straight home!

He vanished and me and my dog went home.

The Day Dream – Luke

I was sitting day dreaming ,I was in a big building, I was working away when all of a sudden my boss had to go to the other side of the building . I stood up and told the staff lets go print the paper, type the story’s keep going then one of the workers start messing I told him to get out your fired, as I like to get the news out on time so I kept the work going, then there was a big bang I jumped up and it was my boss smacking the table to wake me and I thought , what if I was in charge I would be a good boss.

100 w/c – Luke

One day myself, mam and dad went out for a walk we decided to go along the coast, On one side there was the sea and beach and the other side there were  shops and markets.We went walking along and saw this beautiful restaurant. My dad saw the price of the food and thought it was too much but then he looked at my mam and said ‘let’s eat here’. My dad asked me what I would like. I said ‘fresh cod’ then he said ‘so will I’. My mam said ‘ I will have ham and turkey, then we all laughed because we were made of stone.

100 w/c – Luke

One day me and my friends went out for a cycle on our bikes,. I had a beautiful red bike it’s my favourite bike ever. My mam said be back at 6 o’clock, so I looked up at the clock and we cycled to the park. We went down the hill, at the bottom of the hill there was a snake . One of my friends said we better get some help before someone gets hurt so we rang the police and they came and took the snake. I went home and told my mam about the snake and the police.

100 w/c – Luke

There was a witch who lived in the woods and there was a man who cut trees down. The Witch was not happy with him. One day she approached him and asked him to stop, but he said if he didn’t cut the tree down it would be like loosing a hand. He went to bed and woke up as a giant hand with a face on it. People tried to help him but they could not help no matter what they did. One day he went back to the woods and planted lots of trees and so the witch forgave him and turned him back to normal.

In The Beginning- by Luke

In the beginning of time there was Dinosaurs and there was primate hunters called Lukus and Kaya who went looking for food in the forest. They headed down by the river and came across a injured Stegosaurus they were going to kill it but Lukus thought it would be better to help it so they did, as time went on they were all friends. The dinosaur protected the men and they protected the dinosaur and they helped other injured dinosaurs and there pack got bigger and bigger and they were all very happy. That is how animals and humans live together today.

100 w/c – Luke

Slowly but loudly a class was working in the jungle. There was a teacher called Mr Monkey Nut. He gets angry very fast. His worst students are Luke,Ben, Cillan and Myles. Mr Monkey Nut was teaching the class when Luke,Ben,Cillan and Myles started talking about how Mr Monkey Nut is so angry.Mr Monkey Nut told them to stop or they would be sent to the office again. But they started messing again. Mr Monkey Nut said ‘ I am done!’ He flung the laptop and said back to class and the bold boys were sent to the office. The next day everybody was good.

100 w/c Luke

My Fighting plane crashed in to another plane and landed in the forest. Luckily we survived because we landed in water. We yelled hoping that someone would hear us. Suddenly a tiger jumped out from a bush. We ran into a cave.”Did we lose him?”mumbled my partner.

“I think so”I said.

I had a can of beans and took it out and shared it. Then we heard a plane above us,we ran to it but the tiger was blocking our escape. The tiger jumped over us and started to fight another tiger,that was our chance to escape.

100 w/c – Luke

Walking along to school on the side of the road Jack decided to stop off at his dad’s workshop.He saw his dad’s lunch box and decided to play a trick on him.  He opened his white sandwich and put a battery inside it while his dad was busy. His dad hurried in because he was so hungry and gobbled the whole sandwich in one bite. A few minutes later he started to hop around left right and centre he was so energetic and talking so fast Jack couldn’t understand him. He said goodbye and when he got home his dad was there and had the whole house clean and dinner on the table!

100 w/c -Luke

There once was a boy called James,in the night he snuck out of his bedroom window,he ran down the road and knocked on Sammy and Bobby’s door and they all headed to the park yet they didn’t know it was abandoned.They went in and saw a statue it was moving every time they were not looking.When they finally noticed they were scared and started to run away,they ran over to the owner Mr Smith and brought him to the park to show him the statue but it was back in its normal place,Mr Smith laughed and said they were mad.

100 w/c – Luke

One day there was two silly robbers planing to rob the bank.One of the men said but where would we hide all the money then the other man replied in the bank of course but wouldn’t that be silly? So he explained his plan to the man and he liked his idea,he cut a wall in one of the ceilings and placed the money in it he then stuck a picture over it so it would not be seen.The alarm went of and the robbers ran out one ran into a pole with the panic the other man tripped up over his own feet so they were both caught red handed and arrested.

100 w/c – by Luke

One day my dad brought me to the city.We booked a hotel then we went for a walk around the city,there was loads of people the buildings were huge we went to the shopping centre. I was so busy looking around I lost my dad I panicked then I started to run back but I couldn’t see him any where. I checked the shops and I saw a police man so I went over to him and told him I was lost,he asked me my name and asked me my dads name and what he looked like it wasn’t long before I was back with my dad.

100 w/c – Luke

Yesterday was Monday, there was a hurricane heading towards the west of Ireland. It is the first storm to hit us in 300 years. Schools where closed and some jobs too. Now the hurricane was over and the police were helping people, the trees fell down and the roads were flooded. Houses were damaged and had no power also some cars were damaged t0o, because of this three people died. People were told to stay indoors for their own safety but some people did not listen and went swimming. A man was pulled from a river with his wellies on and got in trouble. People were happy it was over.

100 w/c – Luke

I go on this everyday,it has two wheels,a seat,handle bars breaks,spokes,pegs and peddles . I go on it I wear a helmet.I love to go on it in the skate park. I cycle with my friends and we go up and down the ramps to see who can do the biggest jump.You have to peddle to move and when you want to stop you have to pull the break.You can get them in different colours, mine is green and silver.Today I came to school on mine I love it very much.

The Home Alone Dog by Luke

There once was a dog that got left alone a lot. There was not a lot for him to do only watch television all day long. His favourite program was Doggy Doo, he would sit and watch it all day long. After a while he started walking in to things,his owners noticed this and brought him to the vet.The vet said he was watching to much television , he brought him in to another room to test his eyes they were gone for a while then the door opened slowly out they came and the dog was wearing glasses.

Mr. Professor Twisted – Luke

There once was a professor that lived in an underground lab.They call him Mr Professor Twisted because of his twisted ways.He created thousands of creations but his most difficult one was the Purple crocodile because everything he needed was outside. He hated going outside because he’s allergic to the sun.So he created the black shadow so when he went outside he followed the shadow to protect him from the sun.He got the things he needed and went back to the lab where he began creating the Purple crocodile which was a great success and they both lived in the lab for many years.

The Stolen Candy – by Luke

There was a candy store on the corner of a street. One night the owner heard a big bang, he jumped out of bed and ran down to see what it was. He walked into the shop and noticed the bulb smashed all over the floor. There were two tiny men holding two pieces of candy above their heads. He chased them but they ran into a tiny hole in the wall. The next night he set a mouse trap to catch them. He got up that morning, but it didn’t work the tiny men were standing there. They made a deal with him not to tell anyone about them and they wouldn’t steal anymore candy. They lived happily ever after.

The Desert of Kingril (100 w/c by Luke)

In the desert there was a camp. There was a king and one day he went to the temple and robbed the jewel of the forest. When he left the desert, a wall, trees, grass and water appeared. When it was night, animals appeared. Kingril was loved by all the people for getting rid of the dry desert. His favourite pet was Florence the Flamingo. Kingril named it the Night Zoo. But one morning the king disappeared, no one could find him. Years went by and no one knows what happened to Kingril only Kingril new what happened. He woke up and he was in the desert. It was his punishment for robbing the jewel of the forest from the temple. So what lies ahead of him??