The Wild West Gun Fight by Luke

I was walking on the path sweating buckets. My horse had abandoned me. I came up to a town. I nervously walked into the pub. A man who looked like a cabbage farmer asked me what I would like. Before I could answer someone interrupted me. He had grey thin hair and was really tall. He punched me in the stomach and asked for a gun fight. I agreed. I put a round of bullets in my gun and went outside. I got ready to shoot him. I pulled my gun and with a loud bang I shot him and I then won.

Arena Fight by Luke

I entered the armoury of the arena. I got prepared for the fight. The arena was flooded for the fight so I had to think of a strategy. I grab an ice stick to freeze the water, flippers to swim, a snorkel and a dummy to distract him in the fight. The fight started and I rapidly swam to the top I froze the ice quickly. Then I got pushed onto the ice for so long that the heat was unbearable, so I shoved them away so I could get up. I unfroze the ice pushed them in froze it and the let me win.

Amazing Art by Luke

On the school tour at the crazy art exhibition everyone had fun. Harry liked the egg made of toys. Larry liked the cup made of tuna. Sarah liked the frozen apple. The coolest thing that everyone liked was the plastic object that looked like an iron. It was silver and standing straight up. When we left we saw someone running away from it and it started to fall over. The next day the museum tried to find them and arrest them. Eventually they got caught and had 3 months in jail. It was the best school tour I have ever been on.

Board Games by Luke

For all my life I have liked board games. My favourite board games are monopoly, Jenga, connect four, Operation and the best is hungry hungry hippos. Whenever I play it I win with my lucky hippo it is pink. One day my brother was losing miserably and then he knocked the hungry hippo game on the concrete. The game broke. I knew it was an accident so we went inside and got monopoly when we were playing my brother got really lucky and was revolving around the board. Every ten minutes he would just jump past me and that’s why I like board games.

Self Hugs by Luke

In the forest school of trees all the students didn’t like one student. Their branches were off , some were low hanging and others were snapped. Their name was Willow they had one friend, Oak. They were in the yard one day and Birch, Sycamore and Rowan were Bullying Willow like usual so Willow ran out the gate. Then a lumberjack came out of nowhere and cut Willow down. From then on a new tree has been growing, remembering Willow and which are giving themselves hugs all day everyday remembering their mistakes forever, to never not stand up for yourself.

The Strange Sushi by Luke

I was out with my friends and we were going to a Japanese restaurant. We went inside once we got there. When we were ordering our food we all decided to get Octopus sushi. When we got it the pieces of sushi were connected by a white piece of seaweed through the middle. We all pushed the pieces together and the octopus came to life. Right then the guy playing the piano sped up. When the octopus heard it they started springing up and down. Me and my friends ran to the chef to turn it back to food but he is the octopus

Creepy Cavern by Luke

It is early winter and I decide to go on a walk through the park. I tripped while walking and saw a key, I decided to pick it up as I picked it up the ground fell around me dragging in me, an old man, a young girl, a old lady and a stray dog. We called for help but nobody heard us. The girl noticed a cave and we walked into it. We go to the end and there was a narrow path at the end there was a chest. I sprinted through to get to the end but the old man pushed me out of the way and I fell…

French Falls by Luke

It was New York 1982. I was an explorer and I found out about a new waterfall. I had to discover it so I could call it France. Yeah, my dream is to name a waterfall after a country. I took a taxi to the airport. I went to the amazon rainforest. I was really excited to get there. When I got there, there was a problem: the water was yellow. We have to change the colour to white, red and blue so it is like France. We got tons of cases of food colouring when we dropped it all and it heavily hit the water.

The Random House by Luke

It is January first and John walked outside to go on a walk. On the walk he went past the graveyard. He saw a house pop up at the end of it and then sprinted home. The next day he went to school. There was a new girl her name was Sam. He thought there was something off about her. She said she lives near the graveyard. I knew it she lives in that house that popped up out of nowhere. The second school ended I sprinted to the house. I walked in and asked what is going on she is a witch.

Climate Change by Luke

Mathew: Hello welcome to the news my name is Matthew Aroons. Today we are having a talk with the Italian climate change expert Macsi Twistelo.

Macsi: Hello everyone, thank you for letting me on the show. Do you have any questions Matthew?

Mathew: Yes I have quite a few actually. First is there any chance we can reverse the effects of climate change?

Macsi: Yes, we can but not all of it. We can’t fix ice caps melting but everything else can be fixed.

Mathew: I am sorry that we have no time left. Thank you for your time goodbye Macsi.C

Bad Planet by Luke

It was a hot summer. The ice caps were barely still around and couldn’t be saved anymore. The ocean is up to the end of the beach. We can’t go to the beach anymore. The ice caps melting has had a bad effect on the planet. Polar bears are on the brink of extinction so they were moved to cold parts in Russia and Canada. But they have not adapted to their new environment and are angry so they have gotten really dangerous. It is too bad we can’t change anything about climate but if we could I would do everything to stop it.

Climate Change by Luke

Climate change is bad for the environment but does it make a difference to me? Well it’s getting hotter and makes the summers feels like I am on fire. If it snows in the winter it snows even more. I also have more fun plus I get to have hot chocolate on really cold days. With autumn and spring though nothing changes making it boring. Even though hurricanes causes an awful lot more damage there are a few good parts but a lot more bad parts. So that’s my opinion on Climate Chang so we should all try to fix it and help the earth.

Transport by Luke

When my family were getting ready for our holidays we were talking about forms of transport to get there. My brother was saying going by plane is best. It is the fastest way but it is bad for the environment because of the petrol fumes. My mam said to go on boat but my dad said he gets sea sick. We decided all forms of transport were bad like going on a motorbike,train, and bus so we will never go long distance because it is bad and should be banned but then if we couldn’t use transport it would be bad.

No Sun by Luke

It was 2009. I was in prison at the time in China. Looking outside the prison, my cellmate saw a factory pumping out smoke. He got annoyed saying if this keeps happening the world will get worse. When we got out of prison two years later. We started to work in a factory until 2019. We then were fired because the factory was shut down. All beacause of climate change. When we left we realised why we have never seen the sun before leaving the factory. We went home to my house. We decided we need to stop climate change and do whatever we can.

The Dangerous Desert by Luke

We were zooming through the desert. It was really hot that day, it was because of global warming. When we got to the town by the oasis my brother and I went into Red’s shop and bought some food to bring home. We left the town while the people were urgent to get inside before the colossus came and took them. The colossus takes people and brings them to a bad king and he makes the work in his factory’s for his chocolate industry to end earth. It turned to night and my brother and I were afraid, there was a colossus army we had to evacuate the desert.

The End of Earth by Luke

It was a bad day for the world we found out that only one hundred people from each country can leave earth . A meteor will strike earth and we only have fourteen hours left on earth. The spaceships will leave in four hours.The rockets will leave in ten minutes. Right before the rockets left. A fierce flame had ignited in Australia and blew up the Australian ship causing the biggest fire in history. The second the rockets launched colossal fires started. All of America and South America was ablaze. There was darkness in the sky it was the darkest day in history.

Bad Day by Luke

The scientist was in the lab watching space. Then she noticed that the sun was growing bigger. She did maths to find out how long it would take and it was twenty four hours until the earth is gone. Then she went to the news station and told the world that the Earth is getting hot and will burn because of global warming in one day. Everyone started to get overwhelmed. Earth will never be green again. The human species will be gone forever. But there are spaceships being built to take 100 humans from each country including the president. See you when we find a new planet.

Upside Down Town by Luke

I was walking past the stairs to the Upside Down. When I looked up I noticed something I never saw it looked like a pair of glasses with a pinkish tint and feathers that are platforms. I went up to see what it was like. It was really nice. Then a disaster struck and I got pushed off I fell for 10 minutes. Luckily the builders built it over the ocean so I landed in it. I luckily survived. I swam back to the shore and went home. Then on the news they were saying something is on the loose escaped from Sticky City…

The River by Luke

We were playing tag in the massive forest. I was running until I tripped and fell down the hill into the river. “Come down here,” I shouted. “Ew what’s that smell?” Harry yelled. “You’ll have to come down to find out,” I replied hastily. “Right we are coming down,” said John. It was a river that dried out. “I have never seen the river bed so dry before” said my brother. “I haven’t either,” Adam said. “It’s from global warming,” Harry answered. “I wonder why they don’t teach us that in school,” said Harry. “Think they should,” replied my brother.

The Odd Ball by Luke

When I got to the president’s house I was shown to my room, it was colossal. I went to the office and talked to the president. He said “there is something he wants to show you.” When we got there I saw an odd ball. I asked “what is it” The president said it was a ball made of clay that modifies into the shape of anyone that touches it. So I touched and it turned into me. “Ah!” I screamed. “That’s not what I wanted to show you,” the president said. Then a crash came from the other room. “Run!”yelled the president…

The Magic Dice by Luke

When I woke up this morning I looked to the calendar it was the 21st of August. Which meant it was the day I roll the white dice. If I roll a one or two I live in the trees. If I roll three or four I live in the middle class. If I roll a five I get to the rich class but a minuscule amount of people get there though. If I roll a six I get to live with the president of Sticky City, no one has. It is my turn to roll. I got a six, I never will be washing my clothes again…

The Magical Paper by Luke

One day I was walking home from school. An old man walked up to me and said here is a magical piece of paper. That whatever you write on it comes true. So when I got home I thought so, what should I write on this page? I decided on writing me with super powers but it didn’t come true so I thought it was fake but then I shot lasers from my eyes! Then I wrote I am going to the moon. I was then on the moon. I could breathe somehow. Now I live on the moon.

Portal Madness by Luke

I was on a walk this morning and when I was passing the library. There was a giant whoosh and then a portal opened. There was something there. “Which way to the shops?” It panted. Then I recognised the voice it was my brother. I asked him what happened. He said a portal opened and he started falling in a different planet on his way to the shop. He had a bad day and he said I still have to get to the shop to get everything for our mam. We went to the shop and got everything we needed.

Blackout by Luke

I was walking down the street of New York. Then there was a flash of light then darkness. It was a blackout I thought so I went home. I turned on my backup generator and turned on the news they said that a car crashed into the city’s main power grid and blew a fuse then they said that there were people robbing the banks and people’s homes then my neighbor had a knock at his door. I looked out my front window and saw people with guns so I called the police station. They came really quickly and arrested them turns out they caused the blackout.

The Great Food War by Luke

How the carrot kingdom fell. It was the beginning of the food wars. The steaks took the first strike on the peas nearly wiping them out straight away. Then the mushrooms struck the carrots. But then cause arose the wrinkled prunes came. They made a rule that they can’t take out a nation. There was a new nation coming into the war at nightfall the chocolate cake. They came from across the sink with there oars of sprinkles. They went to the carrots in need of allies but they were shut down so they wiped all the carrots out breaking the rule and we’re forever on wistful.

Murder Yacht by Luke

This is the story on how I nearly died. “Hi everyone”, said the billionaire. “Let’s go below deck so I can sign the papers,” he said. We got down to the dining area for the company signing-over but then darkness enveloped the room and there was a loud gunshot. The lights then came back on and the billionaire’s son was dead. I said I wouldn’t mind finding who did it in the morning. In the morning there was a scream when I got there the actor had a knife in her back she said she didn’t see who did it. I had a theory on who did it…

New House by Luke

We are moving house, my sister doesn’t want to because she won’t see her boyfriend. Her and my parents had a debate on why they shouldn’t move to the new house. When we got there it was so bad there was a bin tipped over and paint flaking off the wall. We got a good house in the estate. Some houses were very small some had no garden, one house literally looked like it was on fire! The inside was not bad. We all got our own room and our dad had an office for his job. The move wasn’t too bad.

Wolf Hunter by Luke

They were heading through the dangerous forests of Peru looking for the alleged Green Wolf Pack. Meanwhile, the Green Wolf Pack was hunting their pre, The White Moon Owl. Then they all ran as they heard a loud sound. They saw a giant truck barging through the forest. They ran as fast as they could away, but one of them got shot! Then another, as it let out a pitiful howl. The rest ran and escaped to the river where their cave was. The hunters stopped. The wolves came out. The hunters were shocked at how they got attacked.

The School Tour by Luke

Today we went to the zoo on a school tour. On the bus my friend and I were talking about my new neighbour and that he has painted his house purple. When we got to the zoo there was a new baby elephant and I fed her some peanuts. Then we went to the monkeys and they threw their poo at the window! Then we went to see the orangutans and they were trying to teach them how to play the violin. Then we went to the zoo dining hall and had our lunch. Then we went back to school to go home.

100 w/c by Luke

This morning I went to school and there was a new kid and I was asked to show him around and be his friend so I did it. After school I met my friends and the new guy asked could he come. He hasn’t told us his name. We went to the abandoned house and threw Marmite at it. It was lots of fun. Then we gave a jar to the new kid. “No” he said “I like marmite.” Then he went home and the next day we were told that a boy called John said we threw Marmite at a house. The principal told us.