Dinosaur Crazy by Luke

“Welcome to dinosaur island. Here you will see dinosaurs. If they escape Dino Hunter Liam will catch them, have fun and you are the first people here,” said the intercom.

“Hello I am Ryan,” said the park employee. ‘Nnnnnnnnnn’ went the sirens. ”The dinosaurs have escaped, I repeat the dinosaurs escaped, this is not a drill!” said the intercom.

I ran for my life. The employee said, ‘I can’t go into the dinosaur cage.’ But I had to see what was inside plus there were no dinosaurs in it. ‘Roar’, there was an invisible velociraptor pack and I was locked in with them…

The Cannon Men by Luke

They were aiming the cannon at the monstrosity of a viking longboat, it was like it was from the future, because it was. They shot cannon ball after cannon ball but it did nothing. Then there was a pop in the room “You’re coming to the year 6060 with me” said sentinel 1259. Then there was another pop “No they’re not sentinel” said a person from where the pop was. “Oh no Lucas laser-lion” said the sentinel. “Yeah I am” replied Lucas then he shot the sentinel. “OK now shoot this E.M.B out of your cannon at the ship,” said Lucas. The ship blew-up.

Supa Sonic by Luke

Sonic was darting through Green Hills. “I will catch you, you prickly menace” yelled Eggman “No you won’t egg head” said Sonic before he ran home ” Tails I am back ” said Sonic Beep beep beep the house was eerie. ” Tails come out you’re annoying me” said Sonic ran around the house ” ow! ” said Sonic he had a bruised leg. Tails’s invisible violin tv was in front of him “That is what was doing the beeping” said sonic bshhhip it turned on ” Sonic please come and help Eggman kidnapped me ” said the tv. Boom Sonic ran into Eggman’s base and grabbed tails and left. Sonic had walked for a week.

Horrorish Bale by Luke

o Bob left the house to deliver the food he grew. On his way to the last house he got distracted by a giant hay bale then he crashed into it! Now he was stuck head first in a hay bale trying to call for help but not heard so he tried to jump up and down. Then the hay bale started to roll. It rolled all the way to the house he bopped into the house and then the owner opened the door and gasped. “Bob are you ok ?” she asked he didn’t answer because he suffocated to death.