The Cave by Leon

One day on Mt Ebott…

“Dan, you said we would just look at the cave,” said Frisk.

“I lied,” he replied with a blank expression on his face.

“I’m getting nervous, because well I’m not a big fan of the dark you kno…”whispered Frisk

“Come on let’s keep moving for another few minutes and then we can go back OK?? Why are you not answering,” he said.

Dan looked around, then he realised that Frisk was gone. He looked around and then he realised that there was a very big hole in the ground where they just passed, he sprinted to the hole and looked down, there she was, hanging from the edge.

“Hold on Frisk.”

I’m trying to hold on,” she shouted …

Shopping by Leon

Today me and my family were planning to go to the new shopping center down the street . It was Saturday so all the shops should be open, we were supposed to meet up with all my friends, BUT when me and my friends met and came into the shop guess what happend… although it was Saturday nothing was opened, NOTHING was open!!!! Me and my friends were devastated. We were supposed to have a very good time time but it was ruined by, well , who knows. So there we were walking back home all sad. When I came home my Mam asked me how was it. “Wellllllll,” I started.

A Dream by Leon

Yesterday I had the strangest dream, it all started like this… I woke up in my bed, got up, got dressed and then as always went to wake up my Mam and Dad. BUT, they weren’t there!!! I thought to myself maybe they went shopping?  I went outside because the shop was only around the corner. Suddenly a dog came running to me , ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted. I was so flabbergasted that I just stood there. ‘Excuse me, earth to person!’ I still didn’t say anything. Then suddenly I woke up, panting like the dog.

Art Exhibition by Leon

Today I went to the Art Exhibition !!! It was a surprisingly wonderful day and in my head I was like: Horreyyyy!!! I can finally go outside. But my mam was like: Lets go to the Happy Violin, and we’re going there because I hate you. She didn’t say the last part. It was as boring as it was the hundreds of other times we were there we, painted our own Monalisa with our own face on it, met the only purple elephant. Then after what seemed hours we got home. Yaayyy. I was so happy that I didn’t even go outside.

Marmite Factory by Leon

‘Ok class, today for our school trip…..,’ started the teacher.

‘Horray!!!!’ shouted the class.

‘I didn’t even finish my sentence.’

‘But we are all happy beacouse we will miss work.’

‘Okayyyy, but anyway, we are going to the marmite factory!!!!!!’


‘Hurray,’ said one boy.

The whole class stared at him.

‘Wouldn’t you rather go to the Dead Zoo??!!!’

“No,” he said, “I like marmite.”

‘Anyway, we are going to the factory if you like it or not,’ interupted the teacher.

A little while later in the factory…

‘I love this place, it really smells nice.’

‘It sure does, but I wonder why I have to cover my nose!?!?’

Bob The Hitman by Leon

The price was very very high so he accepted it without even knowing what he had to do.

“What do I have to do for you?” asked Bob.

“The only reason I am going to give you this much is because you have to steal the 100wc trophy, made from pure red rubies, from one of the most secure places in the world,” answered the man.

“I’ll do it.”

The next day he had all his gear ready so he set of. An hour later he was at the wall of the building. He was determined to get that 100wc trophy.

The Park Incident by Leon

Yesterday in the park the strangiest thing happened.  I was walking with my friend to the park and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the worst place possible, SCHOOL!!!! I started to panic because it was the middle of the summer holidays! Then from the desk all my friends in different colours came out. The orange one spoke first ‘Leon why haven’t you been online for 14 hours’ I started screaming. ‘Help I don’t want to be here.’ My teacher said ‘Leon no shouting in the class room.’ I thought to myself, What the hell is happening?!! Then I woke up in my bed.

The House by Leon

It was Halloween so Joe and Sophie went trick or treating. When they were coming back home they stopped.

“I’ve never seen this house before. I wonder how it got here?” said Joe

The house was old and broken and all those things.

“So you’re telling me now that there is a house THAT WE DIDN’T TRICK OR TREAT THERE?????!!!!!!! let’s go,” said Sophie.

But as soon as they rang the door bell they got sucked in tho the house AND all their candy disappeared.

”BUT WHERE DID IT GO?” she shouted.

“Let’s leg it, I think this is a haunted house!” said Joe.

So they legged it and never went trick or treating ever again.

How to Become a Fossil by Leon

This is a step by step obout How To Become a Fossil.

You will need:

1. Yourself

2. The sea

3. 4 friends

4. A piece of paper

5. A pen

Step 1: Write a letter to the future and tell them that there is a fossil in the sea close to the shore.

Step 2: Get 4 friends to come with you to the sea and tell them to trow you into the sea.

Step 3: Drown.

Step 4: Wait 66,000,000 years for someone to collect you from the sea.

They will fish you out and make you a statue.

100 w/c by Leon

So there I was running from the cops with €100,000,000 in the sack on my back. I got into my car and pressed the pedal, but it didn’t move at all. I tried and I tried but when it just wouldn’t take off it started to move. Before long I was already going 100 km/h when all of a sudden a weird school bus appeared in front of me. It had a giant rocket-booster on the sides and a laser-blaster on the roof. I tried pressing the brakes but it was too late, I crashed in to it. I heard a man saying something like, “Skeletor wrong place” and they disappeared. I was arrested and served 30 years in jail, all because of a bus.

Meeting with Time Travelling Tom by Leon

One day when I was riding my Bicycle to school The strangest thing happened, and it all began like this… I was having a race on our bike with my friend to school. I was Desperate to win Because I bet a whole €2, and of cores I was winning when soddenly I found myself in the stone age!?! Beside me was a 23 year old man standing beside a yellow school bus. He had black hair, He was tall and had a t-shirt saying GO TIME TRAVEL. Then suddenly he shouted, “Hey Kid what you doing here?” With a scared look on his face. Beside me there was a stash of cash so I greedily took as much as I could and shoved it in my pocket.” Hey don’t touch my money, I warn you!” He shouted back. I started running and I taught, why was I so greedy I should have ran. “I warned you kiddo,” I heard him shout. He started shooting some kind of pellet gun. I ran in a zig zag to dodge them. Then I finally made it though the portal thingy. I appeared at home finally home. I was safe. Finally.

A Surprise by Leon

Jack, John and Jill were walking down the steep edge of the canion. A few night ago they heard a bang or something like that so they decided to see what’s going on and they all had a feeling they would succeed it this time. When they got down they went to thier hiding spot behind a pumpkin patch. They waited and waited until…

Then everything stopped and It felt like being in a portal or something. Suddenly there was a loud “Bang” and who was it. It was Time Traveling Tom. But they didn’t know that. So they thought that someone berst out of the door and shot them with something and the next thing they know they were in bed remembering nothing.

The Bag by Leon

National History Museum London 1856… “Today is a big day. Today we have found the first real magical object!!!”

Big cheer from the crowd.

” This will be kept in the top security chamber in the basement.”

Three days later in an alleyway.  In a corner stood two men one talking to the other. “So you will get me that magical item and you get your pay right,” whispered one of the men.

“How much?”- said the other.

“Let’s say a million.”


The next night.

“GUYS WE’VE GOT A RUNNER!” shouted the guards. The man was running with the bag in his own bag. He jumped across a wall and another one, has he gotten away? BOOM. He gets hit with a school bus. Someone comes out of it… It’s Time-Travelling TOM. He takes the bag and goes back onto the bus. The guards come hurrying the next second but the bus and the man are gone.

The Restaurant by Leon

It is my birthday today and it’s already getting dark. So my family and I decided we’ll go to a restaurant. I was looking for a name that would inspire me. 15 minute later I found it, THE TWENTY FOOT GIRAFFE!!!!! So I asked my parents can we go there. They agreed and so we got handed our menu. The menu is rather weird, for example salted banana with what seemed be greasy brown… stuff. And sadly it was the most normal thing there so I piked it. Well all of us picked it. The only way I can describe it was salty.

The Haunted House by Leon

One day in Sattleville, Bob was getting ready for Halloween. At half six he went out trick or treating. He started going back to his house at around 8 o’clock when he saw a house that he hadn’t knocked on yet. “How strange I haven’t seen this housebefore,“said Bob to himself. So he walked over to the front door. The door looked old, dusty and broke down. He rang the door bell. The door creaked open. Suddenly it started to suck Bob in. “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” screamed Bob. He woke up in an old hall. “Welcome to ghost Hall!” said a voice.

Treasure Hunt by Leon

Atlantic Ocean September 6th 1962.

It was raining cats and dogs outside, the crew were sweeping the floors when they unexpectedly hit land.The captain looked outside and…

“Where in the name of God are we?”

The island looked like about 1000 ship wreckages smashed into each other.

“This must be the ship grave yard from the map the treasure must be somewhere here,”said a crew member.

The next day they set out for the hunt. It took all morning but when they finally found the chest. The captain opened it.

“It’s Empty What a surprise.” They looked and looked but they never found it.

Food Fight by Leon

The UK (United Kokonut) vs the USA (United Sausages of the Avocado). It started as just an argument of the Amazing Avocado and the Cool Kokonut. Some fruits say it’s all becouse of Mr. Kokonut that had demanded more kokonut trees and if he didn’t get them he would send his army with vinegar guns to melt down Amazing Avocado’s sausage army. Some also say that the Amazing Avocado screamed and shouted: “NO!! On weapon try outs the vinegar was too sharp and got banned. As soon as he said that an army jumped out and and melted every sausage in the room but the Amazing Avocado escaped and called war.

Birthday by Leon

It was my Mam’s birthday today and to be honest it was just a normal morning. I got up went over to the sitting room, got my book and went back to bed to read. It was my sister that came to me and reminded me it was my Mam’s birthday!!!! So when we opened the door to the sitting room we sang “happy birthday to you!” and to be honest it was completely out of tune. And gues what!? SHE HAD COMPLETLY FORGOTTEN THAT IT WAS HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!! She thanked us and was very happy that we remembered.

Egg Wars by Leon

A very very not long time ago on the pitch black planet of fringelandia an egg war broke out.

13 September 1999

“We need more chicken machines, they all ran out through some hole that broke yesterday evening when those stupid flamingos broke the power system. All the lights went flickering off, And when the power goes off all the egg canons went off, one hit me so I’ll probably have to get washed. I feel so bad, I hate getting washed, I just hate water. It’s just too wet.”

( Chicken machines are chickens that shoot eggs like
machine guns. )

Holidays by Leon

One day in China in the terracotta museum something very weird happened. The army woke up. IN COLOURS!!!!

“Hello Bob long time no see.” Said Joe

“Hello, Hello” He answered.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on some food…. AAAAAAAA my hands, they’re GONE!!!” screamed Joe.

Every body was missing a body part, some where even missing a head!! Everybody were very troubled. Most of them ran into the streets of China. All of them ran to the airport into some of the planes. They all went to different countries of the world Like Australia, Ireland and on and on.

Hello by Leon

Joe and Lizzy were in their sitting room watching TV when their friend Johnny came in.

“Hi guys”Said Johnny.




“Wha???? Who’s voice was that!!!!!!!!” shouted Joe.

Linda appeared beside the TV.

“WWWHHHAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!! I want to turn invisible Haw come she gets to turn invisible!!!!” Screamed Joe. Sadly he fell on to the floor and pretended to die.

“My sister gets what ever she wants” He mumbled.

Linda disappeared.

Lizzy disappeared too.


He stormed off to his room.

Johnny started watching the Simpsons.

Bubbles by Leon

Once in the land of Pink…

“Hey bubbles. How are you?” said one dog to another.

“Not too good, I have to write my 100 bark challenge today!” said Bubbles as he rushed home on his bicycle.

Bubbles was a well built Irish wolf hound with a very good speed record because some people say that when he gets fired up he’s like a bullet.

Bubble’s house was quite and felt empty.


“Finally my sweet *bone*. Have you done your 100 bark challenge?

“I was about to do it” he sat down and started.

*bone*= I used it instead of honey.

Fin MacCool by Leon

Irish War of Independence II against the English 2201.

Fin was in the headquarters of the Green and Yellows.

“I don’t think this will work out well,” he muttered into his mic.

“Look at all those Green and Yellows, they definitely won’t let us off with…”

AAAAAAA they’ve spotted us!!” screamed a voice.

“MAY DAY, MAY DAY, everyone get OUT!!!!!!!!!!”

In the distance he could hear super sonic shots being fired. ZZZZZZ ZZZZZZ!!

Before he knew what he was doing he ran out of his hiding spot and noticed that five Green and Yellows where on his tail. He ran out onto the morning day light.

The light blinded him.

He stopped running…

100 w/c Leon

“”Shepherd 1.0 here, we’ve got our first target,” Dominic whispered into his walkie-talkie.

“Any company with him?” replied a voice.

“Yes general Leon. Three. The ones we stumbled into five days ago,” Dominic replied.

“WHAT??!!! We finished them of!! They were exhausted! “shouted a different voice.

“Calm down Daniel. Daniel quickly go to Dominik and….”

“Why can’t he come to me?”

”He doesn’t have any legs.”

OK then let’s kick him out” shouted Daniel angrily

“Daniel, you need to get to Dominik so we can kidnap those sheep, got it?”said Leon. “Fine. At least I’ll get some more sheep for my stable!”

The Thug Troll by Leon

One day a gang of robbers were robbing the bank. But not any bank, The National Bank of the I.S.B. ( Ireland’s Security Bank).The world’s most secure bank and no robber ever stole from it.

“Hey guys we seem to be on the television let’s get out of here!”said one of the thugs.

“O no! look it’s a giant band of of of of GAR DA!!!!” shouted the one with a cerulean jumper.


So they ran as fast as they can -at nós na gaoithe- Then they saw at least 45 Garda dogs let of their leash!! They turned a corner and met a crowd of laughing Garda. Then one of them shouted “IT WAS ALL JUST HOLOGRAMS. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!”


The Dimension Bike by Leon

One day in the depths of the Magic Dwarf Mines three thousand years ago – A BIKE WAS MADE !!!!!!!

( Even though bikes wern’t invented yet.)

But not any bike, it was A DIMENSION BIKE!!!

But what does a dimension bike do???

Well let’s say that it can travel in to any dimension, simple as that.

But people (and dwarves, fairiess, goblins, etc. ) say that it was a very big mistake because it made all the nations clash into war over it.

You might be thinking why would they be fighting over a bike? They wanted to go to threw the so called Dimension of Gold.

One day a man or woman stole the bike and went straight into the Dimension of Gold and when he was he was coming out, he fell in to a tree and fell off the bike and the bike got stuck in the tree for ever.

The New Brick – Leon

One day in House Land, Brick Inc was planning a new type of brick called the M,B,P. ( Mechanical Brick of Power.) Its abilities were to be able to turn into any colour wanted. Mr Yellow was running Brick Inc and he was very popular and rich for that. He and his pretty wife Julia lived in a big house on the edge of town. Meanwhile House Ingredients .com also made a new brick that can change colours , run by Mr. Gorilla. So it ended up that Mr Yellow and Ms Gorilla went to court. And after a long time debating, voting and tones of discussions Mr Yellow won the M,B,P.

100 w/c – Leon

The Illuminati King is the king of all the illuminatis. ( As you might have guessed because it is in his name. )

He is a great fighter. He learnt his skills in the BATH land , which is in Bath world.

He only danced once, when he was about 7 and this is very sad.

His castle is completely orange with tons of clumsily made illuminati statues.

He is friends with Mr Yety and POGO.

He is very rich. ( Not as rich as Mr Yety but rich enough. )

He has 500 servants and butlers and 50 body gards armed from their toes to their teeth !!!!!

He is very happy in his castle.

100 w/c Leon

Friday October 6th 3413

The day was all most over. All the forces have been transported here. ( Gammoo* valley. ) It reminds me of the time when the battle over at Hlada* was on. It was also in a valley. Any ways we’re predicting that the Kasteos will atack tommarow at sun rise so we’ll be ready.

Saterday October 7th 3413

We won. Sorry but I have to go. I’ll be late for the party.

Sunday October 8th 3413

Sorry about yesturday. I couldn’t wait untill the feast. It was so much fun. There was a disco, food and on and on and on. I’ll tell you about the battle. So we all hid and when they came- BAM!!! They gave up straight away. So now when you think about it there wasn’t much to be celebrating about.

🦑By General Squex.🦑

Po Go by Leon

PO-GO is a alien pet that is friendly to people and is very intelligent He lives on the desert in his sand mansion that is made out of sandstone. He has lots of friends. His best friends are three aliens with animal heads and with long white cloak. They love playing Sly Fox together. ( PO-GO’s friends are masters at it but PO-GO is still good at it). They live on Mars but they try to visit as much as they can. PO-GO works as an inventor in