100 w/c – Lena

One day , me and my parents went to China . When we got there , we were really hungry . We went to a restaurant . We tried lots of new food . One of them was a fruit called lychee . It was very sweet .I really liked it . While we were walking home I saw a tree .It was a lychee tree . Me and my dad went to the tree and picked some of the fruit . We brought it with us . The next day it was time to go home . When we got home I saw my sister and gave her some lychee she really liked it . I really joyed my holiday and I hope that we can go back again .

100 w/c – Lena

Introducing my magical animal. The animal comes from the pink lake . It is a pink tiger . It is pink so that it can hide in the pink lake. It is very soft. It is a young tiger. He can talk. He can’t fly. Her mam is a red tiger and her dad is a white tiger. She has a sister and no brother. Her mam works as a nurse in the animal hospital. Her dad works as a doctor in the animal hospital. She is younger than her sister. Her name is Bubble gum . And her favourite colour is pink.

100 w/c – Lena

One very sunny day , me and my friends went to a forest. While we were walking in the forest , my friend said ” Look at that”! ” At what “? I said. My friend pointed at a giant pair of legs . Me and my friends were amazed , we walked up to to the giant pair of legs. The legs were red and brown and I made out of wood. While we were walking, we saw more pairs of the legs . ” They look like they’re running”. “Don’t you think “. Said my friend. ” A bit .” I said. Then it was time to go home . While we were walking, out of
the gate we saw a sign. It said running forest. Then we realised ,why we thought that the legs, looked like they’re running. And then we went home.

100 w/c – Lena

One sunny morning, While I was eating my breakfast I heard a loud voice saying ” Is everyone ready?!!!”. I was wondering what was happening . I asked my dad if we could go check what was happening and we went . Once we arrived at the place we asked some people what was happening. They said there is going to be a marathon . Me and my dad stayed for the marathon. When the marathon started all of the people ran. Although they ran quickly , they were still not making enough progress. After the marathon ended me and my dad went home . And I told my mam everything.

100 w/c – Lena

At Easter , me , my mam, my dad and my sister went to the church. On the way there we saw lots of yellow daffodils growing . When we came out of the church there was a tiny bit out the sun out. Once we got home we ate some dinner. Me and my friend wanted to go out, but we couldn’t because the weather was hopeless. After a while me and my friend saw that the sun was out. While we were out we saw a tiny hole in one house. When we looked in the hole we saw a shiny and thin piece of gold foil .
When we took the foil out we lots of easter eggs . We took all of the easter eggs and went home.

100 w/c – by Lena

One sunny day, me and my friends went for a picnic. We went to a big park. Once we arrived we found a place to sit. We took out our white , black and red blanket to sit on.  After a while we decided to play football. One of us kicked the ball into the bushes. While I was looking for the ball I saw a tunnel in the bushes. I called my friends over and we went through the tunnel. We saw a huge cup lying on the ground with a bit of grass in it. Suddenly we heard a voice saying ” You came to join us for tea”. As soon as we heard the voice we ran back through the tunnel to the park,  packed up and went ho me.

100 w/c – Lena

One day , when I was in school my teacher said” Take out your irish books”. ” I don’t like irish “. Said my friend. “Deal with it” Said my other friend. “But what if I was in charge? ” ” In charge of what ? I said. ” The class ” Answered my friend. The next day my friend kept talking about her plan to become a teacher. “You can be a teacher when you grow up “.I said. “I ‘ll start to study now “. You have lots of time . Said my friend . ” You have to finish this school then secondary school and then you could start to study to be a teacher “. I said . “Now I know what I want my job to be when I grow up” . Said my friend.

Sunny Day – by Lena

One sunny day, me and my parents went to the park . While we were walking we saw something very strange. It looked like people made out of twigs doing yoga.

“Why are you staring at us “? Said one of the people.

We couldn’t believe our eyes. At first we thought that it was a dream, but it wasn’t .

“We’re just people made out of twigs doing yoga.” Said one of the people.

“It’s not something that you would see that often !” Said my mam.

We started to walk away , but the person kept following us .

” Come on, the lesson is going to end soon,” said another one of those people .

” Fine! ” said the other one.

Once he went away so did we.

100 w/c – Lena

On Halloween night me and my friends went trick or treating. While we were trick or treating we heard a weird noise. We turned around to see what it was  but we didn’t see anything. We continued trick or treating . We heard the noise again.

“Let’s go look for something that could have made that noise,”  said my friend. When we were looking for something we saw a big, old drainpipe. We heard the weird noise coming out of the drainpipe.

“It might be a spider ?”said one of my friends. As it came down the drainpipe we got really scared. The spider was big, purple and it had black dots. Me and my friends ran home after seeing it.

100 w/c – Lena

One sunny day me and my family went to a big restaurant . Because it was such a sunny day we decided to sit outside . After we ate the food we went home. On the way home a family asked my dad could he take a picture of them. The man handed the big black camera over to my dad. Once my dad took the picture of the family the family turned int statues. “What just happened?” Said my dad. My dad tried to take another picture thinking that it would help. But it didn’t . After a while we decided to go back home. The next day we went back to the place where my dad took the picture but there was no sign of the statues.

100 w/c – Lena

One day when me and my friends were on a picnic in the park . We heard a hissing noise .” Come on lets see what’s making that nose”. Said one of my friends. We went to see what is was making the noise, we saw a big red snake coming out of the bushes. ‘Run!’ Said one of my friends in a scared voice . Before we got to run the snake was already beside us.
‘I’m a good snake,’ Said the snake.
“I didn’t know that snakes could talk”, I said. The snake continued ” I just recycled some plastic”. “Do you want to come in to my house it’s really big?”
Me and my friends said” Sure why not.”
When we arrived at the snake’s house. Me and my friends looked at the clock and said ,”It’s getting late I think we have to go now.

100 w/c – Lena

One day when I was on a walk with my parents and my dog in New Zealand, I saw a very strange statue. It was a big hand with a face on it. Suddenly my dog started barking very loudly . When I turned around to see what she was barking at I saw the statue following us. When I told my parents about the statue they turned around to see if there was anything there. But when they turned back around they told me that there was nothing there. Suddenly I heard my mam calling me. She was calling me so loudly that she woke me up. Then I realised that it was only a dream.

The War by Lena

One day my parents decided that we should go to Dublin city .When we got there we so lots of soldiers .We were wondering why are they there .My dad asked a man why are the soldiers here. The answered he said ” A war is starting”! In the begging of the war me and my family were really scared. But my parents said to me and my sister ” Don’t worry we will go home soon but first we have to get to our car”. Me and my sister were really happy that we didn’t have to stay in Dublin. Once we got home my aunty and uncle that lived in Dublin City came to our house.

100 w/c – Lena

One day when my cousins were over at my house . We were down stairs watching tv. Suddenly my parents came over . My dad said ” Can you give us the remote control because we want to watch the news”?

When we gave them the remote control they put on the news. The news reporter said ” The monkey from the zoo has escaped .The monkey is grey and big if you see her can you please call the zoo”?

When we went to the kitchen we saw the monkey at the table. She was playing with the laptop. We called my parents over. They said quick call the zoo. Suddenly the monkey pushed the laptop and it fell on the floor . When the zookeepers came they took the monkey. After that we had to go and get a new laptop.

100 w/c – Lena

One day me and my friends were really bored so we decided that we would go to the mall .When we finally arrived we heard someone saying “everyone run there is a tiger here.” Suddenly the whole place was filled with people screaming and shouting. Me and my friends were really scared. We tried to escape but the tiger was blocking our escape! One of my friends said”Let’s go to the other door “. But I said to her “Stay it might be a friendly tiger”. When the tiger started coming up to us my friend asked “”Can we go now”?I said “No we can’t go “. The tiger came up to us but it didn’t do anything . Soon people from the zoo came and took it and me and my friends went home.

100 w/c – Lena

One day when I was playing with my friends one of them said ” I heard that there is an island with hidden treasure “. I said ” Lets go there on Saturday in the morning”. My friends said ” Let’s do it “. On Saturday morning we went to the island. When we arrived there I said “were should we go first”? There was no one at the island but then we heard a voice saying we have to find the treasure before anyone else does. When we went to see was anyone there we didn’t see anyone. So we stared looking for the hidden treasure .We saw something gold when we ran to where it was we saw that it was just a box but when we opened it we saw lots of chocolate coins .My friend said ” Don’t say that’s the treasure ” I said” I think that it is”. My friend said “What if the people come to take the treasure where would we hide it all”. So I said ” Let’s just go home and take the treasure with us. But we still don’t know who was there except us

100 w/c – by Lena

When I went to Poland with my parents. My mam said to me ” do you want to go to the mall later”? . I said ” sure”. Later that day we went to the mall. We were there so long that when we were walking back home it was dark. We saw lots of people but they weren’t normal people they were ghosts that looked like people. They weren’t scary ghosts they were really nice ghosts. I said to my mam ” I thought that ghosts are not real”. My mam said ” I did too”. Then we went home and told my dad everything .He said ” stop making things up ghosts are not real”.

100 w/c – Lena

On Halloween I went trick or tricking with my friends.
My friend Leah was dressed up as a vampire, my friend Mia was dressed up as a witch and I was a black cat . When we went trick or treating to our friend house no one answered the door so we went to the next door. When we were going to the next door we the doors to our friend’s house open so we went in side . When we were in side we didn’t see anyone but then we heard someone scream.
When we turned around we saw our friend.He said to us ” HAPPY HALLOWEEN”.

The Dog with Glasses – Lena

One day, I went to a farm with my mam and dad. First we saw lots of horses , then we saw pigs. When we were going to see the sheep I saw a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. I showed my parents. They laughed. We saw the owner. My parents asked him why does his dog wear glasses. He said ” my dog is blind but I bought theses special glasses for dogs”. My dad said ” I never knew that there was glasses for dog”. We kept going. When we left we went to a restaurant. We came back home and fell asleep.

The Day With My Friends – Lena

One day my friends Portia and Rachael asked me did I want to go somewhere with them.

I said “sure when and where”?

They said, ‘on Saturday in Portia`s house at 12:30.’

I said, ” Ok but where are we going”?

They said, “leave that part to us”.

On Saturday I went to Portia`s house. We went to a beautiful forest. We saw a purple crocodile. We went closer to it and we saw a mad professor. I am working on turning animals different colors but it is a bit difficult because I never did it before.

We said “we have to go now.”  We saw another profesor he said hi to us then he said

” I would come over but I have a twisted ankle.”He got his car and went home.

The Mystery of the Smashed Lamp – Lena

One sunny day, a lady rang the police. She said, “quick come over here you have to see this”.

When they arrived she told them what happened.

She said, ‘I went outside to water my plants, when I was inside I heard a loud noise it sounded like something smash. I ran outside and then I saw a huge lamp smashed, with lots of colourful smashed glass around it”.

The police said ‘we will try our best to figure out what happened.’

The police went to change into white suits. They started looking for things that might help them, they found nothing at all.

They said ” we are very sorry but we can’t do anything about this.

A Day in the Jungle (100 w/c Lena)

One day me and my friend Leah went to a jungle. Because we always wanted to go and stay for a night or more. when we got there we were so excited. So we went on an adventure. Then we found lots of snakes then they were trying to bite us. But we ran away from them. My friend said “the snakes are gone so what lies ahead of us now”?. I answered I don’t know, let’s hope that nothing bad. Then we kept going. Then we saw a beautiful waterfall and rainbows. So we stayed there for a while . Then we went home, and told everyone about it. But no one believed us.