A Disgusting Combo by Kyle

Alan and Emily, who were brother and sister, were having a discussion about their favourite types of food. ‘I seriously just don’t understand how somebody cannot like chocolate cake’, said Alan. ‘I just don’t understand how people can like it!’, exclaimed Emily. ‘It’s just disgusting.’ Then it was time for the drinks. ‘I mean, it has to be Fanta’, announced Emily. ‘Are you crazy?’, asked Alan, bemused. ‘Coke is absolutely, by a mile, the best without question.’ Next, it was the spreads. ‘Nutella is good but you like marmalade like me, don’t you?’, asked Emily. ‘No’, he said. ‘I like Marmite’. ‘That is revolting’, revealed Emily. ‘I do like Marmite and marmalade mixed together though,’ she said.

Frightened by Kyle

I have never experienced a day that was as weird as the one I’m going to tell you about. It was a Halloween night. First of all, a frightening figure that towered above me appeared out of nowhere and screamed behind me which made me jump. When I turned around, I noticed that it was wearing a scary brown mask too. Then, I felt a sharp dig in my back. It was as though somebody had kicked me, but nothing or nobody was around! Just to make my day even scarier, it made me jump on a balloon that was lying around which popped extremely loudly! It definitely wasn’t a great day.

The Disappearing Jumper by Kyle

‘Did you see it?’, Joanna demanded of Brian angrily. ‘How many times do I have to tell you? Are you not listening? I said NO, I haven’t seen it! Now stop asking me.’ ‘This is so annoying, but where did it go?’, she shouted. Let’s have a look’, replied Brian. They searched the whole house, top to bottom, but they still just couldn’t find Joanna’s favourite jumper which was missing. ‘It was right behind me, and it just disappeared!’, wailed Joanna. ‘I would say James took it. You know what he’s like’. What Joanna thought turned out to be true! James was hiding outside behind the bins with Joanna’s jumper. Joanna wasn’t happy with him!

The Flying Bicycle Part II by Kyle

It broke out of Joshua’s grip and flew away smoothly, high into the air. The four sprinted after it and a couple of times it slowed down and did a few loops just above their heads to tease them. They ran all the way down the hill, turned a corner and kept on running. The bike must have been tired because it flew down and lay against a wooden pole for a second but then it flew away out of sight. They trotted back home feeling very disappointed. Corey suggested that they could play a football match to cheer them up so Cian got his ball. Jack thought that they should try and make their own flying bicycle. So that’s what they did!

The Rocket by Kyle

It was a bright January morning but it was bitterly cold. Everybody that had helped manufacture this amazing rocket stood still, waiting for the results of their project. They all felt as though they had frostbite. They heard the engine start, and they all became extremely excited. If this rocket worked, it would reach the moon in about 15 minutes. It would be as fast as lightning. They all stared at the rocket eagerly, but when it just wouldn’t take off they all became very worried. They looked on in despair. Suddenly, the rocket shot up into the air at extreme speed. It was time for the people that had invented this rocket to have a party!

The Flying Bicycle by Kyle

‘A yellow flying bicycle????’ ‘In our tiny town?’ ‘You must be joking.’ Well, I’m not.’ Joshua, Corey and Jack were playing a football match when their friend Cian came over and told them what he saw a while ago at the big hill around the corner. He also warned them that it had tried to fly at him and hit him, so they should stay a good bit away from it. They all sprinted to the hill as fast as they could and there it was, hovering overhead. Joshua was desperate to get that bicycle so he went very close to it and when it flew at him he grabbed it greedily. It was too strong for him though!

The Tree That Moves by Kyle

It was a bright spring afternoon. It was a Friday and it was 2 o’clock. I was roaming through a gigantic, magnificent forest I had discovered. There was lots of squirrels and other animals like that. There was lots of huge trees; some of the biggest I had ever seen. All of a sudden, something moved behind me. I spun around sharply and saw a tree. This wasn’t just a normal tree though. It was shaped exactly like a human. Then it moved. I screamed and started running away. After a few seconds I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was my best friend! He had pranked me! Phew!

The Greatest Tech by Kyle

It was a sunny Saturday, the fourteenth of June 2037. Thousands of people gathered around this small robot but millions were watching on TV. This was the greatest piece of technology ever invented. It would be very expensive and it would get everyone talking. 10 MINUTES! This is what it said on the big screen in front of everybody. Everyone waited excitedly. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. One minute left. Everybody and everything stopped and… the robot moved. It flew high into the air and started dropping sweets that came out from the inside of his hand. This was the greatest thing ever made.

The Horrible Dress by Kyle

Brian had just walked up the aisle to the altar for his wedding before his bride Carla walked in. She was wearing a disgusting wine dress with green balls of material on the arms. She was also wearing a huge, terrible white hat on her head. This surprised Brian because Carla usually dressed very nicely. Why did she have to wear that absurd and horrible dress on their wedding day? It was calamitous, but Brian forgave her because she was very kind and responsible. They had a wonderful day and stayed in a stunning hotel for two nights afterwards. At least Carla never wore that horrible dress again!

Santa Hat by Kyle

I woke up in the middle of the night on a cold, wet Christmas Eve. For some reason I had a Santa hat on which was quite weird since I didn’t remember putting it on. I just ignored it and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning the hat was still on my head. Then I realised that I had a note in my hand. It was absurd. The note said ‘From Santa’ in an untidy scrawl. Then I got out of bed and… I flew? Then I figured it out! Santa had given me his magical hat! It was the best day ever! It was absolutely sublime!

The Aviva by Kyle

I was standing in the tunnel, ready to make my Ireland debut against England. I felt really nervous and ill so I told my team mate. He said to just focus. Then we walked out. I could hear him tell the rest of the team “he felt really ill”. I could see all the fans in green and white. I was so nervous I wanted to just run away. Then the match started. I was playing striker. The whole match went without one chance but in the last minute a cross came my way. I got a looping header on it and it sailed over the keeper into the net! It was the best feeling ever.

Best Friends by Kyle

Once upon a time, there was a fox and a wolf. The fox was ginger, brave, skinny and kind. The wolf was white, long, slender and trust worthy. They were the best of best friends. During the autumn they were very crafty. They loved making pictures with the leaves and playing games together, rolling through the plants. They also loved going on adventures. One snowy Christmas morning when they were just wandering around, the two of them discovered a huge castle. They agreed that they would go inside and explore it. This would be one of their best, most exciting and remarkable adventures yet!

The Homeless Man by Kyle

Hello. I am Lesley Porter and I am homeless. I live in the city centre of Dublin. I get some money from people roaming the streets sometimes. It’s nice of them and it also is enough for me to get essentials. One night, about 11 PM, I noticed a ginormous man walking towards me. He looked very fierce. Then, when he got to me, he punched, hit and kicked me with extreme force. It was dastardly of him. I got up and legged it to a friend’s house. I found the spare key in the garden but it didn’t fit. If only it was a bit smaller…

The Extravagant Bee by Kyle

Mr Krukel and Mr Zamba worked for a secret organisation that did experiments on different animals to find out more about them. One windy, bitter Saturday morning Mr Krukel and Mr Zamba were trotting very slowly up the lane towards Mr Zamba’s vacant warehouse. Mr Krukel had a ginormous blue box on his back. They got to the warehouse and opened the bag. Inside was an extravagant bee. Bees, as you probably know, are endangered and they started doing some complex tests on the bee. After about three hours of hard work they got ready to go home. It had been a remarkable days work.

Man and Flamingo by Kyle

I was on my scooter going down the long road. This road was called the Street of Weirdness and by the end of the story you will know why. After a while, a red man came out onto the road and danced an extremely silly dance. This was very weird. As I turned a corner, a red flamingo walked out in front of me and screeched. Suddenly, the concrete turned fluffy! Bamboozled, I went back home. This was the weirdest day of my life! When I got home, a pig, a chicken and a cow were in my house. Was this the weirdest day in history?

The Attic by Kyle

I can hear noises from the attic all the time. I want to see what’s in there so badly but I’m not allowed to even look inside. One night before bed my Mam says, ‘Kyle, remember do NOT go into the attic.’ ‘Fine’, I said. ‘I won’t’. ‘Good boy’ said my Mam. But I had to see what was inside… When everyone was asleep I crept out of my room and up the stairs to the attic. I was being a bit of a miscreant but I didn’t mind. I opened the door slowly and what I saw inside made me scream…

The Memorial by Kyle

There are enemies about to attack! We need to get cover in the tower! The soldiers ran up to the seventh floor which had a cannon as a weapon in it. They were just setting the cannon up as quickly as possible when it started to get really hot. The enemies had snuck in and lit the tower on fire!

50 years later and they decide to build a memorial for the poor soldiers that were killed in the fire. It was an absolutely obscene way to get killed. The bad thing was that the memorial turned out to be a monstrosity.

Conker by Kyle

I was out with my friends one sunny Saturday morning. I thought we should go around the corner so we walked around. While we were walking, I tripped over something and fell on something prickly. The thing I tripped over was a green violin! The next morning my finger was so sore and bruised I had to go to hospital. Then I had to have surgery. During the surgery something weird happened. All my bones had turned into conkers because the prickly thing I fell on was an infected conker! I would have to spend the rest of my life like that…

In a Haybale by Kyle

Farmer Joe was on his bike cycling down a skinny, winding lane. It was a lovely, sunny, bright day. He was going to deliver some fruit to his friend Farmer Bob. Suddenly something hit the back of his bike and he fell into something soft. It was a hay bale! He let out a gasp and started to scream for help because he was stuck. Poor Joe! He was there for about an hour when somebody pulled him out. Joe was very surprised. It was his wife Angelina! Joe was very grateful. ‘Thanks so much’, said Joe. ‘No problem’, said Angelina.