The Slippery Cabbage by Kyle

John walked nervously to the ring, his walk-on music blaring in his ears. The crowd was enormous and everyone was cheering and roaring. His opponent, who was wearing grey shorts, was already in the ring. The referee called the pair to the centre of the ring and make them touch gloves. The first round started in a tense manner with neither throwing much punches. Suddenly, a cabbage came flying into the ring from the crowd and his opponent unluckily slipped on it. He hit the ground with a ‘BANG’ and cried out in pain. The referee stopped the fight and security tried to find the culprit. Hopefully the opponent would be okay…

The Water by Kyle

I rushed out from the tap and straight into the kettle I went with a ‘plop!’ I could feel the kettle being moved to where it was about to be boiled. This was the worst thing about being water. Getting boiled! Why would they do that to us? I suppose people do need us to live though. I could feel myself getting hot and soon the heat was unbearable, so I let off steam to try and cool myself down. I heard the kettle finish boiling and next thing I was being poured into a mug with coffee beans and milk. I was about to be drunk. I had to prepare to die…

The Dream by Kyle

I was so tired…

Suddenly I was on my feet, walking through an unfamiliar town. I stumbled and tripped over what seemed to be a fake iron on the ground. My curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up. Out of nowhere, I flew directly up through the clouds at the speed of light and started floating. I was flying! I saw a glow in the distance and followed it. Once I got closer, I could tell it was heaven! I placed my hand on a gigantic marble handle on an aged oak door…

I woke up with a start and rubbed my eyes. It had all been a dream.

The Future by Kyle

‘Isn’t it crazy how it is already 3,000AD’, I thought to myself as I flew the short trip to the galaxy of Umberus. I just couldn’t believe that people used to actually have to WALK if they wanted to go anywhere, on that thing they called concrete. My revolving spaceship, which gave me an excellent view of all the stars, made a strange whirring noise. A pink light started flashing in the distance. I had to jump off my spaceship, activate my wings and fly as quickly as possible back to Lamkorino. That light meant that the aliens which people ages ago thought weren’t real has returned again… hopefully their leader, Hungry Harry, wouldn’t attack my galaxy again…

Bear!! by Kyle

The sun was blinding and Dara was getting his boots on for one of his regular weekend morning strolls. He dashed upstairs, grabbed his raincoat and slipped silently out the door.

His destination for this particular day was the local woods. He reached the clutter of trees after about 15 minutes, stepping through a gap in the trees. He walked in peace for a while, just as he liked, when suddenly he heard some movement. He then spotted something that looked like furry arms hugging a tree. A bear! Dara ran as fast as a cheetah in a race. When he reached the edge of the woods, he was exhausted. At least he didn’t get eaten!

Crash by Kyle

Crash, Joe’s pet octopus, was sometimes a handful to control. One March morning, while the sunlight coming through the gap in the blinds blinded Joe, Crash had one of his weird moments. They were both in the kitchen, munching on Cornflakes together. Suddenly, Crash started smashing everything around him by swinging his tentacles. He smashed the piano and Joe’s new glistening white chandelier. ‘CRASH’, went the chandelier, banging off the floor. Suddenly, Crash went back to his usual, gentle self. That was one of his worst fits yet. Joe felt extremely relieved. He loved Crash, but sometimes he was just too much trouble. Out of nowhere, Crash started springing up and down on his chair ferociously. There he went again!


The Extraordinary Guitar by Kyle

The extraordinary guitar,

Painted in mustard and wet tar,

That gives you magic powers,

And also sprouts spring flowers.

The extraordinary guitar,

Can grow bigger than a car,

And once a man shoved it,

And in front of him appeared a blue tit.

The extraordinary guitar,

Which is heard of near and far,

Has the mood of a human,

You can see when a mood is looming!

The extraordinary guitar,

Which some people call bizarre,

From anywhere it is audible,

And it’s sounds can be quite horrible.

The extraordinary guitar,

Painted in mustard and wet tar,

It’s music is a big hit,

But sadly it is a myth.

The Key of Teleportation by Kyle

My tiny spider leg skimmed off something that felt rusty and cold. I turned around to investigate. A key? In the middle of a frozen field? One of them humongous creatures called humans must have dropped it. They carry weird things around sometimes.

I felt daring and curious so I decided to try and take a closer look. As soon as my leg touched the key for a second time, a weird sensation flooded through my body, like I had a bucket of water thrown over me. I seemed to have teleported to a lab. ‘They’re not the right one,’ shouted a rough voice. I started spinning around again and was back in the frozen field with the mysterious key.

The Kidnapper by Kyle

As the taxi pulled up at the side of the road, Ali felt a great surge of relief going through his body. He had finally found a taxi. The taxi was a mustardy sort of yellow and the taxi man was a skinny build. Ali hopped in and told the man the name of the street he was going to. The taxi man had a bit of a giddy look about him, almost excited. After five minutes, Ali started to get worried. This wasn’t the normal way. The taxi man started breathing heavily and he took a corner towards a waterfall. This was really strange. The car came to a halt. ‘Here you go, Rod Street!’ exclaimed the taxi man. Ali laughed. ‘I said Bod Street, not Rod Street!’

Dull to Bright by Kyle

Zac was walking through his town on New Year’s Day. He had a great night last night, drinking fizzy drinks, eating sweets and staying up late. Today he was quite tired as he walked down to his hurling training. He noticed that there was something different about the place. ‘It’s not like last year,’ he thought. He looked around and realised what it was. Instead of everything being grey and dull, all the buildings were colourful and bright. The council must have done it up overnight! He marvelled at the sight, along with everyone else. This was a historic moment for such a small town.

Climate Change #10 by Kyle

‘What are you going to do about climate change? Are you just going to wait around, while Earth’s condition deteriorates bit by bit? No. Get up, make some change! Plant some trees, don’t litter, use less plastic, use electric things and not things that harm the planet and environment, don’t burn fossil fuels, do more sustainable farming, buy the right amount of food so there is less food waste and spread the word about all these things. If we all do these things, we can save the planet and built a better, more eco-friendly community.’

The Ice Caps by Kyle

‘What do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?’

I think that this would be a terrible thing to happen. The sea level would rise, which of course wouldn’t be good. Then some land would possibly be flooded and that would make it inhabitable. Also, it wouldn’t be ideal at all for creatures like polar bears and penguins. They would lose their habitat, and then they would come closer to land. Can you imagine seeing a polar bear walking up the road!? That would be crazy.

It is really something that I wouldn’t like to see happen, so hopefully it doesn’t.

Marine Environment by Kyle

People are saying things like ‘We need to save the oceans from climate change’ or ‘Stop marine pollution’ and I can guarantee that some people are saying to themselves ‘But does it make any difference to me?’ The truth is it does. The sea gives us food, oxygen, beautiful sights and sounds and some people just take all this for granted. Would you like to eat a fish with plastic inside that could make you sick? Would you like to breathe dirty air? Would you like to look at a rotten sea, with plastic and rubbish strewn all over the place? The answer is no to all these questions. Treat the marine environment the way you want to be treated. Because it does make a difference to everyone.

Transport by Kyle

I think that the best form of transport is either walking/running/cycling, etc, or using electric cars. This way you are being kind to the planet. The way you travel harms the planet because certain forms of transport burn fossil fuels into the air. This air is then not good to breathe and it harms our environment and the O-zone layer. I also don’t think that long distance travelling should be restricted, but I would like if we found a more green and renewable way of using planes and boats. Lastly, if people could not travel, we wouldn’t be able to visit people, do fun things and explore places. Those are my thoughts on travel.

Smokey Towers by Kyle

It is 2029. We are running out of time to stop climate change. We are desperately looking for solutions, but there isn’t much time at all.

1 more year. Maybe just 1 more chance.

Now we travel to the day we found just what we needed….

Dr. Johnson! You seriously won’t believe it. I think I found how to fix the problem!’ shouted Ms. Travers hysterically at the top of voice. In came Dr. Johnson. ‘Do you see them two ginormous chimneys with all the smoke?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ replied her boss. ‘Well, I have figured out a way to power everything with a certain type of rock and it’s completely renewable. There is enough of this rock to last forever! It’s also really simple.’ ‘Well done. You may have just saved the world!’ congratulated Dr. Johnson.

The Evacuation by Kyle

Why did we have to evacuate just then? Everything had seemed to be getting better, but that clearly wasn’t true. The pollution levels were dropping, but then they suddenly shot up like a rocket. The oil and gas industry needed to stop using so much fossil fuels, but they just wanted to make money. On that morning, when the red flashing light covered the town, we were all extremely afraid. It just came out of the blue. We didn’t want to leave, but we could tell how urgent it was. Reluctantly but hastily, we flew around grabbing our stuff, preparing to leave. Now it was time to explore another country…

A Fierce Fire by Kyle

I hopped out of the brigade and set off as fast as I could towards the humongous blaze. This was one of our worst cases yet. We were all sick of these fires caused by climate change. The fire looked petrifying; there was another fierce spiral of fire right beside me. We had our most powerful hoses with us; we had been warned we would need them beforehand. We started to try and put out the fire but it was almost impossible. It would take a titanic effort. We called for lots of backup because we needed as many people as we could get. This would be a long, hard day…..

100 w/c by Kyle

Dr. Green was an extremely wise and clever scientist. He was doing some research on climate change in his lab. One day he discovered that yet another species of animal had become endangered due to climate change. He went and told his assistant Dr. James, who seemed hugely overwhelmed at this news. The amount of endangered animals was going up a lot lately. The air had been getting quite hot too.

The next day all the scientists in the district had a meeting and they came up with a masterful plan to stop climate change forever. Tomorrow, they would get to work…

The Tiny Man by Kyle

As soon as the gigantic creature called a human left the room, I hopped up out of my clever hiding place. Humans were weird creatures; they were messy and always being loud. I don’t know why they lived in the same house because they all seemed to despise each other, but sometimes they seemed to get on well with each other. While I was exploring this particular room, I saw a ginormous pink fluffy sideways eight but the holes had what looked like pink windows inside. I set up my portable ladder and climbed up. When I peered through the windows, something crazy happened. Everything turned pink! ‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘This is crazy!’

The River by Kyle

I was so excited to go back to the place where I had spent so much of my life, playing and having fun. I used to always have picnics in the park and go swimming in the river. As soon as I opened the door of my parent’s house and we spent a few enjoyable minutes hugging and having a chat, we ambled to the humongous park that I loved beside the house. I knew something wasn’t right straight away when we went in. The grass was yellow and dead. I exclaimed ‘I have never seen the river bed so dry! There are even rats scuttling around!’ ‘I know’, my Mam said sadly. ‘It’s because of climate change.’

The Twigs by Kyle

I wanted them so badly I couldn’t put it into words. This was like a dream for a poor old tree scientist like me. If I got this, a big ball of all the rarest branches and twigs in the world, I would make millions. It seemed crazy. It seemed impossible, but here they were right in front of me. Would I be unselfish and mannerly, and just not do anything but keep on dreaming? Or would I be daring, and go and seize what I had always wanted? I would get all the money I wanted. I slowly curled my hand up into a fist and, preparing to run, punched the glass so that I could grab what I wanted so desperately.

The Honey Monsters by Kyle

Oh no. It was bad. Very bad. Mr. White was about to start washing out the honey bottle so that he could recycle it. Fred, my fellow honey monster, glanced over at me. We knew what we had to do. As minuscule as we were, we had some extraordinary powers. We would have to turn super-sticky. This meant that we would stick to the bottle, so we wouldn’t get washed out. But today, something was different. Our powers didn’t work. I looked at the calendar. My eyes widened with fear. It was the 18th of July. The one-day honey monster’s powers didn’t work. As Mr. White turned on the tap, we accepted our fate…..

The Page of Future by Kyle

With my pen hanging limply from my hand, I just couldn’t get my head around it. How come I, just an ordinary boy, had been chosen for this? I had no answers. The ancient scroll was right there sitting in front of me. I thought ‘so, what will I write on this page?’ I didn’t know. I was still confused. Whatever I wrote down this page would be my future. But what did I want my future to be? I still didn’t know. Then something came into my head. It was marvellous, brilliant. I put my head down and, slowly, began to write.

A Mysterious Friend by Kyle

Barry the Bunny was having a nice stroll up the road with his new mysterious friend on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. They had their day all planned out. They would go to Café Animmalé for breakfast, and then go for a walk to the Animal Groomers to get their hairs trimmed. After that they would go back to Barry’s and have a Sunday roast. It was going to be brilliant. On the way to the groomers, Barry’s mysterious friend started running unexpectedly. Barry caught up to them. His friend had a question. ‘Which way to the shops?’, it panted. Barry showed them. What they picked up from the fridges gave Barry a terrible fright. Rabbit meat! Barry’s friend took off his mask. ‘Yes’, they said. ‘I am a wolf!’ They started chasing Barry. What would happen next?

Would You Dare Part III by Kyle

Tom jumped behind the nearest ripped couch, terrified. A thought came through his head. Why was he doing all this? He could have simply just went home when he was bored instead of agreeing to come in here. Then, there was a flash of light, then, darkness again. It all happened within about a split second. He peeked out from behind the couch and everything seemed to be calm. Out of nowhere, he did something that required all the courage he could muster. He jumped out from behind the couch and made a run for it. As he flung the window open, he took one last look back and then jumped. A smooth landing, and then he ran. He wouldn’t ever go in there again!

Time to Rule by Kyle

Sarah looked wistful while Niamh was telling her the story. That golden mushroom was the thing Sarah wanted more than anything. While a golden mushroom might sound weird, it was extremely powerful. If you ate it, you would get three things that would change your life. It would give you the power to rule the world. You would make the final decision on absolutely everything. It would give you the golden oar. Whenever you sat in a wooden boat, you could teleport anywhere. Finally, it would give you the power to stay at any age you wished, and your body would never get wrinkled. While Niamh said she would find it, Sarah knew she would get there first. Who will get there first? The race is on.

Would you Dare Part II by Kyle

As he stepped into the dimly lit hall, Tom noticed the goosebumps that were covering his arms and legs. It must be about -10 degrees in here; it was absolutely freezing. He entered the sitting room at a snail’s pace. It was extremely eerie. He had a look around. There were ripped couches in corners, broken glass tables strung across everywhere and books with pages ripped out littered the room. There must have been chaos in here. Suddenly, when he was having a look at the blinds, they slammed shut. After a second or two, darkness enveloped the room and Tom could not see a thing. It frightened the wits out of Tom. Was it a ghost? Was it a spirit? Even Tom didn’t know!

Would you Dare? by Kyle

‘I’m so bored!’, moaned Tom. ‘I’m going home. See you tomorrow.’ ‘You’re bored?’, questioned Rocco. ‘I have something for you to do, since you think you’re a bit of a daredevil!’ ‘What is it?’, asked Tom in a sulky voice. ‘Why don’t you go into number 29?’, said Rocco, grinning. Tom had a good think about it. It might be dangerous. Nobody dared to go in there. ‘Well, I suppose, why wouldn’t I?’ Rocco gave him a pat on the back. ‘Off you go then. I’ll come behind you and wait outside. Go as far as the kitchen and then come back.’ ‘OK, in I go!’, announced Tom. And in he went. What would lie in store for him in number 29?

A Dramatic Story by Kyle

‘This will be so much fun!’, exclaimed Niall and Leon in unison. When they got to the forest, Leon saw a tree that looked extremely interesting, so he went over to have a look. When Niall looked away for a minute, Leon quickly jumped behind a huge tree and let out a howl just like a wolf. Niall was terrified. Leon came back out from behind the tree. ‘What’s the matter?’, Leon asked Niall casually. Niall made up a crazy story. ‘I heard a wolf, and as it let out a pitiful howl, there was a big bang as it fell to the ground! Then it ran away!’ ‘That’s a bit dramatic’, said Leon. ‘It was me!’ Niall wasn’t happy!

The Mad Man with Powers by Kyle

There once was a man with an extraordinary imagination. His name was Mr. Violin. Mr. Violin was no ordinary man. He was obsessed with the colour purple. Animals were also a large part of his life, especially an elephant that he kept in his back garden for some reason. Every night he would dream of bizarre things, like a painted pig jumping over Mars and back to Earth. There is a twist to Mr. Violin’s life though. He has the power to make everyone happy for their whole life. His dream one Saturday night was that he used his power on the whole wide world. So, he thought, why not try it in real life??