The Attic by Kyle

I can hear noises from the attic all the time. I want to see what’s in there so badly but I’m not allowed to even look inside. One night before bed my Mam says, ‘Kyle, remember do NOT go into the attic.’ ‘Fine’, I said. ‘I won’t’. ‘Good boy’ said my Mam. But I had to see what was inside… When everyone was asleep I crept out of my room and up the stairs to the attic. I was being a bit of a miscreant but I didn’t mind. I opened the door slowly and what I saw inside made me scream…

The Memorial by Kyle

There are enemies about to attack! We need to get cover in the tower! The soldiers ran up to the seventh floor which had a cannon as a weapon in it. They were just setting the cannon up as quickly as possible when it started to get really hot. The enemies had snuck in and lit the tower on fire!

50 years later and they decide to build a memorial for the poor soldiers that were killed in the fire. It was an absolutely obscene way to get killed. The bad thing was that the memorial turned out to be a monstrosity.

Conker by Kyle

I was out with my friends one sunny Saturday morning. I thought we should go around the corner so we walked around. While we were walking, I tripped over something and fell on something prickly. The thing I tripped over was a green violin! The next morning my finger was so sore and bruised I had to go to hospital. Then I had to have surgery. During the surgery something weird happened. All my bones had turned into conkers because the prickly thing I fell on was an infected conker! I would have to spend the rest of my life like that…

In a Haybale by Kyle

Farmer Joe was on his bike cycling down a skinny, winding lane. It was a lovely, sunny, bright day. He was going to deliver some fruit to his friend Farmer Bob. Suddenly something hit the back of his bike and he fell into something soft. It was a hay bale! He let out a gasp and started to scream for help because he was stuck. Poor Joe! He was there for about an hour when somebody pulled him out. Joe was very surprised. It was his wife Angelina! Joe was very grateful. ‘Thanks so much’, said Joe. ‘No problem’, said Angelina.