The Strange Tree – by Kyle

We were on our holidays and as we were walking around a park we noticed that one part of it was full of all different types of trees. We did not know what they were so we asked someone. They told us that the trees were fruit trees and the local bakery planted them and every morning they would pick fruit of each tree to put in their cakes and pies. We decided to go to the bakery and see what they had. They had hundreds of cakes and they all looked tasty. I got a big chocolate one with pineapple and cream.

Fire Desert – by Kyle

Once upon a time in a desert far away,a unicorn put a magic spell upon all the animals making them all become friends. She was not around that often but when they needed her she was there. One day a group of humans decided to pitch up a tent right in the middle of the desert. They lit a fire and it spread. Which ment the animals were in danger.Two animals in particular were in big trouble, a lion and a camel. They had a circle of fire around them.They tried to get out but nothing worked. Luckily they could make a sound which would let the unicorn know they needed her. And before they knew it she was there not only saving there lives but saving the desert.

100 w/c Kyle

I was on my summer holidays from school and my family and I went down the country on a camping holiday. We went on nature walks, cooked over a fire and had roasted marshmallows every night. One day we went to a magical forest. There were fairies, wizards and witches. One witch put a spell on a dog and turned him into a stick man. When the fairy gave out to her she did another spell and made his body dissappear. It was a little bit funny seeing two legs run around. Luckily the magic from the fairy and the wizard was stronger than hers and turned him back into a dog. We left very quickly while we were still humans.

The Sleepover – Kyle

It was my birthday weekend and I was having a party, I even got my parents to let me have my friends sleep over. After the sweets and cake we went out to play football. About 8 o’clock my mam called us in to get ready for bed. We went to go into my room when she said no not in here. They had put a tent up in the back garden, we were excited. It didn’t last long. Around midnight there was a bright light, we looked out and it was a cluster of tiny stars that made a shiny yellow thin beam. We taught it was aliens. We were too afraid so we ran back into the house. We tried to go back asleep but it was hopeless. We were awake the whole night.

The Broken Cup – Kyle

One bank holiday weekend my family and I went down to the country to visit my nanny. We picked a good weekend to go as there was a festival on. There were bands playing music, dancers and a carnival. On the second day the weather was cold and windy. We still tried to have a good time. On the last day we walked down to the town. The wind had been that strong that it blew things all around, it even blew a big huge cup into the field behind. It was a great weekend but the next time it’s on hopefully the weather is better.

April Fool’s Day – Kyle

My mam said that this year was her year to get fit and healthy.  She got a set of weights, a yoga mat, a kettle bell and a skipping rope. She also started jogging. She found out that a yoga group started in a local park. She decided to check it out. When she got there she saw a group of stick men doing stretches. She didn’t like the look of that and left straight away. She looked behind her and they were running all over the place trying to frighten people. She then realised it was April fool’s Day. She went back the week after for a proper lesson.

100 w/c – Kyle

One Friday when I came home from school my Dad had our couches turned upside down the table and chairs where the same and the beds where all pulled out. I didn’t know what was happening. He told me that when he was watching TV that morning he saw a mouse run behind the chair. We spent the whole weekend trying to catch it by putting down traps. We eventually caught it under my bed. He thinks it came down the drainpipe. Our whole weekend was ruined because my Dad would not leave the house until he got it.

100 w/c – Kyle

One Saturday my Dad took me into town to buy my Mam a birthday present. We must have gone into 20 shops and we still could not find anything. Then we walked by a shop that you can make your own little ornaments from clay. My Dad said that was a great idea because she would have something that she could keep forever. We made 3 statues. To represent her children, myself and my 2 sisters. When she opened the box on the morning of her birthday she was so happy with them she cried. Anyone that sees them and asks about them she says, ‘oh! they are my children, aren’t they lovely?’

100 w/c Kyle

One weekend I was staying in my aunty’s house, it was a lovely day so we decided to cycle to the zoo because she lives near it. We got there about 2 o’clock. We locked up the bikes and headed straight to see the lions and tigers, the monkeys were next to see because they are my favourite. After being there for 3 hours we had something to eat before going into the reptile house. There was a very large snake with bright red eyes. It was so unusual that everyone was taking photos of it. It freaked me out. After we cycled home we got a takeaway and watched a movie. It was a great weekend.

100 w/c – Kyle

One hot day me and my family went to the park. I played football for a while, had a picnic and then we fed the ducks. On our way home we stopped at a market. There were lots of stalls selling all different kinds of things. My Dad wanted to get a couple of things for the garden so I helped him look. He got a couple of ornaments and some solar lights. I found something that I thought would be funny. It was a hand with a face on it, my dad also thought it was funny. I placed it right in the middle of the garden. When people see it they sometimes get a fright.

100 w/c – Kyle

One Saturday morning I was watching cartoons on TV. My favourite is Curious George. In this episode he was at school but he was not behaving very good. Sitting at his table he was distracting others and would not listen to his teacher. The teacher started to get very annoyed and shouted at him to stop his messing. Very slowly he stood up and flung his computer of the desk. All the other children were very shocked. The teacher sent him straight to the principals office and he got into big trouble. I sometimes use a computer in school and I would never behave like that.

100 w/c – Kyle

One hot day me and my family were going to the zoo. Walking around in the zoo we stopped to have a picnic. Although there was a bad smell from the pigs, I still liked them. Then I went up to the bird house. Tired of waiting for my family to catch up I went to see where they were. My mam stood there as white as a ghost. The tiger was blocking our escape. I was screaming and crying. I thought that I was going to die. Luckily the worker had a dart gun and we all survived. We all happily went home!

100 w/c – Kyle

I woke up one morning feeling very energetic. I texted my friends to see what we were doing today. We decided to go to the beach and bring a picnic. My mam made lovely ham sandwiches and gave me a bottle of white lemonade .We had a game of football but one of my friends kicked the ball out to sea. I hurried out to get it and caught it before it went too far. My mam rang me that many times my phone battery went dead. We slowly walked home talking about what a great day we had. Roll on tomorrow.

The Statue – Kyle

One Sunday afternoon my family and I went on a drive to the Phoenix Park. We brought some carrots to feed the deer. After we walked around and had a small picnic we noticed a very strange statue. As we walked over to take a closer look it started to look frightening. It looked exactly like the Grim Reaper. My mam did not like it so she wanted us to leave. My Dad went right over to it and just when he taught it was nothing to worry about,it moved and shouted boo. We all laughed at my dad running away. It turned out it was someone doing a late Halloween prank.

100 w/c – Kyle

In November my dad thought it would be a good idea to buy all the Christmas decorations in the shop. He brought them all home. We put them all in the sitting room. We put some in each of the bedrooms, a couple in the bathroom and we still had lots left over. So we taught were do we put it all. We decided to give our neighbours some, they put lights on their front trees, all around their windows, around the front walls. It looked like Disney land when when we finished and had a big big huge party.

100 w/c – Kyle

One day I went to Disney land. We went to a haunted place. There were ghost,zombies and vampires. The ghost had a white towel. The zombies had face paint. The vampires had a Cape and blood. The Ghost jumped out and it scared me. There was a haunted corn maze. It took us a long time to find our way out. When we did we ended up in a quiet town,it was full of lights. We wondered what was going to happen. Suddenly all the lights went of and we were being attacked,it was very frightening. Luckily we were prepared and we ready to fight. Of course we won and survived to tell the tale.

Halloween Night – Kyle

Halloween night is the one night of the year that is all about scaring people, last year I dressed up as Jason from the film Friday The 13th. Trick or treating is all about dressing up and going around to people’s house’s and getting sweets. When I went homeI had some sweets and then went to bed. I always keep my door open because I’m scared of the dark. When I went to sleep I woke up to a strange noise. When the door slammed I knew it was my dad dressed as a killer clown then I cried. That night I slept with the light on.

100 w/c Kyle

Attention to the public.

There is a very strong storm coming your way. I don’t mean to frighten you but you need to make sure that everything you have is put away safely. There was an incident this morning of a man getting stuck down a drain while he was trying to rescue a cat. He didn’t know the cat or its owners but he thought was the right thing to do. Please be careful and think before you do anything in a storm. You might not just put your own live at risk but you could also put others.

100 w/c – Kyle

One day I had a sleepover in my friend Ben’s house .I brought my favourite thing . It’s bigger then a phone and smaller then a laptop, you can play games on it. You get apps on it but you need internet. You can also watch videos on youtube. I would be lost without mine. My mam and Dad bought mine for me for my 8th birthday, it is a white Samsung. Ben has one too, we played games and watched funny videos all night, we had so much fun especially when his mam bought us a takeaway.

The Fashion Dog – Kyle

One weekend I went to my nanny’s house we brought our dog, called Cutie, because we heard that there was a dog competition on near where she lives. It was on the Saturday and we were excited because we think Cutie is the best. When we got there it was full of all different types and sizes and colours, some were in funny costumes. We put Cutie in a blue dress and the dog was wearing glasses,she looked great. Of course she won, I think it was the glasses because you don’t often see dogs wearing glasses.

Crazy Professor by Kyle

One day a professor tried to do an experiment on his pet crocodile Jason, he wanted to try to make him smaller so people would not be afraid. He put him in a machine that he had made. But what happened next shocked the professor, he turned the crocodile purple, and then he tried the bigger button and he twisted his tail. This was getting very difficult for the professor. He could not understand what had gone wrong. Soon people heard about his crocodile and Jason is now famous. He is the only purple twisted tail crocodile in the world.

The Weird Stuff – Kyle

One night I had a very strange dream. I was walking on the moon and I saw little men in white suits and a lot of colourful stuff. Then I noticed a light bulb smashed on one of the rocks.

I carefully went over to see what was happening. They were two policemen. They told me that aliens were trying to destroy planet earth and they were trying to stop them.

I wanted to help, they said the aliens made lots of bombs that looked like light bulbs, it took us five hours to destroy them all but we did it.

100 w/c by Kyle

Me and my friends were going for a walk through the forest and two of my friends went missing,and I got scared. I only had one friend with me . I went looking for them with John, we heard a loud bang and we thought it was a wild bear, we thought ,well what’s ahead of us now, we were so happy when we saw our friends running towards us. We ran all the way back to my house, we told my parents what happened we are not allowed go to the forest anymore. We still don’t know what that loud bang was.