Poor Dog by Kayleigh

Yesterday when I was skipping to my friends house there was concrete that was not dry yet but I ignored it. When I got to my friend’s house I told her about the concrete. She laughed and told me that they put that there half an hour ago. We had a cup of tea and she gave me a gift. It was something I’ve always wanted. It was a fluffy pillow. When I left I found a red scooter so I picked it up and rode it home. I saw a dog and he was walking towards the concrete. I called pet patrol. They got him out in no time. I brought him home.

Haunted by Kayleigh

One night at 10 o’clock I was walking home from the shop. I got lost and was very scared and I just continued walking anyway. I was on a spooky path and I heard very scary noises. I saw an odd looking house. It looked very scary…but I had to see what was inside. I went in and there was a dog, the dog started barking and I heard foot steps. I ran back out. I was panting so hard and I was crying. I ran back home and told my mom the story of what happened. I’m never going there again.

Sailing by Kayleigh

One night we were on a ship in the most dangerous sea EVER. It had sharks, octopus, whales and worst of all sea urchins. Loads of boats were passing some of them looked fancy. The boat driver spotted a very familiar ship. It was huge. Way bigger than ours. I spotted a little black thing coming out of the side of it. The ship turned quickly. I fell. “It’s a cannon” my mum said. “I’m scared” I said back. What will we do our ship is barren. The boat driver said ‘gosh not these miscreant people again’. They shot our boat and it broke.

Stuck by Kayleigh

I was walking through the desert. There was green prickly cactus everywhere and I was trying not to stand on them or bump into them. As I was walking I met Ms.violen. We walked through the desert together. She stood on a cactus. She finally found a new home. I stayed for 3 nights then left. I continued through the desert and I stood on a cactus. Ms.violen ran to me and helped me up. She put a bandage on my foot to stop it hurting. She brought me back to the house and we talked for a while.

The Shop Trip by Kayleigh

It was Friday it was almost Halloween I was excited. My dad was going to get the pumpkins and apples so we could make candy apples. Mum and I stayed home and decorated the house. When dad was on his way home our horse frightened him and he fell off his bike and SMASH he landed in the hay bale all the apples and pumpkins were on the floor. Mum and I ran out and pulled him out POP he was out in no time we picked up the apples and pumpkins and we went inside and carved our pumpkins and made candy apples. We watched a spooky movie to finish off the day.