Family Fight by Kayleigh

“Round 3!” Blurted the quiz show on TV. I was helping my sister Liv with her homework. “What’s for dinner?” I asked mam who was making the dinner. “Chicken, cabbage and gravy!” She said. The only person in the house that likes cabbage is mam. The rest of us hate cabbage. “I don’t want cabbage,” I told mam. “Well tough you’re eating it!” She shouted at all of us. The whole family got into an argument. I ran upstairs to my room BANG! Is the sound that my door made as I slammed it closed. Later my mam called me for dinner. I walked down the stairs nervously and entered the kitchen. I looked at my plate. The cabbage was grey.

Last Saturday by Kayleigh

Last Saturday Leila brought her brother Jack and her two best friends Sam and Jess on a cruise. They all met at the dock and a few minutes later the boat arrived. They got on board, talked to the receptionist, got their room keys and went to their rooms. They unpacked their belongings and Jess texted the other three and asked if they want to meet at the front of the boat to hang out because the heat was unbearable, so they did. After a while they all jumped into the water. Suddenly Jack screamed. Leila quickly swam towards him to see that he was getting chased by a shark…

Little Red Riding Hood by Kayleigh

Blanchette was walking through the woods to her grandma`s house. On the way she seen lots of beautiful flowers scattered all over the grass. She decided to pick some to give to her grandma along with the cupcakes her mam sent her to give. She seen lots of beautiful trees too. But then suddenly 2 arms wrapped around one of the trees. Blanchette started running, but then eventually every tree had arms wrapping around them. Without her noticing one of the arms grabbed her and pulled her in. She ended up dropping the basket of cakes and the flowers…

Little Red Riding Hood by Kayleigh

Blanchette was walking through the woods to her grandma`s house. On the way she seen lots of beautiful flowers scattered all over the grass. She decided to pick some to give to her grandma along with the cupcakes her mam sent her to give. She seen lots of beautiful trees too. But then suddenly 2 arms wrapped around one of the trees. Blanchette started running, but then eventually every tree had arms wrapping around them. Without her noticing one of the arms grabbed her and pulled her in. She ended up dropping the basket of cakes and the flowers…

My Terrible Birthday by Kayleigh

It was Lily’s birthday. They were going to the beach. There was news on the TV about a dangerous octopus in this beach but they went anyway. Lily’s mam told her that she could bring 1 friend so she brought Olivia. They went into the sea. They saw something in the distance. IT WAS THE OCTOPUS THAT WAS ON THE NEWS!. They got out of the water and went back to shore. They quickly went home to where Lily’s present was. It was a shiny white piano. When Olivia seen it she started springing up and down in excitement for Lily. Lily sat on the chair and started playing but she was being gentle. Best but also worst birthday ever…

The Substitute Teacher by Kayleigh

It was a normal Monday morning. Until I got to school. We had a substitute. But she was extraordinary. She had a weird mustard coloured dress on. I decided to forget about it. We all went on the yard. I told my friends that I found her weird. They all agreed. We went back into class. I was stuck on a question. I asked the teacher for help. For some reason her voice reminded me of a guitar. It was annoying. I got up to go to the bathroom and accidentally shoved into her. She shouted at me for 5 mins. “YOU HORRIBLE HUMAN DON’T SHOVE INTO PEOPLE!”. I didn’t go to school the next day.

The Stolen Key by Kayleigh

It was a very frosty morning. I was on my way to the shop stepping on all of the crunchy leaves. Until I noticed something shiny glistening through two leaves. I picked it up. I put the key in my pocket and continued walking. I was wondering who’s it was. I took it out of my pocket. I heard somebody shouting THERE SHE IS GET HER!. I turned my head to 2 police men running towards me. I got down on my knees and they handcuffed me. They asked me why I stole it. I was very confused and told them I found it in a field between 2 leaves. They looked confused. They took the key off me and took a DNA test on it. They believed me, apologised and let me go.

The Camping Trip by Kayleigh

My mam told me we were going camping near the waterfall. I was so excited that I ran upstairs and started packing my bags. I packed 3 outfits, a swimsuit, pyjamas and some stuff to protect myself. “Hurry the taxi is here” shouted my mam. I ran downstairs and hopped into the bright yellow taxi. It only took us 15 minutes to get there. When we arrived I set up my tent. “Can we go swimming” I asked immediately to my mam. “Yes!” she answered happily. I got my swimsuit on and ran to the lake. Then all of a sudden I tripped over a rock and went flying into the ditch. I was panicking and breathing heavily. I am never going there again. 

The School Trip by Kayleigh

Last year for their school trip they went to the museum. This year they are going again. When they arrived they got off the bus one by one and went into the museum. Their teacher guided them into the room where 3 of the museum workers were standing. It was awkward. They started telling them about the sculpture on the right. Jack was confused. ‘It’s not like last year’ he thought and then got back to listening. We went to the next room. The workers were behind us. They seemed suspicious. When we got into the next room one of the workers started hiding something. Jack got scared. When they all got home Jack told the story to his mam. Nobody knows what they were hiding.

Against Climate Change by Kayleigh

I’m against climate change. It’s so mean to Earth. I think Earth has feelings. Just like us. And climate change is hurting Earths feelings. It’s not just hurting Earth it’s also hurting some of us. It is hurting all the people against climate change. Like me. My teacher and the people in my class. Climate change isn’t just our oceans being filled with rubbish. It’s also forest fires and animal extinction and the ice caps melting because it’s too hot. Don’t forget about Earth being polluted. This is all because of us. Yes! Us. Next time we buy something wrapped in plastic. Throw out the plastic or reuse it! or just don’t buy plastic…

Transport by Kayleigh

I think the best form of transport is getting to places on bikes, scooters or walking. They are the best way because they don’t pollute the earth. I think you should use cars, trains and stuff like that only if you’re in a rush to get somewhere or for long distance travelling. If it is not to far away or you have enough time to cycle, scoot or walk you should do it. Make sure they are not electric and if they are make sure it doesn’t pollute the earth. The best way is to simply scoot, cycle or walk.

The Giants by Kayleigh

I was on my afternoon walk when I seen two giants. They were smoking their giant cigarettes. One of them were laughing while the other ones cigarette fell to the floor. It was huge. It landed perfectly right up and the smoke was going in the air. The other giant’s cigarette fell to the ground. It barely had any smoke coming from it but it was still bad. The giants continued telling jokes and laughing while they turned around and started walking somewhere. I followed them to see where they were going. They were going to their giant home. I went in but regretted it straight away.

The Fire Drill by Kayleigh

It was my first day working at the car industry. The first car I looked at was a Tesla.

“Woahhh!” I whispered when I saw the shiny Tesla.

“Would you like to go for a ride?” Asked my boss.

“Of course I would!” I replied as I hopped in.

Something went wrong and the Tesla let out a lot of smoke. Suddenly the building started flashing red and sirens were going off. The smoke had set off the fire alarm. There was an announcement on the intercom “EVACUATE REPEAT EVACUATE!” It screamed. This was a very urgent situation. I helped people evacuate. “I’m afraid,” said one of the women. “It is ok,” I answered as we walked out the door.

The Bonfire by Kayleigh

Me and my friends were finished trick or treating.

“should we do a bonfire?” Asked my friend.

”great idea!” I replied.

It wasn’t a good idea. The bonfire was good until it got out of control 10 minutes later. It spread all over the dry grass.

“call 911!” I shouted.

My friend called 911 and the fire brigade arrived 5 minutes later. As the firemen were putting out the fire me and my friend were talking about how stupid we were.

“why did we do this?” I complained.

“I don’t know!” Muttered my friend.

“no more bonfires!” I told her.

“never!” she answered.

Stop Climate Change by Kayleigh

Climate change is going to far. Animals are getting overwhelmed as there homes are being destroyed. Animals such as birds, polar bears and almost every species of bears in general. The earth is getting too hot due to climate change. Stop littering. The scientists have proven that we are the ones causing pollution. The grass used to be green but not anymore. Lots of people have changed their mind and tried to stop climate change. But not everybody. Tell your friends and family and tell them to stop polluting and littering. Our home is being destroyed by us. We are destroying our home.

The Sunglasses by Kayleigh

She woke up… “Today is the day I perform on stage in front of millions of people!” She exclaimed. “I’m going to wear my weird fluffy pink sunglasses and a pink dress.” she thought. She ran downstairs in her pink dress to get her sunglasses but they had gotten bigger. A lot bigger. She was clueless on how it happened. “How am I supposed to wear these?” She asked herself. She called the manager and told him that she couldn’t dance today. He started shouting at her and asking her why she couldn’t dance today. She sent him a picture and he understood.

Climate Change by Kayleigh

As my friend and I were on the phone she told me to look out my window. I walked over to my window and looked outside. The river was so dry I have never seen the river bed so dry before. “OMG!”, I said. My friend told me she put up a video about it on YouTube. “It’s about climate change!” She told me. “I’ll put one up too!” I replied. Stop polluting the earth. The earth is our home it doesn’t deserve to be polluted. Do your part to stop climate change. Tell your friends and family. Help the earth and save the animals.

The Dinosaur by Kayleigh

We went to the dinosaur category and we saw the bone ball.

“The bone ball!” Shouted Lily

“What’s the bone ball?” Asked Lily’s sister

“Dinosaur bones in the form of a ball.” Replied Lily. Lily’s sister grabbed the ball and ran outside with it. She started kicking it around like a football.

“STOP!” I shouted as it transformed back into a dinosaur. Lily’s sister started screaming and ran back into the museum. Lily and I ran after her. Banging and crashing started as the dinosaur broke down the museum. Everyone in the museum ran and hid from the dinosaur. Everyone survived…

The Flood by Kayleigh

In the land of ZigZag had no normal sized humans only minuscule people. One day in ZigZag on the 3/4/2000 it started washing rain and ZigZag was flooded. There is one family that got washed away… The Whites. But only 2 of them went missing. The children. Mr. White the dad panicked. The children were now in the sewers where they found a sticky calendar. “I wonder how this got here” said ms. White. They hoped on and used it as a raft. Mr and Mrs White went looking for their children…But they were never found…

The Talking Dinosaur by Kayleigh

It was a Friday evening and it was the night before my brothers birthday. Earlier today I went to the shop to buy him a present. When I was walking through the toy isle I found a dinosaur toy. Since my brother loves dinosaurs I bought him the toy. I brought it home and hid it under my bed until tomorrow. When I gave him the toy he thanked me and hugged me. When he took the toy out of the box it started talking. It was also panicking. ‘Which way to the shops’ it panted.. I didn’t read the box properly because the box said it could talk.

Stormy and Rainy by Kayleigh

It was a stormy and rainy day. I was doomed. I had nothing to do so I called my friends. When they answered we played truth or dare. My mam called me down for dinner so I hung up and told them I’d call back after. After dinner I forgot to call them back. There was a screaming noises so I went out to check. Suddenly a flash of light, then darkness… I woke up in hospital. I asked my mam who was sitting right beside me why I was here. She told me I got struck by the lightning.

My Mission 100 by Kayleigh

My brother and I are lonely. But what for? I’m on a mission to find that out. I bought my brother a mushroom pizza that would last him days. I snuck into the closest boating shop and stole an oar. There was a piece with a rule on the boat saying “do not jump on boat”… I jumped anyways. I wrinkled the paper up and threw it in the sea. I sailed to where my landlord lives. I asked him for my parents back but he said no. I told him my brother really misses them and he felt wistful. We have our parents back now.

The Break In by Kayleigh

I was telling my mam about the movie I was watching when she got a call that she had to do a nightshift. I told her I`d be alright on my own. She left and I went up to my room to continue my film…Until I heard the window downstairs break. I went to check and then I heard footsteps so I ran back up to my room. I forgot to close the door. I saw his feet walking towards my dog. He picked her up and left the house. Suddenly darkness enveloped the room. He had turned my power off. An hour later my mam came back and I told her everything.

Wolf Baby by Kayleigh

As I was walking through the forest on my way home, I heard a pack of wolves. I tried running until I tripped over a tree root. I fell again and again and then a wolf stood right there…right in front of me. It started leading me somewhere. I followed it, panting. It lead me to its ill mam wolf. I tried giving the mam wolf some water but she was too ill to move. It was getting dark so I went home. The next day the mam wolf had died. I looked at the baby as it let out a pitiful howl. I picked it up and brought it home. It was a boy. Poor baby boy.


*mam =mom

The Bracelet by Kayleigh

…it’s gone… My special purple bracelet was gone. My purple bracelet was special because it gave me powers. Transforming power that transforms me into animals such as a giraffe an elephant and a penguin. But now my powers are.. well gone. I just decided to forget about it and continue to enjoy my day. When I got home I went to my room. My mam had painted my room purple. It made me think of my bracelet and now I was happy. I went to bed early that night. The next day in school ms.violin our principal announced that she found my bracelet. I ran to the office and picked it up.

The Ringing Phone by Kayleigh

I went to the movies the other night. I was watching the movie minding my own business. My phone started ringing so I answered it…”Hello…HELLO”. There was no response so I hung up. My phone rang again and I hung up. It kept ringing so I turned my phone off properly off. I forgot my phone at the movies so I went back to get it. It was still off. When I got home I put my phone down (still off). 1 hour later it started ringing again…I didn’t remember putting it on. Who was calling me? Who turned on my phone?

Poison by Kayleigh

My brother and I were baking cookies for our grandpa. My brother was putting something in the dough. He said it was flavouring so I told him to add loads. After a while we went to grandpa’s house. We gave him his cookies, he had two and left the rest for later after tea. My brother and I were preparing tea because grandpa told us he felt very ill, he was in the sitting room watching television and he was laughing but he started coughing then all of a sudden it was silent.

All we could hear was boiling…..

The White Castle by Kayleigh

I was having a dream…. in the dream I said I wanted to be a princess when I grow up. I don’t know why, I just thought being a princess was crafty. I said I want to live in a BIG white castle and have 11 pets… I know that’s a bit much but remember this was just a dream. In my princess room I have a wall of ivy leaves. Every day I would bring out my dog and we would go rolling down the hill with each other. I woke up and looked around my room for the leaf wall… it wasn’t there.

Help by Kayleigh

It was the night before school started back. But me and my best friend were stuck on an island. The island was huge and our boat had sunk so we had no way out. We tried to call our mams but we had no signal and at this point we were shouting for help. We went searching for stuff to make a boat around the island…but if only it was a little bit smaller…there were yucky bugs everywhere. We gave up, but then we realised if we stayed there we would not have to go to school tomorrow!

My Dream by Kayleigh

I just remembered about my dream where I went back in time. I saw a bee that looked injured. I looked closer to see if I could see its injury. I saw two little men and they had suits on. Doctor suits. THEY WERE BEE DOCTORS!! They spotted me so I asked them what they were doing. They told me they were helping the bee. The bee was very ill and could not move. The bee was very elderly and he might die they said to me. I picked up the bee and stroked it. I woke up feeling very upset.