100 w/c by Katie

It was a dark and cold night. It was three days before Halloween. The two girls were getting ready, Ava and Emma. Ava was going to be a witch and Emma was going to be a devil. They went to the shop to gets sweets with Ava’s mam. They walked to the shops. When they were walking past this really broken apart house, it was so big, they got really scared. On their way home Emma got an idea that they  would to go in, so they did it. They got sucked in and the man could not care less. Emma said, ‘but I had to see what was inside.

The Crazy School by Katie

It was a normal day in school. All the class were so excited for music class. Mr Green was the best teacher so all the class went. They were in the classroom and Mr Green said they were going to play the violin. So the class started playing it suddenly a light shined at the door. All the class flinched after a while they were wondering what to do. Mr Green thought to go in just to see they went in. It was a whole different world it was so big. There were some cactus they were very prickly. They walked home they found some bruised apples.

The Girl by Katie

It was cold and windy evening. There was a girl called Bella she was visiting her nanny down the country she was saying over. After a while she went on her big bike she loves going on her bike. So then she went cycling she was going a long road. It was Autumn the leaves were blowing everywhere. Suddenly she fell into a hale bale .It was kind of strange but there was only a pumpkin patch but. Then she got out of it and there’s pumpkins. Ok but I have to go nanny’s probably waiting. So I went back and she was waiting.