Trick or Treat by Katie

One Halloween evening the kids were going out to trick or treat. Sophie was a witch and James was a zombie. Their Mam was taking them out to trick or treat. Their Dad was on duty to give out the sweets.

Sophie was so exited for Halloween she was jumping up and down. Sophie kept on saying “I want to go now!” she commanded.

Whilst they were walking they so a huge bonfire. The kids were scared. Then it went up in flames. It was terrifying. “The kids were shivering!”, said Mam. Then the police came.

The Lab by Katie

“Bang!” “Something exploded!” said Dr. Green. One morning in the lab Dr. Green the scientist was looking to make a new species. Dr. Green started working first he got the thing he be testing on which was a hamster. The hamster wasn’t that healthy so he done it on that one. So there was no harm to the hamster.

Dr. Green wanted to make a new species of hamster. When Dr. Green stared to put the needle in he kept on moving.

Dr. Green was getting overwhelmed about it. Dr. Green started saying, “it was very hot”. “Bang!”, something exploded said Dr. Green.

The Funky Glasses by Katie

“BANG! ahhhh” screamed James. One day James and his family were cleaning the house. James was cleaning the kitchen.

First he cleaned the oven then the microwave. While he was cleaning the table he found this pair of really funky sunglasses. They were humongous James wanted to have a look.

They were that big he needed go to the shed and get the ladder. He set up on the ladder then step on each step one at a time. “Wow there very big!” said James. The ladder started to wobble. “Oh no”, said James nervously. “BANG ahhhh”, James fell of the ladder.

The Two Explorers by Katie

One Sunday morning Bella and Molly went to explore the jungle. They were learning all about climate change so they thought just to have a look in the jungle.

Molly said she would bring snacks. Both of them brought a flashlight, blanket, snacks and water. Molly said goodbye to her family and so did Bella. They weren’t staying the night.

When they went out it was bright. As they were walking they came across something, it was a dried out river. “I have never seen the river bed so dry!” said Molly. “Oh no”, said Bella Molly fell in. They all started laughing.

100 w/c by Katie

Bang! “Oh no they all fell apart” said Izzy. One night at the museum something very bad happened one of the sculptures fell apart.

Izzy was in charge to close the museum tonight it wasn’t her favourite job because she was alone. She was looking to make sure no one was still there. Well Izzy was not all alone she had her dog Lola with her.

Izzy was looking at the pictures and the sculptures and then her dog saw this big ball. Izzy said “that’s the massive bone ball”. Lola started tearing it apart. “Oh no they all fell apart” said Izzy. I am going to get in so much trouble.

The Little Girl by Katie

There was a girl named Emily. She went to knock for her friend. Her friend said “hello”. Her friend is named Willow. Emily asked “do you want to go to the shops”? “Yes” she said. Then they went. Emily got a lollipop and Willow got chocolate. Emily said that the lollipop was minuscule when she was eating her hands were all sticky. Then they went to Emily’s house. Willow said “hello” to Mrs. White she said “hello back”. They went up and it was lashing rain it was washing everything away. Emily looked at her calendar it was the 10th of the 9 2011.

The Wonderful Creation by Katie

Once there was a scientist that wanted to make a wonderful creation to. His idea was to make a talking dog. His was practicing for ages finally he made one. He called him Teddy he needed to go to the shops to get special ingredients so he can eat. The dog can find directions as well. He Said ‘Which way to the shops?’it panted because the dog was really thirsty. Teddy said “to the left” and they got all the ingredients. He made the food for teddy and had a big meal. Now he loves his new best friend.

The Robber by Katie

Ellie was walking home from school. She had her house key because there was nobody else there. Ellie was walking up to her house then got her key out and unlocked the door. When she got home she done her homework she was upstairs.

A powerful noise came from down stairs she got scared. Ellie ran over and cuddle up in the corner. A flash of light, then, darkness Ellie is really scared of the dark. She called her mam and said “mam I think there’s a robber in the house” her mam replied “it is ok call the police” so she did.

The Lost Rabbit by Katie

Jenny and Jake were going to a sad movie. Then Jenny and Jake both headed off to the movies. When they arrived Jenny wanted to get popcorn so she got some. They both sat down and started watching the movie. While they were watching the ads just before the movie Jake saw an ad about oars, he loves canoes and things like that. On the speakers they called out a big rule it was don’t climb on the chairs. The movie started it was about a bunny and his favourite food was a wrinkled mushroom. After the movie the audience were a bit wistful.

The Power Cut by Katie

It was Megan’s birthday and she wanted to have a sleepover with her friend Tilly. They were really excited to have a sleepover have sweets and watch a movie. When Tilly came over they screamed the house down. They got all their blankets and pillows both of them curled up and got comfortable. Megan put on a movie Tilly said “do you hear that?” Megan said “yes I do”. They both looked out the window it was a big storm. The lights started flickering they shivered suddenly, darkness enveloped the room Megan and Tilly ran so fast into a compact corner.

The Trip to Granny’s by Katie

Today Ellie was going for a trip to her granny’s so she was really exited. She hasn’t seen her granny in months Ellie’s granny lives quite far away. So she packed her bags then headed to the car she brought a load of snacks. Ellie was reading her favourite book and it said “if you see the number 29 there are witches nearby.” She thought that was so silly but she forgot about it and headed on reading her book. When she arrived at her granny’s house it had the number 29 as the address and a rusty gate and a load of leaves but she thought it was just a coincidence.

The Vet by Katie

Once there was a wolf named Blizzard. She was running through the woods with other wolves. While she was running she was jumping over sticks and rocks but then her paw went side ways and she fell. She let out a pitiful howl when it happened. She kept howling till someone came. Two people came who were having a nice walk in the woods and heard a wolf howling. They followed the sound and saw Blizzard and she said “Aww! Are you ok little one?  My name is Tilly and I am a vet”. Tilly took good care of her and Blizzard was happy again.

Love It or Hate It by Katie

One day Cara asked her mam if they could go to the shops.

Before Cara and her mother went to the shop Cara wanted to talk to her brother Lee she asked “do you like Marmite?” he answered “yes”. Cara shouted to Lee “I AM GOING TO THE SHOPS.” . Mam should we head now? “Yes”. They were on the road listening to their funky music.“Yay” we arrived said Cara as they got out of the car. They headed into the shops Cara saw the Marmite and said ”mom let’s get that”. “But no one likes it”Cara said ”No”, he said, ”I like marmite”. Cara’s mam said ”ok put it in.”

The Coat by Katie

One day in a shop there was really expensive coat, that everyone wanted. But no one could afford it, everyone wanted to save up. There was one person going around trying on really expensive clothing. So he went in to make sure no one was looking at him when he was trying to steal it. He got it into his bag. Someone came up to him,

Why do you have that on? And he said, ‘I didn’t remember putting it.’ He ran past him as fast as he could. He shouted ‘BYE!!’ and he got away with it. He was so happy.

The Winter Cold by Katie

It was winter there was a cold going around. No one wanted to get it, it was a really bad cold. Tim went out to get food so he put on his mask. He got all the things he needed but when he got home he felt really ill. He got really worried he had the really bad cold that was going around. So he rang the to make an appointment to see the doctor. After a while he drove to the doctor. The doctor said that he had the really bad cold that was going around. He had to stay at home.

The Crazy Art Teacher by Katie

In school today we have art class. The teacher name was Ms. White everyone thinks she is really crazy. It was Autum, so today in art she said to do a castle with leaves around it. Most of the time she is very crafty but not today. They were all moaning to go outside to roll down the hill. So she said they could so they went running out the classroom as fast as they could. They started rolling down the hill. They had so much fun they would want to do it again tomorrow and the next day as well.

The Abondoned House by Katie

There was this house in town that was an abandoned house. But no one could go in it because you would get “ IN BIG TROUBLE!” Even if any animals came in. But one day an animal did get in, it was a dog missing from the street. His name was Lucky, he tried to get in through a hole. He was a big dog and he could not fit in. If only it was a bit smaller then the family that owned him found their dog. They walked home. The police checked on the house for a while so no one could go back in.

The Weird Bee by Katie

It is a nice summer day in 22 street. On the news there was a big bee going around that made people small. He was going around 22 street the most. So when you got stung by him you would go small. He went into a house with two people and then he stung them. They were in the kitchen making food. They went small on the table they had bags on it so they went small as well. He did nearly everyone, so 22 street were all small. Then they caught the bee. He NEVER GOT BACK OUT AGAIN.

The Mystery Animal by Katie

It was a nice sunny day in the world of Lolo. There was all different animals in the world Lolo. All the animals were playing their favourite game, Hit Back, it is played with a ball.

There was a very special animal called Laila she was red and fluffy. She loves to go on the concrete. One night there was a ball Laila loved to dance so she signed up and she got ready to go. After a while she went on her scooter it was pink. She finally got there she went on the stage. Then she danced around and she won the medal.

100 w/c by Katie

It was a dark and cold night. It was three days before Halloween. The two girls were getting ready, Ava and Emma. Ava was going to be a witch and Emma was going to be a devil. They went to the shop to gets sweets with Ava’s mam. They walked to the shops. When they were walking past this really broken apart house, it was so big, they got really scared. On their way home Emma got an idea that they  would to go in, so they did it. They got sucked in and the man could not care less. Emma said, ‘but I had to see what was inside.

The Crazy School by Katie

It was a normal day in school. All the class were so excited for music class. Mr Green was the best teacher so all the class went. They were in the classroom and Mr Green said they were going to play the violin. So the class started playing it suddenly a light shined at the door. All the class flinched after a while they were wondering what to do. Mr Green thought to go in just to see they went in. It was a whole different world it was so big. There were some cactus they were very prickly. They walked home they found some bruised apples.

The Girl by Katie

It was cold and windy evening. There was a girl called Bella she was visiting her nanny down the country she was saying over. After a while she went on her big bike she loves going on her bike. So then she went cycling she was going a long road. It was Autumn the leaves were blowing everywhere. Suddenly she fell into a hale bale .It was kind of strange but there was only a pumpkin patch but. Then she got out of it and there’s pumpkins. Ok but I have to go nanny’s probably waiting. So I went back and she was waiting.