Spikey Fruit – by Jody

Two years ago in 3rd class my teacher let us play outside because it was nature week. While playing I found a weird look spiky thing. It looked like an acorn but was the wrong colour. After school, me and my best friend were walking home I asked her did she know but she didn’t. So I went home and asked my mam but she didn’t even know. Suddenly my dad came home from work with a bag in his hand. “I have a surprise for you” he said. It was a tropical fruit just like the oneI had seen!

New Book – Jody

One day myself and Sarah were listening to our teacher telling us a story, The Lioness of The Fire Desert. I imagined that I teleported to this weird place, when I walked into this nice, beautiful place there was a wonderful pandacorn, it was baby pink with a rainbow horn, now this is my favourite animal. There was a Lake that was purple, I was in a dream come true. Altough it was a dream my friend Sarah was in it. I said to the pandacorn “hide”, we surprised Sarah. Suddenly I heard my teacher’s voice, “Stop day dreaming Jody”.

The Robber by Jody

On a misty cold evening a robber was caught stealing things from peoples’ homes. He was running frantically from our neighbour’s house when he got caught by the police. They shouted at him “stop right there!” The robber turned around and there was crimson blood on his hands. The police hoped that he didn’t hurt anyone. They checked the house and nobody was there only a little cat. The robber said “the cat scraped me”. The police laughed and said “thanks little cat, you helped us catch the robber, he is going to the grave after this.”

100 w/c Jody

Two fairy friends Lisa and Jack loved being fairies but wished that they could be big for a day. One sunny day they were flying around their forest when suddenly the saw two legs on a tree. They looked closer and realised they were made of wood. Jack had a great idea to tie rope to them and they could pretend they were giants. Lisa was very excited and went straight home for some rope, she got back to Jack really quickly. When the ropes were tied on, they took turns being giants for the day. They had so much fun.

100 w/c – Jody

One summer’s day Holly and Claire were walking to the shop. While they were there they saw an advertisement for a race. Claire and Holly wanted to be in that race. When they got home they started to train. Their mam helped them by getting them drinks and fruit to eat. The day finally arrived. They were super excited. There were loads of boys and girls in the race. Some were slow but some were fast, altough they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Claire and Holly were super fast and won the race and the trophy.

Teeny Tiny Farm – Jody

Chloe’s Mam was taking her on a trip to a new farm as a treat for being so good. She was very excited. When they got there everything was tiny. Chloe thought it was a hopeless place but the more she seen the more she enjoyed it. There were loads of unusual tiny animals and lots of yellow, red and purple trees. There were flowers that were shiny and bright. On the way out they had to walk along a thin path made for very tiny people. It was so much fun that Chloe didn’t want it to end.

100 w/c – Jody

Rose and Molly were having a competition about who can find the biggest thing. Rose bought a big teddy in the small shop. When Molly saw it she was shocked, she really wanted to win. The next morning Molly looked out her window and to her surprise she saw an enormous cup in her garden. She showed Rose, Rose was now the one that was shocked. Even their mam and dad couldn’t believe it. Rose said to Molly “I think you have won”. “Let’s put the teddy in the cup and put it in our room” said Molly.

The Best Week – Jody

This week my nanny was mindding me and my sisters. We had great fun with our nanny. But I thought “what if I was in charge?”. I would bake yummy cupcakes. So I asked my nanny can we make yummy cupcakes. “She said in a bit” “I said okay”. My sisters wanted to draw nice pictures. When were done with our pictures we were allowed to make cupcakes. We had so much fun. The best part was eating the yummy cupcakes . We played a few bored games and my nanny made the best dinner ever. After dinner my mam and dad came home. We told them all about it.

The Trees Moving – Jody

One day Kate and her bigger sister Katie were going to the shop. It was a lovely sunny day so they walked the long way, through the forest park. They were enjoying the gorgeous weather when suddenly they came across strange shapes in the grass. The shapes looked like trees doing their exercises. Kate was very scared . She grabbed her sister and ran all the way home. When they reached the house Kate cried to her mam. “It is only the new art show by the young kids in the school, there is no need to be afraid” said mam. Kate was very relieved.

100 w/c – Jody

Last week Megan and Daisy went out shopping with their mam, dad, nanny and grandad for Christmas clothes. They both got their favourite colour dresses. Megan got a pink one and Daisy got a blue one and there were diamonds on them.

“It is time to go,” mam said.

They were so excited to go home and try their dresses on.

“Oh no my diamond is about to fall off,” said Daisy,”Oh no! It fell down the drainpipe!”

Their dad had to put his hand down the pipe.

“Ew” said Megan.

But Daisy didn’t mind once he found her diamond!

100 w/c – Jody

A few weeks ago Emily went to a beautiful restaurant with her family. There were some strange statues outside. They were grey and black and in the shape of small people. Emily wondered why they were there. She asked the waitress and she said “they move in the middle of the night”. Although she wasn’t afraid she was very confused. When she got home she decided she would go back to the restaurant the next day. Emily and her friend Isabella returned and the statues had moved places. Emily said to Isabella “lets come back tonight so we can see them moving”. “Ok” said Isabella.

100 w/c – Jody

One day Lucy and her friend Emma were playing out side. They were playing hide and seek, this time Lucy was hiding “Where could you be” said Emma”. Eventually Lucy’s mam called them because there were having a sleepover and it was getting late “Look at the clock” she said. Before they went to bed they snuck some nice and yummy sweets. The next morning they wanted to go out to the forest for a cycle. They came across a large red snake in the bushes, Lucy and Emma cycled so fast past the snake and made it home, finally.

100 w/c – Jody

Alex was going to school on a nice sunny morning. Something caught her eye on the top of her school roof. It was a strange but funny looking hand. Also, it had the shape of a small face on the front. She wasn’t sure what to think of it “was it real?” Alex asked herself, “am I just imagining it?”. Alex was afraid to ask her teacher but could not stop thinking about it. Suddenly a knock came on the classroom door. The door opened, it was the hand. Her teacher said “children, this is Handy Harry our new school cleaner”.

JoJo’s Birthday – by Jody

It was a very exciting day for Jojo, it was her 9th birthday. Although it was early, she went in to wake her mam and dad up. “There are present downstairs for you” said Jojo’s mam. In the sitting room she could hear something move about in a big parcel. “I’m going to open that last”. She opened her other present which was a cool silver phone. In the beginning Jojo thought this was the best present ever but not after she opened the other one. “It’s a dog” Said Jojo. She was so cute. She called her Bowbows.

100 w/c – Jody

A young girl named Anna lived near a jungle. Although Anna wanted to explore the jungle her mam was always afraid she would get lost. One dark night Anna decided to sneak out without her mam knowing. As she was nervously walking through the jungle Anna spotted a monkey at a desk using a laptop. “Good evening madam” said the monkey, “my name is Ryan, would you like to play for one hour or two. Turns out it wasn’t a real jungle it was an amazing play centre jungle. Anna and Ryan the monkey had the best fun ever.

100 w/c – Jody

It was Lily and Milly’s fifth birthday and they were heading to the zoo with their family. Lily and Milly really wanted to go to the tigers, suddenly the zoo keeper opened the cage. The tigers were running along, Lily got scared, Milly said “are you okay?”

“I am scared the tiger might get out,” said Milly.

“Oh no!!!” said Milly, “the tiger is blocking our escape, how will we get out now”.

“I don’t know said Lily.

Although he was blocking their escape Milly said to Lily “there is always a way out”. And yes, they finally got out.

100 w/c – Jody

Jody was so excited and energetic about her visit to her friend Amy’s house. She hadn’t seen her in such a long time. She hurried along so she wouldn’t be late. Amy’s house had a pretty white door and beautiful flowers in the garden. The two girls played their favourite games like picnic with sandwiches and tea. They played with her electric car but the battery went dead. The girls didn’t mind as they were getting tired anyway. It’s so much fun playing with friends all day but they used up all their energy in the end.

Autumn Day – Jody

One nice Autumn day Lucy and her friend Ruby went to the park on their bikes. They were having so much fun until they came across a statue of a man wearing a cloak. At first they were frightened but just as they were about to cycle away they saw something move in the hood. As they got closer a little squirrel popped his head out, he had made the hood into his home, it was so cute. Suddenly the girls were no longer frightened. If a squirrel can live in the statues hood it can’t be that scary.

100 W/C – Jody

One day I was playing outside when I spotted something sparkly and interesting. I brought it in to my bedroom. A few minutes later my friend called, i was so excited to show her. Look what I found i said. My friend said it was really old money I have seen it before. We decided to save it for when we get older. But where will we hide it all? Wait I think I know. I have a very special box we can put it in and put it under my bed. We can’t wait to spend it when we are older.

Week in New York – Jody

One day me and my family went on holidays to New York  It was a nice hotel and a nice city.  One day I went to the swimming pool a few minutes later my mam said we were going out, we were excited. We got dressed.  I was so excited I ran so fast.  I stopped and waited for my family.  Me and my family bumped into something we did not know what it was.  We got scared.  they kept following us, I wanted to go home.  My man said that we would go home in a few minutes.  A few hours later we were going to bed and I couldn’t go to sleep. A few days later we went out and nothing was there.

The Haunted House – Jody

Once upon a time we lived in a small house. One day my mam said that we are moving to a bigger one. I was excited but i knew i would miss my friends. The first day we got there the door slammed and i knew it was haunted, i got such a fright. That night i met a friendly ghost named Petey. He was so cute so i wasn’t afraid anymore. Petey was my best friend now and we played tricks on my family all the time. Our haunted house didn’t frighten me anymore.

100 w/c – Jody

Yesterday at around 9 o clock during storm Ophelia a man fell into a puddle. He was just looking at a frog with his son. It happened so quickly. His son was very upset and the frog was very frightened. The frog jumped out of the water and hopped away. The boy went home crying and to get some help. The mam was shocked and so were the brothers. They ran back to the puddle to save their dad. When they got there their dad was sitting in the middle of the puddle crying as his wellies were stuck in the mud.

100 w/c Jody

There is a thing that I really like. It is very fluffy. I mostly bring it everywhere if I can. It is a little bit small. I got it in 2013. It is white. It has big ears. It is so so cute and adorable. I made it a big home. With lots of food of course. She hops so so high but not higher than a kangaroo. She has brown eyes. I always try to draw a picture of her but she keeps hopping away. I sit her on my lap and pet her. Her name is Bella.

100 w/c – Jody

Once upon a time there live a girl called Ella. She always wanted to go the a museum. She kept asking her mam and her mam kept saying not today. One day she was in bed and her mam came up and said do you want to go to the museum. She was so excited she got up really fast. In the museum there was a cafe where she went to eat. There was a girl there wearing a nice dress. She had a dog with her and the dog was wearing glasses, it was so funny. Ella said “I love the museum”.

The Professor Who Loved Purple by Jody

Once upon a time there lived a professor who loved the colour purple as you can see. Her name was acey and she was very nice. One day she spotted a huge crocodile,it was crazy. She didn’t know what to do. By the time it was dark it still hadn’t moved so she decided to get closer but it was difficult. There was lots of twisted trees in her way. She pushed through them and got closer but there was nothing there. All that was there was more funny looking trees in the shape of large animals.

Tiny Tiny People – Jody

Once upon time there were tiny tiny people who lived in a tiny tiny hut made from wood. One day
tiny tiny Sarah found a light bulb. She tried push it down a hill with her friend saoirse. When they did, it smashed and everything fell out. There were hundreds and thousands of little foam pieces. They both went closer to see what they were. They tried to touch them and they were really soft. Saoirse tried to jump on them and it was so much fun. Sarah started to jump on them too. They had so much fun.

Once upon a time my friends and I went on an adventure in to the dark jungle. It was night time so we built a camp site. We were really tired but we couldn’t go to sleep we were so scared. Then we finally nodded off. We woke up and thought so what lies ahead of us today. We were so hungry so we went to get some fish and ended up seeing our favourite animal, a panda. We also spotted a unicorn, it is our favourite animal too. It was so beautiful, I hope you believe me.