My Memories of School by Jessica M

In school we always learn about the world’s history and play games to represent fun things that happened then. One time we searched for gold coins that were represented with buttons. We also learned about the viola so we learned how to write some music notes. My favourite one was when we pretended we were lost in ancient history and we had to wear clothes for the year we where lost in. I pretended I was lost in the year 1905, the clothes I wore were very funny and flowy. My least favourite one was when we had to eat the food people ate in all different countries in all different years.

How Ashley Became Famous by Jessica M

Bang! Ashley was really scared but knew she had to go into the cave and save her sisters Laila and Isabel, because a monster had captured them. As Ashley sneakily creeped into the cave she tripped over a rock and made a loud noise. The monster had heard it and started growling that’s when she knew she should run, grab her sister and run back home. As they were running out of the cave Laila and Isabel had told Ashley it was a prank. Ashley didn’t believe them until lots of people started running after them and showed her a video they took of it. Ashley allowed them to make a film out of it but only so she could be famous.

A Day in Each Other’s Shoes by Jessica M

One day two friends called Amy and Ava were in the zoo arguing as always. After they finished that they decided that they would spend a day in each other’s shoes. Amy had a very poor background while Ava was quite rich. As they were doing what the other usually does Ava found out that Amy stores her clothes in a box that sits under a brown chair. Amy discovered the Ava has a sky view roof and she is very good at art as she has a picture of a realistic leaf hanging over another picture of a racoon. At the end of the day the girls agreed that whenever they argue they would spend a day in each other’s shoes so they understand each others point of view.

The Night Before Halloween by Jessica M

One dark, stormy night two girls were getting ready for Halloween. They were so excited to go trick or treating. Before they went to bed they heard a noise coming from outside so they went out to see what it was. Directly in front of the door was a note with a clue trial. The girls decided to do it, the first clue led them to a dark cave. When they arrived at the cave there was a clown staring at them. The girls let out a scream. The deafening scream echoed through the cold night and the girls ran…

The Magical Sunset by Jessica M

One day Ava and her friend Mia got up early in the morning and walked to the beach to see the sunset. They were so excited but when they got there it was a little different from what they had expected, the sun was already up in the sky. They took some pictures and when they looked at them there was one werewolf in the picture. They looked up at the sunset and there was no werewolf to be seen. Ava was getting scared and wanted to go home but Mia thought it was cool and wanted to investigate more.

A Dangerous Challenge by Jessica M

“John come down stairs to get your breakfast.”

“Coming mam.”

As he was coming down the stairs he had an idea.

His idea was to slide down the banisters so he could get down to get his breakfast faster. Forgetting that his mam did not allow him to do so.

“I am trying to do a challenge, I’m trying not to hold on,” he shouted and within a second he fell of the banister and down the stairs. His mam rushed out to see what had happened and seen that John was lying at the bottom of the stairs…

Horrible Holiday by Jessica M

“Hurry up!” The plane is leaving in ten minutes stated mam. As we arrived at the bording gate the lady told us we were extremely lucky as they were just about to set off. We rushed on to the plane and took our seats. We were going on a holiday to Spain for a week. When we arrived in Spain we got the bus to the hotel. The next day we went out for a walk but although it was Saturday nothing was opened and we didn’t know why. Just then we heard a siren and realised that there was a warning for the whole of Spain to stay indoors as there was a storm approaching!

A Train Ride by Jessica M

“Hurry up Layla you’re going to be late for the train, it’s leaving in ten minutes”. “Okay mam”. Layla rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab her lunch. She ran towards the door and looked at the time before she left, she only had two minutes that was not enough time to run down, it takes at least five minutes. She asked her mam for a lift but she couldn’t because she had to leave for work too. “Take your electric scooter,” suggested mam, “but it is SO slow I will not make it on time, remember it’s broken it’s a lot slower now”.

Bright Yellow Bike by Jessica M

One horrible and rainy day Rebecca was out cycling her bike around the town. After she finished cycling she came home and her mam told her to bring her bike in from the rain. Last week she left her bike out and the front wheel got tied to a tree around the corner from their house. The people who had put it there had painted it in a bright yellow colour. Rebecca was very upset and is now scared to leave her bike outside. Her mam always reminds her just in case she forgets and it happens all over again.

The Adventure Dog by Jessica M

One bright, sunny day there was a dog running around the fields in Balbriggan. He looked as if he was trying to find something. He ran over to me but I just ignored him. Aafter a while of him doing that my friend came over so I started to tell her about him. I told her that at first I thought he was just playing with me but then he acted as if he wanted to ask me something. She whispered to me that she had a dream about that last night and the dog ran over and started talking “which way to the shops?” it panted, we pointed to the shops and the dog ran over quickly.

Christmas Wish List by Jessica M

Dear Santa,

I have been extremely good this year. I would be over the moon with happiness if I could get a few important things to me, such as:

A brightly painted picture of a ballerina for my bedroom.

A violin to play as background music for my sister while she sings and dances.

Some purple paint so I can re-design my bedroom.

I would also like a picture of you, Mrs. Claus and all of the elves.

I will leave you some milk and chocolate biscuit cake and the reindeers some carrots and I will also leave the elves some cake too so they will be happy that people care for them as much as you and the reindeers.

Thanks so much,

Nelly the Elephant.

After School Snack by Jessica M

One day John and Jack were walking home to John’s house from school, because Jack was having a sleepover. When they arrived home, John went into his kitchen and Jack followed him. John shouted to his mam “how could you have done such a thing – you bought marmite instead of chocolate spread, nobody likes marmite.” Then John heard Jack say something. “What did you say Jack?” he asked. “No,” he said “I like marmite it is delicious, how could you not like marmite?” he said sounding so surprised. “What!” shouted John, “you like marmite, marmite is horrible.”

Red Velvet Cup Cakes by Jessica M

Today I am going to tell you how to make Red Velvet Cupcakes.


125g Caster sugar,

150g Butter,

2 Eggs,

150g Self raising flour,

4 tablespoons Water,

2 tablespoons Cocoa powder

2 teaspoons Red food colouring,


Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Put cupcake cases into the baking tray.

Mix the butter and sugar together until smooth.

Add the flour, eggs, cocoa powder, water and red food colouring mix well until there is a thick batter.

Put the mixture into the cupcake cases and put in the oven for 20 minutes.

When done, put them on a cooling rack and enjoy.

Talking Skittles by Jessica M

Have you ever heard of talking skittles! Well here’s your chance, win a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the talking skittles. Here is a little bit about what it is like, as you walk in to the factory there are giant skittles to greet you at the door in all colours. The orange one speaks first and the rest join in as they give you a tour of the factory. As you walk further in, you will see a lot more giant skittles working at their machines. All the giant skittles are the workers and they all speak in their own language to each other. To win the lifetime opportunity call 098,765,4321.

Halloween Night Jessica M

Bang! The fire works were getting set off as Ellie went trick or treating, her bag was almost full so Ellie decided that she would head back home. After a while of trying to get back home, Ellie did not know where she was. All she knew was that there was a house right in front of her. Ellie walked closer to it and went in. She saw a witch and was about to run when she spotted a cape at the door. Beside the cape it had a label and it said that the cape was invisible. Ellie grabbed it and put it on, then she walked all around the house and looked around without the witch even knowing. Ellie heard a noise it was the witch. She was looking for her cape “oh but where did it go?” she shouted in horror…

It Was Heavier Than Expected by Jessica M

One bright hot summer’s day I was walking through the town and saw a package lying on the ground outside a shop. I decided to lift it up and bring it in to the shop but when I went to lift it, it was heavier than expected and I almost dropped it. As I walked into the shop I asked the security woman if she could help me bring it over to the Customer Service Desk. She said yes and asked me what it was, I told her that I didn’t know and that I found it outside the shop. ”I was hoping that you could leave it in your lost and found box.”

100 w/c by Jessica M

How to make a toy robot.

You will need:

Two pieces of cardboard,

One glue pot,

One pair of scissors,

Grey paint,

All different colour sharpies or markers,

Adult supervision,


Make five small squares and then make sixteen more small rectangles and four large rectangles that all measure the same size.

Glue all the small squares together to form a head, then glue all the large rectangles together to form a body for the robot, then glue four of the small rectangles together and repeat three more times.

Paint everything in grey paint.

Assemble all the pieces together using the glue pot.

Draw on all of the buttons and eyes using your sharpies.

Your robot is now ready to play with.

100 w/c Jessica M

I started to panic when it just wouldn’t take off. I know that it didn’t stop for this long the last time I was on the rollercoaster. Suddenly I heard an announcement and they said to stay seated as there is a slight problem. Next of all I felt a bang, all of the carriages were banging into me. As they were banging in to me, I was getting closer and closer to the edge. There was a waterfall right in front of me and I was about to fall over the edge as the rollercoaster started working again.

100 w/c by Jessica M

“Good morning, and welcome to Ireland AM and on today’s line up at 7:30am Laura will give the run down on the new series of Desperate House Wives. At 8:00am we will discuss the benefit of using a bicycle every day. At 8:30am John will be here baking his famous yellow meringue that we will greedily devour. But first let’s go over to Derek in the garden for today’s weather.

“Thanks Alan, news just in from Met Eireann they have warned us that storm Jessica is on its way and that’s the weather for today thanks and good bye.”

100 w/c by Jessica M

Bang! The lights went off, then everything stopped and the children started screaming. Mammy, Mammy the children said sounding panicked. Our X-box has gone dead. No silly it is just a power cut mammy said with a smile her face. I am sure it will be back in a while. But what will we do moaned the children. Mammy suggested that they go out and play in the fresh air. The children decided to go out side because they had nothing to do. When the children came in their mam told them that the electricity was back and that they could play their X-box, but they wanted to play outside.

The Best Day Ever by Jessica M

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever, my mam and I went to town on the train for the first time. As we strolled along we stumbled upon two male statues my mam stopped and asked me did I know who they were. I told her that I did not know. I asked her did she know but she did not know either, so we decided to search it up. When we searched it up, it said that they were two presidents that were sharing a peace offering. This was to symbolise

Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever, my mam and I went to town on the train for the first time. As we strolled along we stumbled upon two male statuses my mam stopped and asked me did I know who they were. I told her that I did not know. I asked her did she know but she did not know either, so we decided to search it up. When we searched it up, it said that they were two presidents that were sharing a peace offering. This was to symbolise peace between the two countries.


100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a beautiful town there was an extremely important scientist who wanted to travel the world. The scientist decided he would go to a land far, far away where nobody had been in years. When he arived he found parrots and wanted to do an experiment on them. While he was doing the experiment something went wrong, he realised he had used the wrong potion and the parrot ended up having wings like a bat. The potion was very contagious and all the other parrots had bat wings aswell. He decided to call them Parrobats.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day I was doing my homework when I heard a noise coming from the wardrobe. I approached the wardrobe and opened the door, the wardrobe transported me to an old movie theatre. At first I was frightened but then I started looking around and I saw a candy bar by the stairs. It looked as if somebody had just left all the sweets behind. I started to investigate a little more when I found myself in the place where you sit and watch the movie. It was a pretty cool day and it was a great adventure.

100 w/c by Jessica M

… Empty. What a surprise! As John was walking through Miss O’ Neill’s house he realised every single bit of furniture was gone and so was Miss O’Neill. John started to panic and rang 999. Officer Pete picked up the phone and asked what was wrong. When he heard Pete’s story he asked who he was, John told the Garda his name. Pete said” John are you Miss O’ Neill’s window cleaner? “, ” yes I am” said John. “Miss O’ Neill moved house did she not tell you about it” said Pete. “The moving truck was out there yesterday.” “Phew” said John, “panic over.”

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day John the window cleaner was on his way to his usual 10:00am job at Miss O’Neill’s house. He was walking to her house with his bright red ladder in his hands. Suddenly he got this sinking feeling and started sprinting. As he was sprinting down the road he tripped up over a pile of golden coins. He thought he was in luck but realised that they belonged to a lady standing next to him. He got distracted for a minute but then that sinking feeling came back. When he got to the house he noticed blood stains on the pavement and Miss O’Neill was no where to be seen…

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a lovely restaurant Joe and Mary were ordering a salad. Joe put a lot of vinegar on his salad. Mary told him not to, but he still did. After a while he started to choke and then his lips went blue. Mary frantically started to shout for help. Two minutes later someone came over and said that he was a doctor. He helped Joe and when he got home he said the vinegar was too sharp. He and Mary would never go there again. Mary felt proud because she had told him not to put vinegar on it.

100 w/c by Jessica M

One day in a college called D.C.U. there was one particular music group who performed a concert. They did not know their songs very well as they only had a week to learn five songs. Everybody thought it was completely out of tune and started to shout “boo!” at them. The music group felt sad and a little annoyed considering they only had one week. Then they all felt nervous and ran off the stage. The teacher ran over and encouraged them to go back on and give it their best.

They went on to the stage and they did amazingly.

100 w/c Jessica M

One day Amy and John were on their way to the shop. As they were walking they happened to see a flickering light at the corner of their eye. Then Amy noticed that it was a Garda car driving by. In the car was a woman with a black fringe and a green dress on her. She was caught steeling golden eggs that were worth millions of euro. When the Garda was driving her back the water from the beach washed the car back to the station. Unfortunately the woman ran away. In the end they found her and they brought her to jail.

100 w/c Jessica M

Yey! the children were so exited because they were going to Dublin Zoo to especially see the new born flamingo, Amy. All the class love flamingo including the teacher, Ms Kate. After Dublin Zoo Ms Kate promised to get them ice-cream. When they got to the ice-cream shop she asked them what they wanted, and went to the till. When she turned a girl was not there, she thought but how could she just disappear it was impossible. After a while she was found but she did not get any ice-cream.

100 w/c by Jessica M

When I was in work yesterday I almost got fired.It’s because I forgot to give the birthday girl her pink cake and bubbles back when the party was over. I was so relieved that I did not get fired. After work I walked home but it was quite unusual because the streets were completly empty. When I got home I listened to the radio to see what was going on. They said a bicycle got crashed into by a large brown truck. That’s why the road was empty. I felt so sorry for the person.