The Wicked Witch by Jessica H

In the town there is a mean witch. Since every witch has a sidekick she has a giraffe her sidekick. There was this one kid called Molly ,she loved to bake crispy brown brownies. Molly believes that the witch is actually good. So she decided to make melted brownies for the witch. Molly finally reached the house of the witch. Molly knocked on the door the witch answered , her hair was so greasy. Molly has never seen anything like it .Molly handed the witch her brownies. When the witch took them she put salt on them instead of sugar which was disgusting. The witch said thank you to Molly so it turns out she was a really nice witch.

The Gobbling Well by Jessica H

We all went to the forest. As we were walking we came across a stump. But it wasn’t from a tree it went deeper and deeper and deeper .One of my friends thought it would be a great idea if we went down it. I said no but they went down so I went down as well . It was horrible it looked like there were seals wrapped in seaweed. To be honest I felt like I was going to puke because of the horrific stench. For some reason we kept on going further and further and then we got lost. I wondered if we would make it out…

The Haunted Building by Jessica H

One day I came across this queer looking building, I decided to check it out.I went in .As I went further in I could see there was an abandoned candy shop.I saw a shadow at the walls. I knew it was time to leave so I ran away so scared.Finally was leaving I saw a portable vase.I took it, it had a illuminated tone. When I took it I think I might have exasperated a spirit.Then I cautiously backed away.I have no idea what the future holds…

The Test by Jessica H

All 5th classes had a huge test. The test was for science and maths. Our test book was the colour red, with a ladder on the top with numbers inside of the ladder. All of a sudden , one of the students fell over trying to get a coin off the pavement. She was okay the school nurse examined her and she was fine. We all went back to our test. Once we finished my only desire was to pass the test. We got our results and I failed, I felt like sinking into a dark shallow room. I was now a resident of the b group until our next test.

The Choir Teacher – by Jessica H

Today was a school day and it was Wednesday. On Wednesdays we always have choir practice. Our choir teacher Ms. Abbens isn’t very good at singing what so ever. After class we went down to the hall to practice for choir. We were practising this really high-pitched song. At the highest part of the song the teacher sang and it was completely out of tune. Everyone in the hall kind of giggled a bit. Since everyone started to laugh and smile the teacher got really frustrated and shouted at everyone. All of a sudden she shouted everyone get out of the hall right then.

The Haunted Hair Salon by Jessica H

It was just an ordinary day so far. I decided I wanted to get my hair cut and dyed but I wasn’t sure what style yet so I’ll decide when I get there. I got to the hair salon and I decided that I want to get a fringe and dye my hair black , I thought that was the best choice .The girl who was doing my hair was called Ms.Eggs she washed my hair and then cut it. All of a sudden the lights started to flicker ,I was so scared that with the apron I ran all the way home.

The Witches by Jessica H

There was one night where all was dark and quite .Every one was in their houses scared.Tonight was the night when the witches came out to hunt humans and turned them into statues .For the witches not to come to their houses , they had to put out a rose outside their houses to put a warning to the witches not to come.There was this one house who didn’t do it and can you guess what happened. They were turned into statues and kept with the rest of the other statues in Australia.

100 w/c by Jessica H

Today was my birthday. Today was the day when I turned 11 years old.For my birthday I wanted a new pink shiny bicycle.I decided to get up and walk down the hall , and glance to see if my parents were awake.They were still asleep so I crept inside and screamed ITS MY BIRTHDAY! My parents woke up and we went down stairs.First I opened a small kind of one it was a hedgehog that I called Bubbles .After a lot of screaming of happiness I opened the one which was the pink bicycle.Then my man fired a confetti cannon this was the best birthday ever.

The Woods by Jessica H

I was surviving in the woods last night. I went out adventuring with my friend Alex. Me and Alex have read all about aliens and we decided to go camping to see if we could spot an alien. All of a sudden there was a bright light. Oh my gosh it loooked like a ufo. The light got brighter. The light blinded him for 10 seconds. We took out our cameras, but as we took them out, the light was gone. We loooked around. Alex was fraught with fear about the sighting. We saw the light again. It turned out just to be a car! In the morning we went home without seeing any aliens.

100 w/c Jessica H

It was a Wednesday. My Mam was bringing my brother and I to the park. I would say we were there for an hour or two. I was so tired but we still had to go food shopping. I hate food shopping. Shortly after we finished shopping I fell asleep on the way home, that’s how tired I was. My Mam said to herself ‘how about we go to get ice-cream?’ But then she knew we were exhausted. After she had a brillant idea and asked ‘how about we get drive through?’ But my brother and I were fast asleep.

Celebrity Dancing – by Jessica H

Today my sister and I are auditioning for Celebrity Dancing. All four judges were there Amanda Scotts,Amelia Delebow,Jerry Funkie and my all time favorite Kenny Ferinhigh . We are on next. Next thing I knew we seemed to be on television. I knew we would be but not behind the stage. How I knew because someone was following my sister and I around with a camera . I was so nervous of going on to stage but then I remembered I was with my sister which made me feel less nervous. We are on stage and hopefully we might win.

Forest of Imagination – Jessica H

As I walked through the Forest of Imagination once again I saw something very peculiar, in fact it was a bike in a tree. I wondered how it got there. As I kept walking I think I saw the same tree with the bike inside so I decided to check it out how it got there. After about more than one hour I found something it looked like a name I couldn’t figure it out. I know it started with ‘A’ and my name is Ava, so if it is Ava I would be kind of scared

The Gorilla Nightmare by Jessica H

Once there was a scientist called Mr.Bricks he experimented on gorillas with his lab partner who was very pretty. The zookeepers came in with a gorilla that wore a yellow tutu. When they were experimenting on the gorilla they took a short break and went to get food. When they came back the gorilla was gone, both of them went running all over Time Square to find the gorilla. After they spent a hour running around the place they went back to the lab and found the gorilla eating. Turns out she went on a break as well.

100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a little girl called Ava. Ava had a wild imagination . One day she had a very strange dream or at least she thought it was a dream. Ava was walking through the Forest of Imagination and she stumbled across what looked like a very rare mysterious door. No one ever knew what was inside of it, then she said

“I wonder what was behind the door”.

“Perhaps it could be a magical land or a fire breathing dragon”.

She would have to enter to figure out.  So she stepped inside…

100 w/c – Jessica H

 I have to get out of here. I can’t survive another night in Lego Land and people say it’s an amazing place but it’s absolutely horrible, they, (and by they, I mean people!), trap you so you can’t escape. Tonight I’m going into the real world. I can’t wait to be free at last. 

I’m finally here. I’m outside. This place is amazing, just amazing. Imagine sitting on a sunflower with loads of ladybirds ahh!… that would be the life. Oh! no! I hear someone calling my name…. it’s the people… I don’t know if I will survive…

100 w/c Jessica H

Once there was a dancer called Layla she loved to dance but sometimes she danced very clumsily .There was a big dance competition coming up and she really wanted to go if her dance teacher would let her .It was the day when Layla’s dance teacher picked who was going to the competition. There were five people going all together. Layla’s two friends got in and two other girls and Layla! Layla was so happy, as soon as she went home she had a pink bubbly bath. The day of the competition arrived and boy was she a fighter , she danced so amazingly that she won the competition.

100 w/c – Jessica H

Today was a great day at school. We had the ipads today and we watched a movie called the Little Mermaid it reminded me of a time when I went swimming with my parents and I wore a mermaid tail oh… that was a quite funny day because what happened was my brother fell into the freezing cold pond but he was okay thank god.After that situation we went to get ice- cream.I got bubble gum flavour and my brother also got bubble gum my mam and dad didn’t get any ice-cream that was a amazing day.

The Animal Statues by Jessica H

There were three animals. A bull a horse and a goat. The bull was called Harris the horse was called Daisy and the goat was called Billy. They were just having an ordinary day all of a sudden a huge gush of wind came. All the animals were swept up into mid air.

“I don’t feel well,” they all groaned .

They felt weird they couldn’t hear a thing except for a buzzing sound. Out of nowhere they fell out of the sky and onto the ground. Everyone and everything went back to normal except for the animals, they turned into statues and stayed like that forever.