100 w/c by Jasmin

My friends and I decided to go visit the haunted house, it was just down a creepy and dark alley *sarcasm*. I didn’t think it was a good idea to be honest, but my friends thought we were responsible enough . We went to the house and sneaked around for a bit…We walked into a room which looked empty and dark, Suddenly! A woman in a purple, old looking dress appeared and we ran so fast I can’t even remember what happened next all I know is, it was a terrifying moment and that we would never everrrrrrr return again.

I Didn’t Remember Putting it On… by Jasmin

I had just recovered from feeling very ill…

The doctor had said to me that I might forget things, like random things but that it would only last for maximum 2 weeks.

Although that upset me I just went home, made myself a nice cup of tea (as it was cuppa tea Tuesday of course) And watched some television. I got into my bed at about 9:00pm that night, I was in my bed all snuggled up when I remembered I WASN’T IN MY JAMMIES. I just went right asleep. When I woke up I was in my pyjama Top I didn’t remember putting it on….

…he felt really ill… by Jasmin

The little boy down the road didn’t feel well.. The whole entire road knew about it because his mother is a bit Kookoo in the head ya know. I offered to bring him to the doctor’s, so that’s what I did. He felt really ill, the doctor didn’t know what was wrong so she gave him a Covid test just to check…..

The test came back as positive and let me tell you his mother went INSANE, no one could believe it! He stayed in lockdown for 2 weeks… You won’t believe what happens next…

The end of part 1….

100 w/c by Jasmin

The princess was in her castle doing her usual crafty art work. A few minutes later Mr. White came in to check on her, on his way out he mentioned lockdown or something the princess didn’t hear what he said,

Until she turned on her tv to watch some news and saw the news reporter wearing a mask and what looked to be a space suit! But it wasn’t a space suit or just any old mask it was about the Corona virus. The princess looked out her window to see the leaves rolling by on the wonderful white snow wishing she could be out there.

If Only It Was a Bit Samller by Jasmin

I was working my regular shift at Mc Donalds on a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon….

I was working at the drive-through, it seemed pretty normal nothing out of the usual…. Until a very strange neon pink car pulled up. They said they wanted the most mini-burger that we had. I said “oh umm ok I’ll go check!” We didn’t have any “mini” burgers, so I told them that we don’t have any and I gave them a regular burger, they said…. if only it was a bit smaller…. The strangest day I’ve ever had….. like really strange

100 w/c Jasmin

It was a regular sunny day on Mars.

Just to give a backstory there’s this giant bee named Mr Big Bee, he’s  Mars’ biggest bee! Anyway….

Mum was watching the news, while on her phone and I was doing my BORING homework.

The news reporter said that Mr Big bee was found on the concrete outside the library and they suspect he’s dead.

Mum hopped out of her chair faster than a rocket ship!

They said soon after, that they were going to go and investigate the scene to see if he was actually dead..

Mum offered to help investigate,

A while later they announced on the news that….

He was just sleeping.

100 w/c by Jasmin

On a cold Wednesday morning, I was on my way to school just like a regular morning. I got into class to see that nobody was there………. I checked the time to see if I was early or late, but I wasn’t either I was right on time. A little while later I heard music and SUDDENLY my teacher came in riding a red shiny scooter and the class followed behind dancing and throwing a fluffy unicorn that looked as if it was as heavy as concrete! I pinched myself to see if it was real…..


100 w/c By Jasmin

I was home alone on October 31st….

My mother was gone to the shop to get Halloween cookies.

It was around 8:30pm or possibly later, I started watching a scary Halloween movie to get in the spirit!

I began hearing strange noises but I had just thought it was that silly mind of mine!

I heard a large van pull up outside and I live up a back road not in an estate or neighbourhood……

I peeked out the blinds to see a man walking towards the door, with a package. He left it there, mam always said NEVER to open the door

…but I had to look inside…

100 w/c by Jasmin

It was my birthday 21st of July,

Mam said she didn’t know what to get me, so I said “ Maybe a plant or something like that” she replied with “THATS A GREAT IDEA” she seemed awfully excited I didn’t know why…

She came home with a big HUGE prickly green cactus! I named him violin Because it reminded me of violet.

A week later…… I went out to check on him and he was bruised!!!!! My heart dropped. WHO HURT MR.VIOLIN I yelled. I am going to investigate who has hurt my beautiful cactus! Come back again to help me find out who it was!

The Hay Bale by Jasmin

One day a local farmer was just doing his job feeding the animals and mowing the grass etc…..

He saw a haybayle and he heard a very strange noise…

So he went to check what the noise was……..

You will never guess what was in the haybale!


The farmer took the dog and washed him fed him and took are of him for weeks until….

The farmer gave him a happier family and everything was happy!