100 w/c by Jasmin

”Mam I really don’t want to go” Mason complained.

“Well you have to, we all have to” Mam replied.

When we arrived to the family event I could feel everyone looking at us already. “Mam, may I go to the bathroom please?” I asked wanting to leave, “Yes you can, hurry and don’t be too long!” I rushed to the bathroom pushing by crowds of relatives. I arrive to the bathroom and made a plan, I jump out the window and run through the packed parking lot. Suddenly I hear shouting, it was my uncle Barry, I’ve never seen him run so fast, his round belly jiggling, his cabbage shaped head bobbing and his hair blowing in the humid air as he ran as fast as his legs can take him. I continued running till I could no longer hear uncle Barry’s giant footsteps behind me… I stopped to think to myself whilst looking at the grey clouds in the sky, BANG “what on earth was that” I turn around in fear…. There was uncle Barry splattered on the concrete path. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind, I decide I should probably go and ask him if he’s okay, I nervously walk over and turn my head down to look at him, “Oh hey” Barry says.

100 w/c by Jasmin

“Nobody really knows, this is the only explanation that is the most realistic” The tour guide lady, Maria, explained. We were visiting the Italian history museum, visiting the large metal structure which no one knows how it got there or how it formed or was made. “We believe the other worldly creatures may have built it as a worship around the year 240 BC, our proof is that there are tiny non human finger tip like fingerprints, but not from the dna of any human, tiny, almost triangular, although this is not much evidence there is no other explanation for such thing.” What do you think it is? Or how did it get there?

100 w/c by Jasmin

A gloomy Friday afternoon, New york.

As I was walking home from a long day at school I was doing my usual, observing people and what they are doing. For example today as I strolled down the sidewalk, I observed a hungry child jumping and yelling at their mother to hurry, a lady with a neon pink hat with a yellow ribbon at the side, and lady whose painting got wrecked by the downpour of icy cold rain. I like to observe people while I’m walking home it really shows how much we evolve over the years. Suddenly I got thrown back to reality as I slipped over the crack in the concrete pathway and fell right into a revolving door to my apartment building.

A Day out by Jasmin

A sunny Summer day, the yellow sun shining heavily down on the waterfall, it was astonishingly beautiful. 

Excited children were running around, mam was kind of concerned as they were right next to the waterfall as if they were indestructible. There was a lot of traffic this specific day. Taxis beeping, trucks trying to get through, chaos just chaos. Mam had bought us icecreams, us, aka myself, my younger brother and my moody older sister who never stops complaining. BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!

Everything went dead silent.. A taxi had had flown from the road over and into the waterfall… I opened my eyes… Oh my goodness!

100 w/c by Jasmin

“There was so much plastic bottles when I went to the beach with my grandma.” Said a 6 year old child.

“My cousin left all of her sweets wrappers on the ground.”

“If I was in charge of climate change, I would put bins everywhere so people have barely any reason to litter.”

“I would make every shop in the world do a thing where if you return your packaging of products you bought in that shop that are recyclable you can get a discount the next time you shop.”

These children are doing more than adults, so let’s spread the word and save our planet 🙂

100 w/c by Jamsin

“We must reuse and recycle to save our planet” The girl kept going on about climate change, honestly this is more interesting than I thought it would be, I don’t regret mum dragging me out the door for this. There were so many people at this climate change speech, including a lot of Gardaí. But there was also a lot of people who were furious at the girl they were shouting things like “Nobody cares” “but does it make any difference to me?” The girl didn’t care about the fact there was so many people hating, she knew she had supporters there, and even if she didn’t, she didn’t care she would keep fighting for our planet.

Climate Change by Jasmin

Climate change, I’m sure we’ve all heard of it. The icebergs are melting and animals are going into extinction because of us. You can try donating to trustworthy charities that support climate change, and using less plastic such as plastic wrappings on fruit and veggies and non reusable plastic bottles. Scientists are doing their best to see what we can do to keep our species, and green grass alive and healthy. Animals such as polar bears are being overwhelmed by the hotter weather. Wear your masks. Recycle. Help the planet.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Sunny, Friday afternoon, they were on a walk through Green Grassy parks. Emma nearly fell down a drain, but what’s new! Emma spotted a dog but the dog looked neglected, starved and very thirsty. Tadgh being Tadgh, took the dog with him. ” We should go to the shop to get food and water for him.” Chirped Emma. They were on the way to the shop when they heard a noise. “Did you hear that?” Said Tadgh. “Nope!” replied Emma.

“WHICH WAY TO THE SHOPS” “HELLO PEOPLE DO YOU HEAR MEE??” Panted the dog. Emma and Tadgh were left in shock.

100 w/c by Jasmin

*BANG BANG BANG!* Stella was home alone and knew her mum wasn’t due from work until 10.30pm, its 8.45pm. Stella crinkled up into the closet in fear. The front door of the house creeked open. Misty, the dog ran to the door to see what the noise was. In that moment Stella remembered she had forgotten to grab Misty on her way to hide in the closet. She could see little flashes of lights kind of like flashlights of some sort. A flash of light then darkness, all of a sudden Misty’s barks stopped.

100 w/c by Jamsin

With a wistful look in her eyes, grandma gazed at the gently flowing stream. As a rule we did not normally walk along this pathway. We decided to pick wild flowers, and while looking at the alluring mushrooms, our attention was diverted by the sound of the water. A wrinkled smile beamed over gran’s loving face when she saw the remains of the old cottage. An old, decayed oar lay at the side of the cottage as a reminder of all of the many happy days she had spent on the river nearby. The old beloved house where she was born.

100 w/c by Jasmin

“The wind and rain will be howling tonight” “do not travel anywh-” dad turned off the tv. He opened the curtains and was shocked by the weather “it’s raining cats and dogs out there” dad complained. Dad left to go to the shop. I was sitting by the window watching the rain and listening to the thunder.

BANG! BANG! someone was banging on the door, “I know dad has the key so it couldn’t be him.” I thought to myself, suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. I heard the door creep open “honey I’m home” when the lights turned on I saw a drenched man. It was dad.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Number 29, known as the most loved home in all of Greensville. Everybody admired this once beautiful home, people always described the home as having an enchanting garden filled with many flowers such as roses, tulips and a perfect looking lawn. Until one day people started to notice that the lawn hadn’t been mowed and that the flowers were slowly withering. Even the dazzling lemon coloured fence and gates had been rotting away. To this day no one knows what has happened to number 29, we hope one day to find out what happened to the once truly loved home.

100 w/c by Jasmin

Miranda was lost, she did not know where she was at all. All the knew was that she was in a big forest with lots and lots of trees and odd animal noises like wolves, owls and even dogs!

Miranda was wondering around looking for a way out when suddenly she thought she heard a noise behind her, she ignored it. But then she heard another noise and looked back to see what it was… There it was, a wolf! It let out a pitiful howl. To this day we don’t know what happened to Miranda…

100 w/c by Jasmin

“Auntie has fallen off her chair!” Mum yelled. Next thing you know she was in the hospital for more than a month! She was happily sitting on her chair playing her violin and now she’s sick in hospital with severe injuries. We went to visit her on a windy Saturday afternoon. “Hey aunt how are you feeling?” asked Miko .”I’m feeling a lot better today,” aunt Sandy replied. I could just see the relief in mum’s face. I really liked the hospital room design, it had nice purple walls. Also, did I add that mum nearly got us in a car crash coming here! That was all, it had been a good day.

100 w/c by Jasmin

My friends and I decided to go visit the haunted house, it was just down a creepy and dark alley *sarcasm*. I didn’t think it was a good idea to be honest, but my friends thought we were responsible enough . We went to the house and sneaked around for a bit…We walked into a room which looked empty and dark, Suddenly! A woman in a purple, old looking dress appeared and we ran so fast I can’t even remember what happened next all I know is, it was a terrifying moment and that we would never everrrrrrr return again.

I Didn’t Remember Putting it On… by Jasmin

I had just recovered from feeling very ill…

The doctor had said to me that I might forget things, like random things but that it would only last for maximum 2 weeks.

Although that upset me I just went home, made myself a nice cup of tea (as it was cuppa tea Tuesday of course) And watched some television. I got into my bed at about 9:00pm that night, I was in my bed all snuggled up when I remembered I WASN’T IN MY JAMMIES. I just went right asleep. When I woke up I was in my pyjama Top I didn’t remember putting it on….

…he felt really ill… by Jasmin

The little boy down the road didn’t feel well.. The whole entire road knew about it because his mother is a bit Kookoo in the head ya know. I offered to bring him to the doctor’s, so that’s what I did. He felt really ill, the doctor didn’t know what was wrong so she gave him a Covid test just to check…..

The test came back as positive and let me tell you his mother went INSANE, no one could believe it! He stayed in lockdown for 2 weeks… You won’t believe what happens next…

The end of part 1….

100 w/c by Jasmin

The princess was in her castle doing her usual crafty art work. A few minutes later Mr. White came in to check on her, on his way out he mentioned lockdown or something the princess didn’t hear what he said,

Until she turned on her tv to watch some news and saw the news reporter wearing a mask and what looked to be a space suit! But it wasn’t a space suit or just any old mask it was about the Corona virus. The princess looked out her window to see the leaves rolling by on the wonderful white snow wishing she could be out there.

If Only It Was a Bit Samller by Jasmin

I was working my regular shift at Mc Donalds on a bright and sunny Wednesday afternoon….

I was working at the drive-through, it seemed pretty normal nothing out of the usual…. Until a very strange neon pink car pulled up. They said they wanted the most mini-burger that we had. I said “oh umm ok I’ll go check!” We didn’t have any “mini” burgers, so I told them that we don’t have any and I gave them a regular burger, they said…. if only it was a bit smaller…. The strangest day I’ve ever had….. like really strange

100 w/c Jasmin

It was a regular sunny day on Mars.

Just to give a backstory there’s this giant bee named Mr Big Bee, he’s  Mars’ biggest bee! Anyway….

Mum was watching the news, while on her phone and I was doing my BORING homework.

The news reporter said that Mr Big bee was found on the concrete outside the library and they suspect he’s dead.

Mum hopped out of her chair faster than a rocket ship!

They said soon after, that they were going to go and investigate the scene to see if he was actually dead..

Mum offered to help investigate,

A while later they announced on the news that….

He was just sleeping.

100 w/c by Jasmin

On a cold Wednesday morning, I was on my way to school just like a regular morning. I got into class to see that nobody was there………. I checked the time to see if I was early or late, but I wasn’t either I was right on time. A little while later I heard music and SUDDENLY my teacher came in riding a red shiny scooter and the class followed behind dancing and throwing a fluffy unicorn that looked as if it was as heavy as concrete! I pinched myself to see if it was real…..


100 w/c By Jasmin

I was home alone on October 31st….

My mother was gone to the shop to get Halloween cookies.

It was around 8:30pm or possibly later, I started watching a scary Halloween movie to get in the spirit!

I began hearing strange noises but I had just thought it was that silly mind of mine!

I heard a large van pull up outside and I live up a back road not in an estate or neighbourhood……

I peeked out the blinds to see a man walking towards the door, with a package. He left it there, mam always said NEVER to open the door

…but I had to look inside…

100 w/c by Jasmin

It was my birthday 21st of July,

Mam said she didn’t know what to get me, so I said “ Maybe a plant or something like that” she replied with “THATS A GREAT IDEA” she seemed awfully excited I didn’t know why…

She came home with a big HUGE prickly green cactus! I named him violin Because it reminded me of violet.

A week later…… I went out to check on him and he was bruised!!!!! My heart dropped. WHO HURT MR.VIOLIN I yelled. I am going to investigate who has hurt my beautiful cactus! Come back again to help me find out who it was!

The Hay Bale by Jasmin

One day a local farmer was just doing his job feeding the animals and mowing the grass etc…..

He saw a haybayle and he heard a very strange noise…

So he went to check what the noise was……..

You will never guess what was in the haybale!


The farmer took the dog and washed him fed him and took are of him for weeks until….

The farmer gave him a happier family and everything was happy!