What is it? – by James

One day me and my friends where strolling around in “Ardgillan”, but then we saw, well I don’t know what it was, it looked like a hedgehog and a ball mixed together. But it was stuck on a stick and we couldn’t reach it!!! We were so curious we all stood on each others shoulder, my friend was able to grap it, but he has bad grip so you know where I’m going with this. Drop! Clatter! Smash! it broke apart. We were frozen in shock by what we saw, it was a a hedgehog with wings! We were knocked out for hours

Fi – Monk – by James

Two days ago a fire monkey called Fi-Monk, was walking along and guess what?! He saw an evil monster. It was a tight match but Fi-Monk’s hand was broken. While he was walking through the fire desert, to the vet, he saw a lioness that helped him get there. After the operation, they went to the ice-cream shop. Sadly they ran into the evil monster again. This time it was intense, the lioness and Fi-Monk used their heat breath on it, then the evil monster used his shadow ball and the powers collided. BANG!!! Everybody was hurt in the area. That’s all I heard, I wonder who won though?

Misty’s Close Encounter with Crimson by James

One day a girl called Misty was walking down the street, she knew somebody was following her and she tried to lose him multiple times, but the man was still there. Then she noticed his reflection in a car window. It was Crimson the town robber.

“Crimson!!!!!!!!” She shouted frantically.

She ran as fast as she could into the grave yard. Luckily Crimson tripped over a grave, while chasing Misty through the grave yard. He hurt his leg and could not catch up. Then Misty told the guards. The guards got Crimson in two minutes, but first he had to go to a doctor, to take a look at his leg.

100 w/c – James

Today I’m going to tell you all a story about the “BIG FAIL!” It all began on the third of January . The scientists were testing a growth serum on a grape. When they were just about to test it….DROP!! They didn’t drop it on the floor, they dropped it on a tiny ant that was making his way to the bunch of grapes for dinner. There was a big explosion. When the white smoke cleared, all that the scientists could see were a big pair of dark brown insect legs. When they measured the ant, it was twenty metres tall.

100 w/c – James

Today I am going to tell a story, about a granny in my estate who has a big apple tree in her front garden. The apples are red and shiny. One day a little boy called Jake was hungry. He saw the granny’s big apple tree and within two seconds he was picking an apple off the tree. But then the wrinkly old woman came out and start running towards Jake. She said “I will race you, if you win, you can have an apple.” Although they ran quickly, they still weren’t making enough progress, so the granny took a short cut and won. That’s why you “DONT STEAL GRANNY’S APPLES!!!”

The Tea Giant – by James

This is a story about a TEA GIANT! It took place in 1974, when my granddad was going on a walk with my mam. As they walked through the field, they saw a big plate, fork and knife. Then they saw a giant tea cup fall from the sky. BOOM! My mam jumped as high as a rabbit into my granddads arms. My granddad went to see what was going on, my mam hurried behind him. Suddenly the giant lifted up the cup and my mam and granddad fell in. The giant went to pour a cup of tea. They shouted “STOP!” My granddad asked, “Can you pour me a cup?” and the giant replied “of course I can.” My granddad loved the tea so much, he went back the very next day

Never Make a Shop With Your Friend – James

This story is about two people called Rick and Jackson.They were in their twenties with no job. They tried to get a job but all the jobs were taken. Then Rick thought why not make our own shop. Of course, Jackson tried to take credit. But they didn’t know what to call it. After a while, they agreed on the name ‘Super Deals’ (wonder were that came from). Then they realized that only one of them could be the manager. Rick said, “I’ll be the manager” then Jackson shouted “but what if I was in charge!” They fought about it for the rest of the day , so now do you believe the title’s right?

The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw – James

A few years ago my family, my dog and I were going to the forest to explore. My brother and I hid behind a tree so we could scare my parents. But as we were about to scare my parents I saw the strangest thing. I remember shouting THAT TREE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mam actually jumped into my Dad’s arms. Then it walked up to me and… waved! And then it said it wanted to be friends. I was shocked that it could talk, was alive and that it was nice. After that day we’ve been friends ever since.

100 w/c – James

One day me and my friends were doing a paper aeroplane challenge. Then I heard a strange noise. It sounded like ‘hiss’, it was super freaky. Then my paper aeroplane flew into the drainpipe. Although we are only nine we went to get it. But when we found the paper plane a thing came down the drainpipe. When it came down the drainpipe we were scared to go back up. It was getting closer we didn’t know where to go in the filthy slimy drainpipe. But then we found out it was Simon the cat. We brought him back to his owner.

100 w/c – James

One day me and my family were going to France. It was so long to get there. But when we got to the airport… a man said “Come on up, come on up, take your picture, take your picture.”
So my mam said “Sure why don’t we?”
I wasn’t sure about it but I did it anyway. He only charged us two euro.
But when he took the picture we turned in to … penguins! We were frozen with fear. After a while we started to look for him, we ran for so long. When we found him my dad jumped him and forced him to change us back! So he did what the man said.

100 w/c – James

One day my friends and I were so bored because my other friend dared us to look at the clock for the rest of the day, so we gave up. We cycled to the forest, so my other friend could not see us. When we got to the forest we heard a strange noise and it was actually a snake! I know! It’s crazy that I can even write anymore! It looked at me with its red eye jumped at me but I just dodged it. Before I could catch my breath it attacked my friend! We are so lucky to even be able too walk.

100 w/c – James

On my first day of school I ran to school, but half way there I saw, a huge hand! And it was just starring at everyone and when they got out of sight he would shake. I know super freaky, I had to take a picture but when I did, he robbed it. So tried to call the police but I did not have my phone anymore. So then I ran to school and told my teacher, she didn’t believe me at all. Then I be came the laughing stock of the school but in the end, everyone got slap by the hand.

In the Beginning of Time – James

One day me and my friends wanted to make something cool, so I said why not a time-machine? So then me and my friends got to work, I wanted to see the beginning of time because, I always wondered what it was like in the beginning of time. But my friends only wanted to see the dinosaurs, I was kind of scared to see a dinosaur! Oh yeah I always wanted to see Jesus. I really want to know if God ever did live, the bad thing is they probably where on another planet so I’ll never know.

100 w/c – James

One day a little monkey called Coco (interrupting) I don’t know why but he has a computer! Yesterday he checked his computer to see if there was any event on his game, but when he opened up the title screen it said he had been hacked! But he definitely knew who it was. ” It was American monkey”, he said to himself. So he threw his computer across the desk….but he wanted payback. So he tried to hack American monkey but he had no clue how to do it! So he asked his dad Kong as he is a whiz at computers. And his dad was able to hack the computer within seconds.

100 w/c James

One day me and my family had planned to go to the zoo on a day out. My dad was watching the news while mam was getting ready. The news story was about a tiger got loose from Dublin zoo! Dad said there would have to be a change of plan and that we’d go to the park instead. But when we opened the front door the tiger was in our front garden! The tiger was blocking our escape as he was sitting at the front gate. He was a tame tiger and was very friendly. Dad called the zoo and the zookeeper came to collect him.

100 w/c – James

One day a man called Mr Energetic hurried to his kitchen because he got the idea that he wanted to make the perfect sandwich. He was looking up how to make the perfect sandwich on his white iPhone when suddenly his battery died. Although he now knew nothing about how to make the perfect sandwich he decided to try his best. He used thick brown bread with butter and then he added cabbage,( I know ew!), carrots, ham, banana and chicken. He thought it was delicious, so for him it was the perfect sandwich but not for me and I’m sure all of you too!

The Strange Statue- James

One day me and my friends were walking through the park and we started to play tag. While I was running I wasn’t watching where I was going because I was busy looking at the person who was on. I bumped straight into a statue. The old man who used to be the park caretaker was also in the park. He told me the statue was haunted. I really didn’t believe him and just laughed when he said it and said “OK, I know you are joking with me”. He said, ” No seriously, it really is, it moves around at night. When I turned to leave the statue had disappeared!

100 w/c – James

It all starts in America. Two men dressed all in black planned to rob a bank. They were smart, they went into the bank through the back when the bank was closed. There were a lot of security cameras and they were able to turn all alarms off. They opened the safe and got away with a lot of money! When they drove off
the cops chased them but they
managed to get away with it. When they got to their hide out one of the robbers said” But where would we hide it all?”The other said “ under the floor, but definitely not in a bank!”.

100 w/c – James

It was a dark and stormy night. There was thunder and lightening and the rain was really heavy.The city was busy as usual and everybody was really afraid. All of the shops were closing and the shopkeepers were putting there shutters down.Everyone was walking around the streets in circles,
running for shelter from the storm. Suddenly all of the dogs started barking and there was a flash of lightning and a really loud thunder bang. Everyone was screaming with fright because the lights went and it was pitch black. How were they going to make it home now?

House More Like a Nightmare – James

Hello my name is James and I know your thinking what? Well have you ever heard the tale of the nightmare house. And if you didn’t hear about it before you are about to now. So, me and my friends saw a little house but it wasn’t as small as we thought once you went inside. It had a big dark hall full of cobwebs and as the door slammed, I knew the house was haunted. There were strange noises coming from each room and we were really scared as it had lots and lots of spiders creeping around.

100 w/c – James

Yesterday a man had a bet with his friends, but not for money. His challenge was to see how long he could dip his head under water in a pond for. If you want to know how long he did this for, it was for just one minute only. His friends noticed he started to splash about and dragged him from the water. He swallowed so much water they had to call for an ambulance to bring him to hospital. The man has a wife and four children. They got a terrible fright when they heard about him. But when his wife knew he was ok she was very angry that he made such a silly bet!

100 w/c – James

This has a cover and lots of pages. The author is very famous and wrote lots of stories. This story is fun to read and it involves big animals and a big granny who also becomes a very very small granny! The kid lives on a farm with his mam, dad and bad tempered old granny. The boy likes to mix lots and lots of stuff in a big pot in his kitchen and makes an amazing potion. When the boy’s mam comes home to see the granny sticking out of the roof of the house she faints with the fright! Can you guess the story?

Pup Stars – James

Hey, my name is Storm the pup. My breed is a huskie and my owner is really nice. Me and my owner are going to enter Pup Stars . It’s really fun, I even saw a dog wearing headphones and the dog was wearing glasses. I think that was really funny but my favourite one is the dog that looks like James Bond. But it’s time to see what I’m going to wear. I hope it is going to be cool, well lets see hmm… oh my God, I’m going to dress up as Superdog! I think we are going to win!

The Hardest Experiement – James

There is a question which probably no man knows, what happens when you mix all the purple chemicals in the world, then add a crocodile’s DNA? There is one professor that really wants to know and is willing to try the experiment. This professors name is Prof. Cumisky. He had to go to a jungle swamp to find the crocodile DNA. That was the hardest part of the experiment! So lets stop talking about the past and get to the exciting part.
Thousand’s of scientists gathered for the big experiment. Do you know what happened when everything was mixed? Purple smoke twisted in the air and then a crocodile appeared in the sky with wings and flew away!

Minpin Breaking News – by James

Hello, this is reporting with James the Minpin. If you don’t know Minpins let me tell you who we are. We live in the forest and we are one inch tall. We have special boots that let us walk upside down.
We have found a light bulb and a lot of sweets that must have fallen from a human’s pocket. Minpins have gathered at the scene to lift the delicious sweets with a crane. The crowd is very excited as these sweets will keep them munching for months! The mayor is happy that the Town Hall will have a new sense of light with the new light bulb.

Silly Dog and the Lost Fossil (100 w/c James)

I was in my garden when my dog Maggie dug up a fossil! I tried to get it but she dropped it into the hole she had just dug. When I told my mam and dad what had happened we all went to look for it. When we climbed in the hole we found a cave swarming with bats! My mam screamed and Dad said, “So what else lies ahead of us?”. Maggie had dug such a big hole we ended up in our neighbours garden where we found her chewing the fossil. We tried to catch her but she ran and dropped it back into the hole. I never did find that fossil again.