The Shiny Silver Creature by Holly

YES!! Today is the day my family and I get to go to the carnival. Excitedly, I put on my favorite pink shoes and rushed out the door. My sister wanted to get some candy floss, I went with her. All of a sudden there were screams, horrible screams. I was petrified. From the corner of my eye, I saw a shiny, silver figure come towards my sister. I grabbed her as quickly as I could and then tried to find my family. BANG!! A gunshot came from the hot dog stand. A strange man shot the silver creature…

100 w/c by Holly

It was a Saturday morning, all was calm. From a distance I could hear an irritating screeching sound. I slowly made my way towards the noise. AHH!! A spaceship was in the centre of a bright green field. A woman approached me. She was wearing clothes from centuries ago. “Save my family from those creatures called aliens”, she said in a scared voice. I was terrified. I hopped into the empty spaceship with a worried look on my face. Everything became silent when it just wouldn’t take off. My face turned tomato red. I couldn’t make the stupid spaceship move…

100 w/c by Holly

At midnight, the rain started. I could hear the rain hitting off my bicycle. Desperate for food, I ran to the kitchen. At the end of the kitchen, lay a yellow fruit bowl. Only an apple was in the bright bowl. Greedily I snatched the apple. The rain got louder and louder. I ran back upstairs as quick as lightning. I swore I heard ghosts and witches, but nothing was there. I warned my brother that there might be such things as ghosts. He ran into my parents room in horror only to find they weren’t our parents…

The Land That Exists by Holly

My morning began with a nice cup of tea. While I was drinking my tea, I opened my curtains. I saw millions of mystical creatures around me. Nothing but nature and fairies were around me. It was beautiful. As I was making my way outside I fell, then everything stopped and I was in normal world again. I told my Mam what happened but she didn’t believe me. I tried to prove her wrong but I failed. Maybe I never left normal work. It felt so real though. I know it exists. I shall go on a journey to prove my Mam wrong…

The Same Woman by Holly

A long time ago two ugly men fell in love with the same woman. Sam and Michael were their names. The men proposed and bought her amazing gifts but she didn’t know which one to choose. She then decided she would give them a hard challenge. They each had to make a beautiful item. Silly Sam forgot to make something so he tried to grab Michaels outstanding piece of cloth. Neither of them won. She found a handsome man to marry. To remember these heartbroken men a friend of theirs made a lovely statue of them.

The New Chef by Holly

Dear diary…

Me and my family went to my favorite restaurant. There was this new chef working there. My brother laughed when he saw him, because his neck was as long as a giraffe. After an hour of waiting we got our food. When our food arrived everything was wrong. My Mam ordered sausages but instead she got this melted brown mess. My Dad ordered fish and chips but instead he got no fish and greasy chips. My brother ordered just chips but the chef added way too much salt. My food didn’t come. So I went to talk to the chef…

Everything Changed by Holly

It was 3am the wind was howling, branches were hitting off my bedroom window. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to gaze out the window. The longer I stared outside the more strange everything looked. Trees were turning different colors, the sky was yellow and the stars were falling from the sky. Suddenly I saw a rather odd army of wet aliens trying to climb up to my window. They were making weird noises like “ goo blah gaa ooh boo”. I was terrified. I closed my eyes as I asked God and his angels to protect me. When I opened my eyes everything was gone…

The Glass of Water by Holly

I woke up full of joy, because today me my Mam and my sister are going to my favourite restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant I ordered fish and chips. It took awhile for my food to cook. It got to the point where I thought I wasn’t going to get my food. Eventually my food arrived at my table they also gave me a glass with what seemed to be water in it. I was thirsty so I began to drink the water. EW!!! The water was actually vinegar. The vinegar was too sharp that it cut the throat off me.

The Choir Competition by Holly

Today was the WORST day of my life. Me and my friends are in the choir and we had to enter a competition. Everything was going well until my voice cracked. It was completely out of tune. I was honestly humiliated. For the rest of the songs my voice was sqeaky and horrible sounding. I had to stop singing it was so bad. But the worst part was that we got disqualified! Everyone blamed it on me. The only people who didn’t blame me were Mia and Jessica. They are always going to be my best friends.

The Hairdressers by Holly

I woke up realising today was the big day. Today I had to get my long gorgeous black hair cut into a fringe. I was terrified. As I was walking out the door to go to the hairdressers a group of girls started to throw eggs at me. I was so annoyed I chased them. I ran home and washed my hair angrily. Finally I managed to get to the hairdressers. They said I had to leave because the lights were flickering and they might explode. Thank god I don’t have to get my hair cut.

The Girl’s Dolls by Holly

Once upon a time there was this girl who loved to play with dolls. When this girl fell asleep her dolls would always come alive and fight in a war. She found out about this and decided to watch them one day. Her dolls were so shocked that they froze and couldn’t move. The girl was kinda scared of them so she ran home. When she went back to place where her dolls were fighting they had all disappeared. 5 hours later her toys were on the news in Sydney Australia frozen and much much bigger. She was so confused.

Explosion at School by Holly

Dear Diary

Today I rode my bicycle to school with Jessica. We were both very excited because we had science today. When we got into school we had a substitute teacher her name was Ms Pink. Ms Pink handed me 2 empty jars and she filled them with this icky stuff. Ms Pink said ‘Children listen up today we will be making bubbles’. We were all excited. But something strange started to happen the jars began to fizz and BANG!!!!! The stuff in the jars caused a fire so we had to leave the school. Someone told me Ms Pink got fired.

The Flash by Holly

‘OH MY GOSH’ Josh screamed. He now felt like his life was officially falling apart. He was on holidays and while he was there, people have being making up rumors about him on social media. While he was reading these horrible things being said about him he saw a flash across his eye. He went to see what it was. He couldn’t make out what it was but it was so bright that the light blinded him. He woke up and he was in hospital he wonders what had happened to him and why people were saying mean things to him ….

Hannah Fainted – by HOlly

It was the day. The day everybody was excited and nervous. Our school decided to make us audition for a new tv program. Our teacher told us that it was going to be an amazing experience if we ended up on tv. My friend Hannah was so nervousthat she fainted. My teacher recorded it by mistake and sent it to an actor. The actor sent it to RTE !!!! WE SEEMED TO BE ON TELIVISION. Yes me and Hannah were on RTE. Me and Hannah were shocked and still are. I dont like being on tv. But Hannah does and I’m happy she likes it.

The Teacher’s Revenge by Holly

Have you ever felt like you wanted to run away from school. Well a boy called Jordan hated school so much that he considered burning all the schools over the world. After 5 years of deciding on what to do he ended up burning a school in Ireland.

In revenge the teachers and students broke into his house and took all his belongings including a fancy old fashioned bike. The teachers pushed his bike into one of the trees in his garden. Jordan found them in the garden and locked them in his shed. They all died of starvation.

100 w/c – Holly

A long time ago there was a pretty girl, her name was Ellie. One day Ellie was walking along the beach when she saw a pile of bricks, she thought she would clean them up.   As soon as she touched the bricks she realised she was a hairy gorilla. People saw her and started running. One boy even turned yellow. She let go of the bricks ad she was herself again.  But everyone still thought she was wried.  Nobody like her. But she liked herself and that’s all she cared about.

100 w/c – Holly

BANG!!! I woke up to this horrendous sound coming from the ceiling. I went outside then I realised I wasn’t in Ireland I was actually in the Land of HorrorsIt turns out the bang that I heard was actually a tree with a rusty door on it. I nervously grabbed the ladder from my grandad’s shed and I climbed up the ladder onto the roof. I was shaking with fear but I just couldn’t open the door, I got cold feet. It turns out everything was just a dream butIstill wonder to this day what was behind that door? I guess we’ll never know.

100 w/c Holly

There once was a man called Sean who could do magical things. One suny evening Sean discovered wonderful things that he thought he could never do.  He could turn into anything he wanted, like a dog, cat, tree, pencil, anything really.


Sean woke up to an horrific sound. Before he knew it, he was sucked threw a hole into a future planet.  He saw amazing and horrifying things.  The government took over the world and they could control humans.  The truth is Sean is billions of years old and his imagination created humans but that doesn’t explain the story of how a Lego piece with his name carved onto it is stuck in the Government’s house……

100 w/c – Holly

Once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love with a prince. She knew he would never want her because she wasn’t a princess. He was a strong fighter but he was definitely not a lover. One day on the news there was a video of the prince dancing clumsily in the bath. He slipped and fell and got rushed to hospital. Emily Orange (the girl who fell in love with him) was going to the hospital that same day. She met him in the hospital and she was very disappointed in him. He wasn’t the person she thought he was in person, he was very disrespectful and rude.

Halloween – by Holly

It was that spooky night of the year again called Halloween. I used to love Halloween until 3 years ago… A boy I knew loved Halloween like most children do. But one year he decided to go to this terrifying castle where a witch and her cat lived. Everybody knew about this castle but nobody dared to step foot near the thing. The castle reminded me of a time when I was little because I lived next to a humongous house. Everyone knew that I lived next to a huge house so all my friends decided to wait at the gate with me. But silly boy still went into the castle and never came out.

100 w/c by Holly

In 1973 there were three teenage boys and they were best friends. Everyone loved the three boys apart from another eight boys who were trouble makers.

These three boys loved to travel all around Ireland but they were alwasy being followed by the other eight boys.  Soon enough the eight boys found out what they loved most and theat was their animals.

One night when the three boys were sleeping the other boys took their animals. The next morning the three boys found their animals but they were shot.

The animal heads were placed on the field where they got shot.