100 w/c- Haylie

One summer day, Emily and her family where having a BBQ. They invited friends and family over, Emily was so excited to spend time with her cousins playing on the trampoline and swing set.
Everyone was having a great time chatting away and eating burgers and ribs. All of a sudden the clouds got very dark and a strange noise filled the sky. Everyone went inside because it seemed like it was going to rain. We heard lots of loud bangs on the roof of the house, we knew it was too loud to be rain. We went outside to investigate and suddenly penguins came down the drainpipe. Everyone SCREAMED…

100 w/c – Haylie

There is a legend in our town about certain snakes in the forest that turn red, on nights when there is a full moon. But nobody has ever seen them because it only lasts for 1 hour from the time the clock hits 10 pm.
Myself and my friends decided we’d go out to the forest an hour before to make sure the legend was true. We all cycled there together nervous of what we were going to see.
Not only did we see the snakes turn red but they also transformed into humans and headed into town. We were so scared of what we saw, we were all frozen on the spot.

New School – Haylie

Emily loved school, she got up every morning all excited for the new day. She had lots of friends, who she loved playing with out on yard, they played hide and seek and hopscotch. She liked her teacher Mrs brown and even enjoyed doing homework.
In the beginning it was a different story, Emily hated going to a new school, her family had just moved towns . She had no friends and felt very left out, she was never excited going to school those first few weeks. After a while things grew on her and she loved the new school and town.

100 w/c – Haylie

One sunny day at the zoo there is a very mad mean monkey. And there is a very sleepy zookeeper that slept on the job. That day the zookeeper was beside the monkey cage and the mad mean monkey stole the keys for the monkey cage. Slowly he ran to the door and opened it. Quickly he ran out of the zoo and into the news building he ran up to the 4th floor he sat down and the news reader said what a silly monkey. The monkey got angry and pushed the computer of the table. The news reader called animal control and the monkey was put safely put back into its cage.

100 w/c – Haylie

One normal cold day. Emily was so tired like a slimy sleepy sloth. Although she was excited for an adventure. Quickly Emily got dressed and ran down stairs. “Emily” said mom you are going to the zoo. “Yeah” shouted Emily.
Emily and her mom entered the zoo all excited to see the different animals. They noticed people rushing past them, they walked further and there were animals everywhere. Emily’s mom started to panic and grabbed Emily they quickly ran to the front gate. “Oh no” said Emily to her mom when she seen that the tiger was blocking there escape.

100 w/c – Haylie

On Christmas eve I hurried home making my way through the cold white snow. I made Santa a big tasty ham and turkey sandwich and a glass of hot milk. I left some chocolate chip biscuits for Rudolph, so he could recharge his battery. Mammy said it was bed time, but I was too energetic to think of bed. I jumped around all excited waiting to see if I could see Santa. Mammy let me have some cocoa with marshmallows which made me tired. I was still determined to stay up all night and so was my sister. I’m sure I’ll stay up!.zzzzzzzzzzzzz

100 w/c – Haylie

One day me and my friend Ciara where reading a horror book. In the book there was a black hooded statue that came to life at night,It was very scary. Ciara said that there is a statue in the woods. “Do you think it is real?” lets check it out Ciara said, “ok I will see you at 5pm at my house” ok see you there Ciara said. We meet a few friends and we all went into the woods, it was very dark. We couldn’t find any statue but it felt like someone was watching us. I wonder was it the black hooded statue?

100 w/c by Haylie

Halloween comes once a year on October 31st, it is a day for scary and strange things to happen, you never know what your going to see.
Its the only time of year that the ghosts come out and walk the streets as if they were alive once again. Sometimes when a kid knocks on some doors there is a ghost inside. They spook the living socks out of kids. But there’s
one house that NO one goes to it’s where the ghosts have party’s. I think it is fake but NO way I am going to find out.

The Haunted House – Haylie

One day my friends and I were playing truth or dare in the forest beside a creepy house. We were on our Halloween break, and everything seems scary at Halloween.
Truth or dare was getting boring so we decided to play hide and seek in the creepy house. We all walked in with our flashlights on, the floor boards creaked loudly. There was cobwebs and spiders every where. We got scared and went to turn back but as the door slammed, I knew this was no normal house this was a haunted house. We really got creeped out and panicked.

100 w/c – Haylie

Yesterday Friday the 13th of October there was a crime in Chelsea park.
Someone pushed a man into the pond. His name is Anthony Wilson he was murdered at 07:00. Police found his hands tied behind his back, and his legs sticking out of the pond. His finger nails where pulled of him. The police are still looking for witnesses to the incident. In particular a man 6 foot tall, wearing pink jeans and purple hoody, he has all gold teeth and a rainbow coloured Mohawk.
Please contact Chelsea police station on 999.


100 w/c – Haylie

The object I am going to write about is big and rectangle in shape.It has lots of wires coming out of the back, that plugs into a socket. There are lots of channels on it, cartoons, comedy, wildlife etc. It is bigger then a phone and larger then a tablet and huge compared to a computer. It comes with a remote that can turn it on and off. It has lots of buttons on the back. It has a very big screen. You can plug your console into it so that you can play some games.
What is it?

The Dog is Too Cool for School -Haylie

Hi I am Hazel and I am going to tell you about my dog Ben he is just 1 month. I was bringing Ben to puppy school to train him. We walked inside and there was dogs wearing hats and wearing big shoes and dogs wearing lots of funny things. I thought what kind of training is this?
When I went to look for ben, I found him and the dog was wearing glasses, sun glasses. He seemed very happy and was very playful. This is a very funny puppy school, but I think Ben fits right in. He liked it so much I brought him back every day.

Professor Crocodile by Haylie

Professor crocodile is purple. He has a twisted nose and has yellow spots every where, he smells like rotten eggs. He is a science teacher and very strict, he gives the students very difficult homework and all of the children call him Mr Purple Pants.
Today he had to teach his class in half an hour.

Half an hour later.

“Good morning class today we are going to learn about earth,” said the Professor.

He burnt off his eyebrows showing them an experiment, he wasn’t a very good scientist though. He messes up everyday. The children wonder how he still has a job after burning down the lab one day. He really is a funny scientist.

The Space Ship – Haylie

One day Emma had a great idea; ‘let’s build a space ship’ .

A few hours later.

‘PHEWW! I am done, hmm I think it looks like a light bulb. Let’s take it out for a spin.’

‘WEEEEEEEYY this is so much fun. WWWWWOOOOO! what is that sound? EEEEEERRRR. I think it is the engine.’

Suddenly they crashed. BOOM! Glass went every where and all her magic crystals fell out.

‘Oh no!’ said Emma, ‘now how am I going to get back’.

Suddenly her magic crystals turned into a hot air balloon. Emma jumped in and flew off on another adventure…..

The Adventure of The Snow Castle – Haylie

One day Emily woke up finding her brother jack on her bed. Hey jack what are you doing on my bed?.I found a map in the basement. So were does this map go to?. It tells me that it goes to the snow castle. But don’t you have to go through the jungle of magic? Yes said jack,so lets go. Half an hour later . Jack its getting dark should we go home now. No. why not . I think were almost there. ERR what is that. Its the evil penguin. Then super panda takes down evil penguin. So what lies ahead of us now. The snow castle.