100 w/c – Hasher

One rainy day the red snake went to school but he didn’t cycle before so he tried. He tripped again and again. The time was nine o’clock , it took him that long. He never learned how to. He took this seriously, but no one else did. He cried sadly.  One blue snake said, “it’s ok don’t cry.” But he cried and cried again. He always was sad.
But one day he felt different, he felt like he could do it, and he did. And in the end he was happy and he never ever cried again.

100 w/c – Hasher

One foggy day a hand sculpture in the centre of the town came to life. All the town knew about it. The hand was walking around somewhere. The hand was so scary and small it had eyes and a mouth. It was still around when suddenly it saw a man who saw him so he ran and ran. He was hiding on a shelf and no one knew about the hand hand anymore. It just was lost. But one person remembered the hand. The man was an expert. He checked everywhere but could not find the hand. The hand was starving and froze again.

100 w/c – Hasher

One gloomy day a monkey that had a job as a teacher. Had to correct all of the students work so he threw his laptop. The principal kicked out the monkey and the monkey was as angry as a pepper. The monkey went back to the school dressed up as a different person. He got to do his job but one hot day his costume fell off. He was exposed and he was kicked out again. He also never threw a computer again and learned his lesson. He just had to save up for a new computer. He was mad “ggrrrrrr.”

100 w/c – Hasher

One day Mr Battery and Mr White were walking down the hill. Although it was raining they hurried down. Mr battery realised it had stopped raining. Mr White pulled out his sandwich . In sandwich land you get super energetic and the weather is very hot and warm. Mr Battery and Mr White were watching tv and saw that there was mystery treasure that they wanted to find it. They looked and looked but they could not find it. Although they were very good at finding stuff they still could not find it . Mr White was walking and found it. He was so happy and they lived happily ever after.

100 w/c Hasher

One day there was two men walking they saw a man who was cleaning all the leaves in Autumn. They wanted to jump into the leaves but the man would not let them so they tried to sneak up to him. But they did not want to break the nice neat pile. So they asked the man can we jump in it he said”NO! And they did. One day they were walking and they tripped over the leaves and said uh oh we’re would we hide it all. And the man came back and saw. He was mad and chase them all day.

My Spooky Halloween – Hasher

One spooky night on Halloween we were going to a haunted mansion. We knew it was fake and we went anyway.We were exploring rooms. We were happy and were laghing so hard. But then as the door slammed shut I knew it was scary. And I ran and ran until the house was gone. And I was happy we were out. Jeff told me that it was not going to be scary. I’ll get him back. I hid behind the door he walked in I shouted BOO!
Me and him had a laugh we were happy and ate food.

The Purple Professsor by Hasher

One day there was a professor who wanted to do an experiment. He saw that there was a crocodile in the lake so he got it and brought it home. Then he got his colour machine and the crocodile twisted and turned purple. No one believed him, it was too difficult. But then the professor had an idea he would just take a picture and publish it. Years later he was forgotten but still was alive. He rememberd the day he got the crocodile. He ran back there to get the crocodile but he was too late. The crocodile was gone and the professor cried so hard.

Hide and Seek (100 w/c Hasher)

Bob and Jeff where in a forest playing hide and seek. Dad said it was not a good idea. But Bob and Jeff were silly noodle heads . Jeff was looking for Bob very hard. ‘’Where are you ”, said Jeff. Bob said nothing. On the news it said there was a beast in the forest. Bob was on his phone and he was watching the news. ‘’ Oh no! ” Cried Bob. He looked everywhere . Jeff had no clue what was going on. Bob shouted as loud as he could and he found him. Then they saw the lion. They ran as fast as possible. And so what lies ahead of them now roarrrr! ” screamed the lion
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