The Dream – by Hannah

On one sunny day I was walking to school,I felt excited because my class was going on a school tour to the woods. When I got to school it was already time to get on the bus.
I felt tiredd because my mam had woken me up at 7:00am. Suddenly I fell into a deep sleep.  I had a dream where I saw a whole army of real life trees and they were attacking the earth.

Suddenly I heard a voice saying ”now did everyone enjoy the school tour?” It was my teacher, I had missed the whole school tour.

100 w/c – Hannah

On one sunny summers day I was walking to school when I bumped into my friend. Did I tell you that my friend loves playing pranks on me but she does not like when other people prank her? Suddenly I came up with an idea. I will pull a prank on her. She really hates snakes, so my prank will definitely involve snakes. I got one of my toy snakes and put it in the drainpipe at her house just before she got into the shower. I waited and then I heard a terrifying scream.


100 w/c Hannah

One day I was waking to school when my friend bumped in to me on her bike. She knew that we were not allowed to cycled on the school grounds. And then I noticed something different she was not wearing her red coat that she loved. There was definitely something different about her. Then I walked into school and before I could say a word the whole class had shouted at me, YOU’RE LATE. I looked at the clock then looked at the teacher she looked like a RED SLIMEY SNAKE. Then I heard a voice saying HANNAH YOU’RE LATE FOR SCHOOL.It was my mam so it was all just a dream

100 w/c – Hannah

One day I was playing my X-box. Suddenly I noticed something strange, it looked like a giant hand looking at me. Suddenly it started talking through the X-box at me.
It said ” I will haunt you until the day you die.” I told my Mam all about it but she didn’t believe probably because I’m always making up stories.
I went outside to get fresh air and clear my mind but then out of nowhere the giant hand appeared and was looking down from the roof. I ran inside to get my Mam to show her but when we came out it was gone again.

The War by Hannah

One day I was walking to school and a memory popped back into my head about were I use to live. It was the most prettiest place I had ever seen. It’s a shame that there is nothing there now. It all started back when I was only 4 now I am 14 but I still miss that place.In the beginning It was a wonderful place but it all changed. A big army of men came to our town and destroyed everything. people started getting on boats my dad tried to get us all into the boat but he did not make it time and he taking away and that’s when I had to move to this place.

100 w/c – Hannah

On one snowy day I was going out the door. Suddenly I saw on the news that Santa’s sleigh was out side of the toy shop and all of his reindeers were on the loose. I called the police but a funny voice answered the phone. It sounded like a monkey. I went to the police station to find out if it was a monkey. When I got to the police station there were monkeys every where . They were throwing stuff like computers and money. I said to myself I better get back to solving my case about the lost reindeer’s …

100 w/c – Hannah

On one hot sunny day my friend and me were going to the zoo. When we got to the zoo there was chaos. Someone had opened all the animals cages. Mischievously the monkeys were taking peoples picnics and the giraffes were stealing peoples hats. A zookeeper ran by screaming “A TIGER IS ON THE LOOSE EVERYBODY RUN! ” We ran as fast as are little legs could go not realizing that the tiger was blocking our escape. I distracted the tiger by giving it our picnic, but that would not keep it distracted for long. “Run I mumbled under my breath .

100 w/c – Hannah

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Freddy and he was making a project for a science fair but he did not know what to make. Suddenly his mam called him for his lunch. He went down stairs and looked in the fridge and saw a sandwich “that’s it,” he said ”an energize sandwich”. He ran back up stairs to start his project. Opening the sandwich he put the battery in and the sandwich started walking. It took a lot of time. Although he was late he had to walk slowly because of the white snow that was falling making the ground slippy. When he got to the science fair it was closed!!!  All that for nothing.

The Field Trip – Hannah

Once upon a time there was a class going on a field trip to the forest. Everybody said that it was the scariest forest in the world, and that there was a stone figure in the middle of the park and it would come alive when know one was looking. One of the boys didn’t want to go. Everyone started calling him ‘Scaredy Cat! Scaredy Cat!’ When they where on their field trip he went to the middle of the park to prove them wrong. He hid behind a tree for ages watching the figure but it didn’t move. It was all a made up story!

100 w/c – Hannah

Once upon a time there lived a boy who really wanted to have all the jewels in the world. One day his friend convinced him to steal all the jewels. I said I would not do it, but actually I sneaked out of the house at night. On his way to the jeweller’s he bumped into his friend.Well well well I thought you were not going to steal them said his
friend, w…ell I changed my mind. Okay lets steal the jewels
together deal,deal but even if we got the jewels where would we hide it all…..

100 w/c Hannah

Once upon a time me and my friend were going on holidays to Paris. When we got to the hotel we were staying in we noticed something strange. All the staff were weird looking figures and looked a bit spooky but then we thought maybe they were all dressing up for Halloween.
We checked in and decided to go for a walk around the town before our dinner. The town seemed a bit eerie and even though the people seemed nice they seemed kind of strange. We couldn’t put our finger on what it was until we seen a figure walking through a wall “AH A GHOST TOWN”!

There’s a Ghost in The Room – Hannah

It was Halloween night and me and my friends are going trick or treating. One of my friend dressed up as a zombie and my other friend dressed up as a creepy spider. That night when we came to the first house it was a haunted house I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go in.All my friends wanted to go in so I went in with them in the end. When we came to the first door of the haunted house.My friends opened the door and went in. I tried to go in but the door slammed in my face, as the door slammed I knew it was a ghost….

100 w/c – Hannah

It was Friday the 13th of July and a lady was fishing down by the lake when suddenly a man came up and pushed the lady into the lake. She was calling for help. One man heard her calling and ran to help her.She was to far into reach so he called the police on his phone. When the police got there it was to late she had sunk. They pulled her out of the lake and brought her to the hospital. They put her on a drip and soon she felt better. Still know one new who pushed her in.

100 w/c – Hannah

It has a pretty cover, and lots of different ones.
It’s smaller than a laptop and bigger than a phone.
It cost a lot of money, so I keep it safe at home.
It has lots of different apps that do lots of different stuff.
My favorite one is subway surf.
But it is very tough.
The battery wastes from time to time,
When I’m using a lot.
I will borrow my dads charger because it is the only one we have got.
In fact I think it’s charged again, I’m going to play it right now.

The Funny Zoo – by Hannah

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ella and she was going to the zoo next morning. When she woke up the next morning she rushed down stairs, ate her breakfast,
packed the picnic and ran out to the car. When she got to the zoo early it was closed so she went in the side door. But the animals weren’t ready for the people to see yet and they were acting very weird. She saw a giraffe wearing earrings for a catwalk and a dog wearing glasses and was reading a book and the elephants were playing hide and seek.

Professor Purple – Hannah

A very long time ago there lived a man named Professor purple. He liked science and also liked being a doctor. One day a girl and a boy came to see him. They had a pet crocodile. They said the crocodile had a twisted ankle. He said come back next morning and the ankle will be fixed. The professor found it very difficult to fix the ankle because he worked on science more .They came back the next morning to see the crocodile.When they saw the crocodile and they could not believe what they saw. He had a robotic leg and he was jumping all around.

The Gnome That Loved Sweets – Hannah

Once upon a time there lived a gnome who loved sweets,well I am not surprised because he lived in a candy land. There was one little problem all the sweets have being stolen! One gnome decided to go and find more sweets.
He set of on his journey. On the way he saw a house. He said to him self I am getting tired so he climbed over the gate, and just as he climbed over he saw a jar of sweets he ran over to the jar and started to push it. Then it fell over and all the sweets fell out!

The Dragon Slayers (100 w/c Hannah)

Once upon a time there was a huge forest. Just outside the forest was a village. There was a problem with the village their crops kept being stolen. The chief of the village wanted someone who was brave and strong to go find who keeps stealing their crops . There was a boy named Tim who really wanted to go. The chief said yes he could go, so Tim set off on his mission.When Tim was half way through the forest he heard a rustling noise, then out popped the wolf. On the wolf’s back was a girl named Ella. Ella gave Tim a lift to the mountains. Tim saw the dragon. So what lies ahead of us now?