The Cliff by Emmanuel

It was a warm summers afternoon. When Mr Brown’s family decided to go to the circus. Eventually it was time to go. They went. There was a man selling tickets, he was very nice. We got on our chairs. First of all there was an introducer introducing the show. The first act was tigers jumping through hoops. We got candy floss. The next act was the tight rope. A boy and a girl were doing it. They went. The rope was shaking. Suddenly they fell off the rope. They were grabbing on for their life. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. They called 911. They rescued them.

The Zombine Apocalypse by Emmanuel

It was a very dark and grey Saturday when I looked out the window so decided to go to my mum and brother but they were gone. I went to make some cereal as I was very hungry but to my surprise the cupboard was empty. Finally I decided to go to the shops on my bike. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened. On my way home I saw my mum and brother in the distance, so I ran towards them but when I got closer to them I realised that they were zombies. I tried to run but then another zombie grabbed me by my shoulder and before I knew it there thousands of them.

The Ferris Wheel by Emmanuel

There was a new family that just moved into the town and wanted to try all the new and improved circus rides. There were three children, Harry, Isabel and Ryan. Finally they had reached the top of the queue and eagerly pushed and shoved their way through to get onto the Ferris Wheel. The ride had started ‘but it is SO slow I want to get off,’ screamed Isabel. ‘Me two!’ said Harry. ‘Me three!’ said Ryan, joining in on the protest. The wheel finally stopped and the children were complaining all the way unitl they got back home.

The Young Bike Man by Emmanuel

It was a very hot summer’s morning, so a young man decided that he would go on his very old yellow bike for a ride. The bike that the man owned was very old and had been rusting and collecting spider webs in his shed. The man never knew how to ride a bike as he was never taught how to . He decided to give a try, he started of well and before he knew it he was cycling all around the town. He was going so fast that he crashed into an electricity pole and was never to be seen again. Except for his bike, which stayed there.

Mars by Emmanuel

One day two boys decided to make a time machine and travel to Mars so thato they could see the different types of animals that could be coming to earth very soon. They built the machine and before they knew it they were on Mars. The first thing they saw was a very weird looking plant that kept moving. One of the boys picked it up. Then the plant started talking “which way to the shops”? It panted, “as I am very thirsty and tired.” “Don’t worry,” said one of the boys. “We’ll get you a drink later.

The Elephant and Her Violin by Emmanuel

It was the opening day of the brand new zoo in Dublin, and all the new animals were being introduced and everyone was excited for the arrival of the new purple elephant from Zimbabwe. It was rumored that Ellie the elephant was very talented and that she played the violin, that was painted red with a yellow happy face on it. Everyone loved it when she played her violin, but she didn’t play it for entertainment she played it when she was sad because she missed her family back home. The zookeepers knew she missed her family, so one day she woke up from her nap and there she was back in Zimbabwe, united with her family once again.

Ballroom Dance in France by Emmanuel

It all began back in 1986 and it was everyone’s favourite night of the year. The annual ballroom dancing competition, and this year it was being held in Paris. The theme this year was red. The way it worked was that a few couples from all of Europe’s countries took part in the contest and if they won they would receive a huge cash prize. A couple from Ireland were out the night before and although they knew they were taking a big risk the still decided to come home late. The couple woke up late and had to run to the airport. Luckily they made it to France but realised that they were a day late!

The Football Boots by Emmanuel

It was Patrick’s birthday and he had been doing very well in school so for his birthday present he was going to be getting a new pair of football boots. Patrick knew he was going to have a hard choice because one of his favourite players had nice blue boots while the other had nice orange ones. Patrick got to the Nike shop, and there they were right in front of him. Patrick picked up the blue ones just as he started walking towards the counter to pay the orange one spoke first, please pick me, Patrick thought for a minute but still decided to buy the blue ones, and never scored a goal again!

Haunted House by Emmanuel

It was a very cold and dark hallowe’en night. All the children had finished trick or treating and five friends had decided to go to a haunted house that was across the town. Their names were Harry, Aaron, Jane, Sarah and Jacob. Harry, Jane and Jacob were very scared to go into the house, as for Sarah and Jacob they were very eager and were the first to rush in. They opened the door and Sarah was jumping around like a ball. The guys saw a Mona Lisa painting, all of them left except for Sarah. Then she noticed painting was missing, ” But where did it go she shouted?’

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It all started back in 2016 in Rio. Everyone was very excited for the competition to begin. Rhys Arnold was going to be taking part in the track events. Rhys was a very tall and skinny man. He was about 20ft tall and weight 12 kg. He also had a very weird and unique running technique. Firstly he’s hands would be tucked in as if he was a chicken, secondly his head was bent so far back he would think it was about to fall of. The race was about to begin. “On your marks get set go!”. Rhys was so fast that if you blinked you would have missed him.

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was finally summer and the Browne family was about to go on holidays. They were planning to go Spain for the very first time. Harry the son of the Browne’s was an only child who had hard shinny brown hair and blue ocean-like eyes. Harry had never been on a plane so he was very eager to go to Spain. They arrived at the Airport and got onto the plane. Everyone was very excited for the plane to take off. The pilot regretted take off because the plane went up and all of a sudden came back down. The pilot tried again, that was when it just wouldn’t take off. Everyone had to go to to the exit that was in their vicinity.

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was a hot summer’s day, And there was a new family moving into the neighbourhood. They were very desperate to meet everybody. Every house they went to were warned about the evil neighbour who lived across the street. Everyone was very careful about the old lady in the house because they always heard loud sounds. All the neighbours decided to go to the police station as it was in the vicinity of their houses. The family decided to put on their yellow jackets and went to the lady’s house, they instantly regretted it, the lady opened the door and gave them sweets and the greedily ate them she asked them to come in and they were never seen again.

The Haunted House by Emmanuel

Once upon a time it was the year 1965 and there was a very old and broken down housing estate with a very creepy house. A few boys wanted to go to the haunted house after they came back from school their names were John, Jake, Evan and Aaron. The time had come for the boys to meet up. They entered the (haunted house as they called it) Aaron was the first to enter as he was the man of the group. They heard loud banging sounds, they walked towards the sound. They turned around then everything stopped and Ronald McDonald hopped out and bought them chicken from KFC.

The Meeting by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in 1843 the King of England was having a meeting with the king of Scotland because they were having a discussion about England leaving the EU. Both of the men did not like each other because the king of England said the king of Scotland was smelly. The king of England had said that the king worked in the sewage and had never washed his hands. It was time for the meeting and both men were meeting up and the king of England had a piece of tissue in his hand, when they shook hands his sewage hands were so powerful the poison killed him.

The Giraffe by Emmanuel

One day my brother and I were having a walk on the beach. He asked if we could go swimming. I said okay, we jumped in then I dipped my head in and the water tasted like salt. My brother busted out with laughter then said that I look like a greasy sea monster. He then said he was hungry so we decided to go get some ice-cream. When we went to get ice-cream the person serving the ice-cream was a giraffe. She had brown eyes and a great big with smile. We thought that we were dreaming, we were staring at her for so long our ice-cream melted.

The Museum by Emmanuel

Today is my brother AJ’s birthday and he decided that he wanted to go to the museum for his birthday. The reason he wanted to go to the museum was because he is in love with dinosaurs and he wanted to see the huge statue. Before we went to the museum we went to the museums cafe. I got a burger and chips. While my brother got pizza. We went into the main museum and there was a lot of different exhibits. We finally got to the dinosaur room and my brother got so excited he started jumping up and down. He was so excited that he knocked over the dinosaur statue!

The Robber by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in Dublin,Ireland there was a wanted Robber who went to everyone’s house when they were out. He would steal everything and I mean everything. A family that just moved into the country left their house to go to a new fancy restaurant. They got home and everything was gone. They called the police, the police got to the crime scene. One police officer said to another officer.’ This place is empty’. What a surprise he said sarcastically, the police informed the family about the robber, the family left the country were never to be seen again

The Vinegar by Emmanuel

Today was going to be Emmanuel’s first time tasting vinegar. He did not like the smell of vinegar, he thought that it smelt absolutely disgusting. One day after school Emmanuel and his friends decided to buy chips and that Emmanuel would taste vinegar for the first time. The vinegar was too sharp shouted Emmanuel. Emmanuel and his friends got home his friends decided to play a prank on him. They went downstairs into the kitchen opened up the press and took out the vinegar. They got a glass of water and put vinegar into it, and gave it to Emmanuel!

Talent Show by Emmanuel

It was the night before the talent show and Daniel was stressing out. The reason he was stressing out was because Daniel’s guitar was not sounding very well because it was completely out of tune with his voice. Daniel went and told his dad about the problem [he was a music teacher by the way] His dad just told him that he needed to tune it. It was the next day and Daniel was really nervous. It was his turn, he got onto the stage and went for it. Daniel did very well and his dad was very proud of him.

100 w/c by Emmanuel

It was a very cold and windy Sunday night. The power was about to go out so all the lights were flickering. A boy called Harry was in his room and marveled at his football boots. He had just washed them. Harry was just a basic boy loved football and had a long fringe and black hair. Harry was an only child and lived with is mum and dad.Harry was about to go downstairs for dinner then all of a sudden the lights went out. Harry got scared because an army of eggs were charging towards him!

The Lego People by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in Sydney Australia lived tiny Lego people. The Lego people were very scared because there was a volcano about to erupt. Everyone was told to leave the city, everyone except a few fire fighters who decided to stay and help the city from the volcano. There was one minute till the volcano was about to erupt. Boom burning pieces of rock were flying everywhere wiping out almost all the fire fighters.The rest of the fire fighters decided to go up and try to block it with a large piece of metal. Horray they did it and everyone was happy the end.

Ice-Cream Up Shop by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in a ancient city there was a very dusty ice cream shop that was thousands of years old. One day after school Emmanuel, Bartosz and Ben went into the ice-cream shop. The reason they went into the ice-cream shop was that they had the best ice-cream in the world. They had raspberry, pistachio and lime flavour. But worst of all was the lavender flavour. When they walked in the shopkeeper was gone “but how could she just disappear?” Emmanuel said to himself. The three boys decided to go to the back and found that she was stuffing her face with ice-cream!

100 w/c – by Emmanuel

Once upon a time in the middle of an empty town lived a young malicious family. The youngest child was a boy called Bubbles he was a very ridiculous boy. He didn’t have many friends because he was very cantankerous. He really liked a girl called Pink. So one day after school when he was riding on his bicycle his dad was in a very bad mood because he had got fired. Everyone was upset they huddled together and hugged. His dad was so upset he just went to bed and wrapped himself up as if he was in a trench.

The Dark Tunnel by Emmanuel

It was a very sunny Friday afternoon. Everyone presumed that we were going to the beach. We all had to pair up with one another so I decided to go with my friend Ben. Me and Ben decided that we would go into the dark scary damp tunnel with our other friends Cillan and Bartosz. Me, Ben and Bartosz said that we would run ahead of Cillian. We got the end and waited for Cillian. He got out and the light blinded him. He showed great expression that he was fraught with anger, he screamed saying “oh my gosh I am going to kill you guys.”

100 w/c Emmanuel

Balbriggan F.C. was battling against Real Madrid in the champions’ league final. The match started off very well for Balbriggan. The goalkeeper got so distracted that when the defender passed the ball to the keeper it rolled in. It was 1-0 to Real Madrid. The referee blew his whistle for half time. Balbriggan had an advantage because they seemed to be exhausted. The second half started. Cillian got taken down in the box. It was a penalty , Cillian shot and scored. With a minute left Cillian had the ball, he crossed it into the box. Emmanuel leaped up and headed it. Gooooooooaaaaaaal!

Rugby Training – by Emmanuel

It was a normal Thursday afternoon and my friend Jack was at my house. We were getting ready for rugby training. First we did our homework then we played football for hour. After a while we realised that it was 6:30 we put on our boots and got ready to leave. Jack’s dad took us to training.When me and Jack got to training we saw some Sky sport reporters. Me and Jack ran into the house and luckily my mum had recorded the news .We watched it and we seemed to be on the television.

Tour De Ireland by Emmanuel

In 1625 in Ghost Land it was Tour De Ireland.  Daniel Dahl had his talisman a rubber duck. People say that is was always etched onto him. The race started and somehow Daniel was last. But all of a sudden a strange ghost appeared but it wasn’t actually a ghost it was a boy. He zoomed past everyone and he was first. He had won the tournament. He celebrated and exuded happiness. He couldn’t stop as he was going down the a very big hill and he crashed into a tree. Sadly the boy died and legend says his bike is still in the tree.

The Pretty Gorilla – by Emmanuel

Once upon a time there was a pretty gorilla named Rebecca Bricks. She was the most prettiest gorilla in the whole jungle. Everybody wanted to be her girlfriend.One day there was a new gorilla in the jungle and his name was Harry Yellow. And Rebecca really found him to be really handsome. The next day Rebecca asked him to be her boyfriend. He said that he would love to. After being together for 16 years they got married and had 89 children and they were always running around. They also adopted another 45 children. But then one day Rebbeca died.  Harry then became lonely.

100 w/c Emmanuel

It was a very spooky Halloween night and everyone was afraid to go out this year, because there was a man eating serial killer going around. My mum was gone out which left me and my lazy brother alone. I was too scared to go out , so I just decided to stay in my room and play on my xbox . Suddenly I heard a loud knock my bedroom door. At first I thought it was my brother then I realised that my brother was asleep. I wondered what was behind the door.Then the door slowly opened …. it was my mum.

100 w/c – Emmanuel

Hi my name is Luke, and I am a Lego man. I live in Lego World. I love ladybirds more than anything in the world. I have a plan that I would make a ladybirds’ torch. It works so that when ever you want to see the ladybirds  you have to have a special torch called the Ladybird Torch 2000.

The idea is that you could use it when you are upset or when you are stressed because who doesn’t like ladybirds.

Hope that you like my new awesome and cool idea.