The Not So Nice Hotel by Emma

Today we’re go on a road trip. Eva, Ava and I are going to California. So first I drove to their house to pick them up.

Then Ava suggested we get fast food. I got noodles and sweet and sour chicken it was so nice.

5 hours later

The sun is going down at 9 pm. At night we’re starting to get tired so I’m going to look for a motel. oh there’s one. It s one minute away, bit it’s one star. I’ll go, me too, said Ava and Eve so we got there and got our room and when we walked in a flash of light then darkness ahhhh!!

100 w/c by Emma

Today I’m going on a hike to day with Bloom and Avery so I got in the car and got Burger King.

I ate all of the chicken nuggets and chips my friend got a happy meal and got a little boat with an oar. About two hours later we got there. The mountain was huge. There was a big sign saying ‘rules.’  There were Mushrooms everywhere on the ground. I felt very wistful as it reminded me of my grandmother. There was an ancient man who had winkled face he said ‘tickets please.’

I gave him them. Abour an hour later we got the top.

Missing, Chapter 1: by Emma

This starts in 1986, 7 o’clock at night. Ava, Ben, Harley and I, played some music off a Cassette tape that Ava’s Brother made. It was Jamming.  An hour later my mom came down to us. She said you guys have to go home now.

But mom!

No buts!

Ok fine.

Harley got a lift home, Ava and Ben cycled home. Ava “who ever gets to my house first, gets any comic book they want,” “deal,” Ben said as he goes speeding down the driveway he went out of control, flashed in the woods and screamed and ran home but a finger followed him. He went home no one suddenly ,darkness enveloped the room he screamed.

Photoshoot by Emma

Today I’m going to a photo shoot. I’m so ecstatic. I got breakfast it was so good. I got there, it had a big green screen and a yellow background and the girl at the til said come on in. I used the rainy day one with a bicycle prop. Then a girl pushed me and greedily took the angel one. An hour later I got home and ordered Chinese food. I got a Spice Box and cheesy garlic fries and chicken curry. I asked my friends over , the food was amazing, it was tasty. Then my friends went home and I went to bed

The Woods by Emma

So today I’m going on a road trip to America with my mam, dad, sister and my friend. So first we sang some songs in the car next we found a fast food place. I got a burger and chips and coke it was delicious.

Our first stop was Nature Valley camp site.  My dad and sister set the tent up. We had some sausages and bacon for dinner and then roasted marshmallows and made smores and had pop corn. About 5 hours later me and my friend went to get more sticks in the woods, but we got lost and we saw a big tree. It was really mossy and green and overgrown we screamed all the way back.

A Very Bad Holiday by Emma

Today I’m going on holidays to America. So I got on the plane, it was a regular plane ride until the plan started.

Going down there was a lot of screaming and loud shouting and then every thing went dark  and I woke up on an island, I wished it would be a bit smaller. My mom was scared and I was too.

The island was humongous. We first looked for somewhere to stay for the night. We saw a big cave. I went fishing and we caught a big fish and cooked it and went to bed. The next morning people came to rescue us and we went home.

The Market by Emma

Today I went to a market on Saturday it was so whacky and weird.

First I saw a weird stand with red fluffy scooters and other weird stuff like porcelin dolls, useless sckulls and old books. I looked on the floor there was dacorated concrete they were so colorful and all types. I saw a which’s hat for Halloween and a brand new mask. Then we were dancing around in weird costumes and dresses! Come on lets dance! Then we danced all night. Then we went home

100 w/c by Emma

Today went to my b.f.f’s sleep over. There were a lot of people there. We played Put the Tail on the Donkey and we made pancakes and we watched Harry Potter and also Beauty and the Beast. We made slime, it was so gooey and slimy.  Her mam ordered pizza, it was so nice. We played Roblox for two hours and ate pizza. Everyone went to bed but I was not asleep because I was home sick.  I saw my friend’s dairy and I looked in it. A day after the sleep over she showed me it, I said to my self ‘oh… but I had to see what was inside.’

The Lost Ring by Emma

Today I went to a museum for my school project. First I went and I saw the Egyptians section an hour later I went to the Castle section when I walked in I saw thrones and lots of gold and crows and lots of other old stuff. Then I went and I saw a big canon then I went out of the museum but then I looked at my finger. OMG my ring it’s gone. I went in to the museum and looked everywhere except the Cannon room. Just before I went in someone on the microphone said ‘any one lost a ring?’ I got it and went home.

Art Camp by Emma

Today was my first day of art camp, my mom dropped me there. I walked in, first I got greeted by a man he said,’oh hi,are you Ava?’

‘Yeah I am.’

‘Oh I’m Mr. Green.’

‘Ok,’ I said.

‘Well come on in then.’

They split us into groups. Some boy approached me, ‘0h hey I’m Ben.’

‘I’m Ava let’s be friends.’

The first activity was to resin our violins. Mine had a black stripe on it . The next thing we did was laps but I had bruised my leg. I met someone else ,but she was a bit prickly and she hated me. But Ben and I had so fun much.

The Scary House by Emma

It was a Halloween Night Ava and Kate were Playing truth or dare with their friends Amy, Ben and Sarah. Sarah said, ‘Kate I dare you to go in an abandoned house with Ave. Kate said, ‘No way Sarah.’

‘Then you’re chicken!’ Everyone started laughing.

‘Fine,’Kate said.

They got to the house it looked a bit over grown and very dusty and old. They went up stairs and there was a note saying, ‘Sorry mom don’t look in the back’.

Ava said ‘let’s go look in the garden.’ Ava screamed and Kate ran out side to see and there was a dead body in a hay bale and a lot of pumpkins. Kate and Ava ran out of the house.