The Nights Before Christmas by Emily

The evenings were getting dark and icy. My buddy and I would put water on the path if the water on the path . If we knew there was going to be frost that night. We would check if the water was frozen. After we slid gently up and down the paths but we would have to be careful in case somebody put salt on the path. The frost would be melted.My little sister was delighted to get a huge brown and yellow giraffe. It was as tall as mr Gorman.I was thrilled that I got a bike. I test it in my back garden and my dad said “be careful the chain was greasy”.

Mysterious Island by Emily

My family and I were traveling on a boat trip around Caribbean Sea. We got on the boat. We went to different islands. The last island. The man left us on the island and said “I will be back in a few hours”. We went exploring the island. It was like we were in paradise. We were amazed at the beautful scenery.Suddenly we came into a clearing.It was like we were in a different planet.From a distance it looked like creatures coming up from the ground.We were scared.Eventually when we got closer we saw that it was just tree stumbs covered in lichen and moss.

The Wedding by Emily

It was 1954. There was boy called Sèan Murphy and a girl called Noreen Murphy. They were going to their auntie’s wedding. The girls were wearing dresses and the boys were wearing suits.The hotel where they were staying had a sweet bar, chandeliers, a stained glass window at the back and mahogany wooden stairs. Their auntie was married to a very weathy and a tall man called Conor O’ Sullivan. The band were playing music and they were singing and dancing the night away. The next day they went home. Despite their feet were sore they enjoyed their honeymoon.

St Patrick’s Day Parade by Emily

The date was 17th of March. We all woke up and got dressed in green, orange and white for the parade. My mam painted our faces with green shamrocks. My sister and I went to get flags and leprechaun hats. We were all ready to go. On the way to the parade we got sweets in the shop. We were waiting for a while. Then we heard the brass brand. The scouts were first in the parade. After the scout the clubs came, I saw a lot of my friends. At the end of the parade the vintage cars,gaint trackers came. A women dressed as a clown was giving out sweets. When she got to me. The bag was empty. What a surprise .

The Day We Went to Bray by Emily

It was a fine summer’s day. When we got the train to go to Bray. I enjoyed looking out the window on the way to Bray. It was a long enough train ride. We played cards games to pass the time. The first thing we did was to go to the local aquarium. It was amazing to see all the different types of fish like clown fish,catfish,tropical fishes and even turtles. We were starving so we decided to go to a chipper. We sat down on a large sturdy bench on the sea front. My father thought the vinger was too sharp.

Ireland’s Got Talent by Emily

One Saturday night my whole family got together to watch Ireland’s Got Talent. The first act was a comedian. He was brilliant. He had us laughing non-stop. He got through easily. The next act was a nine year old girl magican, she did card tricks and for her last act she made Louis pick a word from a book and he kept it to himself. After she wrote a word on a black board. Amazingily it was correct.The ultimate act was a singer. He started to sing and it was completely out of tune and he got buzzed off!

One Hallow’een Night by Emily

One Halloween night my friends and I went to my friend’s house.We were telling creeepy stories and playing creepy games.It was midnight and suddenly the light started flickering it was so scary.After the lights went out it was pitch black.My friend quickly grabbed a torch and turned it on.There was slimy stuff at the fringe of the house.It smellled like rotten eggs.We washed the slimy stuff out of the fringe. Bang ! We got a fright but it was just a construction worker. We all started laughing our heads off.Afterwards we went to bed and the next morning we went home.

A Day Out In Dublin – Emily

One Saturday in the summer. My whole family went on a trip to Dublin. We decided to get the train. I enjoy looking out the window on the train. It took nearly an hour to get there. We did a little shopping in Grafton street. After we saw a giant poster advertising a exhibition of old China army statues in the R.D.S. So we all got on the Luas to the R.D.S. My sister and me were very excited to see what they are like. They were normally terracotta in colour. It was an amazing sight. They were different in colour and there was a lot of them.

The Night They Went Camping by Emily

It was mid summer when Jack and Tom decided to go camping. They got their tents and camping gear ready and set off into the country side. The two boys were walking for a while when they saw the perfect spot to set up camp. Jack and Tom set up the camp site. They heated some beans and rices on the camp fire. The two boys were enjoying telling ghost stories. When suddenly there was a bright light in the sky it shone on Jack’s face and the light blinded him for a second. Then the light disappeared from the sky without a trace.

100 w/c Emily

Milly and Lilly climbed a steep rocky Mountain. It was two thousand feet tall. Lilly fell into a puddle on the mountain, she was all soggy and wet. Milly fell over her and hurt her arm. They both got up and went on up the mountain. They stopped to look at the amazing view. They were excited about what would it be like at the summit. Suddenly a bird flew by, Milly shouted with excitement at it. It was a golden eagle. They continued to the top. Finally Milly and Lilly got up to the cloud covered summit. They were exhausted. So they started their descent.

The Stormy Day by Emily

It was a wet stormy late night . My sister and I were having hot chocolate . Suddenly we got smaller and smaller and smaller until we were as small as an red ant . The first thing we thought was to climb are big television because if we were bigger we would smash it .It was like a massive Rockie mountain for us .We climb it quick with a cerulean rope .We were exhausted when we got to the very top of the television .We said to ourselves we seemed to be on the television .It was the night of our lives!

The Day My Auntie Surprised Us by Emily

Ding! Dong! with doorbell rang . It was my favourite auntie. She had tickets in her hand. ‘They’re for the zoo !’ she said. We screamed with excitement . We all got into the car and off we went . Traffic was pretty bad on the way in . When we got there we decided to go to the gorilla island. We saw the zookeeper feeding the gorilla . We asked the zookeeper the gorilla’s name, it was Tom Brick . The next place we went whas the reptile house . One snake stood out, it was yellow and white. We decided to go home when I spotted a cheetah running in its enclosure.

100 w/c – Emily

Early Christmas Eve morning my sister and me woke up our mother and father. We had a wonderful breakfast. My father brought us on a long walk. When we got back we watched a good Christmas film to get us in the Christmas spirit. After we got on our fluffy new pyjamas for Santa. My sister and I were getting excited to see what the morning would bring. I went to bed and I read a story. It finally came, Christmas! My sister and I woke up our mother and father. We saw footprints on the floor and I wondered what was behind the door…. it was lots of presents

100 w/c Emily

It was a hot Summer’s day.  My mother decided to bring me and my friends to Ardillan Castle.  We were excited as we got into the car and headed off. We went straight to the playground. We were all having great fun, climbing and running.  Suddenly one of my friends was sad.  He had lost his favourite Lego man.  We all split up to look for it.  We looked high and low.  Under bushes and up trees. One friend saw a trail of Ladybirds and we all followed them.  We were all in amazement that at the end of the trail was the Lego man, surrounded by ladybirds!

100 w/c – Emily

It finally came, Halloween night .I dressed up as a scary zombie and my sister dressed up as an orange pumpkin.My father brought us trick or treating. We had lots of fun going house to house. We met a boy dressed up as a samurai fighter. After we went went to a massive bonfire and we danced around the bonfire clumsily after a while we went home because it was getting so late. My mam said”you smell like smoke”. So I got a bath and watched tv and ate sweets for a while then I went to bed.

100 w/c – Emily

It was the 18th of July .Me and my family Were going to Spain.My neighbour brought us to the ginormous airport. It took 20 mins.I got check in it was boring.After that I got something to eat and I went shopping. I got on the plane and went on my phone. It took 2hr 30 mins .I met my nanny and granddad I was so exhausted so I went to my big bed . Next day I got dress and watch tv . Then I went to a town called Getaria. I went to a bub I got prawns and coke . I went home and played with my friends called susana and malen all day

The Dark Woods – by Emily

There were three brothers, they lived on a farm.  One day they decided to go to the dark woods.  In the distance they saw an old cottage.  The three brothers went into it.  They saw a witch, she was stirring a cauldron.  There were green flames coming out it.  There were potions on the wall.  One was ginormous.  The brothers wanted to be hefty.  The witch said, ‘I have a potion for that.’

The boys were happy but she wanted something back.  The brothers emptied their pockets.  The witch said, ‘that’ll do.’

The boys got the potion. They drank it. They turned into statues. One was a horese, one a goat and one a bull. For ever. Never to be seen again.