The Fires by Eden

We were still in the heatwave. It was starting to get quite boring but I decided to go for another walk in the forest. The last time I went the river had turned into more of a puddle than a river.

When I got to the entrance of the forest, I saw a fire brigade truck. When I was going into the forest, a policeman stopped me. He told me that because of the heatwave, fires had started all over the forest. He told me to go home for now but that I might be able to come back soon.

Wally the Wizard by Eden

“For a wizard he is really slow,” said Harold the scientist. He and the other scientists were up in the North Pole, trying to find a way to stop the ice melting but they were struggling. Luckily a wizard called Wally said that he could come and help.

When he got there, he was flying on a green species of animal that looked like a dragon. The dragon started breathing fire that was very hot. Wally greeted the scientists and they all went inside. Wally started telling his ideas.

He was a very fast talker so he ended up overwhelming them all. They finally agreed on an idea.

The Tiny People by Eden

I was right in the middle of my hardest mission yet. I knew that I might not come back alive. I was attempting to climb mount fluffy.

I got a ladder and started my long trek up the monstrosity of a mountain. Sadly the ladder didn’t even reach up half of the mountain. My best friend Bob was waiting for me at the top.

I was going to take a short break but I decided that I needed to keep climbing. Just when I got to the top, before we could complete the mission, the humans appeared so we ran for our tiny lives.

100 w/c by Eden

We were right in the middle of Summer, experiencing a heat wave. My brother and I had spent most of the Summer in the forest, since it was one of the only shaded areas in the town and it was close by.

We decided to do a walk by the river that day. We were walking on a path but I was confused since we should have already been there. Suddenly I noticed water on the ground and then realised it WAS the river. “I have never seen the river bed so dry before!” I told my brother. We were astonished but we decided to continue our walk for now.

The Meteor by Eden

“And this is a section of an ancient meteor only uncovered 6 months ago,” our tour guide told us,“As you can see it has bones attached to it, which are believed to be from a dinosaur.” We were at the Museum Of Ancient History. The meteor was definitely the best thing we had seen. “Where did it come from?” I asked the tour guide. He told us that it was found in a jungle far away and the reason it had bones on it was because it killed all of the dinosaurs. We stayed and looked at it for a while before leaving.

A Sticky Situation by Eden

‘Why is there honey in the washing machine?’ I asked my brother. He came in to see. Neither of us knew so we went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, there was a minuscule beehive stuck to the wall right next to our calendar. We didn’t know how it got there so I got the oven gloves and tried to move it but it was too sticky.

We were wondering how to move it when suddenly a white bee came out of the hive and grew giant. We were both amazed. The bee picked up the hive with ease and flew off. What a day!

Late by Eden

’Hurry up!’, I told my talking dog, Noodles, as we were running. ‘Which way to the shop?’, it panted. We knew we close but we also knew that we were lost. We spent about another 20 minutes looking for it until we found it. We bought it as quick as we could and left.

‘We’re late.’ Noodles growled super obviously like I didn’t already know it. We barged through the door and gave it to my mum. ‘We got the milk and butter Mum!’, I told her. I think we definitely spent way too much time getting them.

The Camp by Eden

It was getting late but after the campfire Ollie told me to meet him at the edge of the forest. When I got there he was waiting for me. He showed me a little hut that had a dark, secret basement. When we went down there, he said that it was haunted. I said he was just trying to scare me but as if on cue, a flash of light, then, darkness again. Even he looked terrified. We both climbed up the ladder and ran as fast as lightning. We never went in there again. The next day we told everybody else our story…  only we exaggerated a little. 

The Mushroom Village by Eden

I sat on my boat with a wistful smile on my face as I remembered the mushroom forest and village. Suddenly I had an idea, to sail to the village and have a proper look around. So I started rowing my oars. It took a few hours to get there but I finally did. I went and knocked on the door of the biggest mushroom house. When it opened I saw a wrinkled man less than half my size. His head looked like a mushroom. I asked who he was. Luckily he was nice and told me. He said he ruled the small mushroom village. I stayed a few more hours then left. 

The Pit by Eden

I was in the empty room lit by only a single candle. I walked around and then suddenly, darkness enveloped the room so I couldn’t see anything. The floor started disappearing so I ran to the huge door but it was locked. I looked down the pit and I only saw darkness. Suddenly, where I was standing disappeared and I fell. It seemed years before I saw the bottom. I thought I would really hurt myself but just when I was about to touch the bottom, I woke up. It took a minute but I then realised it was just a dream.

Moving by Eden

 I was very nervous because it was the first time I ever got a new house. My parents hadn’t told me about it until 2 weeks before the move, when it was too late to see it. When we had arrived I finally saw the house. It had a rusty, metal gate and fence out front. The garden was very overgrown. 

My parents had already told me the address. It was 29 Westwood Lawn. On the inside it was a bit of an improvement, since it was quite big and spacious. I really couldn’t believe that we had moved. 

100 w/c by Eden

‘It’s close,’ I said quietly. My pet wolf, Rex, growled in agreement. Then from behind a rock, we saw it. It was a 10 foot tall giant but only it had the head of a lion (Definitely not a copy of the Minotaur). So with my sword in hand I got ready. It seemed like it sensed we were there because he swung his club at our hiding spot, making the rock crumble. I swung my sword at him and it fell as it let out a pitiful howl. 

Then it stood up and charged at both of us. But I was faster and swung at him again, this time killing him.

Planet Violin by Eden

Mr Purple, the purple elephant strolled down the quiet street. Mr Purple doesn’t live on planet Earth. Instead he lives on a planet very far away, known as planet violin. Things were very different on his planet. Like the way that there is no gravity and animals live just like humans, except that there are no humans on the entire planet. When Mr Purple got back to his house his friend, Mr Happy, had painted it for him. It was quite expensive but because they were friends he gave him a discount. And together they shared a glass of Fizzle Freeze, a fizzy drink only found on Planet Violin. 

The Strange Garden by Eden

Yesterday we were just chucking a ball to each other but then Callie accidentally threw the ball into someone’s back garden but she didn’t know where it went. We then told her that it’s lost. ‘Ok but where did it go?’ She shouted. Then I pointed to the garden it went into. The house that was said to be haunted.

That got her and everyone else scared. 

Not that I cared so I stuck my arm in through the garden’s hedge and managed to get the ball without getting any of my body in. 

But not long later it went into the garden again.

A Strange Journey by Eden

Even though I was excited to go to Donegal, the drive from Dublin was so long and boring. But what we did see was a lot of strange things like upside down scarecrows, a house with about 50 different types of gnomes as well as many other strange things. 

We made a game where we made a list of what we thought was the strangest and then put them in order of most strange but we thought the strangest was a bright yellow bike with the front wheel in the air tied to a tree. The things we saw! 

The Plane Disaster by Eden

‘Are we nearly there yet?’ I asked for about the 50th time even though I knew they were going to say no. The reason I was so excited was because I was finally going on a plane for the first time. About an hour later we were there but then had to wait another 2 hours before we could board.

 We got into our seats at the back of the plane and prepared for lift off. But when it just wouldn’t take off my heart sank. The captain came and apologized to everyone but I just sat in despair. 

In A Hurry by Eden

‘Ewww,’ I said as my little brother chomped down his breakfast greedily. ‘Jack, I already warned you about doing that,’ my mum told him. ‘And shouldn’t you be off already?’ she asked me. With that I zoomed out, grabbing my helmet on the way. I couldn’t be late. I was so desperate, I almost forgot my bicycle and ran. I went down the steep hill as quick as a flash, not even seeing the yellow warning sign for the new building site. Luckily I didn’t hit anything in it. After about 5 more minutes I made it to the party early. 

The Forest Of Mystery by Eden

We were so excited to go to the forest camp today. Apparently the forest has never been fully adventured so we might just be the first. 

We got there at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It took us a little while to set up our sleeping bags in the cabins. 

Next the camp leaders let us and everyone else go and explore the forest. Even though the camp leaders said not to go too far, me and my brother went so far that we couldn’t hear the group but the things we saw in the forest of mystery.

The Mission by Eden

One day Tim and Tom was going to his grandads house. His grandad was so happy to see them after level 5. Suddenly everything stopped and it felt like an tsunami then we saw the big waves and we ran out of the house the next thing we know we woke up on top of the mountain. A few hours later we son a bout on the water we tried to swim to the boat but it was to far away. At 10.41 we son an boat what was heading towards us we where saved but grandad was felling ill because he was in the cold for too long he was brought to the hospital and he was fin in the morning.

Instant Fame by Eden

Oh no!!! What has happened??’, I exclaimed. I was wondering what everyone was talking about to me about in school but now I understand. Somehow a video of me singing a song I wrote got put on YouTube and went viral with 100 million views although I didn’t remember putting it on YouTube.

Suddenly I heard a message on my phone so I checked what it was. It was an email from Simon Cowell. I read it and it said he wanted to make me number 1 in the charts, so I instantly replied. I was excited to become famous.

Poor Mike by Eden

One cold, frosty November evening, Mike and his family were having dinner. They all had had a long day so they were all pleased to have dinner together. A little while later, after dinner Mike began to feel ill. His parents thought that he would be ok so they just told him to lie down. Then he felt really ill so his dad decided to bring him down to the local doctors. The roads were quite frosty so they decided to walk down the quiet streets. When they got there the doctor told him he only had a stomach ache.

The Project Disaster by Eden

‘Phew’, I said after I had completed my project. The project was on castles and I even made a castle made out of cardboard. The castle was white with cardboard trees that had real leaves on them although they were always rolling off. My mum came to see how I was doing. When she saw my castle she said to me, ‘well aren’t you a crafty one’. I was kind of tired so to wake myself up I started jumping all around my room. I accidentally hit into the castle and because it was very delicate it started to crumble. ‘No!!!’ I groaned.

The Gloomy Factory by Eden

As quietly as possible I crept along the long corridor. I finally found a door so I went through it. The room was huge, it was the biggest room I had ever seen. I heard grunting noises echoing around the huge room so I hid behind some containers piled on top of each other. I heard more grunts, each one louder then the last. I figured that whatever it was, was coming closer. I tried to climb the container but if only it was a bit smaller then I would have been able. So what I did was I dashed out of the gloomy factory.

The Remarkable Bee by Eden

Mike was hastily going to bring his dog, Daisy on a run. When he got there he ran around and played with Daisy.

Shortly after that he spotted a bee but it wasn’t a ordinary bee. Remarkably it was huge, taller than himself although it looked quite injured.

He went into the bakery and asked him if he could borrow a phone. He called for people to help. In a flash some people came and they helped the bee by getting a helicopter and lowering a harness from it. Mike felt quite tired after all of it so he went home.

The Scooter Ride by Eden

When I woke up, I dressed and ate in a hurry because I was allowed to go to the park with my fluffy dog, Daisy all on my own. ‘Mike, take this money and buy you and your sister a Halloween costume’, said my mum while she was painting her red vase blue. I took the money and I took off on my scooter. I zoomed down the steep hill almost going into wet concrete, but luckily I missed it. I felt dizzy when I got there so I lay down on the grass and Daisy happily danced around me.

The Box of Mystery by Eden

There it was just sitting there, motionless with us staring at it. All three of us just wondering what could be inside. I told the others that we probably shouldn’t open it but I had to see what was inside so we decided to open it. As we were pulling the lid of the box we saw something fly out but we didn’t see what it was. Nothing was actually in the box so we decided to go home. We found out bad things escaped the box and we felt quite guilty so we tried to fix things and after a while we managed to fix it.

The Escape by Eden

“Don’t stop running“, shouted James, sprinting at max speed with friends close behind. They managed to find somewhere to catch their breath. “We have to hurry, I can hear them already”, said James’s little sister Lilly so they quickly ran off again. After another hour of running and stopping for air they found it. “It’s the castle professor Samson said about”, gasped Mike. They found a way in and found people who were friendly. James, Jake and Mike told them about the soldiers chasing them. The people got cannons armed, ready for when the soldiers would arrived. They were ready.

The Prickly Menace by Eden

It was a cold, dark September afternoon. Mr Green was a violin teacher and he was in a lesson. His lessons went on for just over an hour. When he went home he lay down on his couch but when he did he flinched and felt like he would collapse. He was sitting on his prickly cactus. His back was very bruised so he walked down to the doctors. He inspected his back and told him what cream to get in the pharmacy. He also said to get rid of the prickly menace and that was exactly what he did.

100 w/c by Eden

Boom!!! Went the explosion in the lab. Professor Samson was lead scientist in the lab. ” Another fail”, he said after the explosion. ” I’m going outside for some fresh air”, he said. When he went outside he saw a person with his waist up in a hay bale with a bike and a lots of fruit.” Are you okay?” asked the professor once he had helped him out.” Yes I’m fine. I heard a huge boom and I lost control of my bike”, he replied as he was picking up his fruit. ” Oops”, muttered the professor and then ran back to the lab.