The Rare Butterfly Eggs – by Dylan S

On a normal day at College my friend and I were searching through the trees outside school. We were doing this because our teacher said to find some cool stuff for the science fair at school. My friend Daniel and I were partners. When we made our way to the bushes we walked in and saw these rare looking eggs with spikes on them. How we know that they are rare is because Daniel was on Instagram and saw a picture of them on it. When Science Fair day came, Daniel and I brought the two spiky things up to the scientest he said they were rare butterfly eggs. He said when they hatch, they will turn orange and copper and they will look as beautiful as ever.

Random Book in the Middle of the Road by Dylan S

One morning I woke up and went outside to play. When I got outside I found a book on the road called ‘The Lioness of Fire Desert’. I went back inside and started reading it. There was a boy in it called Will and a lioness. The front of the book looked so creative. I’ll describe it to you…Will holding a torch, shining it at the lion and it looks like they are on another Galaxy, or in Space somewhere. When I got half way through the book, the lion started to eat some enemies. That’s when I knew that this was my kind of book! I spent the rest the day reading it and finished it just before bedtime!

My Night At Training – Dylan S

It was almost six pm Tuesday evening. I had hurling training and I was rushing around frantically, looking for my hurl and helmet. Mam was giving out to me because I am never ready. When I got to the all weather pitch it was raining. It was very misty so it was hard to see. When our match was over our coaches shouted at us to tell us that not many people turned up so we had to work really hard. At the end I could not find my crimson coloured coat. When my Dad came and collected me we passed this really scary graveyard. It looked like some zombies were just about to pop out of the ground. My dad drove really fast the whole way home!

Giant Land – Dylan S

One beautiful Saturday in Giant Land there were two giants who loved to play tag in the park. One day they decided to play tag in the forest instead. They were a bit scared to go in because it was their first time going in to the forest. By the way their names were Bob and Bill. Bill was the one who was body-less and Bob was the one who was headless. When they were in the forest they started the game of tag. Bob was on first but when he caught Bill he ran into a tree because he couldn’t see. In the end it didn’t really hurt, and they had so much fun!

100 w/c- Dylan S

It was a sunny day and St. Molaga’s were having a sports day. Everyone there was having so much fun with all of the activities, even the teachers were taking part. One of the activities was called Ninja warrior. It was one of the best games in the whole entire world. Our teacher split us into two equal groups…Yellow versus Blue. I was on the yellow team. As teacher was counting down from three, we all went flying along the track. Although they ran quickly, the blue team were still not making enough progress to beat the yellows. When both of the teams were at the last part, we had to climb this big wall and my team won. We were all so happy.

Shiny Star – Dylan S

“Oh this is hopeless” cried Billy the bird, “my wings just won’t work”. Billy was a tiny yellow bird. He lived in a big tree with his mam, dad, brother Bart and sister Betty. He was always dreaming of flying but every time he tried, he would just fall to the ground. Bart and Betty could fly. Always chasing each other and laughing and having lots of fun. This was annoying him so much. ‘This is not fair” he said, “why cant I fly too?”

The one day he woke up and he just jumped from the thin branch he was sitting on and he flew! He flew up high in the sky. He was so happy, he felt like a big shiny star.

Afternoon Tea – Dylan S

One sunny Sunday afternoon, my brother and I were playing football out in the back garden. I was in goal and by accident my brother kicked the ball into the our neighbors garden. We both had a look over an saw a huge cup dug into the middle of the grass. What a weird and strange sight that was!

We knocked on their door and asked for the ball back. They invited us in for a cup of tea and we said yes but were weren’t drinking out of normal sized cups we were drinking out of huge cups. It took us ages to drink the tea because the cups were so big! Pity the cake the gave us wasn’t as big 🙁

The Day I got to be in Charge – Dylan S

It was just a regular Wednesday at school. All of the class was waiting for teacher to arrive. Suddenly our principal came rushing into our classroom. “What am I going to do, what am I going to do?” she cried. “Your teacher is sick and wont be able to come to school today” she said.

We were all excited. Then I had a brainwave, a really good idea. Well I thought it was a really good idea. I could mind the class. I know its sad that teacher is sick …but what if I was in charge? And my first job as teacher? NO HOMEWORK!!!!

The Weird Aliens From Jupiter – Dylan S

One day I was walking in the woods peacefully. When I hit the middle of the woods there was a spaceship made out of wood. The aliens said they had come down from the planet Jupiter . They look very weird. All of them were made out of wood. They had skinny twig arms and skinny twig legs.

I offered to show them around the place. They had no names so I gave them some… John, Paul, George and Ringo. Pretty cool names don’t you think?

I brought them to McDonalds to get a grand Big Mac because they were really hungry. When we got back to the spaceship they did some funny exercises. I hope they visit me again soon.

100 w/c Dylan S

One stormy Tuesday I was in my house playing my play station. I was playing Fifa 18 with my brother. When it was half time i had a look out the window and saw a snake as it came down the drainpipe, it was very colourful and slow. It finally made it’s way down and went slithering into the shed. I told my brother and we got our coats on and went to investigate. When we got over to the shed we both heard him hissing and slithering, looking for food. He saw a mouse and ate it up in one gulp, lucky he didn’t eat me!

100 w/c – Dylan S

One very stormy night, there were three stone statues at the park in Tipperary. All of them got struck by lightning and came alive.
They were getting bored of the park, so they got a train to Dublin city. When they got there it was the morning time.
They were really hungry so they decided to go to the biggest restaurant they could find. As they were so tall, it needed to be one with a VERY big roof! Finally they found a place to eat. It was very modern and fancy. Not only did it have the best mashed potatoes in the world, it had their favourite dessert… Rocky Road!!!!!

100 w/c – Dylan S

One boring old Monday morning, Mr. Red Head was on his way to school when he saw a snake slithering in front of him. He got such a fright so he ran to the school and told every one of his friends. When he got in to his classroom he looked at the clock and saw he was a bit late. There was a new principal in the school and do you know who it was? It was the snake!! And before he new it the principal gave him detention for being late. When he got out of the gate after detention he stole someone’s bike and cycled home.

100 w/c – Dylan S

One sunny Sunday my friend and I were walking down the town. We were so bored, there was nothing to do.

We were on our way to the beach when my friend thought he saw an alien on the roof of a shop. “Look” he said, “its a giant alien on the roof! Lets go up and see”.

Both of us climbed up the ladder at the back of the shop. We went for a closer look and do you know what it was? It was a giant hand with a face on it! We thought it came down from a UFO. We never seen any thing like it. Have you??

Nick Knack – by Dylan s

In the beginning… my friends and I were just playing football out on the road. Ken said ” Do you want to call for Matthew?” who lived in the middle of the estate. When he came out we did a few nick knacks on some houses. As we were running away and laughing about it we saw this man running angrily after us shouting “was that you brats banging my door?”. When he reached us he pushed us to the wall but then Ken started to fake cry! The man felt sorry for us then and just said “Don’t do it again” and he left. So we went back to the road to play ball, laughing all the way!!

100 w/c – Dylan S

Sitting at his kitchen table, Monkey Mike put his head in his hands. He had his laptop in front of him and he was staring at a blank screen. He could not think what to write for his 100 Word Challenge. He had absolutely no idea. In fact he was so mad at having to do this challenge, that he pushed his laptop across table and it fell straight on to the floor and smashed into lots of little pieces!! His mam ran into the kitchen ( she was called Monkey Margaret ) and saw what happened and grounded him for two months.

Mike was not happy at all because he had to write the story out on a page instead 🙁

100 w/c – Dylan S

It was a normal Saturday afternoon in July . My friends and I put on pizza for dinner. Suddenly the news came on the radio and said that a tiger broke out from the zoo. We all were really scared. Although we were scared, we decided to watch a movie. Sitting on the couch, we all huddled up together. Suddenly I stood up and shouted “Pizza!! We forgot about the pizza!” We ran into the kitchen and the oven was on fire. There was smoke everywhere. The fire alarm was ringing so loud. We had to make a run for the front door….but what do you know? The tiger was blocking our escape….

100 w/c Dylan S

“Oh no!!” said Bob Sandwich, “my battery fell out of the remote control car and went under the fridge, how am I ever going to get it back?”

Bob Sandwich decided to call his strong, energetic friend, Woolly White to see if he could lift the fridge. Woolly White was delighted to help his friend , so he hurried over to Bob’s. Easily, Woolly lifted the fridge with one hand as Bob reached under for the battery. Bob was so happy that he even brought Woolly to Morelli’s Ice Ceam Parlour for a Knicker Bocker Glory and after they played with the remote control car for the rest of the day.

100 w/c Dylan S

Once there was a couple of boys and girls. Their mams and dads let them go anywhere they want. One day they decided to go to the new play ground in their local park. They wanted to go and hang around the play ground but suddenly their eyes got caught by this weird figure in the middle of the trees. All of them were a bit scared so they went over to investigate it. They all said it looks like a witch dressed up in a black gown. But when they got closer they were happy that it was just a statue of a nun and they could go back to hanging around again.

100 w/c – Dylan S

Once there was a family of five who liked going to parties. There was a mam, dad, two boys and a little girl. She was aged five but it was soon her birthday. The family decided to throw her a surprise party. They wanted to put out her presents, toys, balloons and sweets . The mam said but where would we hide it all?
The boys said we can hide everything in the shed and when she goes to bed we can get everything ready for the next morning.
When she woke up on her birthday, the house was all decorated and everyone had a great day!!!!

100 w/c Dylan S

Once there was a city full of ghosts. For some reason they loved to go shopping. When it was nearly Christmas they went to the city to shop for decorations and presents for each other.

Do you know what the best thing is about being a ghost? You don’t have to pay for anything because no one can see you take things! So the ghosts can fill up their bags with sweets, chocolate, lollipops, cakes and other treats. They also were able to take televisions, radios and even washing machines!!!

They left the shop and floated down the street and waved to their other ghost friends.

The Haunted House – Dylan S

Last Halloween myself and my friend Alex went out to do trick or treating. At the first house we got a lot of treats. At about the eighth house we only got apples. After seven more houses we went back home and counted our sweets. We ate half of them and left the rest of them for later. About two hours later we went back outside and saw this big old house that we had missed the first time. We went over to the house because the door was open. The lights were off. And….as the door slammed, I knew we were in deep trouble…

100 w/c – Dylan S

Yesterday Ireland was hammered by the storm Ophelia. Trees were blown down blocking roads and roofs were blown off some buildings around the country. But more seriously at farmer Joe’s farm in Balbriggan it was flooded, all the trees fell and some of his tiles on his house fell off. And farmer Joe’s scarecrow fell over and landed in a deep puddle and all you could see was his knees and his wellington boots. Luckily for scarecrow farmer Joe was just passing by in his tractor and went over and picked him up and brought him inside because he would probably blow over again.

100 w/c – Dylan S

It is something I get to play with a few times a week. It belongs to me, my brother and my sister.

We keep it in my bedroom. The shape of it is rectangular. It is black and shiny and made of really hard plastic. It is plugged into the back of the television. We have four controllers so four people can play it at the same time.

I have lots of games to play including, Football, Mine Craft, skate boards, Batman, Car games, harry potter and Lego. We are always fighting over what game to play. But then we eventually pick a game and get over it!!!!

The Strange Dog – Dylan S

Outside on the street there were two kids, Dylan and Ben. They loved to play hurling. One day they saw a man walk his dog …And the dog was wearing glasses… They went out side and asked the man “why is your dog wearing glasses?”

Well said the man “my dog cannot see very well so I am his guide man”. The kid’s thought it was the funniest thing they ever saw.

The next day at school they told there friend’s about what happened but they didn’t believe them. If you don’t believe us we will bring in a picture of it in tomorrow.

Kidnapped Crocodiles by Dylan S

In the big swampy forest there were a lot of crocodiles. They weren’t normal crocodiles, they were purple crocodiles. That’s why the Professor and his team from the zoo came to the swamp to try and capture them. Then they got really scared and fainted. They woke up and they were in a truck. They asked their friend Bob the snake can you help us?

“Yes” said Bob.

He jumped and twisted his body around the professor. And it was very difficult to breath. Since they were safe they had a rest in the back of the truck.

The Vandals – Dylan S

Once a upon time there were two kids, there names were, John and Mark. They were hanging around their house with nothing to do. Mark said let’s go to the city and off they went.
When they got off the bus they saw a huge statue of a light bulb. Then they went over and tried to climb it. As Mark tried to climb it, John pushed it and it fell over and SMASHED!!!!!
The two boys ran away laughing and jumped on the bus all the way home. A few minutess later the cops came to see what had happened.

The Frightened Five (100 w/c Dylan S)

Once there was a gang of five boys and they were all the same age, eight. Their names were Matt, Ken, Ben, David, Nicky. Every day after school they played together. This week it was their midterm break and they were looking forward to Halloween. When the day came they all dressed up in scary costumes. At 8 p.m. they went out trick or treating. They knocked at a big old scary looking house. No one answered. They went in side. There were bats,vampires and blood EVERYWHERE!!! …so what lies ahead of us now…they said….