The Crazy Chameleon by Dylan B

One special day Will, the magic man with a magic pencil drew  The Crazy Chameleon who could blend in with anything. That’s what made him special. He was the master of hide and seek. Although he was the best at hide and seek he got bored all the time no one could find him .One day suddenly out of nowhere someone actually found him and he got caught, but he had fun.

Bam! bam! and bam! He was caught there, there and there and found people there, there and there . Guess who found him all the time the Lioness Of The Fire Desert.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One dull gray day I was walking sadly on the road. It was my Nana’s funeral. Although her grave was cool it still didn’t cheer me up. Then we all heared someone shout out loud “I’ll miss you “.
I told him you don’t shout at funerals, and guess what he did as soon as I was finished he shouted again. Suddenly it started to rain. The rain was very misty and foggy . After all of the boring but sad stuff was over we had a dance competition. They danced frantically . The girls wore crimson dresses .Although Nana died we had great fun at the party.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One time I shrunk to Lego size . It was a great day I was having fun then all of a sudden I was shrunken along with my friends. Well my new friends were Lego people and they were shiny yellow and thin .ZAP! my mam was even shrunken.then the rest of my family. I met Batman Ironman Spiderman and lots more . Down at my house (Lego house ) we sat at the door thinking hopelessly that I’ll get back to normal size . We slowly began to get use to it than we lived in a Lego house. Sadly there was no WiFi or TVs or anything.

The Giant Tea Cup – Dylan B

At one point in everybody’s life they tell a lie. I told a lie about a giant and he dropped his gaint cup down from the sky. I told everyone I knew. And turns out it’s actually real. Suddenly when my family and I ran …right to it. I looked as if someone was living in it . We told the news agency and the hole world . (We put a video of it on YouTube)we got so much views . We became rich and the police took care of the gaint or did the … STOMP STOMP STOMP. “Where is Dylan”???

What if I was in Charge

Stomp stomp stomp. My feet went as I stomped down stairs.
” I want a pony nowwwww!!” I commanded my mom and dad. Although I was angry I tried to stay happy. Because it was my birthday I was asking for a pony. Suddenly a massive BANG came from the door .I went to check it and a man was standing there. “From now on children are in charge of their mam and dad. “OMG” I said shocked. I thought about me being in charge…but what if I was in charge… Yess…. now get me a pony” I said happily.
“Oh no” said mam and dad.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One fabulous sunny day. My friends and I were on my play station and all of a sudden the game crashed!!! Although the game crashed I was still going to have fun . Suddenly I decided I will going to pull a prank . I was going to go outside and make noises .and then put something down the drainpipe . It’s time to pull the prank. I put the snake down the drainpipe.” What is that”Matthew. “Ahhhhhh” and it came down the drainpipe. It was a funny moment. We were all laughing so hard. Matthew got so angry it made it funnier.

100 w/c – Dylan B

One fabulous sunny day I went to Liverpool and I saw three little poles. They looked very weird so I stepped away from them. Suddenly one of the poles moved. I got very suspicious. After a while we went to our big hotel. I looked the poles up and turns out the poles are people sitting on the floor. Although the poles were people they don’t look like people sitting down. 3 days after that we went home. Then when we got home it said on Google that they weren’t people sitting down. I was confused. But I don’t care.

100 w/c Dylan B

One fabulous day a boy and his sister were playing a game out side. Suddenly a big bully came over to them and when she cycled over to them she said “hey you look as red a a tomato!”
“Ahhhhhh a snake!” She said scaredly. The two children ran in side. While they watched the clock ticking and tocking, before they knew it they had to go to bed! Although they weren’t tired they still went to bed. The next day the had to go to their aunt’s house it was very boring but when they got home they were happy.

100 w/c – Dylan B

“Do you want to play a game”I said running to Niko .
“Yeah sure why not, what do you want to play?” Said Niko with a great attitude.

“Story time “I said happily. One sunny day a man called John . Went on holiday. He saw a statue. But it wasn’t any old statue . At night it would come to life. It would steal bread and money and lots more. One day it even broke into someone’s house. But one day (the last day John was there) John caught the hand and now it’s in jail. However one day it escaped…

100 w/c – Dylan B

“Although we need to cross the river don’t you think that there is some thing in there”he whispered,as he picked up the fishing rod. Sadly we caught nothing . At the end of the forest was our house. We didn’t have much money so there was nothing in side. “What is this ” yelled Frank.
“Yes more money”Matthew said happily. There was so much money in side they went on a holiday. Sniff!what the tiger was blocking our escape our way out. Oh my god why us, we just wanted to go on a holiday!

100 w/c – Dylan B

Once there was a old statue. The statue was so so rusty and old when it ever rains it breaks and then they put more and more glue on the bottom every day almost. One day I went out with my friends we went to the park as we were walking to the playground we saw some teenage boy trying to break it up but we came and … POW. Right in the face .”Hey” they said in a loud voice. Quickly we ran away.”Come out come out were ever you are “. Suddenly my friends went crazy… POW POW POW .

100 w/c – Dylan B

Once upon a time live a little boy . The boy had three friends, Matthew, Hasher and Ben.  They were playing outside.  They saw some money and then they ran at the money.

‘Yes, it’s a one million dollar bill’, they said.

Then they went to the shop and they came out with one million Match Attax.  They are not allowed to have them.

They siad, ‘but where would we hit it all?’

They hid it in a hole in the garden. Their moms came tea.

Oh! No! They found them…..aaaaaaaaaaa.

100 w/c – Me and My Brother – by Dylan B

My brother and I went trick or treating.We went in a spooky house.I just thought it was decorated,but it was not decorations. As the door slammed, I knew there was trouble. So we ran as fast as we could.I ran into the door.My brother stopped right in front of the ghost. Zombies, mummy’s,ghost and vampires were running right at us.So I dropped my sweets and ran upstairs.So did my brother.We hoped they didn’t get us and kill us and eat us. Aaaaa! Oh no they found us.

100 w/c – Dylan B

Good morning. We have news for you. A man has been found dead in a puddle. Police are trying to solve who did it. Or did storm Ophelia kill him?

We don’t know. We know that the puddle must be deep. News just in…We found out who killed the man. It was Storm Ophelia. He probably was just going home from work. His family are so sad. Storm Ophelia is gone and more people have died. A woman has died when a branch hit her.  A man had an accident with a chainsaw.

100 w/c – Dylan

It has four legs. He is so cute. I want to squeeze him.  He is big. A lot of people get frightened by him.  He looks like a wolf. My friends say he is the cutest thing they ever saw! There are two of them. One big, one small. The big one is outside, the small one is inside. If you go by my house, you will hear his howl! it wakes me up at night. He has big teeth. When we got the small one, he chased me all over the house! And as I finish , I look at them.

Wow! That Was Cool by Dylan B

“Did you see that movie?”said the Jeff.
“Yes and the dog was wearing glasses”said Ben.
The movie was hellish to look at so I didn’t watch it. Ok back to the story.
“The dog was so cool and I want to hug him but he has a AK-47 “said Ben
“It was like the 1916 war”
“Bad things happen in good movies”said the Jeff.
“OH NO!” Said Ben
“The police from the purple town”said the Jeff
“Run Run Run”said Ben
“Wait the professor”said the Jeff
“We must get him”said Ben
“But the police”said the Jeff.

100 w/c Dylan B

“Wow the town is purple”said Professor Mark.
“I know professor Mark”said Ben.
“Sssssssssssh it’s a crocodile”said the Jeff.
Snap the crocodile tried to bite them. They ran away from the crocodile. Trying to get away. It was very difficult
“Psssst the people are not purple”said a man
“I know, call the police”said the other man
“Ok”said the man
Be doo be doo.Went the sirens.
“We need to get out of here”said Ben
“Go go go”said Professor Mark
“Aaaaaaaa the police” “run run run a no my leg is twisted.oh no. To be continued

The Giant Wall (100 w/c Dylan B)

Jeff and Ben set off trying to find their friends.

“I wonder where the are they are?” said Ben.

“I don’t know?“ I said.

Anyway. A long time later.

‘Wow that’s a big wall’.

‘CHOOSE WISELY THERE’S 7 DOORS,’ said a big loud voice.

′ Let’s go with my lucky number six.′ Ok! Yes! It was the right door.

Woof woof said a dog.

‘Oh gosh, this dog might help us.’

‘Come on let’s go.’

‘Hi’, said a squeaky voice.

‘Oh no not another task.’

‘Pick a number from 0 to 10.’

‘Two? ’

‘Oh gosh, you got it right now we are friends.

’ Finally.′

‘So what lies ahead of us now? Probably nothing bad.’