Joey Dunlop by Donnchadh

Joey Dunlop was on his final lap. It is a very rainy day in England. Joey is riding a Honda rc45. He was coming around a corner nearly clipping the curve while trying to stay on. Mosco in second place on the Yamaha is quickly catching up. Joey struggling to maintain his speed and to stay straight, one slip could be very dangerous. Mosco right beside Joey now, Joey has to hurry.

Joey has to take the risk… Joey speeds up, he can see the finish line. Mosco falls behind. Joey has won the race. Mosco screamed in anger the race is over.

Save the Earth by Donnchadh

This is our planet and we have to protect it, We have to protect are oceans and keep the animals safe. Stop thorwing plastic bottles in the oceans and cutting down trees. Stop burning fossil foil stop throwing your garbage in the rivers and seas. Stop wasting food – feed it to your dogs or cats. Walk or bike or scoter to school or work use your car less. Stop cutting down the rainforest. stop melting the ice caps and plant some trees. Save the fish and mammals and birds turtles save the penguins save the earth save the animals.

Save The Earth by Donnchadh

I was walking down the street one day and I saw two big towers in the distance. I said two myself they kind of look like big cigarettes. They were producing a lot of smoke – it was not good for the trees and animals. But if every one stopped burning fossil fuel the trees and animals will be saved and us too! And keep the oceans clean and the fish safe! The Antarctic is melting at dangerous speed! So we have to do something quickly if we do something Antarctic will be safe, as well all the other things.

Climate Change by Donnchadh

The fire was spreading rapidly across the dry field, we called the fire department they said it would be a long time before they get here so we decided to evacuate the town. So no one will get hurt. We were all afraid that the firework industry will catch on fire. We were all urgent to run but we had to wait until the fire department came. In the distant we saw a red truck rapidly speeding to us, we were safe we we’re all happy that we’re safe more fire trucks we’re coming it was all going to be safe for now.

Every Little Helps by Donnchadh

At 12:00pm the fire station got a report that a fire was out of control in a dry field, they rushed to there fire truck and they sped out of the fire station.

When they got there the fire was already destroying the habitat they had to do something quickly, they got to work putting out the fire it was ok at first but when the wind Blow the scorching ash and fire blow on to us!, we had to call for backup when we did we were so far away from the city fire stations, they said it will be 1 hour before they get here so we called the fire helicopter to put at the fire.

The Jungle by Donnchadh

How much longer until we get to the green house and the station? said Sam

Not much longer, said Jack

Overwhelmed by the dense jungle and the scorching hot heat the scientist needed to move faster but they had no vehicle so they had to walk.

Hey! Said Sam, look a tiger .

I see it said Jack don’t go close to it Sam their species are carnivores.

We’re nearly there and I’m not stopping because it’s scorching hot out here, said Jack .I can almost see it, said jack

When they got there they started it googling how to save the earth.

Sunglasses by Donnchadh

It’s finally done I did it I made the world’s largest sunglasses what’s the time 12.00pm! I better get home I come back tomorrow. I’m here the glass on the sunglasses are so clean uh oh a bird I know what it’s going to do don’t think about. It poop I must get my ladder to clean it on my way down I saw a really big line of people they said I want to study it I want to take pictures of it I said all right you can do what ever whit just don’t get it dirty.

The Dry River by Donnchadh

Yuck! A rat that is like the sixth rat I saw. With all of the dead salmon and pike, I have never seen the river bed so dry. This place is really smelly, it smells like rotting fish bait. I continued my walk through the dry riverbed. There are a lot of bugs. Wow! a deer I wonder why he is here? Maybe he is looking for water? I don’t know?

I was running low on water so decided to head back to my car. On the way I saw a king fisher bird. I am sad for all the animals that have got to look for food and water.

The Bone Rock by Donnchadh

I did it I found it the bone rock after 20 years I finally found it.

I am so happy. I’m famous now, I most get back to camp. I hope I don’t get lost in the Amazon. Who know what’s in here this bone rock was heavy. I had to get my quad to hold it. I was speeding through the jungle. I know I was not that far now. Suddenly I was jump scared by a tiger with a camera in is mouth I said to myself why does it have a camera? I carried on driving until I fell down a cliff…..

My Dreams by Donnchadh

So what will I write on this page…

I have a lot of dreams. My first dream is to own a 69 mustang boss 429.

My next one is to be a rugby player.

My third one is to be an engineer for the navy just in case my rugby career ends.

My forth one is to be an explorer and see all of the animals.

My one dream to be an f1 driver.

My sixth dream is to be a fisherman.

My seventh one is to work in Wild Ireland.

I will like to be a Doctor.

The Magical Dog by Donnchadh

4 o’clock in the afternoon I finally woke up from magical dream. I’ll tell you all about it. So it started of with me. I was walking down through the city. I was going to SuperValu when suddenly a flying dog appeared. It flew towards the beach. I ran after it. I got a shock because the flying dog could also talk. It said which way to the shops it panted. I need to pick up a few sausages and a new squeaky ball. My last one burst and I do like a good chase. Woof, Woof.

Mushroom Island by Donnchadh

Rowing from Mushroom Island using the only oar I had left I broke the one golden rule, I forgot to bring my ham sandwiches. Wistfully thinking about my home and the sandwich I left behind that morning. The smell drifted my way once again. I wrinkled my nose at the smell. I hate mushrooms, someone was cooking them. The trees were whispering in the breeze. I was very hungry. I wanted to go home. I could hear an engine in the distance, a boat was coming towards me. I knew that boat, it was my Dad. He came to get me and bring me home.

The Rusty Gate by Donnchadh

It was a dull and stormy day I was looking out my window and saw a rusty gate that had the number twenty nine on it. I was wondering to myself who put that gate down and when it was put down. I saw two dogs they just live right next to me they were out for a sniff and they walked up to the gate and howled just like the wolf pack that I was studying a month ago. I wonder what that wolf pack is doing right now. The dogs went back into their homes and it was silent.

In the Forest by Donnchadh

It was a snowy and cold night in the forest. All of the animals were asleep, apart from all the wolves. The wolves were teaching their pups to howl. It was hard for them but they got use to it. There was one part of the forest where it was a wonder place to howl, so the wolves decided to go there to howl. On the way to the howling ground one pup got separated from the pack. When a wolf gets lost from the pack they howl. That’s how they communicate to each other the pack let out a pitiful howl.

The Yellow Bicycle by Donnchadh

I was walking down the street one day, I saw a yellow bicycle in a skip. It was in perfect condition. So, I decided to bring it home, I could clean it up and it would be as good as new. I am not desperate you understand, I just think it is a waste to throw good things away. 

The Gardaí*  arrived at my door. They warned me that I should not take things from other people. I explained that I did not steal it, it was in a skip and it was not greedily done. I’m saving the planet in my own small way.

*Gardaí = Irish police.

Baby Polar Bear by Donnchadh

Actual account from Baby Polar Bear
One snowy evening in the Arctic we were just finished our salmon dinner. We were going to go asleep when all of a sudden the ice began to crack, everything stopped and we saw Bluey the seal. He’d come to warn us that we had to leave immediately!
Mammy threw me on her back. We jumped into the ice water and began to swim. Lots of other animals were in the water, we saw penguins, seals and even a white fox.
Everyone was paddling towards the other ice berg. It felt ages , but we made it. We are safe  for now.

Freaky Gallery by Donnchadh

It was a very cold December night. My mum and I went to our local gallery. When we were walking down a long corridor the lights went out.

‘ A power cut, typical!’ said mum.

There was a loud banging noise coming from the main exhibition room.

As we were walking towards it a ghostly figure appeared from the gloom. It looked like a lady in a long old fashioned dress, with a freaky hat on.

We screamed and then turned around. We ran as fast as we could and left the way we came in.

Who said art was boring?

The Christmas List by Donnchadh

‘Women and Turkeys Against Christmas’. That’s what the sign on the kitchen door read.

Mammy had gone on strike, just like she said.

No dinner, no mince pies and no special dessert. Disaster!

I looked at Dad to see what to do, he just shrugged.

It was down to me to save the day. I got my best colours out. I wrote to the boss, Santa. I’d already sent my list but we needed a miracle!

On Christmas morning as Mammy lifted the turkey I saw she got a new diamond ring. Weird!

I didn’t remember putting it on…

Dublin City Lights by Donnchadh

Last night two teenagers were walking down Grafton street when one boy collapsed he felt really ill too.

His friend shouted for help! A passer-by stopped.

“What’s the matter with him”?

“I really don’t know”

The man dialled 999. Five minutes later they could hear sirens.

The paramedics ran to the boy. They took his pulse. They shone a light in his eyes. “What happened here?”

“I don’t know!”

“Did he take anything?”

“No, we were at a party last night, he said he had a sore throat and felt feverish.”

I think he might have corona virus, everyone get back!

Castle Cake Crafting by Donnchadh

My mum and I once competed in ‘The Great British Bake Off’. The challenge was to make a sponge cake. We decided to make a cake in the shape of the ‘white castle from game of thrones’, but we forgot to pack our magical rolling pin. Major problem, because we actually don’t know how to bake anything!

We tried, but then the top fell off the cake and splatted onto the ground. The judges stood with their mouths open. Mum and I gulped, this was intense!

The wind blew through the tent and the autumn leaves went rolling by like tumble weed.

The Lost Gem by Donnchadh

Long ago there were two adventurers called Max and Zac. They were paid to go to one of the deepest, darkest caves known to man. They had to find a rare crystal. This crystal had strange powers. It would be able to protect their village as it was always getting invaded by raiders.

They found it after days searching and they raced home. When they got to the village they gave it to the elder. He placed it in the ancient boulder but the crystal was too big!

“Oh no!,’ said the elder, if only it was a bit smaller.”

Small World by Donnchadh

“What is it ?” asked Commander Russell.

“I don’t know ” said the doctor scratching his head.

“Is it an alien” ?

“No, I think I remember seeing a picture of something like it before”.

” Get some intel on this Doctor Higgins right now!” said the Commander in a gruff voice.

“Hmmm, ok, let’s research it. It says here that it is called a Bumble Bee. Humans wiped out all the bee population many years ago using harmful sprays”.

“This must be the supreme queen and she is back to avenge them all”! shouted the Commander.

“I will raise my population again!” said the Queen.

100 w/c by Donnchadh

I went to Wild Ireland to see the bears. There was a big hill, it looked nice to go down on a scooter. When I got over to the bear exhibit the ground was nicely laid out of concrete. The exhibit was very beautiful, the bears were fluffy. It was lunch time for the bears and they ate the red apples. When lunch time was over they all went over to the pool and had a dance in the pool. After that they all fell asleep. I went over to the wolves, they are cute and they play a lot.

…but I had to see inside by Donnchadh

It was Halloween night, my friends and I were going trick or treating. In our neighborhood there is a scary old house. Some people say it is haunted. I don’t believe them!

As we were walking along the path a man stopped us. He asked us where we were going?

” We’re going to the posh houses on the next street, they give the best sweets!”.

“Be warned, he said.” Tonight there is a blood moon. Your worst fears could come true, so whatever you do, don’t go into the house on the hill.”

But I had to see inside now!