100 w/c – Denyzy

I was in winter wonderland with the mad hatter we drank tea and ate lots of crumpets! Suddenly wonderland shook!.
‘Oh no!’ said the mad hatter looking well…mad. Then I looked at my watch. It’s red snake o’clock! That meant the queen of snakes would come with her swirly stingy snakes! Everybody was afraid of her because she was such a diva, a hatred diva! Anyway continuing the story.. ‘How dare you…. not have tea with me!” the queen said  turning from angry to nice.

Umm.. I thought it was weird but I rolled with it. Then the snakes cycled before the queen went angry. And… then the queen ate crumpets with us in the end!

100 w/c Denyzy

One day me and my friends were playing a Christmas board game. It came from an old little lady. We opened it. I picked Santa. Then suddenly I just got teleported into the board game! I was so dizzy . When I opened my eyes I saw Santa!

” Oh jolly hello ” said Santa. “I hope you’ve been good this year?”Then I saw Rudolph with his big, red, bright nose. The tired timid turtle hid in his shell. “Anyway,” said Santa ”I got trapped in this board game, and I can’t get out.”  “Why?” I said.

”Because the tiger is blocking our escape! ”

The Laid Back White Sandwich and the Energetic Battery – Denyzy

The laid back sandwich was as lazy as ever. He always dozed off in work. Although the energetic battery was way different.  He was so happy he could fly to the roof.  He could also stay awake for so long.  The bread teacher hurried up to teach the class. The sandwich was as short as a pea! Some people complained especially the chilli, Tom, he always gets fired up.