100 w/c – David

Once there was a monkey in the zoo. He could speak. Happily he escaped from the zoo. Slowly he went to a house where it was hot. He found a computer.The monkey was so angry he threw the computer on the floor because it shut down. Sadly he went home. He was so happy he was back home. He could jump on trees. He had so much fun. When he was in the zoo he saw his friends. The man who lived in the house sent him a bill because the monkey broke the computer. The man was so angry.

Mr Sandwich – David

Once in a dark town there was a white house . In the white house there was a man called Mr. Sandwich. Mr. Sandwich was a mean person.  He hurried down to the town. Then he found a TV so he put the battery in the remote control.  He looked at the energetic. Then he fell when he was running. He sadly cried. When he opened his eyes he met a clown. The clown said ‘boo!’ The man ran away.

100 w/c – David

Once  in a city there were ghosts.  But not only ghosts, they could take your body.  There were three people who were not scared of them.  They went to a haunted house.  When they went to the top of the tower they found treasure.

They said ‘but where will we hide it all?’ They went home with the treasure in a van.  Then they became very rich.  They were rich people and they were so happy.

The Man and The Woman – by David

Once upon time there was a man. The man wanted an image for his wall. He found an image in the shop. It was a dog and the dog was wearing glasses. Finally he had an image. He was so happy he had an image. He put it in the kitchen to look at. The man found a woman. Soon they got married in the church. When they got married the women had a baby in her belly. Eight years later the boy became big.

The Professor – by David

Long time ago professor. He had a green crocodile, they went for a walk. On the walk they saw a big car and later went and thought they might buy it purple. They did not have money so they decided to earn them. They decided to perform on the street. they had a purple box, they opened a box in which they had a rabbit in the middle and tried to conjure up a dog and it was very difficult.So they twisted the rabbit.