The Vault by Darragh

One day a man named Nick was walking to work. When he was half an hour away from work, he saw a tree. He went to inspect it but when he got to the tree, he realised that the tree was made out of steel. Suddenly he found a lever so he pulled it. A door opened so he stepped in side. When he got inside, he saw a giant vault door. He saw a big red button so he pushed it. At all of a sudden the ground started to shake the the door opened. He stepped inside and saw a…

Trains by Darragh

One day my friend Dan and I were taking the train to work. Suddenly the train stopped. I was going to ask Dan what happened but he wasn’t there. I ran to next carriage but he wasn’t there either. When I got to the last carriage, I saw him. I was about to ask why he ran away but suddenly the carriage snapped in half. I grabbed Dan’s hand “I’m trying to hold on,” he shouted. “I almost have you up,” I said. I almost had him up but suddenly he slipped out of my grip and fell out of the train.

Closed Shops by Darragh

Fred got up. He checked what day it was. It was Saturday. He went to get some breakfast but when he opened the fridge there was nothing there so he decided to go to the shop. He went outside and started to head for the shop. He got to the shops but the door wouldn’t open he tried to open another door but nothing would open although it was Saturday nothing was open. He grabbed a bin and tried to break a window but the glass was bullet proof. He was waiting for a while but know one came so he went home.

The Broken Clock by Darragh

Dave got up. He checked what time it was but his clock was broken. He decided to go to the shop to get a new one. He went outside and got into his car. He started driving but it was SO slow. He got out of the car and started walking. He was walking for about an hour when a man came beside him. The man started following Dave. Dave said go away but he wouldn’t listen. Dave turned into an alley but the man still followed him. Suddenly the man pulled out a sword. Dave panicked, he saw some pipes and tried to muster a weapon, but the man cut Dave’s head clean off.

The Forest by Darragh

Mike woke up. He looked around to see his surroundings there seemed to be trees everywhere. He seemed to be in a forest. He called for help but nobody heard him. He saw a bike on a tree. He tried to grab it but it was locked up. He sat down for a while but then he got back up. He tried climbing up a tree but he didn’t have a good grip. Suddenly he saw a shadow but it was bright green. It started moving at a cunning pace. Mike ran as fast as he could but the shadow caught up with him and ate him.

The Shop Competition by Darragh

Fred woke up. He went outside of his room. He checked the news paper, it said that the first person who reaches the shop wins five million euro. Fred ran outside and headed to the nearest shop. On the way he met a robot “Which way to the shops?” it panted “on the the next street” Fred said. Fred looked around and saw more people heading to the shop so he decided to run faster but then a man pushed him on the ground. Fred tried to get up but he was to weak but then the robot came over and hit him in the head knocking him out.

Rubble by Darragh

Nate woke up. He was stuck under rubble from the old building. He tried calling for help but no one heard him then he saw a violin. He grabbed it and used it to wedge the rubble off him. He got up and ran out off the room. He went into another room he looked around seeing a picture of an elephant and happy faces painted on the walls “this must be the kids room,” he said to himself. Suddenly he heard a car stop outside. He looked outside but the car was empty then he heard a gun being reloaded…

Guns by Darragh

Jerry woke up.

He heard gunfire from outside. He went to investigate. Suddenly he felt someone put a gun against his head. Jerry quickly ducked and tried to grab the gun but the man punched Jerry in the face. Jerry fell on the ground. The man quickly stuffed Jerry into a red bag and ran away. Jerry woke up and tried to move but his arms and legs were tied up. He tried calling for help but nobody came. Suddenly a door opened and the man stepped in holding a gun he said “come with me!” Jerry shouted, “No!”

The man pulled out his gun and shot Jerry.

Bank Robbery by Darragh

It was 1985. A man named Jack walked into a bank. He asked where was the vault the man said out the back. Jack went out the back. When he got there, he heard a noise. He went closer to the vault then he opened the door and he saw two robbers they were wearing blue and orange. The orange one said ”get out of here or we will shoot you!” Jack didn’t know what to say he was terrified. He tried to run away but the robber put the gun to his head anyway. Jack quickly pulled the gun away from his head and kicked the robber’s shin and ran away.

The Lab by Darragh

Jake woke up. He looked around to see where he was. He didn’t know where he was or what to do. Suddenly he heard a woman’s voice “but where did it go?” she shouted. Suddenly a door opened and the woman came in “get up class d,” he got up and waited for his next command. “This way!” she shouted he got up and walked where she pointed. He stood in front of what seemed to be a cell. There was a sign to the right he read it said subject 049 danger do not open. He was scared he felt like he just wanted to curl up into a ball then the gate started to open and…

The Giant by Darragh

James woke up. He got out of his bed and headed outside. He got outside but there seemed to be people everywhere. He tried to ask someone what was going on but everybody started running. It was only then he realised that there was a ten foot man running after him. He was frozen with fear, he didn’t know what to do. He started running as fast as he could. Suddenly he got caught by the man he picked him up and in a deep voice he said “who are you?”James didn’t know what to say he was terrified the he heard a lighter voice…

The Emergency by Darragh

Boom! Mike woke up, he got out of bed. He opened his door, suddenly an alarm went off. He didn’t know what was happening. He ran to the nearest escape pod but all of them were gone. He found an escape pod but it just wouldn’t take off. He panicked, he didn’t know what to do. He jumped out of the escape pod. He ran to the air lock. Boom! The air lock blew up, he quickly grabbed a space suit. He hid in a closet. After a while he grabbed a withered flashlight and got out of the pod. He looked around for a while. Suddenly he heard a noise, he looked behind him and…

The Factory by Darragh

James woke up he got up. He looked around to see what was happening. Suddenly the room started to shake. He looked out the window and he seemed to be in factory. He started to panic he did not know what to do. He was just going to open the door and jump out but then everything stopped and the room turned to glass he tried breaking it with a book but nothing happened. Suddenly a robot came out he said his name was Carl. James asked where was he the robot did not say. He asked again but the robot did not say then he heard a door open he couldn’t see who it was suddenly he heard a gun fire…

The School Tour by Darragh

Rick woke up he got up and checked what date it was. He saw that it was his school tour to day. He got into his clothes and ate his breakfast. He went out the car and drove to school. Just as he got there he saw the bus leaving. He got out of the car grabbed his bags and ran as fast as he could. They drove to the museum. He got out of the bus and headed into the museum. He started looking around. He saw two statues they had such a unique look.

World War III by Darragh

Carl Brown was sitting in his armchair. He had a bowl of salt gripped firmly in his hand. Suddenly the ground started to shake. He panicked he was terrified he didn’t know what to do. He ran outside when he got outside he looked up and saw bombs dropping. He ran to the bomb shelter. He ran as fast as he could until he heard a gun fire. Right in front of him was the corpse of a dead giraffe. He felt frozen he couldn’t move he could feel grease dipping from his head. He saw all the people running then he heard the gun fire again he looked down and saw blood on his shirt he shouted for ice he looked beside him and saw a store he ran to it. He went to the freezer aisle, but every thing was frozen. Suddenly he collapsed he didn’t know what was happening he looked up and saw a silhouette of a man…

The Planet by Darragh

Sam laid on the floor. He got up and saw that his space ship had crashed. He got out and looked around. He saw lots of trees. He walked into a forest. He came up to a river. Suddenly he heard a noise he ran into hide. He found a ditch so he ran into as fast as he could. He made it he decided to sleep but suddenly he heard shuffling he turned around but nothing he looked out of the ditch and saw an animal it looked like a giant spider. He crouched down lower he was terrified of what the spider could do. Suddenly he felt something touching his back he turned around and saw a…

The Closet by Darragh

James was walking down the orphanage stairs. The stairs were old and the wood was rotted. He tried not to make any sound. Suddenly he heard a noise. He knew he shouldn’t be up after hours if he was caught the orphan keeper would hang him up side down and feed him to the birds. He was

scared. Suddenly he saw a closet he ran as fast as he could.

He waited till it was morning. He woke up and opened the closet door. He stepped out but he wasn’t in the orphanage any more instead he was at a creek…

The Tomb by Darragh

James was sitting on a bus. He was going on a tour to Egypt. Suddenly the bus stopped. He got off the bus. Right in front of him was a giant hill of sand. He went up the hill. He was struggling to climb on his hands but then suddenly he felt metal. He dusted off the sand and found a hatch. He opened it and he couldn’t see anything. He grabbed a lighter from his pocket and crawled in. It felt like he was crawling for ever. Then suddenly he saw light. He kept on crawling. When he got there he saw a gold coffin he opened it but it was empty. ‘What surprised,’he said.

Cloud by Darragh

Jake walked on the pavement. He went towards a ladder. He climbed up it. He was on a cloud it seemed to be moving. He saw other people on clouds. He didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly they were sinking into the clouds Jake grabbed what ever he could find but for some reason his hand went through the clouds. He fell, it felt like forever, but suddenly he saw ground. When he hit the ground the terrain was red and there was fire everywhere. Jake was frightened. He got up and walked around. He came across a giant throne made from bones…

Bottles by Darragh

James sat in a cold arm chair. He got up. His legs were stiff. He went to the fridge. He looked for food but all he saw was vinegar. He looked at the vinegar it was a vivid colour. He tasted it the vinegar was too sharp. He put it back and went outside. When he was walking he saw vinegar bottles everywhere. He went to his friends house. He knocked on the door. Nobody answered he knocked again. Then the door opened he stepped in bottles were everywhere. He looked around nobody was there. He went outside he ran as fast as he could. Then he tripped the bottles were going around him pulling him down…

Nuke by Darragh

Jay woke up. He got out of bed he went to his guitar. He tried to play Country Roads, but it was out of tune. He decided to go outside. He opened the door but he saw people running. He stepped out and looked behind him and there was a nuke. He ran as fast as he could. But he tripped over and hit his head on a rock and was knocked out. When he woke up he was in an old dusty room. A man walked in and his coat was dusty from neglect. He looked around him but and saw a gun in the man’s hand…

Train by Darragh

Michael woke. He realised that the train had stopped. The lights were flickering. He got off and he went to the bathroom. It didn’t really smell to nice the room smelled like rotten eggs. He washed his hands that were as black as coal. He walked out and heard that his train was leaving. He sprinted as fast as he could. He ran and took a big leap and just made it onto the last carriage. He went in through the door and went to his seat and just went asleep but suddenly the train stopped. He didn’t know what happened. But then he realized that the curtain fringe hit him. He got off the mouldy seat. Then when he looked out side he was in the middle of nowhere.

Teracotta Army by Darragh

Dan woke up in the hotel room. He went down stairs and had breakfast. As he was reading the paper he heard two people saying that there’s another Terracotta Army in Australia. He decided to go to Australia then. When he got to the airport he got on his plane. When he got there he went to a field to try to find a cave. He went further down the field and had found nothing. Suddenly when he was walking back he fell down a hole and what was right in front of him was the Terracotta Army he was amazed.

Prison by Darragh

One day Adam was walking around his cell. He wanted to go home desperately but he didn’t know any way of escaping. Then he heard a prisoner saying the floor was made from ebony. He went out to the court yard but then he saw a girl handcuffed but suddenly she just disappeared. He didn’t know what happened but he knew that he had to get out but he didn’t know what to use but he needed a lighter. He went back to his sell but when he went in there was something in the corner. He crept closer and closer and…

Pink Water by Darragh

Jim was so bored riding his bicycle he decided to go to the beach. He was going to take a swim but the beach was closed he didn’t know why but the water looked pink. He decided to go home then. When he got home he saw the room was empty. He thought he got robbed but there was no smashed window he went upstairs and went to the bathroom he checked that everything was working. When he turned on the shower pink bubbles started coming out of it. He didn’t know what was happening he panicked he when he heard a knock on his door…

Fallout Zone by Darragh

BOOM! A nuke dropped. Max woke up, the light blinded him. He looked behind him and saw the cloud of dust and ran out of his old rusty shed. Then he heard something falling from the sky he looked up and saw a nuke. He ran as fast as he could trying not to trip over the rocks. He looked for shelter but all he could find was an old barnyard.He decided to stay the night there. As he was just about to fall asleep he heard a strange noise – he went to look and he found an old dog…

100 w/c Darragh

It was 1920 in New York. Dan was working in his office. Ding! dong! the clock struck four he packed up and walked out. He got to the door and suddenly BANG! A gunshot fired. A man fell to the floor a man ran in a black coat and he had a pistol in his hand. Dan ran home and tried to find out who that was. He called his friends and they went through New York. They searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything but they didn’t look at the Rockefeller under construction. They climbed on a girder and went up. They were careful where they stood but then suddenly they saw the man. He grabbed his pistol and fired. They ran away suddenly they where exhausted. The man fired his gun at one of the girders ropes and…

Lost – Darragh

It was 1983 I was playing a bourd game in my basement. I heard a strange noise coming from the attic. I decided to investigate so I climbed the ladder and opened the door. I heard breathing. I was scared. I knew something was up there with me. I felt goosebumps at the back of my neck. I crept closer and closer and the noise got even louder as crept closer. It was nothing I went downstairs. I went outside and decided to take a walk in the forest. I heard the noise again I ran as fast as I could then I realised I was lost. I looked for any signs of places. That’s when I saw was a bike in a tree.

The Invasion by Darragh

Jack was running for his life. He ran into an old building. He put his back against the cold damp brick wall then suddenly he heard shouting and gun firings. He started running but suddenly he was stopped by a man in a yellow uniform. He zig zagged past the man there were screams still going on. He ran as fast as he could, he heard gunfire and saw a man wounded on the ground it looked pretty bad. He then looked behind him and saw a man charging at him like a gorilla. Jack was so scared he that couldn’t move…

100 w/c – Darragh

I ran out of the abandoned house while catching my breath. I heard a strange noise coming from the house I wondered what was behind the door. I remember it was the spirit of the house. I ran down the street and went home. I got the key and opened it and went inside. I ran upstairs and went to my room. BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and answered the door nobody was there. I went back to my room then I heard it again BANG! BANG! I ran downstairs and opened the door a man stood there in a cloak…