100 w/c by Daniels

I got a new red scooter for my birthday. I couldn’t really ride with my new scooter because there was lots of concrete on the ground because a new house was going to be built across my street. Later I went out with my friends and my friends and I saw a man on the dry grass as he danced with a fluffy dog.

When I went home my mom said that there was going to be snow tomorrow morning. I got excited when I was told what was going to happen. I heard my mom saying it was in  another country and then I went to bed.

Eden’s Birthday

On day Eden’s dad got a big bag with stuff inside it. Eden wanted to see what was inside because it was his birthday in 2 days. Eden thought that it could be his birthday presents.  His brother came downstairs and said what are you doing? Eden said  he want to know what was inside the bag. His brother said to open it. His dad came into the sitting room and heard everything that thae were saying and said do not open the box, but l had to see what was inside he thought. He was so happy for his presents.

The Sack of Balbriggan by Daniels

In 1920 the sack of Balbriggan was dreadful, the army shot out cannons. The houses were on fire. All the people wanted was that the sack of Balbriggan ended. In 2 year time the people were really sad because all the houses and factories were destroyed all the builders were working hard so the people can start living in their houses. It took a long time, they finished in 1940. The people stayed in Dublin and the people were so happy when they saw their houses were as new. They were so happy that they gave the builders money for fixing their homes.

100 w/c by Daniels

One day Eden walked to the park when he saw a kid who was green. Eden thought that the kid was just sick . He walked through some prickly leavess and a minute later he saw a man who was playing a violin. Then he saw a big Bruise and he ran into the forest. Eden hid behind a big tree as the Bruise was looking for Eden. He ran as fast as he could to the nearest shop and told them that there was a big Bruise in the forest. The man left and told Eden go away.  Eden went away.

The Farmer by Daniels

Once a upon a time farmer Joe was bringing some fruit to the shop. A minute later farmer Joe’s saw a dog and looked away for a second. Suddenly he drove into an hay bale and farmer Joe got stuck! He stayed there for ten minutes and then a boy came and asked ‘how did you get in that hay bale?’ Farmer Joe explained to the kid and then farmer Joe asked, ‘what’s your name?’

‘My name is Eden.’

‘Ok Eden can you get me out of this hay bale?’

It took a long time to get farmer Joe out of the hay bale.