A Nice Day by Daniels

One day Tim was drinking some water and Tom was arguing about why the Irish football team didn’t score any goals. A few minutes later his friend came over to play with him on his PlayStation. His friend asked ‘do you eat marmite? ‘ Tom said, ‘yes I do it is disgusting!’ No’ he said I like marmite! Tim said ‘let’s go outside let’s play some football.’ When they finished football Tom’s friend went home. At 10.46 they watched Netflix they were watching Wonder it is a good move I Recommend it said Tim ok let’s then watch it and the rest of the night they watched the move.

Tim’s New Bike by Daniels

One day Tim was riding his new brown bike. It looked like a frightening bike thought Tom.

‘How much did you get that bike for?’

‘Only for £200.67.’

‘What that is so cheap,’ said Tom.

‘Yeah, I know that was all of my pocket money.’

Tom became mad. ‘Never spend all of your pocket money. Now we won’t be able to rent out our house any more. The rent costs £300.08 every two months.’

Tom kicked a helium balloon and it floated back into the sky. When they went home they sat in their beds and they were tanking about all that happened today.

The Pigeon by Daniels

One day Tim and Tom went to their friend’shouse. Her name was Sophie she was looking at her pet pigeon. She wanted to teach him how to send messages. Tim and Tom stared at each other – ‘we will help you’. One day we came back to Sophie`s house and we heard Sophie say, ‘where did my pet pigeon go?! But where did it go she shouted?’ Tom said, ‘we will find him.’ One hour later we found the pigeon on the ground and quickly brought him to the the vet. In 2 weeks he was fine and Sophie was happy and us too!

The Strange Bike by Daniels

On day Tom and Tim went to the park. When they went into the park there was an old dirty bike on the side of the road, it was yellow. An hour later Tom and Tim had walked all around the park and went home. When they went home they saw the same bike on their doorstep. Tom and Tim were kind of scared for a moment but then took the bike and put it inside the house.

At midnight they heard the door opening and saw a clown was there. They woke up and the clown got them and the last thing that that they heard was the clown laugh….

The Big Robot by Daniels

One day me and Tom went to the park. I had an yellow bicycle with me and every one was staring at me like there was greedily delicious food behind me!  Then every one was running away from the estate.  I lost Tom and a big robot grabbed me with his hands and nearly choked me with his big hands. Then the police came and started to shut the robot down. The robot was defeated and the police warned the people to not go near it. It was desperate because all of the houses were destroyed but in a few months everyone forgot about it.

The Weird Looking Tree by Daniels

On day Daniels and Paula went to the forest. At 3am a noise came from the forest and scared them off.  An hour later they went back into their tents and saw a big tree shaped like an person. ‘It was not there earlier yes?’ said Paula.

‘That is creepy!’ said Daniels. Suddenly the tree started to move. They ran as fast as tehy could. They ran up a lot of hills, it was exhausting. After the miles they ran they lost the weird looking tree and they ran home frightened.

After a few months they forgot everything they saw.

The Tsunami by Daniels

One day Tim and Tom was going to his grandad’s house. His grandad was so happy to see them after level 5 lockdown. Suddenly everything stopped and it felt like an tsunami. They saw the big waves and ran out of the house the next thing they know they woke up on top of the mountain. A few hours later they saw a boat on the water and tried to swim to it, but it was to0 far away.

At 10.41 they saw a boat that was heading towards them. They were saved. Grandad was feelling ill because he was in the cold for too long so he was brought to the hospital and he was fine in the morning.

An Abandoned House by Daniels

One day Tim went to an abandoned house. When Tim was inside it was dark and dirty. One hour later, a weird looking figure went through the doors. At first it didn’t look scary but then it was scary. It started to chase Tim. Tim ran as far as he could, he ran out of the abandoned house and went home. He said to his mum that there was a monster in the abandoned house. No one believed him, all of his friends said it was fake. From that day Tim didn’t go near the abandoned house ever again.

Tom is Ill by Daniels

One day Tim was playing football with his friends Ronald and Tom. It started to rain and they went home. The next day Tim was ill he didn’t go to school and to his training. Tim’s friends came to his house.

Can Tim go out? No said Tims mom he felt really ill.

Ok said Tim’s friends. Bye.

It was Monday and Tim felt good and he went back to school. He could now go to his training and play with his friends. One week later Tim had his birthday and invited all of his friends. They had a good football party and everyone was happy.

The White Castle by Daniels

One day there was a big white castle. Mr Crafty left a big stone on the side of the castle. One boy was playing with a football. I saw the big castle and went into it with my friends. The castle was big and old. Because lots of things are rolling around my friend got a bit scared and said ‘let’s go out of here.’

I said, ‘why it is kind of scary.’ Then the castle started to shake and we ran out and ran home. We saw it fall apart and we nearly forgot about it, even though it was kind of hard to forget it.

Tim’s Teddy by Daniels

Once Tim got a big teddy for Christmas, it was so big that it nearly didn’t fit inside the house. Tim said,’ if only it was a bit smaller!’

‘It is super big,’ said dad, ‘are you sure you want it in your small bedroom?’

‘Yes,’ said Tim.

‘Ok, let’s bring it to your bedroom.

That night Tim was sleeping, suddenly the big teddy started to move around the room. Tim woke up, he saw the big teddy moving. Tim freaked out, he ran downstairs and his mom said, ‘go to bed.’

‘Ok,’ said Tim, ‘just put the big teddy downstairs!’

The Alien Bee by Daniels

One day a big bee fell from the sky. People thought that it was an alien bee. Two men went where the bee landed, Tim said, ‘I will try to wake the bee up.’

As soon as Tim spoke the bee the bee got up and flew to the city. Eden said, ‘no! what will happen?’

Tim and Eden ran to the city. The bee had been nowhere near the city. ‘That is weird’, said Tim.

‘Yes,’ saidd Eden. ‘Were do you think the alien bee went to?’

‘Space!,’ said Tim.

‘Yes,’ said Eden, w’e sshould have put a security camera on it, now it is forever lost.’

100 w/c by Daniels

I got a new red scooter for my birthday. I couldn’t really ride with my new scooter because there was lots of concrete on the ground because a new house was going to be built across my street. Later I went out with my friends and my friends and I saw a man on the dry grass as he danced with a fluffy dog.

When I went home my mom said that there was going to be snow tomorrow morning. I got excited when I was told what was going to happen. I heard my mom saying it was in  another country and then I went to bed.

Eden’s Birthday

On day Eden’s dad got a big bag with stuff inside it. Eden wanted to see what was inside because it was his birthday in 2 days. Eden thought that it could be his birthday presents.  His brother came downstairs and said what are you doing? Eden said  he want to know what was inside the bag. His brother said to open it. His dad came into the sitting room and heard everything that thae were saying and said do not open the box, but l had to see what was inside he thought. He was so happy for his presents.

The Sack of Balbriggan by Daniels

In 1920 the sack of Balbriggan was dreadful, the army shot out cannons. The houses were on fire. All the people wanted was that the sack of Balbriggan ended. In 2 year time the people were really sad because all the houses and factories were destroyed all the builders were working hard so the people can start living in their houses. It took a long time, they finished in 1940. The people stayed in Dublin and the people were so happy when they saw their houses were as new. They were so happy that they gave the builders money for fixing their homes.

100 w/c by Daniels

One day Eden walked to the park when he saw a kid who was green. Eden thought that the kid was just sick . He walked through some prickly leavess and a minute later he saw a man who was playing a violin. Then he saw a big Bruise and he ran into the forest. Eden hid behind a big tree as the Bruise was looking for Eden. He ran as fast as he could to the nearest shop and told them that there was a big Bruise in the forest. The man left and told Eden go away.  Eden went away.

The Farmer by Daniels

Once a upon a time farmer Joe was bringing some fruit to the shop. A minute later farmer Joe’s saw a dog and looked away for a second. Suddenly he drove into an hay bale and farmer Joe got stuck! He stayed there for ten minutes and then a boy came and asked ‘how did you get in that hay bale?’ Farmer Joe explained to the kid and then farmer Joe asked, ‘what’s your name?’

‘My name is Eden.’

‘Ok Eden can you get me out of this hay bale?’

It took a long time to get farmer Joe out of the hay bale.