Santa Surprise by Daniel

It was the night before Christmas and I couldn’t wait. When I woke up in the middle of the night I had to see the presents my Mam and Dad got me. I walked down the stairs slowly and went to the sitting room. If I opened them I’d be in trouble. But I had to see what’s inside. I walked over to the tree but I heard something land on the roof. I knew what it was but I had to hide. I hid under the tree and down came Santa. When he left I ran back to my room and went to bed.

Pirates V. Knights by Daniel

One day king Bob was in his castle at the edge of Ireland. He was a rich man with a lot of shiny gold. Pirates heard this and sailed to his castle. When they got there they shot cannon balls at the castle. The king’s men shot cannon balls back. Parts of castle and ship flew around. Some pirates came to land and there were knights there too. There was a big sword fight and a lot of people died. The pirates were outnumbered and went back to their ship. The knights won and celebrated with a feast. And the pirates won’t come back.

Monster by Daniel

We were walking in the woods. The grass was green but the trees were dead. We walked for a bit suddenly a black monster with red eyes jumped out. He hit of a tree and his arm was bruised. The trees were prickly so the tree cut him. We ran to our house and he chased us. We climbed up a tree and the monster climbed up too. We jumped from tree to tree and the monster fell off. He got back up and sliced the tree. I landed in my room so I hit the monster with my violin!!

The Stuck Farmer by Daniel

One sunny day me and my dad went to farmer Johns farm and we helped out. He told me to get the goat out of the field so I went to the field. I opened the gate and the goat ran at me. I ran around the farm and couldn’t find my dad so I kepton running. I jumped the gate to the sheep area. The sheep ran when they saw the goat. I ran on the grass. Then farmer John nearly hit me with his bike. The goat hit him and he fell down the hill and is stuck in a hay bale.