The Fierce Fire by Daniel

One afternoon the fire men got a distress call. “My friend’s started a fire by accident and it’s getting out of control!”

The fire men got ready and drove to the fire. Later when they got there the fire was all over a field. They tried to put it out but it was too much. They asked for back up. Suddenly one of the fire men’s leg caught on fire. He sprayed his leg with his hose. Eventually the back up came and they started to stop the fire. After twenty minutes in the heat they put the fire out and went back to their station.

The Apocalypse by Daniel

Two boy’s named Zack and John are trying to find out who started the infection.

A few days ago they found a lab and it had some information. There was a note that said “The test’s have worked, we’ve used different species of gorilla blood and green hot water to make these monsters.” They brought it back to the base to show the remaining surviver’s.

Now there going to find more supplies. Suddenly some monsters attacked them. Luckily they had guns so they killed them. Eventually they got the supplies and thought they need to get back. They we’re overwhelmed.

The Borrowers by Daniel

There was a family under the fridge. There was a boy names Dan. This year he turned 18 and he will be able to borrow things on his own. He always helped his dad borrow things and he found it fun. One time he was nearly seen. He was in this room looking at some pink fluffy glasses. Suddenly a man came in and Dan hid behind the glasses. His dad was super worried and ran over. Dad was seen. They both ran as the man screamed and tried to squish them. They barely got away. After that they we’re exhausted.

Clay Ball Robbery by Daniel

“Here we are, The biggest clay ball in the world!” Said the Professor. “Excuse me.” Said Austin “When was this thing made?” The Professor told them it was made in the Stone Age and how it would cost millions. Then they we’re going to the ice age exhibit. Suddenly someone ran in. “Hands in the air!” Shouted some robber. Everyone knelt down and the robber proceeded to try to get the clay ball out of the cage. Eventually a security man came in and stopped the robber. Everyone was relived the robber was stopped and went on with the tour.

Small Person by Daniel

The calendar said it was the 23rd of February and on that day it’s said you could see small people. They are called Moller’s. The Moller’s are minuscule so it’s very hard to see or catch them. My Dad told me one day he was washing his face when he heard something. Suddenly a Moller ran past him. The Moller threw sticky stuff at him and then disappeared under the white chair. Dad moved the chair and only saw a hole in the wall. The Moller must have gone in there. He never saw a Moller again but they might be in the house.

The Letter by Daniel

Tom’s Dad went to Spain for a few months and Tom missed him. So he decided to write a letter. “So, what will I write on this page. What if he doesn’t get the letter.” Mam walked in and helped me. Later he finished the letter and before he could put it in the post box Mam walked in and said “how about we go to Spain and give it to him?”

The next day Dad was sitting down watching football with his friends when someone knocked on the door. He opened it to find a letter at the door.

Monster Race by Daniel

It was night in monster land and all the zombies are going to a race. When they got there they all got ready. “ 3 2 1 “ Said Bigfoot and all the zombies ran. Suddenly one zombie pushed another zombie and he cracked his skull. There was four zombies left. Ten minutes late they got to the city and one bumped into a human. “ Which way to the shop” it panted. The human ran away and the zombie chased the others. Bigfoot was standing at the shop near the finish line when he saw the zombies. He pulled out a gun and killed them.

The Darkness by Daniel

Sammy and his Dad were walking home at dark. There were loud bangs of thunder. Sammy got scared and started to walk fast. Suddenly a flash of light, then, darkness and another bang. Sammy and Dad jumped and started to run. Later it started raining and they hid under a tree. Dad got tired and called Mam to pick them up. When she got there Sammy and Dad jumped in the car and they drove off. After Sammy was on his phone talking to his friends saying how much he hates the dark. Then the electricity switched off. Sammy’s friends laughed at him.

Mushroom by Daniel

Tommy and George were walking in the forest looking for mushrooms. About 20 minutes later they found some. “Tommy I found some mushrooms and I am really hungry” said George. ” Rule 1 don’t eat any wild mushroom” said Tommy. So they went on with their guest or whatever. “EW look at this” shouted Tommy. This big tree was wrinkled and old. George was wistful about coming here. Later they got to this swamp and found an oar there. So George picked it up and threw it in the water. Suddenly a massive crocodile jumped up and ate the oar. Tommy and George ran off.

VR Horror by Daniel

Sam was in his room and thought of playing Jurassic world VR. When he loaded in the game, he was in a dark room and he heared something roaring. He walked around and then something ran past him. Suddenly a Raptor jumped behind him and he had to run. Quickly he hid under a table as the Raptor looked around. Sam looked around and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room as the Raptor’s eyes turned red. Just when the Raptor found him a Triceratops broke the wall and scared the Raptor off. He walked outside and saw a boat. He jumped on the boat and sailed off.

The Old House by Daniel

Dan and Tom were walking home from school. Tom looks over at the old house and asks Dan if he wants to check it out. So they run past the park and to the house. When they get there they see how a bit of the gate fell of and how bushes grew around the house. The rusty gate had the number 29 on it. “No one lives there” says a grumpy man walking by. Suddenly the other bit of the gate falls of whitch makes Dan and Tom jump. Later they ran home and did there home work and had dinner.

The Hunt for Benny by Daniel

Yesterday Benny was watching the news. The news reporter said something about Bigfoot and whoever caught it got 1,000 dollars. So Benny bought a tranquilizer gun and went to the forest.

Later he was standing on a rock when he heard something coming. It was a deer. Just when Benny gave up he heard a roar and he ran in that direction. Then he saw it and shot at it. Suddenly it turned around slapping Benny away as it let out a pitiful howl. The tranquilizer darts did nothing to it. Benny got up and ran away so he wouldn’t get eaten.

Marmite by Daniel

Today Mam let Johnny pick what to put on his sandwich from Subway. He was thinking about it for 2 minutes and then said “I’ll have cheese, bacon and Marmite”.

“Marmite!” Said mam surprised, “I thought you didn’t like that”. Then Dad walked into the room and sat down.

“No” he continued, ” I like Marmite”. Later they went to subway and got their sandwiches. “This is really nice!” Said Johnny.  Later they went home and sat down to watch tv. Suddenly Johnny’s cousins came in. “Oh no!” said Johnny ,”not them” and his Mam and Dad laughed.

Looking After Their Puppy by Daniel

Emile’s friend’s family had to go to Spain but couldn’t bring their dog so she said she’d look after it. Later when the family left Emile looked for the labrador pup but she couldn’t find him. “It was here but where did it go?” She said. Suddenly the puppy jumped up on the couch when a rat came after it. Emile screamed and ran to the kitchen . Then she found a fly swatter and went back to the sitting room. She hit the rat with it and opened the door and the rat ran out. The puppy then fell asleep.

The Waking Tree by Daniel

It was about 7pm and me and my friend Timmy had just finished watching a movie. “Eh- it was alright,” said Timmy. Then my Dad came in and told us to go play outside. Later we were outside playing with my football when a massive tree person walked over. “…. Tim.. RUN!” I screamed. Suddenly the tree person jumped and ran away. Hours passed and the tree person didn’t come back. “Guess it was scared of us?” I said and me and Timmy walked back to my house. When we got home I told Dad and Mam everything but they just laughed.

The Time Stopper by Daniel

Today I got up and got dressed for school. When I was walking to school something didn’t feel right. Suddenly I realise someone stopped time!. It was actually pretty cool. I got to roast the bullies without getting punched and I didn’t have to go to school. An hour passed and I got bored so I looked for the guy or girl who stopped time. Later I walked into the creepy side of park and Ifound her. She was a bit confused because she didn’t know she had stopped time. I told her to unstop time and she did. So I went to school.

Possessed Christmas Tree by Daniel

Jack woke up and asked his Dad if Uncle Ben could come to the park with them after breakfast. Later on Dad, Jack and Uncle Ben were playing in the park when they heard a strange noise coming from a creepy house at the edge of the park. Dad had to go home for a business meeting, so Jack was left with Uncle Ben. “We better go inside” said Uncle Ben.

So we went inside the house and to our surprise there was a Christmas tree talking, it was possessed by a ghost living in the house. They ran out of the house.

Werewolves in the Forest by Daniel

Tom and his friend John were playing in John’s house with their action figures. All of a sudden one of the action figures came alive and said “You’ve thrown me around for long enough”. Next thing, a portal to another desert opened and sucked Tom and John in.

They got up in the desert and Tom realised he was wearing army clothes. Suddenly, a pack of werewolves appeared and chased them. Tom and John thought they were goners, but the same portal opened up again. They jumped through the portal, and were back home. And threw the action figure in the trash.

What a Birthday by Daniel

One day two brothers woke up early because it was Tom’s birthday! So Tom woke his brother Mark up and ran down the stairs. When Mark walked down stairs Tom was eating the cake. “Mom’s gonna kill us stop eating it!” Mark said. Just when he said that Tom ate all of the cake. Tom was sad and he felt  really ill too. The good news is Mark knows how to make that cake so he made another one. Later they were all eating the cake. Suddenly mam knew the cake wasn’t the exact same and said “TOM DID YOU EAT THE CAKE?”

The Crafty Castle by Daniel

One day I was walking in the forest with my mates when we saw a big red castle. “Lets go inside” I said and they said alright. The leaves were rolling down the hill like they didn’t want to be near the castle. We went in and didn’t see much but then a really pale man walked over and said “Who let you in?”. We said we walked in and he told us to go to this real white room. I said this is really weird and we all ran out. Suddenly the man ran after us, but after a while he stopped chasing us.

Grandad Shrunk by Daniel

It was a normal weekend for Tom and Grandad, but today will be different. While Tom and Grandad were watching TV someone kicked the door down. “IF ANYONE’S IN HERE GIVE US YOUR MONEY!” one of them yelled. Tom told Grandad to call the cops but then Grandad shrunk. He ran off to stop the robbers. Another robber walked in but he was skinnier then the other one. Suddenly Grandad pushed the door in front of him and ran off. “If only it was a bit smaller” the other one said but Grandad knocked him over. The robbers ran off and Grandad turned back.

Big Bee by Daniel

It was a normal day in the city for some people, but for some, the scientists it was hard work time. Lots of scientists ran past and the police had blocked the area off for the scientists. Suddenly a big red van drove in. Slowly the scientists went up to the monster but it got up and attacked them. One scientist took a chance and stuck the needle in. “I got the DNA!” Suddenly the monster got up and grabbed the red van and threw it and then flew away. Now with the DNA they can use it to stop the virus from going world wide.

The Mental Scooter by Daniel

I was playing with my friends when I found a red tennis racket. My friends and I messed around with it for a bit. My friend had a fluffy tennis ball and we hit it around. Later we were walking home and I saw a red scooter. I hopped on it and zoomed around. Suddenly I turned a corner and there was a concrete wall and I was going so fast I couldn’t stop. I screamed and jumped of the scooter. I got up and danced cause I didn’t hit the wall. My friends and I walked home and laughed.

Santa Surprise by Daniel

It was the night before Christmas and I couldn’t wait. When I woke up in the middle of the night I had to see the presents my Mam and Dad got me. I walked down the stairs slowly and went to the sitting room. If I opened them I’d be in trouble. But I had to see what’s inside. I walked over to the tree but I heard something land on the roof. I knew what it was but I had to hide. I hid under the tree and down came Santa. When he left I ran back to my room and went to bed.

Pirates V. Knights by Daniel

One day king Bob was in his castle at the edge of Ireland. He was a rich man with a lot of shiny gold. Pirates heard this and sailed to his castle. When they got there they shot cannon balls at the castle. The king’s men shot cannon balls back. Parts of castle and ship flew around. Some pirates came to land and there were knights there too. There was a big sword fight and a lot of people died. The pirates were outnumbered and went back to their ship. The knights won and celebrated with a feast. And the pirates won’t come back.

Monster by Daniel

We were walking in the woods. The grass was green but the trees were dead. We walked for a bit suddenly a black monster with red eyes jumped out. He hit of a tree and his arm was bruised. The trees were prickly so the tree cut him. We ran to our house and he chased us. We climbed up a tree and the monster climbed up too. We jumped from tree to tree and the monster fell off. He got back up and sliced the tree. I landed in my room so I hit the monster with my violin!!

The Stuck Farmer by Daniel

One sunny day me and my dad went to farmer Johns farm and we helped out. He told me to get the goat out of the field so I went to the field. I opened the gate and the goat ran at me. I ran around the farm and couldn’t find my dad so I kepton running. I jumped the gate to the sheep area. The sheep ran when they saw the goat. I ran on the grass. Then farmer John nearly hit me with his bike. The goat hit him and he fell down the hill and is stuck in a hay bale.