100 w/c – Dale

Last summer I went camping with my family in the countryside. One evning my Dad said “will we go for a walk through the forest”? I shouted back to him “yes”! As we reached the forest the crimson sun started to set,but we kept going. When we were about half way in all of a sudden it started to get very misty. My Dad and I got separated and we couldn’t find each other. I frantically calld out for my Dad as I thought that I was in grave danger. Then he came out of the mist and carried me safely back to the tent.

100 w/c – Dale

Last sumer I entered a competition to display a sculpture in a public park. Firstly I had to make a model of the sculpture to show the judges what my idea was. I decided to use match sticks to make the model. The judges loved my idea and I won the competition. Now the hard work began, I had to make the real thing. I bought the wood to make the sculpture and got cracking with my tools. My idea was to make two long wooden legs as if they belonged to a giant. What do you think of my sculpture?

100 w/c – Dale

It was a lovely, hot, Summer’s day. My family and I decided to go to the park. We all got into the car and set off. When we got there, we all got out of the car and went to explore. We saw birds, flowers and butterflies. Then we all heard a big bang, we just thought it was someone dropping something. We saw a flash so I asked my dad “what was that”? He said “it was probably lightening”!!! We all ran then I looked behind me and there was a storm but, although we ran quickly we were still not making enough progress. It started to lash rain. We all got soaking wet, but we really enjoyed it.

Mountain Rescue – Dale

One day I was hiking up Howth head with my Mam and Dad.
It was a hot sunny day. Half way up we decided to take a break to eat our lunch. As we were sitting, eating and chatting we heard a noise. It sounded like an animal crying. We ran to the cliff edge, we could see something shiny. We shouted down and a tiny dog appeared. We tried to call the dog up to us but it was hopeless. The cliff was to steep for the dog to climb. The dog looked very thin and tired. Dad was worried for the dogs safety. Dad rang mountain rescue to report the dog was in danger and needed to be rescued. A while later a team of mountain rescuers arrived they lowerd a man down the cliff edge. A few minutes later the man was pulled back up, holding a tiny dog wearing a yellow collar. The dog was taken to a vet for tretment and as he was microchipped he was returnd to his family.

The Book – by Dale

One rainy day I was lying in my bed,bored. I decided to read a book. The book was called “Alice in Wonder Land”.  I must have fallen into a deep sleep. I dreamt that I was walking through a park. There wasen’t a lot of people around. As l walked further through the park, I came across a huge tea cup sticking out of the grass. The cup was on its side. I wondered to myself “why is the cup there”? Looking around I saw a sign that said ” Tea Rooms This Way”. Ah! I thought to myself, the cup was there to let people know that there was somewhere to sit down to a hot cup of tea. I went into the tea room and ordered a hot chocolate with marshmallows. As I went to take a sip of my hot chocolate, I woke up.

My Dream Football Team – by Dale

Josè Mourinho is the manager of my favourite football
team, Manchester United. Although Mourinho does a good job I don’t always agree with his line-up. We are 2nd in the league at the moment but what if I was in charge where would we be in the league? I would put out a stronger team every week. The team I would have is goal keeper De Gea, defenders Lindelöf, Smalling, Valencia and Shaw. The midfielders would be Pogba, Carrick and Mata. The forwards I’d pick would be Sànchez, Lukaku and Rashford. If they didn’t play well in the first half they’d be substituted at half-time.

The Magic Goldfish – by Dale

One summer’s day there was a man cleaning windows. He was up his ladder and he was stretching over to the corner of the window when suddenly he fell off the ladder and he landed on his back. Luckily a child came along and ran over to the man and asked him was he okay but the man didn’t answer him. Quickly the boy went into the man’s brown house and looked for water to throw over the man. Finding a goldfish bowl he picked it up and took it out side and threw it all over the man!

The Twig Men – by Dale

One day I was walking through the park when I saw seven twig men. I wondered to myself what were they there for. As I was standing looking at them the Park Ranger came along in his truck. I asked him, “where did they come from?” The Park Ranger told me that he and other Park Rangers had made them. They made them out of twigs that had fallen from the trees. The Warden told me they have yoga classes in the park and they made these to help explain to people what yoga is. I was so excited I signed up for 10 classes.

100 w/c – Dale

One wet windy Wednesday, I went to the pet shop to look to buy a pet. I looked at the fish,dogs,cats and rabbits. I thought to my self I don’t like any of them. Walking home l saw a mouse on a porch roof . It came down the drainpipe and I caught hold of him. My Mam would not let me bring the mouse into the house. I had to sneak him into the house without her seeing me. While my Mam was cooking the dinner I crept up the stairs. I put some holes into an old shoebox and put Jordan the mouse into it. It’s been 2 weeks since I brought Jordan home and my Mam still doesn’t know Jordan is in my room.

100 w/c – Dale

Long long ago, in a magical mystical land called Wizardworld there lived a family called the Smiths. The youngest boy in the family “Jordan” was very bold. One day he went out spray painting. He did it on a wizard’s wall and he got caught by the wizard. The wizard was furious and he cast a spell on him and his family. The spell turned Jordan and his mam and dad into stone and banished them from Wizardworld for ever. Somehow they ended up in Liverpool and became a showpiece. They became very popular with the locals and the local pigeons.

100 w/c – Dale

One morning I woke up and went down stairs and had my breakfast. Then I remembered it was show and tell day for me. I thought to myself “what would I bring in”? I saw my pet snake and said ” bingo” I will bring in my pet snake Bob. I looked at the clock, I was too late to get the bus. Before I could get my red bike out of the shed. I had to put Bob into my backpack, which he didn’t make it easy for me. I cycled to school really fast. The bell rang as I was locking up my bike. I ran into the class. The teacher called me up to the front of the class to show what my show and tell was. When she saw Bob she screamed and ran out of the class.

100 w/c – Dale

Last summer my family and I went to London for a weekend trip. It was Saturday morning my mum and dad said that they had a surprise for me they took me to this building it was called Madame Tussauds. I stood outside the building wondering what was inside. I looked up and saw something on the roof that looked like Donald Trump’s face in a hand. My mum and dad took me inside and there we saw the figures of famous people made from wax. I was singing with Michael Jackson playing football with Cristiano Ronaldo and cooking with Gordon Ramsay, these aren’t the real people but the next best thing. We had such a great day and got loads of photographs so we could remember our trip to London.

The Tour – Dale

The day had finally arrived I was so excited I was going to my second favourite city… MANCHESTER!!. When we landed at the airport we got off the plane and set off to go to our hotel. The hotel was called Premier Inn my favourite hotel I love it because it is right beside old Trafford. That’s where my favourite football team play Manchester United. We had something to eat and then decided to go on a tour around Old Trafford. While we were on the tour I was looking at all the pictures, trophies and plaques that Man United had won. On one wall it said ” in the beginning Manchester United were called Newton Heath”. I turned to my Dad and said I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!

100 w/c – Dale

My Dad and I went to the Zoo. We went through the gates and went to look at the Pandas. They looked so cool and cute. Then I saw a monkey named Coco and he was eating a banana. I opened up my banana and fed it to him. The Zoo keeper came over and asked me “not to feed the animals”. So my dad and I started to speak to Bob the Zoo keeper. Bob told us he had to bring Coco in to do his 100 word challenge. I asked Bob could I go with them. We went inside and sat down at the table. Bob gave Coco a laptop, he finished his story and then saw that it was sent back to him. Coco was so angry he pushed the laptop off the table. I felt sorry for him but even more sorry for myself, as I had to go home to do my 100 word challenge.

100 w/c – Dale

Walking through the Jungle, my friend Dylan and I were looking for the celebrities. We arrived into Snake Rock but there was no sign of any of the celebrities. We came across a bridge and began to cross it. Coming up to the the end of the bridge we smelt burning. We looked behind and saw that the bridge had caught fire. We had to get to the end safely but we saw a tiger at the other end of the bridge, the tiger was blocking our escape. As the tiger got closer, we were very scared. Gulp! We were gone never to be seen again.

100 w/c – Dale

One lovely day, I woke up and hurried down the stairs to the kitchen to make a sandwich. I made a ham sandwich on white bread, as I woke very hungry. I sat on the couch to eat it. As I had stayed up late last night I wasn’t feeling very energetic. I was bored so I looked around the house and I
found my broken old phone I took the battery out. I put a new battery into the phone to replace the old one. It still didn’t work so I opened it up. I saw a loose wire so I reconnected it and put it back together and it worked. A job well done I thought to myself.

100 w/c – Dale

One lovely day my friends and I were going to go to the park. We walked to the park and when we got there my friend said why don’t we go into the forest. We all said ok we will go into the forest and we went in. As we walked into the middle of the forest, we saw something black. We ran closer and closer to see what it was and then we saw that it was a big black statue. It started to get dark and suddenly the statue came to life. We were so frightened, we ran home and I said “I think that we are safe now”.

100 w/c – Dale

One lovely day my friends and I were walking in the park. We saw a big huge hole. We Jumped down the to see what was down in the hole. We found a treasure chest and a key so we dragged the chest out of the hole. We opened the chest with the key. Our faces shone gold, we had found gold. We jumped around with joy. My friend said why don’t we take it home with us, ” but where would we hide it all” I asked? We got it home with no one seeing us. We hid it in my shed in the bottom of my garden.

100 w/c – Dale

It was the 1st of November My mam took me into the city centre to do some shopping. We were starting to do our Christmas shopping early. As we walked up the Street we saw a few people still dressed up from the night before, Halloween night. I had a really good Halloween it was really fun. I got lots of treats. When we got tired of shopping we went to get something to eat.The streets outside were getting dark and packed with people. As I was waiting for my Mam to bring the food back to the table I took out my phone and took a photograph of the people outside. When I got home I showed the photograph to my sister, she was frightened by it. My sister said that it looks like there’s ghosts in it. I let her believe that. But I knew they were shadows from the glass in the restaurant.

100 w/c – Dale

One spooky night I got out of my bed at 12 o’clock . I tip toed down the stairs so nobody would hear me. I had arranged to meet my friends for a midnight walk. I went outside but as the door slammed I knew I was in trouble because I had woken everybody up. My mum and dad came running down the stairs and they caught me at the front door. We went inside and they asked me what I was doing at the front door. I told them that my friend hadn’t shown up and that we were going to go on a midnight walk. So I told them I would never do it again but they still grounded me for a month.

100 w/c – Dale

On Monday morning there was a couple out walking their dogs in St Anne’s park, Raheny, Dublin. The man named Fran, 32, a bus driver from Balbriggan threw the ball for his dogs and it went towards the river. Fran and his wife followed the dogs. They saw two legs sticking up out of the river. Fran called the Gardaí to come and investigate what he had found. When they came they pulled the legs out of the river and then they saw that it was a dead man. The Gardaí suspect the unknown man was murdered. They have asked anyone who may have seen anyone acting suspiously on the Sunday evening or early on the Monday morning to contact Raheny Garda Station.

100 w/c – Dale

One Christmas morning, I went down stairs and made my way to the sitting room. I asked Santa for it and he brought it. I was so happy that I played with it all day.
You can do lots of things with it. I can play games, watch movies, take pictures, listen to music, read books and make videos. It is smaller than a computer bigger than a phone. I need to plug it in as the battery runs out.
I take it on holiday with me and on long car journeys. It comes with me, everywhere I go, except school.

The Dog – by Dale

One sunny evening there was a man out walking. He was looking in the shop windows. He walked past a book shop and then he saw a dog in a shop window and the dog was wearing glasses and it looked like a chihuahua. So the man decided to buy the dog but the man didn’t buy the glasses. The man brought the dog for walks every day,fed and cared for him. Then one day the dog got hit by a car and was very badly injured. The man brought the dog to the vet and the man was very sad because the dog died.

Mr Professor by Dale

One sunny evening Mr Professor was at a dangerous river in Africa. The Professor was wearing a purple suit. He started to walk along the edge of the river, when he tripped and fell into the water. The Professor wasn’t a good swimmer at all. As he tried to get him self to safety, a crocodile came up behind him and snapped at him. Then the crocodile twisted and twisted him into his mouth. The Professor tried to get out but it was difficult to get himself out of the crocodiles mouth. So the crocodile ate the Professor in the end.

The Smashed Light – Dale

When I was on a walk I saw a smashed light on the road. I am an investigator so I called my friend Ben to help me investigate the smashed light. When Ben arrived we got in to our protected overalls. We walked among all of the broken glass. There was clear glass, green, blue and yellow glass. There was also pink and green beads among the broken glass. Ben and I think that the beads came out of the bulb when it fell from the wall in the strong winds. We called the council to come and tidy it up.

100 w/c Dale

My friends and I were in the zoo one day with our parents. Near the end of the day we got separated form our parents and we had to spend the night in the zoo alone. Then I said ‘so what lies ahead of us now lads?’

When I turned around one my friends Dylan was gone.  We had to go look for him and on the way we saw a big brown bear in his cage eating some salmon.

We ran for our lives from the bear even though he was behind a big cage. When we felt safe we stopped running and looked out to a pond and there was Dylan, staring at his favourite animal, Florence the Flamingo!