100 w/c by Craig

Bob the Builder was tasked with a really hard task. His assignment was to build a statue looking like an alien. He has 2 days and it had to be done by 7:00 am on the dot. Bob the Builder did not know what an alien looked like so he built a random structure. He thought that was an alien in my vision he said to him self. The mayor congratulated Bob the builder on his efforts and said there will be a ceremony about this tomorrow. Bob the Builder was delighted about the ceremony.

Airplane Trouble by Craig

In the airport Ethan and his family. They were waiting for the machine to say that you can board the plane. It was due in five minutes, the power went off. Ten minutes later the assitant said’ they would have sent some one over so that we can go on the plane’.The crew kept saying ‘what took you so long’, when they boarded the plane. Ethan knew that something wasn’t right. The assitant put them through the saftey programe. The pilot told them that the plane was taking off now. It just would not take off.

Birthday Boy by Craig

It was Jim’s birthday soon, he was desperate for a new bike. But his conscience warned him every time it popped into his head. He noticed that the bills were increasing and he heard mam and dad speaking about rent. Jim envisioned it as a yellow bike. Jim could not want anything else. He knew he would not get a bike so greedily he thought that he must make up for the lost amount of money. From now on he would eat all the sweets and not help out by making the tea. He even decided to have a lot of hangovers. For his birthday he got a blue bike.

The Temple by Craig

Dan was going to explore the long forgotten temple, that was curved into a cave. It was filled with the most peculiar symbols in the world. Dan entered the temple. He was planning on going to the place where traps, were to reveal treasure. Most of the traps were broken so he thought he had a good chance. Suddenly, he was feeling like he should leave in front of him was a maze. After about six hours, he got past. He saw a gem with buttons he pressed one of the buttons then everything stopped and he dropped the gem.

Warzone by Craig

1922 “Do not let anyone get this,” he said and handed him the bag. “Move out men, you with the bag get in the chopper!” Said the commander.

He ran for the chopper. George who was handed the bag was a medic he wondered why a medic was handed the bag. He got in the chopper. When it was airborne he saw the war – all the death. George wanted to know what was in the bag so he opened it, it was a book that had a gem in it and a label with ‘worth €998,764,537.’

The Shop by Craig

I went to the shop, I saw that a new shop called Greasy, with brown and peach paterned walls. A guy was making baloon animals I asked for a giraffe but he did not do them so, I went to another section of the shop. A another guy was selling salt and pepper for some reason with nothing else. I went into my favourite shop Melted it had games, most of the time there is a sale and has nice not grumpy workers. I found this really cool game but I did not have enough money so I left in a huff.

The Bog Full of Aliens by Craig

This little boy called Ethan, is a smart boy. He went to get breakfast in the shop. He went in and bought a sausage roll. On the way home he met his friend Andrew. Andrew said “This is a short cut” — ” then it is that way we go ” Ethan interrupted. Suddenly they saw a bog filled with Aleins! They ran as fast as they could, faster than the alien itself. When out of the area they still ran heart pounding, the fastest ever recorded. Ethan pushed Andrew on the ground and shouted” better you than me!” Still runing, ” why ?” shouted Andrew

Train Station by Craig

Jim got home from school. He arranged to meet the school bully Kevin, at an abandoned train station at six o ‘ clock.

“I thought you would have chickened out!” shouted Kevin his voice echoing.

“What do you want?” Said Jim.

“There is this meeting going on here I want to listen in, I think you might want to too” said Kevin.

“Why would I want to listen in a meeting?” Said Jim storming off.

“It is about our school, ” said Kevin grabbing him by the arm.

“They’re coming,” said Jim.

“Quick hide at the candy bar, ” whispered Jim.

“Alright ” whispered Kevin.

The Box by Craig

Zach was walking home from school when he saw, a woman on the street.

” Oh young fellow can you take care of my box”? she asked.

” I guess” replied Zach nervously.

” Return it here at 8:00 in the morning and whatever you do, do not open it, clear” she whispered

“Clear ” replied Zach nervously again.

Zach went home and straight to his room. His friend came over,

“Open it! ” said his friend.

” No! ” said Zach straight away.

“Then I will!” he snapped lunging for the box.

He opened it, empty. What a surprise.” It does not make sense” said Zach

The New House by Craig

One day Jack saw that the builders were making a new house. It was being built by Coins The Company. Jack loved that they made new pavements. He looked over his fence and saw a shallow pool and residents. Suddenly a man on the ladder fell sinking into the pool. What a tragic disaster! Jack examined the front of the house and saw they wanted it the colour red. It looked like it would be done in a week. Jack desired to know who was moving in there, it was then he went to school that he heard his teacher was moving in there!

The Take-Away by Craig

We never in our life had a takeaway. But I am sure that’s gonna change.

” Dad can I get a takeaway”? I asked.

“Why”? he repyled.

“Oh you know school project,” I lied.

Dad sighed.

“Fine.” Dad said.

“What was that?” I said just to annoy him of course.


I really annoyed him that time I thought. We got a chinse takeaway.

“So what do want with it?” Dad asked

“Vinegear and ketchup,” I replied.

The vinegear was too sharp.

“What has this got to do with your project?” asked Dad

“Nothing,” I muttered

My Brother’s Birthday by Craig

I woke up. I forgot the date so I cheacked my calender, it said Triumph Day. Which meant it was my brother’s birthday. It’s called that because it was the day he could put it in my face. I stayed in bed until I was told that I wasn’t allowed to play my phone. I went downstairs and my brother got a guitar and it was completely out of tune. I slapped him, my punishment was no phone. I didn’t care because my phone was dead any way. Luckily my friend got my invite and came over. We started plotting against my brother.

Secret Spies by Craig

It was then when John realised that he was captured by the secret spies. All he remembered was that he asked for a fringe hair style. When he woke up he saw a black room suddenly the lights started flickering then a spy came over.

” This is where you will be stationed at the Washed Up shop” said the spy in a soft tone.

“Marvelous how you can’t do it your selves” shouted John

“Your gonna get egged now” shouted the spy so loud that the whole factory could hear him. Suddenly everyone threw eggs at poor old John.

Chinese Invaders by Craig

In Sydney 1856. The Chinese invaded Sydney, when they landed in a boat they looked like terracotta soldiers,weird I know but it’s true. The people of Sydney were troubled because they were not prepared to fight, also no one told the military that were on the other side of Australia so they became servants. One night a ship came at the docks it had more terracotta soldiers and a man in a Dragon suit. The next day they were forced to build red, blue ,yellow and green terracotta statues. They did as they were told, because they were told the other choice.

The Party by Craig

Once there was a little 5 year old called Alan. He went to his friend’s party wearing lavender clothes. Surprisingly there was a magcian called Eva, after the food she would be coming. Alan was really excited for Eva.

Eva said ” can rabbits change colour?”

Everyone replyed “no!”

She said that her rabbit was ebony black, she took of the cloth and the rabbit was raspberry. She said for her next trick she would disappear. She said close your eyes for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds everyone thought how could she disappear? Then she walked in the room.

“How was that trick? “she asked

The Plan by Craig

Mr pink was mowing his lawn, Tom and Jake wanted to get back at his son Mark Pink. Tom and Jake were blowing bubbles as a distraction to act innocent. Then Mr Pink emptyed the bins and went on his bicycle and Mrs Pink went work. Which made an opening for Tom and Jake. Their plan was to pretend that they were criminals breaking into his house. They bought ridiculous clown costumes to hid their appearance and painted a Nerf gun black so it fired like a real gun. They hopped over the fence and found the key under the mat.

The Unlucky Day by Craig

Normally on Saturday morning Ethan got up at 9:00 or around that time. But today, Dad woke him up at 6:00am and opened the blind and the light blinded him.

“GOSH it is only 6:00am, I presume that it is my birthday present that you forgot?” said Ethan.

” Because your Granny is coming to mind you !“said Dad.

“Dad I am old enough to stay home alone, “said Ethan.

“No you’re not, “said Dad.

Ethan hated his Granny because all he got was cabbage, and 6 o’clock bedtimes.

“She will be here for a week! “said Dad.

Now Ethan was fraught with fear.

The Legend by Craig

In Ireland there is said that this legend is not a legend. The legend is called Blue Man. On Christmas Eve there was this boy age 13 but very responsible and respectful to all. He lives in an alley way in Dublin nobody cares about him, but the boy thinks they don’t care about him because of his skin colour. The boy didn’t write a letter to Santa. But Santa thought he was so good, that he deserves a gift, when the boy opened the gift, all around him where decorations and a tree with ornaments, on it now he celebrated Christmas.

100 w/c Craig

One day Adam, John and Séan were invited to be on tv. The show was called Torture Maze, Anthony was the commentator.

”Three two one action! he said, good morning!”

Séan, Adam and John went through the maze. The game was simple – get to the middle without being killed by the henchmen. But they were exhausted from running to the show and were not able to run through the maze. The last one alive would win €1.00! The children really wanted the money badly. The child that won was Adam. He spent it on a bus ride to Dublin.

Downstairs – by Criag

I am a spider, the last one alive. I have a friend, a mouse called William. Also I have a pet Dragon. His name is Burt, he is around two years old. We livein your attic.

We will explore downstairs today.

Downstairs we heard “Mum whats four + four?” We heard no response. At the bottom floor we saw a camera we seemed to be on the television is what I thought. Suddenly “DAD THERE IS A MOUSE!” she screamed.

The Dad got an axe and sliced it down on William and he died.

I got on Burt’s back and we flew away.

The Galactic War – Craig

London: 3:00 a.m. I heard a noise, it came from up on the roof. I jumped out of bed and quietly went outside. I was surprised to see it was a u.f.o. A green robot came out.

“Surrender now!” it said. I ran as fast as I could, anywhere away from it. I started runing then I thought I should go to my Granny’s farm. When I got there I opened the door, the same robot was there. I ran exuding  fear.

In the woods. 5 :00 a.m.  I saw a bike stuck in a tree. Then I saw a underground silver bunker door…

The New Year at School by Craig

It is the new school year. The three 5th class teachers names are, Mr Gorllia, Ms Yellow and Ms Bricks. I had a friend in every class, so I knew what the other teachers were like. I have Mr Gorllia, he was pretty serious. Tom says his teacher Ms Bricks is the schools running champion. My friend Ethan has Ms Yellow as his teacher he says she normally gives no homework, I do not believe him though. Out on yard Ethan and Tom and I played build up, after that the bell rang. I loved my first day at school.

100 w/c Craig

Ding! ding! ding! David and Andrew and I walked out of school. Happily we walked home we saw an abandoned house. “are you wimps coming? ” said Andrew. It is a tall house and a giant tree is stuck on top of the roof.Slowly we opened the door it creaked, Daivd flicked the light switch, the lights came on. There were no cobwebs surprisingly. I saw a shadow and heard a door close. Daivd saw the door close. I wonder what was behind the door. I think Andrew was a little scared from his face. ”Open it”said Andrew. I opened it.

100 w/c – Craig

There are 10 lego people alive. They live underground, where they’re are safe from humans. Michael woke up “adventure day in the upper world” shouted the king. Michael hates humans. But he loves the life and plants. Normally the humans are all ready at the jungle. Michael walked the journey with the king and the others. It is not a hard journey because of the trees, they protected them. Whethey made camp, finally, they could put down the heavy bags. They began sleeping. When everyone was asleep, Michael went with a torch and climbed a chopped down tree, he saw many ladybirds.

100 w/c – Craig

The parade is finally here, the St. Patricks’parade. I was at the parade. Firstly I saw advertising oabout baths, please who wants a bath when you can have a shower I thought. Secondly there were drums that you strap around your back. Thirdly there were fighters on back of a truck. Next were all the football, gaelic, hurling, hockey and athletics clubs. Mr Orange the singer sang Shotgun. Dancers behind him danced to the tune. After that a stormtrooper walked clumsily down the road. Next a van came over and gave out Whispas, Double Decker bars and bags of candy.

100 w/c – Craig

I was coming home after school. When I got home there was a note. It said Dad are working till midnight, behave xoxo Mum. I was shocked to hear that. “What’s their boss doing, making them work overtime?” I thought. I updated Fortnite season 7. There was a new place called Hyper Holiday. I went there also a lot of players going there to. When I saw it, it reminded of a time when we were on holidays in Spain. When all the tap water was too hot to drink from. Then I died, last place, I raged so hard I broke the tv.

Klu Klux Klan – by Craig

Once apon a time the Ku Klux Klan had a tower in London. They prepared for a ceremony with their Gods. They believed in three Gods. Goat God, which makes them make noise example talk and snap fingers. Horse God, gave them speed and movement. Buffalo God gave them strength and able to lift stuff.

” Builders build statues of our Gods!” shouted Chap the leader of the Ku Klux clan. They all said yes to him.

” Attack now!” said Martin .

” Sir attackers,” said his warrior.

Martin burned every thing in sight.

” Let them finish their stupid build ” said Martin Luther King. The day was won.