The Fair by Cillian

On Saturday James and his mam dad and sister went to the Summer Fair. When they arrived at the fair they went on a few rides luckily the lines were empty. Then they went to the stalls. There was a game were you had to shoot a gun and hit a small target.The prize was a big pink fluffy unicorn. James’s sister told dad to shoot and he did. Dad fired the gun and hit the target. James’s sister happily got the unicorn.Later James bought a really cool toy bike. After they went to get some chips and watched the man fry the chips and saw bubbles sparkling.After they went home. They had a nice time.

Alien Teacher by Cillian

It was a nice sunny day and Max was lying in bed until his mam shouted “Wake up or you’ll be late for school! She opened the curtains and the light blinded him. It was 8:30AM and school started at 9:00AM. Max got up quickly, rushed downstairs to have breakfast and sprinted to school. He just about got there in time. When he went into class, he saw a substitute teacher writing her name on the whiteboard. Her name was Mrs.Bite, pretty weird name. He presumed she was normal but when she turned around her face was like a shark’s and she had loads of sharp teeth. Max shouted OH MY GOSH! and ran.

100 w/c Cillian

Today was Jacob’s birthday and he was having his party at a place called Astro Park.

Ding Dong! it was his friend Max at the door. Jakob welcomed him in and they played on his Xbox for twenty mins before his other friend Pablo arrived. They both had to go with him because their parents were doing something. They headed off to Astro Park . When they arrived and everyone else came they got into big bubbles and played football. Then they had food. It was his best birthday ever but they were exhausted.

Oh! No! by Cillian

It was a normal Saturday when my friend called me. He asked me if I wanted to go to Dublin city centre with a couple of other friends. I said ok and we all met up at my house and walked down to get a bus. When we arrived,we saw a man painting something like a storm and the main colour was cerulean. Later we went to a shop and I dared my friend to steal something and he did but the camera caught him. When I arrived home I turned on the tv and changed the channel to the news. Oh no! we seemed to be on television!

School Trip – by Cillian

It was Wednesday and my whole class and I were on the bus to Ardgillan. It was sunny and very warm and we exuded happiness. When we arrived we played games such as tag,stuck in the mud and flush the toilet. At 12:00AM we had lunch. When we finished we went on a walk to relax ourselves. Suddenly my friend and I spotted a bike that looked like it was stuck in a tree,beside it a sign said ‘Beware of Ghosts’. We called the rest of the class to see it and they were all scared. That was the scariest trip ever.

Best Holiday Ever – by Cillian

It was Saturday and my mam and I were on holidays in Mallorca.The name of the hotel was The Brick Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we saw a water fountain with a statue of a gorilla which I thought was pretty cool. When we went inside it looked very cool which we thought was amazing. On Sunday morning we got dressed and went to have breckfast. After we went to the beach. It was called the Yellow Beach. We saw surfers running to the water. After we went on a tour. Those were the best holidays ever.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Thursday and I had just come back from football training.I went upstairs and had a shower. After a while my mum called me for my dinner. I finished having my dinner and went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I close my door and played Fortnite with some of my friends. Later, my mum told me that she was going to take out the bins. I was waiting for my mum to come back, I heard someone walking down the stairs of the attic. I was shaking with fear so I rang the guards as quick as lightning. Suddenly I heard someone knock on my bedroom door I wondered what was behind the door….

100 w/c – Cillian

Snap! The tree fell down. Mam, dad, my brother  Ted and I were having a picnic in The Phoenix park when a tree fell down. Me and Ted were playing football when this happened. Mam was shocked because it nearly hit her and dad. Mam called us for food and we all started eating. The food was amazing. After that we ate popsicles which mam had brought. We brought Lego to build a massive racing car. Ted brought his favourite Legoman which he left on the trunk of the tree that had fallen over as a memory. We had a outstanding day.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday 2 minutes before the Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov re-match. The fight was located in Bath,UK. There were a lot of famous people in the arena, one of them was a famous fighter called Tony Ferguson. He was up for Conor. When Conor and Khabib were walking out for there weigh-ins someone from the crowd threw an orange at Khabib and everyone started cheering and laughing. When they were nearly ready in the ring, Conor danced his signature move. The match started and everyone cheered. In the third round, Conor got a lovely hit on Khabib and he fell clumsily. Conor won. I had a wonderful time.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Saturday,me and my whole family were in the sitting room watching Athletic Bilbao the team that I support play Barcelona in the Champions League Final.Bilbao were playing at home the stadium was extremely loud and bright.It was 7 o,clock when the referee blew his whistle for kick off.It was a very tight game until the 35 minute,Barca scored a goal it was a penalty.Just before halftime Bilbao scored a goal from outside the box.At halftime Bilbaos best player got injured it reminded me of a time when I broke my lag playing football.Bilbao ended up winning 2-1.It was the best day of my life

Trip to Galway – by Cillian

It was a week before my mam’s birthday and we decided to go somewhere nice to celebrate.We ended up picking Galway because my mam thought it was a nice place.My mam and I decided to bring my granny and grandad because we hadn’t seen them in ages.My mam booked a hotel in a small town called Ahascragh.The next week we packed up and left for Galway.On our way there we stopped in a place to eat and we saw three weird statues that looked like a horse,a bull,and a goat.We had a great time.