Casper The Flying Bear by Cillian

One day Casper the bear fell down a hole. But it was not just any type of hole. It was a portal. He found himself at a lake that was pink.. He also found he had turned into a flying bear and could shoot out rainbows to fly on!

While he sipped the pink water of the lake he discovered that it was made of pink lemonade. He also saw a lioness who was running around the lake. Casper decided to shoot out a rainbow and he picked up the lioness. They had fun and flew about all day!

A Visit to The Grave – by Cillian

Misty and her mam are going to visit her granny’s grave. They have bought lovely crimson flowers from the lady who sells them outside the graveyard in the van.  The reason why they are going visiting the grave is because it is her granny’s birthday and crimson is granny’s favourite colour.  At the grave the mam told Misty to get water for the flowers at the back of the graveyard.  Misty ran to get the water but on the way back she couldn’t see her mam. Misty began to panic and frantically shouted for her mam until her mam appeared from kneeling on her granny’s grave.

The Thin Rat – by Cillian

Once upon a time there was a little thin rat who wanted to play football But he was afraid and felt hopeless as he didn’t know how to kick a ball. He was afraid because it was bigger than him. That was until one day he was running around a field looking for food, when he fell dwon a tiny hole. He saw something shiny and yellow. The rat smiled and became very happy as he discovered the shiny yellow thing was a little marble.

Suddenly the rat began to kick the marble and realised he could now play football!

My Dream Job by Cillian

When I grow up I am going to have my dream job.  I am going to play for Manchester United. But what if I was in charge of the football team and not only just playing?

I would be the manager and be able to say what players could be transfered and bought.  I could also decide what positions each player would be in. Wayne Rooney could be a goalkeeper and also be a defender. Oh! That would be great! I would be a famous manager and my team would always be winners. We would go on to win league cups.

100 w/c – Cillian

One day a little boy had lost his cat called Smokey. Smokey was always going missing , but usually would come back within an hour or so. But today was different. He was missing over night. The little boy and his mammy were getting worried so they began to ask the neighbours. No one had seem Smokey. So they put up posters around the neighbourhood. The little boy was upset.  After days of the cat being missing the boy heard a noise. It came down the dranpipe and out popped Smokey, with two kittens, she had just had.

The Family of Stone Robots – Cillian

Today the 100 word challenge is about a picture of a family. It is not your normal picture of a family. It is a picture of robos turned to stone.  There is a mammy, a daddy and a young child standing in the middle of a town. Tey seem to be talkig to each other. I imagine them standing there giving out to each other, blaming each other as to why the king of Singapore turned them into stone robots.  I also thing that they were probably turned into this because they robbed food, because they were hungry and poor. This is against the law.

Red The Snake by Cillian

Once there was a snake called Big Red. The reason for this was because he was a bright red, big, fat snake! He decided to loose weight. Before he could loose the weight he had to get fit. He bought himself a bike and he cycled everywhere, up the hill and around the park.  The bike had a clock on it and this showed the snake how many miles he had done.  At the end of the week of cycling everywhere he lost two stone! His friends now call him Little Read and he is very happy!

The Man Utd Manager

In the beginning many years ago in a town called Balbriggan there was a young boy called Caspar and all day he dreamed about playing football and being part of the team Manchester United. He decided to play for his local club Balbriggan FC.  One day while playing a match in the finals against Swords, he scored six goals. A sponsor for Manchester United saw him and asked him to come and play for Manchester United.  Caspar agreed straight away.  He told his family and moved to England. He went on to win matches.  Nowadays he manages Manchester United and Ireland too.

100 w/c – Cillian

One day I was feeling very energetic so I decided to go for a nice long walk along the beach.  After my walk I sat down on a bench to listen to music on my white battery radio and have my hand sandwich which I made earlier.  Just as I was about to take y sandwich out of the bag a seagull came down on the the bench and grabbed my bag and flew off. I hurried after it but could not catch it.  I was feeling very annoyed and decided to cheer myself up with a bag of chips!

100 w/c – The Grim Reaper by Cillian

Today the 100 word challenge is about a picture of a statue of a man standing in a park between two big trees around leaves.  The man is dressed all in a long back hooded cloak, which covers his head and hands. You can’t see his face because it is all dark.  There is a sign with writing on it saying who the man is.  It says the man is the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper represents death and he comes when bad people have died and takes their souls to hell.  If I was to meet this man I would be very afraid.

100 w/c – Cillian

It all began one day when two men robbed a bank and the police were chasing the and they decided to separate to get away from the police.

They had to get rid of the bag of money. One of the men said ‘but where will we hide it all’?

The other man replied, ‘in that bush over there’, pointing to a big bush.

‘We will meet here tonight at ten pm’, he also said and he  grabbed the bag money.

That night they met and didn’t know the police were behind the bush waiting for them and they were arrested.


Paris in the Night – Cillian

The picture is about a street in Paris, the capital of France. Where it seems to be nighttime, because it is dark out and the street lights are on.  It also shows that the street seems to be very busy because there are people walking around probably coming home from work, shopping or going out. Also in the picture there are three figures that look like ghosts. They don’t seem to be dangerous at all, they look like they are minding their own business and not bothering anyone.  One of them looks as if he’s going  to step off the path.

100 w/c – Cillian

One day I went for a walk into the forest and I saw a cat.  I began to chase it. I chased it into the middle of the forest to where there was an old broken down porch where the cat was sitting on a rocking chair.  The rocking c;hair was making noise like ‘creak, creak’. The house looked really scary. It was like a haunted house.  Suddenly the cat jumped up and ran into the house.  I ran after him and as the door slammed I knew I was alone.

Then I woke up.

100 w/c – Cillian

A report for the Evening Herald.  Today, Wednesday 18th October a young man in his twenties was robbed and was assaulted at around 4pm in Darndale.  A man found him in a lake with his wellies sticking out . He was badly shaken with a few cuts and bruises. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital in an ambulance.  Police have spoken to a few witnesses who have siad they say another lad in his twenties leaving the crime scene on a bike, wearing dark hoody, trousers and white runners. Police are appealing to anyone with any information to contact Coolock Garda Station.

100 w/c – Cillian

It is my favourite thing. It comes in all different sizes and colours. It is in a 3D shape, called a sphere.  It is especially used for sports. You can kick, throw, pass, dribble it.  When playing with it you can do skills like rainbow flick, and all round the world. It can be used in many different types of sports, like Gaelic, Soccer, Golf and snooker. It is so popular that boys and girls both play with it and it is a thing that you can play iwht all day long. Every country that does sport use it.  Even grown ups enjoy using it!

Professor Mad Eyes – Cillian

Once upon a time there was a professor called Mad Eyes, because he had twisted eyes which made it difficult for him to see properly.  His eyes went wonky and would roll up to his head when he would look at you.

He had to wear big funky purple 3D glasses that were in the shape of a crocodile.  People were afraid of him because he did made experiments. Like when he made his car run on washing up liquid and sugar instead of petrol . When he drove it still lots of bubbles would come out of it.

The Shrinking Machine – Cillian

One day in a science lab two scientists were trying to invent a shrinking maching in the form of a light bulb.  But as tehy were doing this they accidnetally shrunk themselves. Whiely there were getting smaller and smaller they knocked over boxes of beads, sweets and sparkly marbles. As everything, and the scientists, fell to the ground, the shrinking machine exploded into tiny pieces, leaving everything to roll on to the ground. One of the men got knocked over by the beads. They hid under the table until the next morning some one found them and makde them back to normal size.

The Day We Met the Big Man – Cillian

One day me and my two friends Dylan and Dale went for a walk into the forest.  But I lot my friends in the middle of the forest.  Suddenly it became dark and creepy around the forest. I was very scared. I was very scared, I saw a big man staring at me, so I ran away really fast into the bushes.  This is where I saw my friends, hiding there.  We were happy to see each other safe.  So what lies ahead of us now we wondered. When we looked again at the big man we saw that he was the Park Ranger.