The Loch Ness Monster by Cillian

Once, there were two boys named Mike and James that went to Loch Ness in Scotland to see if The Loch Ness Monster was real. Once they got there they were amazed by how beautiful the Lake was. One of the interesting things about the Lake was that you could drink the water because it was a freshwater lake! Although it was cold they went for a swim because the tour guide said they could. They were having fun until James was grabbed by something. He screeched and held on to Mikes arm. “Don’t let go Mike!”, he screamed. “I’m trying to hold on”, he shouted. But it was too late. James had drowned.

The Beach by Cillian

Yesterday my friends and I had decided to go out. Although it was Saturday nothing was opened so we ended up going to the beach near the train station. We brought a football, a volleyball, some food and a litre of homemade lemonade with us. It was around 20 degrees Celsius outside and we were all roasting so once we got there we jolted towards the sea and jumped right in. After we cooled down we played some football and volleyball and had a little picnic. At around 7 o’clock it started getting dark but we stayed to watch the sunset and were in awe when we realised how beautiful it was. We all had an amazing and fun day!

Plane Crash by Cillian

“Wake up!”, shouted my mam. “We’re late for the flight!”. I woke up immediately and got ready. Thankfully I got ready just in time and we went to the airport. When we got there we were shocked because there was so many people. We eventually boarded the plane and my mam said to me “These are going to be the best holidays ever!”. After a while we were up in the air. The plane was flying normally but then all of a sudden it slowed down. I started getting worried so my mam told me there might be a bit of turbulence. “But it is so slow I”, and in the blink of an eye the plane went down like a dart…

The Day Out by Cillian

Yesterday Lily and Jack decided to go to the woods for a picnic. It was a nice, sunny day so they figured it would be good to cycle there on their new bikes. Lily’s bike was red with a touch of pink and Jack’s was a bright yellow. On their way there got some ice-cream since it was so warm and a bottle of lemonade for the picnic. When they had reached the last road which lead to their destination Lily heard Jack scream. She immediately turned around and saw Jack’s bike crashed in to a tree and a peculiar and hostile looking figure carrying him away. Lily tried to run after them but was grabbed by something. She turned around and…

U-Dog by Cillian

“Which way to the shops?” it panted. U-Dog was chasing a robber that was after stealing his owner’s purse. His owner Jenny said he went into the shops but he didn’t know where they were so he asked her. When he got to the shops he spotted the robber sprinting up the stairs. U-Dog ran after him as if his life depended on it. He caught up to him and bit his laces so the robber would fall. Thankfully he brought the purse back to Jenny without anything being stolen or damaged. Jenny was so proud of him that in reward she gave him a juicy steak.

Robbery in the Art Gallery by Cillian

Yesterday there was a robbery in the DAG (Dublin Art Gallery). The robbery happened at 10pm when no one was around other than the security guards near the main entrance. The robber surprisingly managed to trick the guards by throwing a rock at them. He then sneaked through the entrance, locked the doors and walked towards the two most expensive paintings in the world!, One of them was The Purple Violin painted by Vincent Van Gogh and the other one was called The Magnificent Elephant painted by Claude Monet. Finally, he grabbed the two paintings and was in a happy mood until he was stopped by the guards and later on arrested. He has now been sentenced to life in jail.

Aliens by Cillian

In 1978 NASA sent a rocket to explore Jupiter and they discovered that there were aliens living there. The aliens were full of frustration when they discovered them because they thought they wanted to take over Jupiter so they sent a threatening message. NASA received it and were scared so they sent a reply explaining they just wanted to be friends. The king of the aliens accepted their friend request and they started talking about their differences. When asked: “Do you like butter?”, “no” he said, I like marmite“. 10 years after that they ended up sharing planets.

Pirate Battle by Cillian

In 1537 the two fiercest and most powerful pirates fought a battle that went down in history as the most gruesome battle ever! The two pirates were Blackbeard and Redbeard. Blackbeard hated Redbeard because he had kidnapped and killed both of his parents. Blackbeard challenged Redbeard to a battle in the Atlantic ocean and he accepted. The weather conditions were terrible with thunder and lightning illuminating the sky and waves reaching up to 10 metres high! They both set out with their crews and then they fought. The battle was very tight until one of Blackbeard’s crew members shot Redbeard and killed him.

Champions League Final by Cillian

Yesterday was the Champions League Final. The match was between Real Madrid and Rainbow fc. There was a peculiar thing about Rainbow fc, all their players were different colours! Madrid were the favourites because they had won 3 years in a row. Surprisingly Rainbow fc were 2-0 up at half-time. Real Madrid dominated in the second half and they had made a brilliant comeback. The second half ended 2-2 but instead of going into extra-time they went straight into penalties. Unfortunately Rainbow fc lost. After the match the orange and red player got interviewed. The orange one spoke and said ”I’m a humble player but I think we deserved to win”. In the end it was said to be one of the greatest finals in history.

Haunted House by Cillian

It was Halloween and Jack wanted to do something fun and scary so he asked his best friend Sue if she wanted to go to the haunted house across the street. She said “yes” and they met up at around 7 pm that night. There had been scary stories about a creature that lived in the house. The house was huge so they decided to split up and to shout if something went wrong. Jack went upstairs and Sue went downstairs but the problem was that there were no lights. Suddenly Sue spotted a dark figure and she screamed so Jack could know but when Jack came down the figure was gone. “But where did it go?” she shouted “it doesn’t matter!” said Jack “just run!” but before Sue could react she was grabbed and…

A Great Comeback by Cillian

On Sunday my football team played a league game against Ashbourne Utd. We were due to play on grass but because of the weather it was changed to astro. As we were away we had to wake up at 9 o’clock because the match started at half 10 and it was a 45 minute drive to get there. We got a quick warm up when we arrived and soon enough the match started. We were very slow for the first 10 mins and at half time we were losing 4-1. Suddenly it started to rain and it was heavier than I expected and then 5 minutes later hail stones poured down on us so the match had to be abandoned. In the end Ashbourne were given the win.

The Tragic Nazi Plane by Cillian

In 1942 the Nazis had planned to make the biggest bomb plane in the world which would be capable of wiping out half of America’s population. The Nazis called it The Death Bomb. It would take at least 1 year to make the plane and the bomb but they were keen on doing it. When they finished making the plane they were all stunned to see how big it was, but then they saw the bomb and were in awe. It was about twice the size of a blue whale. They were going to target Russia but when it wouldn’t take off they had to give up their evil plan.

New Bicycle by Cillian

Yesterday Jack got a new black and yellow bicycle because it was his birthday. He asked his dad if he was allowed to bring his bicycle to school and he said yes but he was warned to be careful because someone might try to steal it. The next day he cycled down to school and all his friends complimented and looked greedily at his new bicycle. When he went to get his bicycle after school, he was shocked to see someone racing towards the gate with it. He was desperate to get it back so he didn’t think twice and ran after him. Thankfully he got it back and he cycled as fast as he could back home.

All Ireland Final by Cillian

Yesterday my dad and I went to Croke Park to watch the Dublin vs Kerry match. The referee blew his whistle at 3:30 and the match started. Kerry started really strong and were already beating Dublin by 10 points just 15 minutes in. The referee blew his whistle for half-time and no one could believe their eyes, Dublin were losing by 20 points!!! When the second half started Dublin were attacking like they never had before and by the time there was only 5 minutes left Dublin were only down by 2 points. Suddenly in the last minute Dublin got a penalty because Dean Rock had been fouled in the small rectangle. Dean Rock went to take it then everything stopped and he blasted the ball into the top corner. Dublin ended up winning the final!

Day Out by Cillian

Last weekend my mam, auntie, uncle and I decided to go to Dublin city centre because my auntie and uncle had never been there. We went to see the Spire, The GPO,The National Irish History Museum and some statues such as Molly Malone,the Famine statues beside the Liffey and a replica of the” Founding Fathers” in the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. Later after a lot of walking we went to get some food in a nice restaurant. When we were finished, we went on the Viking Splash Tour which we had a lot of fun on. After that we went back home because we were all more exhausted than a person after running a marathon. We had an amazing day overall.

Museum Trip by Cillian

Yesterday my class and I went to a museum in Dublin. It was a 1900’s themed museum and people told me it was a very interesting place. When we walked in the main enterance there was a tour guide person waiting for us. His name was Tim and he looked like a very nice and joyful guy. We questioned why was there a candy bar and he told us they were planning to turn it into something cool. The museum was based on the Easter Rising which we were learning about. Later we had our lunch. At 12:30 we went back to school. We all had a great day.

Museum Trip – by Cillian

Yesterday my class and I went to a museum in Dublin. It was a 1900’s themed museum and people told me it was a very interesting place. When we walked in the main enterance there was a tour guide person waiting for us. His name was Tim and he looked like a very nice and joyful guy. We questioned why was there a candy bar and he told us they were planning to turn it into something cool. The museum was based on the Easter Rising which we were learning about. Later we had our lunch. At 12:30 we went back to school. We all had a great day.

Treasure Chest by Cillian

In the fifth century there was a clan of pirates called the Skullrippers. They were the most powerful, the most fiercest and the meanest pirates in all of the seven seas. One day their captain Richard Heath AKA Scar found a treasure map on shore. He looked at where the X was and realised that it was miles away. He was reluctant to not go and set off with his crew. It was a long and tough journey but they eventually reached an island. They spotted a cave and saw something shiny. It was the treasure chest! They opened it but it was empty. What a surprise!

Christmas Dinner by Cillian

It was Christmas Eve and my whole family were having dinner at my granny and grandad’s house. My granny,grandad,mam and I were preparing the food. We approximately made 15 tapas and 2 fish. When the food was ready we all sat at table. The food was lovely. My aunty said the salad was gorgeous but the vinegar was too sharp. Later me and my cousins went the sitting room and talked about how frantic we were to get presents. Earlier I had bought Christmas crackers. We opened them and had great fun. That was a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Post Malone by Cillian

It was my birthday on Friday and my mam had surprised me with tickets for two people to go watch Post Malone at the 3 Arena in Dublin. I coudn’t believe how many people there was when I got there. There was a man that gave us a really cool wristband. We found a good spot beside the stage to watch. Then Post Malone came out. He started singing Sunflower but it was completely out of tune. He sang the rest of his songs like Rockstar and Better now really well. That was the best birthday present ever!

Warm Holidays by Cillian

Charlie and his mam were on the plane heading towards Sydney. When they arrived they got a Taxi to their hotel. “The hotel is beautiful” mam told Charlie. There was ample space in their room for the both of them. Later they went for a nice walk. It was 33 degrees outside so they put some sunscreen on. Suddenly they saw a type of army, it reminded mam of the Terracotta army so she took a picture. After they went back to the hotel and had a nice dinner, they had ice-cream for desert. After they went to their room. They had a nice afternoon.

How? and Why? by Cillian

Beep! It was Jack’s alarm. Jack got out of bed and went to have breakfast. After he brushed his teeth, and went to school with his friend Mya . He hoped that Conor the bully wasn’t in but sadly he was. Luckily his teacher is nice and gives out to Conor if he tries to bully Jack. Later out on yard Conor started hitting Jack for no reason. Jack told teacher but she thought he was lying and Jack ended up in trouble. When school ended him and Mya decided to race home.They started running and when Jack was tired he looked back and Mya wasn’t there. He screamed and thought but how could she just disappear…

The Fair by Cillian

On Saturday James and his mam dad and sister went to the Summer Fair. When they arrived at the fair they went on a few rides luckily the lines were empty. Then they went to the stalls. There was a game were you had to shoot a gun and hit a small target.The prize was a big pink fluffy unicorn. James’s sister told dad to shoot and he did. Dad fired the gun and hit the target. James’s sister happily got the unicorn.Later James bought a really cool toy bike. After they went to get some chips and watched the man fry the chips and saw bubbles sparkling.After they went home. They had a nice time.

Alien Teacher by Cillian

It was a nice sunny day and Max was lying in bed until his mam shouted “Wake up or you’ll be late for school! She opened the curtains and the light blinded him. It was 8:30AM and school started at 9:00AM. Max got up quickly, rushed downstairs to have breakfast and sprinted to school. He just about got there in time. When he went into class, he saw a substitute teacher writing her name on the whiteboard. Her name was Mrs.Bite, pretty weird name. He presumed she was normal but when she turned around her face was like a shark’s and she had loads of sharp teeth. Max shouted OH MY GOSH! and ran.

100 w/c Cillian

Today was Jacob’s birthday and he was having his party at a place called Astro Park.

Ding Dong! it was his friend Max at the door. Jakob welcomed him in and they played on his Xbox for twenty mins before his other friend Pablo arrived. They both had to go with him because their parents were doing something. They headed off to Astro Park . When they arrived and everyone else came they got into big bubbles and played football. Then they had food. It was his best birthday ever but they were exhausted.

Oh! No! by Cillian

It was a normal Saturday when my friend called me. He asked me if I wanted to go to Dublin city centre with a couple of other friends. I said ok and we all met up at my house and walked down to get a bus. When we arrived,we saw a man painting something like a storm and the main colour was cerulean. Later we went to a shop and I dared my friend to steal something and he did but the camera caught him. When I arrived home I turned on the tv and changed the channel to the news. Oh no! we seemed to be on television!

School Trip – by Cillian

It was Wednesday and my whole class and I were on the bus to Ardgillan. It was sunny and very warm and we exuded happiness. When we arrived we played games such as tag,stuck in the mud and flush the toilet. At 12:00AM we had lunch. When we finished we went on a walk to relax ourselves. Suddenly my friend and I spotted a bike that looked like it was stuck in a tree,beside it a sign said ‘Beware of Ghosts’. We called the rest of the class to see it and they were all scared. That was the scariest trip ever.

Best Holiday Ever – by Cillian

It was Saturday and my mam and I were on holidays in Mallorca.The name of the hotel was The Brick Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we saw a water fountain with a statue of a gorilla which I thought was pretty cool. When we went inside it looked very cool which we thought was amazing. On Sunday morning we got dressed and went to have breckfast. After we went to the beach. It was called the Yellow Beach. We saw surfers running to the water. After we went on a tour. Those were the best holidays ever.

100 w/c – Cillian

It was Thursday and I had just come back from football training.I went upstairs and had a shower. After a while my mum called me for my dinner. I finished having my dinner and went upstairs to play on my Xbox. I close my door and played Fortnite with some of my friends. Later, my mum told me that she was going to take out the bins. I was waiting for my mum to come back, I heard someone walking down the stairs of the attic. I was shaking with fear so I rang the guards as quick as lightning. Suddenly I heard someone knock on my bedroom door I wondered what was behind the door….

100 w/c – Cillian

Snap! The tree fell down. Mam, dad, my brother  Ted and I were having a picnic in The Phoenix park when a tree fell down. Me and Ted were playing football when this happened. Mam was shocked because it nearly hit her and dad. Mam called us for food and we all started eating. The food was amazing. After that we ate popsicles which mam had brought. We brought Lego to build a massive racing car. Ted brought his favourite Legoman which he left on the trunk of the tree that had fallen over as a memory. We had a outstanding day.