World Cup Glory by Cian

Yesterday was the greatest experience of my life, I had just won the Rugby World Cup with Ireland,as their captain. The second the full time whistle came the fans went absolutely ballistic, people were dancing, jumping and pelting out the Fields of Athenry. The noise was deafening but I loved it. When I lifted the cup it was heavier than I expected but I felt so proud of my teammates for winning a game like this against a team like the All Blacks. I can’t even describe how good it felt to win it, let alone be the captain.

The First Flight by Cillian

In 1922 The Wright Brothers invented the first plane in the world. They were born in 1891 and were from Washington but they moved to New York when they were young. They loved building and creating things from their imagination since the age of 12 and their mother said they would be great inventors in the future. They went to Columbia University when they were both 18 and shortly after they came up with the idea of making a plane. They were so fast at planning and making it that it only took them 2 months! When everyone heard about it they put it to the test but only one of them could go on it. To honour them they built a statue in Washington.

100 w/c by Cian

There was once a boy whose name was Joe. He loved looking at stars. One day he saw a comet through his telescope, he was so excited until he realised it was no comet but a meteor the size of a school bus and heading straight for the White House! He ran in and told his Dad who works for N.A.S.A. His Dad was a head engineer on a secret project. A laser attached to a satellite. The laser was capable of destroying the moon. His Dad drove to work and shot the meteor out of the sky. Donald Trump awarded Joe with a statue in his honour.

The Hover Bike by Cian

I have finally finished my new invention, the hover-bike. It’s taken me almost five years to build it and I’m extremely excited to try it. I just hope it works otherwise that would have been five years wasted. I just need to plug stuff in and flip some switches and then it will be ready. “Test number one a fail,” “test number two a fail,” “test number three another fail.” I’m getting worried and I don’t know what to do. I need to check if I’m missing anything, at least that’s what my teacher says. The day went by and I’M SO ANGRY! I was so disappointed when it just wouldn’t take off.

A Weird Day – by Cian

I woke up looked in the mirror and screamed. My skin had turned as yellow as a banana. I jump back into my bed hoping it was a dream but it was no use. “Perhaps it was the banana I ate yesterday,” I thought to myself. If it was, I regret eating it. As I run downstairs, I hear another scream. My parents have turned blue! My sister has turned pink! We start to become desperate so I went on my bicycle to doctor Phil. I gave every penny in my pocket to him. He greedily took it all but he cured us and I am relieved.

The Burglar Part I by Cian

I’m in my house I’m petrified as I look out the window. I see a man with shiny black hoodie ripped grey tracksuit bottoms and a metal crowbar banging on my door. I start to panic but I control myself eventually. I call 112 when suddenly the man outside started to smash his crowbar of the door. The door was starting to break so I sprinted upstairs into the bathroom and locked the door. I’m that scared I swear I could pass out. I’m clutching my phone very tightly hoping for a reply. Suddenly I hear footsteps on the stairs …then everything stopped and…

The Magic Handkerchief by Cian

Once man called John had a magic handkerchief and a brother that wanted to take over the world. His brother kept saying to him “c’mon just think how powerful we would be”. But John didn’t want power he just wanted a friend. Though John was quite wealthy, he was very lonely. One night he and his brother were attending a banquet as they were celebrating their mother’s anniversary. After the banquet as John was walking home his brother approached him and tried to take the handkerchief. As John tried to reef it back the handkerchief cursed them and turned them into stone.

Mr Brown by Cian

Let me tell you a story about a primary school teacher called Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was a normal teacher until he went to the land of the giraffe where, he met his new best friend Peter A. Salt. When Mr Brown was there, he rescued Peter from the yeti in the mountains and ever since then he has been right by his side. Brown said he would go back, but the snow was all melted because of global warming and an oil spill which was too greasy for the environment. That is why he never went back.

The Alien Apocalypse by Cian

It’s day 43 of evacuation from earth, nothing has really happened on the ship mainly just because I’m trying to survive. Right now, I’m feeling worse than ever, my family were killed by the inter-dimensional creatures and I’m all alone. Earth is probably gone, well I wouldn’t know because the satellites were destroyed by the creatures. I’m trying to find a planet that has any sort of oxygen source so I can try to adapt life there, I don’t want to be living in this ship for the rest of my life. The last thing I’m going to say is if anyone is alive on earth reply to this message.

The Haunted Theatre by Cian

I’m trapped in a theatre all by myself,

I come across a statue, it looks like a creepy elf,

I hear the frightening cackles, the horrible laughs to,

I can’t see a speck of daylight, I don’t know what to do,

I can’t do anything, because I can’t see,

But I’m not scared, I could never be,

Suddenly from a corner, red bulging eyes pop out,

I am a little scared now, so I begin to shout,

“Help me”, “Help me”, “Can’t you see”,

“I need help immediately”,

Now the eyes are coming, closer and closer to me,

I’m that scared right now, I think I’m going to pee!

The Magic Box by Cian

It was home time and Sam was just about to leave the classroom when suddenly he heard a strange ticking sound. Sam looked around the entire classroom until eventually he figured out that the sound was coming from the box beside the teacher’s desk. Sam carefully examined the box looking to see where the ticking sound was coming from. After a while Sam got bored because he couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from, then suddenly the ticking noise got louder and louder until it turned into a screeching noise. Sam panicked so he lifted the box carelessly and said “its empty. What a surprise” then suddenly he was sucked into the box and was never to be seen again.

Crash Boom by Cian

German bombs are flying everywhere, I don’t know what do, I can’t find my family and everywhere is red and wet with blood. I crouch under a table in my house that is destroyed now by the bombs. I hear screams as I examine the room to find a safe way out. As I began to creep through the ruins of my house, I saw some dirty coins on the floor. Suddenly the black rain got heavier and heavier, it arose from the pavement and transformed into large puddles. I had to get out of the house. I saw an old ladder, I used it to get up to the remains of the roof. I huddled down in the tight space hoping I would survive.

The Big Catch by Cian

It was a dull rainy day at Balbriggan harbour as John was fishing for cod. He had been out for an hour and had caught nothing so far. John was very bored and just wanted to catch five fresh cod so he could cook them for dinner. It took another two hours until he caught a fish, but it was worth it because he caught the biggest codfish in the world. No one knew what John did except me and I swore not to tell anyone as long I could have dinner at his house. John cooked the gigantic cod nicely but in my opinion the vinegar on it was too sharp.

Party at the Zoo by Cian

It was a warm summer’s night as all the animals in Dublin zoo were organising a party for the new red panda coming from Nepal. They wanted to surprise him when he arrived. They had go-carts, bungie jumping in the trees, a karaoke machine and a chocolate fountain. All the animals were very anxious for the little guy’s arrival. All the decorations were up, and everything was ready, so they just had to wait. The red panda finally arrived, and the party got started. The monkeys were exceptionally good at the bungie jumping, the red panda was good at the go carts, but the lion was completely out of tune on the karaoke. They all had a great time at the party.

Marshlings by Cian

mThis year an audio book was shot onto Mars to see if Marshlings were real and if they could adapt to human ways. They had put a camera on the audio book so that they could see what was happening on Mars. Journalists had been writing some crazy things like “will marshlings be able to fry some eggs or give someone a fringe in the hairdressers?”. I myself don’t believe they exist. However, one day I was very tired after washing my dad’s car, so I lay down on my bed. Suddenly it went pitch black. I jumped up and saw the lights flickering in every house. I thought to myself “could this be them, could this be the marshlings?”

Princess Sophie by Cian

I am going to talk about a young Danish princess who disappeared at the event of the sinking of the Titanic. Her name was princess Sophie Erikson, princess of the cats. She was the most beautiful cat you ever saw in your entire life. I was a bell boy for the first- class section so I carried the guest’s bags to their rooms. I also had the pleasure of carrying Sophie in her basket and took care of her during her days on the ship. Sometimes I say to myself “how could she just disappear”. I really miss her and wish she could have survived like I did.

The Crazy Classroom by Cian

Once there was a primary school teacher named Mr. Pink. He wasn’t exactly the best teacher in the school. One ordinary day at St. Francis school Mr. Pink was told that he was having a teacher assistant and his name was Mr. Bubbles. Mr. Pink was about to walk into his classroom when suddenly he heard laughter from inside the classroom. As he opened the door he could not believe his eyes. There was a funny looking man riding a bicycle around the classroom and all children were throwing their home work in the air. Mr. Pink looked at the empty box of homework and fired with rage.

New Year Party by Cian

It was New Year’s Eve and Stephen and his friend Darragh were at the celebrations in Dublin city, fireworks were merrily cracking away.


Everyone was singing and happily dancing, there was a man in the middle of the river Liffey playing the drums, when suddenly an extremely bright light shone from stage he was playing on. Stephen half looked away because the light blinded him, Darragh grabbed him and asked if he wanted to go get something to eat so they headed to the chipper. After a while they left the chipper and they headed for the train.

The Arrival by Cian

This is strange. No one ever knew aliens are real but on the news a journalist was attacked by a group of aliens. My friend Darragh and I were petrified. We had no idea why they came to earth. It was at that time we seemed to be on the television and a strange voice came out of the tv.

“Darragh and Cian we have come to find you”.

“Why?”I asked

“If you come with us we will treat you both like you are wealthy men, and if not we shall kill you”!

We had no idea what to choose.

The Death of Little Red Riding Hood – Cian

After that major scenario with the wolf, little red riding hood decided to cycle to her cousin’s house. She cycled into the woods, along the way she met a bear.

“Do you want to have some tea and muffins in my cave little girl?” said the bear.

Little Red Riding Hood cycled away as fast as she could screaming “Help me!” as the bear ran beside her. She cycled so fast that the bike glided into the air. She turned to see where the bear was when suddenly the bike crashed into the tree. She fell from the tree and started to run but unfortunately she was not fast enough, therefore the bear gobbled her up.

The Panther Cobra – by Cian

I am in the jungle with my co explorer and good friend Tom Bricks, trying to investigate the rarest animal on the planet the panther cobra. We’re investigating how much poison is packed in its bite because we’ve been told that it killed a gorilla. We are pretty cautious when looking for the snake as it is the most poisonous snake in the world. I manage to find one while Tom was eating a yellow banana. I tried to pick it up with my snake catcher but it broke free so we started running away. We didn’t actually get a sample of the venom but at least we are still alive.

100 w/c Cian

My friend John and I were walking in the park when suddenly a weird looking spacecraft hovered down from the sky. The people in the park ran away screaming but John and I were very fascinated so we just stood there. We saw a black figure on top of the spacecraft. It said “DO NOT BE SCARED WE COME IN PEACE”. “Why are you here?” I asked. “We’ve come for a collection” the dark figure said. “Come into our craft and we will show you”. We went into the craft and the room went pitch black. I had my hand on a handle when suddenly the lights went back on. I wondered what was behind the door…

100 w/c – Cian

CRASH! I don’t know what happened. All I remember was that I was in my house and somehow I vanished in a puff of smoke and ended up floating in the sky. I was floating in the air for a while when suddenly I started to fall. I shouted “HEEELLLLP MEEEEEEE”! I landed on top of a tree and rapidly began to shrink. I tried to scream but I was so petrified I couldn’t. I started to cry but after a while I just fell asleep. When I woke up I started to make a plan. Hopefully I would be able to get back to my normal size with the help of my device and my ladybird friends.

100 w/c – Cian

In a primary school called St. Johns in England there was the worst teacher ever! His name was Mr. Bath. All Mr. Bath did was work and nobody knew why he was so grumpy! Then one day Mr. Bath was not in school because he was sick so the class had a substitute teacher. The teachers name was Mr. Orange. As Mr. Orange came into the class he clumsily slipped on a banana skin. All the children started to laugh and so did he. After he got up he pranced and danced around and suddenly started doing karate moves like he was a professional fighter. He walked over to his desk and shouted, “HI KIDS MY NAME IS MR. ORANGE!”.

100 w/c – Cian

One day I was doing my homework minding my own business when suddenly the ground started to shake. I was scared. The ground started to move again so I decided to climb to the top of my house because I thought it would be safe up there. As I started to climb out my window I saw it was blocked by a massive tree so I decided to stay inside my house. This reminded me of a time I was watching a video with my class about an earth quake in Hawaii. Eventually it stopped. I was so happy I survived but the bad thing was I still had to finish my homework!

The Three Men and a Giant – by Cian

In 2057 Ireland was being attacked by a giant. Everyone was terrified except three men Sean, Oisin and Fionn. They had a plan to kill the giant. They were expecting the attack since 2049. So they got prepared with large amounts of firepower and an ancient sword they stole from a temple in South Africa. As the giant leaped from Scotland onto the Mourne mountains the three men had their weapons ready. They built a robotic army to help them win the battle with the giant. During the battle a witch appeared and cast a geis on the three men and the giant. The giant died and the three men where turned into statues of a bull, a goat and a horse.